Worst Toys To Step On (TEST)

– What's the worst toy to step on? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning

– It's holiday time and the holidays mean toys Lots of toys And how many times have I told you to pick your toys up off the ground when you're done playing with them, mister? I'm gonna count to three One, two, two and a half, two and three quarters, two and 7/8ths, two and 15/16ths– – Rhett, Rhett, snap out of it, snap out of it, man (Rhett grunts) You're going too hard in Dad mode

– Okay sorry – You gotta pull out of it – I got carried away – Okay for real though, if I step on one more toy, I'm gonna throw 'em all away! – Yeah! – And I'm not gonna put 'em in the recycling I'm gonna put 'em in the kitchen trash can where they get leftover juices all over 'em and you're not gonna play with those anymore, no! – Wow, Dad

Steppin' on toys is part of parenthood, but of all the toys you could buy, which is the worst to step on? There's only one way to find out It's time for Feet of Strength – Boy am I excited about this We're gonna be walking down the clutter gutter, which will be filled with particularly undesirable to step on toys – And we're always gonna have two different toys

We're going to be stepping on them both and whichever one is more painful will move on to the next round – Mm-hm, for the quarter final round as we start, we will be in just our socks Let's get to steppin' (soft music) – Now as a hardcore fan of Paw Patrol, this is gonna be very difficult for me to– – Step on 'em? – Decimate these toys You know what, they're plastic, they have a lot of pokey edges, a little smooth in places though

But definitely not something that you wanna step on – The LOL Surprise Dolls are basically balls filled with dolls and accessories that you don't know what you're gonna get until you, I guess, step on it – I think you're always gonna get a doll based on what I'm seeing here Not much of a surprise! – Where's Tony Robbins when you need him? It's like some sort of, gotta get– – Well first of all– – What? – That one's named Chase – All right I'm gonna step right on that one

– [Rhett] The cop is named Chase, I do know that – Oh my goodness, the edges on the sphere are brutal – LOL, is it a surprise? – Okay, now I'm stepping on a dozer Ow, this, oh my goodness, okay Lots of fun today

(chuckles) Woo, okay, ooh, those spheres are murder Have at it – I will say that you took one of the LOL Surprise Dolls and threw it into the Paw Patrol place, so I'm gonna move that – [Link] Yeah move that back, let's keep it clear – I wanna have an unadulterated experience

Sorry Chase (toy cracks) Oh was that my foot or the toy? (chuckles) – Now that Chase– – Whoa ho! – Yeah – Woo hoo! – I'm telling you – LOL! – [Link] That sphere, that's tough – The crane's not fun

Oh that's kinda nice Stepping on the top of that part's pretty nice But no, I think without a doubt, LOL Surprise is much worse – Because of this – That could cut off a toe

(soft music) – So Shepherd has a Nintendo Switch, so I know it is not a joy to step on the Joy-Cons – Okay – Especially the metal part – All right and then the classic Battleship has got lots of spiky parts and ships and whatnot Also a great choking hazard, but that's a different episode

– Great (chuckles) – We will be swallowing toys later Do the honors, Rhett – All right – [Link] Are you experiencing any joy? – It's not that bad

– Full weight, man – That's full weight, full weight I mean it's not pleasant Oh, ho! (toys crack) – Whoa! – Sorry – You crushed my Battleship

– Oh, oh, I don't know I could even put my full weight on that (pained yelling) Whoa, that's real bad, yeah I'll see if you agree (groans) There's a clear winner here in my opinion but– – I don't even think I need to do this – No, no, you need to, you need to

We need to confirm – [Link] Oh that is just pure joy stepping on those – It's really not that bad – Oh, oh! – Again, put your full weight on there, put your full weight on there – Oh, oh no! Stop it! – Full weight on there

– Oh that's tough, man Woo, now even stepping just on the spikes is rather torturous – Yeah whether you're in the game or you're just on the pieces, we have a clear winner We sunk the Battleship (soft music) Okay a technical note about these Infinity War Action Figures

