Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 3)

– [Link] Today we crown the worst Halloween candy of all time – [Rhett] Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning! – [Link] Happy Halloween, Mythical Beasts! Look at us, we are Ernie and Ernie – We wanted to be Bert and Ernie but they were out of Berts Look at us, we're just– (chuckles) (crew laughs) I mean, this is what you get Oh we're bailing, we're bailing early on the Ernie and Ernie – You couldn't tell us apart, you know

Over the past two days, we have taste tested 16 of the worst Halloween candies in a series of head-to-head competitions 40,000 of you voted on those candies Now we narrowed them and now 39,999 of you disagree with us and hate us – But we greatly appreciate your support and enthusiasm Now eight of those terrible candies have advanced to today, the finals, where one of them will emerge as the worst Halloween candy of them all

And in doing so, we're gonna be alerting Halloween celebrating adults all of the world to never give out that awful candy again, thereby saving millions of children around the world from having to eat said candy – We could not have done it without you, and you didn't do it without us It's time for Clash of the Crappy Candies: Finals May I direct your attention to the considerably colossal candy bracket And Cotton Candy Randy with his– – Happy Cotton Candy Day, Daddies

– You got your costume on – What's a costume? – Oh – Is that just your skin has gone? – No, today I wanted to dress like my favorite food (Rhett laughs) – Well we're glad that you're still here – Yeah, me too

– Some of us more than others probably – Yeah I'm still happy that you're here Always been – As you can see, eight candies remain: black licorice – [Rhett] Nik-L-Nips

– [Link] Dots – [Rhett] Good & Plenty – [Link] Candy corn – [Rhett] Laffy Taffy Banana – [Link] Necco Wafers

– [Rhett] And Circus Peanuts (thunder crashes) (dark music) – Our first battle's the highest ranked seed with 18,426 votes, black licorice Versus the eighth seed with 3,255 votes, Nik-L-Nips – I think it's worth the heart trouble, man I just love the smell of it

– I mean yeah you remind me of the statistics that doctors say don't eat too much of this stuff – Doctors don't want, you think doctors want you to get up on some Nik-L-Nips? Take two Nik-L-Nips and call me in the morning – I go back to the first time I tasted one of these, two days ago And I was surprised at how Chilly Willee-ish it was – But it doesn't taste good

Chilly Willee is only good 'cause it's frozen, man – Well if you wanna talk about what doesn't taste good, this black log of nasty tastes, well, nasty – But you have to think about this for a second because– – And you get to chew this – The people who like black licorice, me being one of them, are passionate about it No one in their right mind except maybe this guy is passionate about Nik-L-Nips

There's not like Nik-L-Nip stores I went to, when we were in Australia, I went to a licorice store, it was all black licorice I didn't see a Nik-L-Nips store Because the Australians got too much self-respect to have a Nik-L-Nips store – Granted, it is a taste in certain regions that a lot of people like, but I don't frequent those regions

And listen, are you telling me that you hate this? Are you telling me that this experience is something that actually makes you almost gag? No, you're like, this is weird It's wax, it's a lot of trash that you're just chewing around in your mouth Granted, but it's not something that is– – Strong argument – Gets a visceral response of negativity – It's trash! All right man, I know all you hate this too

So I'm willing to lay down and let licorice continue on, but don't try Nik-L-Nips Or you know what, send 'em all to Link You know our PO box

– [Link] Move the licorice on – You kicked a pumpkin – Yeah well the pumpkin was looking at me funny That's what you get when you look at me funny, you get a kick to the face Watch out there, glasses

(thunder crashes) (dark music) – Next up we have the 12th seed with 2,559 votes, Dots, versus the fourth seed with 7,516 votes, Good & Plenty – [Link] Good & Plenty – Again I am very fond of both of these My dad's favorite candy, Dots, which incidentally, at one point, they used to have black ones in there that were black licorice and then they spun those off into their own box and called them Crows – They wised up and removed the nastiest thing– – No

