Worst Yearbook Quotes Ever (GAME)

(Good Mythical Morning theme song) – It's the end of the school year and that means it is yearbook time and although social media has basically rendered yearbooks pointless, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't get your creative senior yearbook quote ready if you're a senior, or a junior, or a sophomore, 'cause it's never too early to think of a cute little quote to put under there Now, we didn't have these in our yearbook

– Sadly, no – We just had our senior pictures, but a lot of yearbooks, they do put like a quote under there So, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you some of these quotes with part of it redacted, that means censored out – Yep – You're gonna have to fill in the blank, so to speak, as to what these clever senior quotes are

If you get three or more right, I'm gonna fulfill your lifelong dream of finally having a yearbook photo with a senior quote underneath it and we will put it on our Instagram If you don't get three, then I get my senior quote – Oh, okay – dreams realized on our Instagram Alright, you ready for the first one? – Do I have multiple choices or I just gotta fill in the blank? – You got multiple choices – Okay

– Alright, take a look at Jason here "One time I ate a blank" What did J-Dog eat one time? – [Rhett] He looks like he could eat a lot of things He looks like little mischievous It wasn't a mistake; he ate it on purpose

He's a purposeful person – Here are your options Did he eat one time a bagel, a whole cake, a modem, or a human baby? – Well, I don't think a whole cake would fit in that blank (Rhett laughs) It would just, which is a, (Link laughs) I mean honestly – Thanks blank makers

Make bigger blanks – Which I mean it's like, 'cause – You're a cheater, you can't think of that – But that, oh, I can't help it That would be funny but I think, – It's really small – One time I ate a bagel is, like, super dry, super, the bagel's not dry, super dry humor, you know what I'm saying? Modem is like, "I'm an idiot

" Bagel's like, "I'm gonna be a comedian" – Oh, you know Jason Avina the comedian? – Well, it's either A or C and I think he went with bagel He looks like the kinda guy that would go with a bagel – [Link] You are right, Rhett – [Rhett] Yes! – [Link] It is a bagel and this also helps make sense out of the bagel's yearbook quote which was, "One time I was inside Jason

" – Oh! (crew laughs) Oh my – Alright, so you're one for one right off the bat – Bagel! – Alright, this young man who shall remain nameless took the opportunity to make a public confession – [Rhett] Mkay – [Link] "Sometimes when my neighbor is gone, I blank

" Is it roll around in her garden and pretend I'm a carrot, cover myself with margarine and slip through her cat door, eat all the bird seed out of her bird feeder, or break into his house and take off my tuxedo, it's the only time I take off my tuxedo? (crew laughs) – The whole margarine thing, that's just a good idea I mean, you know what I'm saying, that's not a yearbook quote, that's just a way to get into somebody's house – It's a great weekend too, – Yeah, right – Because you're gonna be there for a long time – Bird seed out of the bird feeder, again, not a bad idea depending on the circumstances

Roll around in the yard and pretend I'm a carrot sounds like the dumb kinda thing a high schooler would come up with to put in a yearbook, A! – Alright, remove it and let's see Yep – Yup! – Roll around in her garden and pretend I'm a carrot You should see what he does to their zen garden – What? What does he? (laughs) – I'm not gonna tell you but just don't walk around barefoot in it

(crew laughs) – Oh, got it! – Two out of two! – Yep, I know my yearbooks – This senior's feeling a little pessimistic with his yearbook quote He says, "Bruh, we graduated just to" Is it go to school again, die eventually, go to Olive Garden afterwards with our families, or feel obligated to be friends with all these people on Facebook even though I wasn't actually friends with them ion high school but if I don't accept their friend request I'm the jerk? – Yeah, I mean D makes sense, but, again, it's too big for the blank – Yep

(Rhett laughs) Yep Bruh, we graduated just to – Actually, I think that this is a pretty insightful quote

I'm looking at the expression this guy is making like he knew, he put it all together He knew what his quote was gonna be He was like, "This is the "face I'm gonna make" – When he was takin' the photo? – Yeah, and this is – Okay – Definitely die eventually, definitely