They're made from chloro nitrile, butadiene, styrene and polyvinyl chloride – Oh great – I don't know what that means or translates into but it sounds hurty – And these Barbies over here are made of something called plastic – Oh! – I believe

– Really? – All right so I guess I'm gonna go for the Hulk smash (chuckles) – [Rhett] Oh look at that, he dodged you – He dodged me a little – Is he alive? Does he have a spirit? – Now he's pretty smooth, but that does hurt Now I'm gonna go on some Barbie

Whoo, yeah I'm experiencing no pain here Okay, get a little Groot and some Spider-Man action, and okay a little mermaid Barbie Oh yeah once again, I'm getting a little more pain from stepping on the babies But also just a little pleasure

(Rhett chuckles) All right, so I feel like there's a clear winner here – Oh, hold on– – Yeah that hurts more than I thought, right? – The Hulk's got quite an inner thigh (chuckles) I've always known that Now to Barbie– – She's limber – It's not too bad

Spoiler alert, some of these people are already dead – [Link] So you shouldn't feel bad about crushing 'em – Don't worry, they're all coming back in the next movie – You don't know that – Yeah I do

Oh gosh, that's, I think there is a clear winner and I think it's the Infinity War Action Figures – Oh yeah these are horribly painful (soft music) – As the classic toy that everyone hates to step on, Legos have been embedding themselves in parents' feet since the 1940s – Yeah and here's the thing about Lincoln Logs though – They're named after you! – They've named after me

No, they were invented by Frank Lloyd Wright's son in 1916, so well before– – Lincoln Royd Wright? – No – I said Royd – I don't know his name – He was a weight lifter – Now these are wooden so you have a splinter hazard, but get to it

– Okay – Is that a familiar feeling? – It is Two things though to take into account There's a lot of Legos, usually you step on one So this is kinda spreading it out like a bed of nails, but the logs, it's almost pleasant

– Is it? – Yeah – So you're not experiencing too much pain from– – It has a massaging quality to it – A lot of Legos – I can feel Royd coming through there – Are you experiencing any roid rage? – Thanks for inventing these, Royd

Yeah but the Legos are giving into the soft surface a little bit, very painful in the fact that they have very sharp edges but because they're small– (toys clattering) It's not a horrible thing – But they're pointy And these are so smooth, so it's definitely the Legos that move on, right? (soft music) – Okay for the semi-final rounds, we're going to be going barefoot – Because that's typically how I choose to step on toys I'll see 'em and I'll take my socks off

And speaking of which, I just want to acknowledge that I dropped something on my toe (Rhett chuckles) And that's why it's blue, so, I'd appreciate you not commenting about that repeatedly – And I just want to acknowledge that I just have ugly feet So, I appreciate you not saying anything about that – Okay so here I go

The thing is, you do not LOL! When you step on the LOL Surprise Doll Oh that's bad But oh that's also bad! Woo, woo-hoo! Oh, okay– – But that has a massage-like quality, that part, when you step on the top ball – Oh my gosh, and then if you just step up, oh! Oh wow, I'll tell you, man – Tell me

– [Link] This is difficult This is difficult – Right 'cause this right here – [Link] To do and difficult to decide – That, I mean, I don't know how likely it is that this (chuckles) actually happens

But LOL what a surprise, that hurts Woo! Oh, that cuts right through, that cuts deep! Oh, oh, that's horrible – Yeah it's bad – That's like a medieval torture device – See if you can crush it and it feels better

– I can't put all my weight on it because it's too knife-like – I can't put all my weight on it – I think I'm just gonna fall – I'll catch you – Okay

I'm very confused I brought some Battleship with me, look at that – Now this is difficult but my left foot is hurting more than my right foot, and I thought that the egg edge hurt worse but I mean, I've got like indentions of all the pegs – I think it's less likely for you to step on an LOL Surprise Doll but if you happen to step on this right here, an upside-down surprise, is that what you call it, I don't know what– – Half of the egg – Half of the sphere

– That's horrible, that's, you could lose a toe – The likelihood of stepping on a part of this that's gonna hurt you is four times greater than that – Right but are we taking into account the likelihood or are just taking into account if you happen to step on it, which one is more painful because my friend, surprise, surprise, no LOLs here This is the worst thing I've ever stepped on in my life, and I've stepped on a nail – I agree

All right, so the LOL moves on, which means we have to step on it again! You didn't work with me! – Sorry! (soft music) – Can Marvel take down the playroom behemoth? Let's find out – Okay – [Link] Steppin' on the Hulkster again – Oh! Okay, all right, yep, oh Right into the bare foot, Legos are proving their reputation

Oh but Groot (chuckles) Oh Groot Ooh! – Got a lot of points, man – But oh! I think that one broke the skin Okay– – Ooh

– The Legos are just, they're so sharp Oh gosh, they're so sharp – And they're still sticking – And they stick to your feet – That is the thing, man

They do not let go I think I'm gonna just, I'm gonna go fast – All right, do it (Link exhales) – All right kids, I'm coming in here! And I'm gonna punish you for leaving your toys out! Oh See, yeah, I took an extra step with the Legos

There's no rounded edges on a Lego – Yeah clearly these will make it through to the finals Congratulations Lego – Blocks (soft music) As you can see, we can't

– Yes, for this final round we're going not only barefoot but blindfolded – Because when I step on toys, it's usually in the middle of the night when I'm struggling to get to the bathroom in the dark (grunts sharply) I'm stepping on something (grunts) I'm stepping on something (grunts) – Yes, because, it's really the unexpected nature of the toy being stepped on that we're testing, so Link why don't you go first because I'm not sure I wanna do this

– [Link] Am I lined up? – I don't know, I'm blindfolded too, man – Oh, yep, fewer Legos is more realistic I missed entirely Oh, there's a sphere of nasty Ooh, right on the heel

Oh Oh, okay, I got a little doll Okay Ooh This is tough, man

This is, oh, usually I step on it once and then I'm like– (Rhett chuckles) – That's when you back off – Am I done? – Yeah – Okay Thank you, Darren Someone, there's all these people back there

Ain't nobody saying anything – Okay now I'm gonna do this! I'm just gonna start walking I'm just gonna do it – I'm gonna spot you (Rhett screaming and groaning) – Oh, oh, I stepped full weight, full stop

You can take your blindfold off – [Link] I heard you – Directly onto the devil stones This thing, man, it's horrible When you step on the truck

– I've heard that noise a lot like when my wife is trying to go to the bathroom – Constipated? (crew laughs) Your wife is constipated and you just shared it with everyone (crew laughing) I hesitate I just wanna say, that was painful I feel like I've got a little PTSD just from doing that

– I think that the Legos, they can hide easily They're maniacal It's like, a little blue Lego on your blue shag carpet is something that's gonna (clicks tongue) reach out and bite you You're gonna see these things from a mile away, maybe even in complete darkness And you have a 50/50 chance of it being a pleasant mushroom-like experience

– Right – So with this there's no fun way to step on a Lego, and it's gonna sneak up and bite ya – Yeah, I feel like the incognito nature of it, low profile nature of it makes it much more likely I gotta say that pain taken into account, just pain, this is the most painful toy I've ever stepped on But I think the most pain you will experience in the long run will be the Lego

– Absolutely, I agree So there you have it (bell rings) Congratulations, Lego blocks You are the worst toys to step on At least until next year

Did I just sign us up for something horrible? – Oh, we're not gonna do this again Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – [Sam] Hi this is me Sam from California And this is my representation of Rhett and Link in Lego

And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – That wheel goes a lot faster than our wheel Not very realistic – Oh come on! Challenge accepted – Awesome job on that Click the top link

We're gonna be unboxing the most popular Christmas toys of 2018 in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land! – [Rhett] Be your Mythical best with these logos on your chest New logo tees available in a variety of colors Get 'em now at Mythicalstore

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