I bet my life on it – [Link] Alright – [Rhett] Hope I'm right – [Link] No (Rhett laughs) – [Rhett] Okay, I'm gonna die eventually

– Yeah, well, that is true, but he's not that pessimistic We graduated just to go to school again which is just as insightful as die eventually – Yes, and maybe even more – Yeah, he's like the millennial Nostradamus – Yeah

– He's Yolostradamus (crew laughs) – Oh, hey! (Link laughs) That does sound like a incredible name for an artist – Yolostradamus – Yeah – [Link] Alixandra has something to clear up with her yearbook quote

"I'm not actually funny, I'm just" Too stupid to figure out what anyone's talking about, a corny dad stuck in this hot body, really mean and people think I'm joking, someone who murders buckets of cats, see, I told you I wasn't funny? (crew laughs) – No comment on that last one A corny dad stuck in this hot body, don't think that that's it – Would you like to use a lifeline? – Is that an option? – Nope – Oh, okay

(crew laughs) Really mean and people think I'm joking Really mean and people think I'm joking? – I'm not actually funny, I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking – Even though it's kinda sad and this is very self-deprecating, I'm going with too stupid to figure out what anyone's talking about I'm going with that one and unfortunately this is what Alixandra with an I said in her yearbook quote – [Link] Alright, unedit it

Nope, I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking (Link laughs) She was also voted most likely to be a sociopath – Yes (crew laughs) I don't know how to interpret that – Alright, now we have Miranda

– I'm not doing well anymore – No, two out of four Miranda went meta, okay, her dad had an opinion on what her senior quote should be and his opinion ended up being the quote itself, what? – I love this – [Link] "No, Miranda, your senior quote can't be blank", Dad

What did her dad not want her senior quote to be? Was it fries before guys, I hate Ms Johari, a quote of mine, my dad went out for cigarettes and never came back? – [Rhett] Daddy issues – What would her dad not want? – I don't think he would incriminate her with I hate Ms Johari, you know what I'm saying, because then she's basically saying it anyway and then she's got trouble, she's got beef with Johari You don't want beef with Johari, and I don't think she would say a quote of mine because then it's all about her dad

I think her dad was like, "This is a way "for me to get my thing in there "but she can still say her quote "because I want her to have her fries before her guys" A, that's what it is – [Link] You logic really doesn't make sense but it is correct Fries before guys – Yeah! So it does make sense! – And you may remember my high school quote was beans before vaccines

– Yeah, but we didn't have 'em, so it wasn't – But I do have gas and rabies – Oh, gosh (crew laughs) – Constantly – Gas and rabies combined, what do you call that? – Alright, Rhett

You've gotten three out of five – Gasbies – Let's see if you can get this one – Okay – What's the short and sweet quote to accompany Jenna's yearbook photo? Is it I'm farting, this is not my hand, how did you get this photo, or my name is Stu and you just got catfished

What is it? – That is not her hand That is not her hand! Once you are presented with the option that that might not be her hand, it is very clear to me that there's something physically – Hold on, what about this? (crew laughs) – No, see, there's something about the angle, it's like it so much seems like someone else's hand, and, by the way, if that is it, this is a great yearbook quote

This may be the best one I've ever seen – But the oddest photo in a yearbook – No, it's just very thoughtful and scarfy – [Link] Okay, let's see if he's right He is right! – I am right, of course! – This is not my hand! – That is not her hand, congratulations, Jenna! That's creative

– Congratulation to you, Rhett, because you win your senior quote under your yearbook photo on our Instagram feed later today, like it up – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Rachel! – I'm Eva! – We're from Stanford Connecticut and we just – and we just graduated high school! – graduated high school! – And it's time to spin – and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – the Wheel of Mythicality! – Woo, congratulations! – Good luck, you're gonna need it (crew laughs) Nothing, I mean, there's nothing person, I'm just saying that, I mean, you know, it's a tough world out there

– Yeah We wrote a song about that – Yeah, yeah Click the bottom link to watch this episode from the beginning – And click the top link to watch us match the crew member to their high school superlative in Good Mythical More! – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

– There we go – [Rhett] Dear mythical beasts of the land down under, we're coming to see you in July Get tickets and details on the VIP package at tourofmythicalitycom

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