– To make these better – Think of all the spin-offs that have become huge hits – Okay, like what? (crew laughs) – I mean, you gotta give me a second The Conners (both laughing) That's great, right? – These are not good, man

– Really, it's like gummy bears but chewier Of course, Good & Plenty, doesn't matter if you get a pink one, or a white one You're gonna have a good time and there's plenty more where that came from (laughs) – This is difficult 'cause I don't like either one of these But I could probably come around to this as an acquired taste much quicker than I can licorice

Like it's getting caught in my teeth I'm gonna be picking this stuff out forever, but there's a redeeming quality to the flavors that makes this better than this – I like both of 'em Listen, one last time, I'll let it slide You can move the Good & Plenty on if you want

– 'Cause it sucks, it stays (candy clatters) (thunder crashes) (dark music) Okay, next up we got the second seed with 10,016 votes, candy corn versus the 10th seed with 3,866 votes, banana flavored Laffy Taffy – Now do we have to do ourselves the disservice of re-tasting these? I think we already concluded that we actually both don't mind candy corn – Old icing – Again, I would never choose it

– That's what it tastes like – I would never choose it but if I see it there, I have to eat it Look I just did it I didn't even plan on that, it just happened – I mean if there was a bowl of this and there was a bowl of corn, which one would you dig your hand into? – Corn

– Really? – I love corn I once had 37 ears of corn in one sitting – That's not what I anticipated you'd say, so just forget I said anything – And that's not a joke They just kept bringing it

– This smells like banana – I don't know where I was – It tastes a little like banana, but then the more you chew on it and trust me, you'll keep chewing on it 'cause you've got to – It's awful – The banana flavor shifts to something synthetic, glueish, as we've said before

– I still don't understand how the jokes work Oh there they are – This is not good This is not good so I'm saying Laffy Taffy is definitely worse – What is a room no one can enter? A mushroom

Yeah that sucks (crew laughs) Moving on, Laffy Taffy – How you holding up, Randy? – I'm doing all right I thought that joke was pretty funny (Rhett laughs) I mean it's like this show could use some comedy, right? (Rhett laughs) (thunder crashes) (dark music) – Next we have the sixth seed with 5,185 votes, Necco Wafers, versus the third seed with 162 votes, Circus Peanuts

– All right, have you had Circus Peanuts before this tournament? – I never had either one of these – Yeah again, I was very surprised With the chewing gum like taste of these things Necco Wafer – They don't say anything on 'em, they don't have surprise, well some of them say Necco

– [Link] Some of them say Necco – But it's not like a joke, it's not like a message It's not like a love message like it would be on like a candy heart – Right, this is a peanut, man That's something, man

That's something that you should never forget This is something you wanna forget as soon as possible – You like touching them like a pirate (candies clanging) You've soiled all of those – The texture's bad, the taste is bad, the colors are bad

– Yeah I hate pastels (chuckles) Who are we kidding? All right– – It moves on – Necco Wafers is moving on! (thunder crashes) (dark music) – And now we come to the semifinal clash of the licorice candies Good & Plenty and just straight up black licorice (Link coughs) – Oh, you're allergic

This is difficult for me This is a crisis of conscience – This is difficult for me so I'm just gonna bow out Here's the deal, you like both of these 'cause your palette's crazy, man – Smart

– So you just need to decide which one you like less And I'll say they're both real nasty, but this one is also deceptive I never knew there was licorice in this, neither did you And for someone who doesn't like licorice, that's a naughty, naughty thing to do – I don't think it's about deception

I think it's about if you just wanna take a licorice pill straight – [Link] You're just gonna swallow that? – You just swallow it straight – Like a supplement? – Yeah it's a supplement Which I just did, it's just like, I want as much licorice as I can get I don't wanna have to chew it

– So you think this one's better because you can take it as a pill This is unadulterated – This is so pure – It's pure – Oh man

– You like that better? I think this one's worse because it's deceptive, but which one do you think is worse? – You know what? – You like least – I think the fact that I'm gonna start incorporating licorice as a supplement into my life is something I'm excited about, so I actually think black licorice straight up is worse – All right There he goes You did it

– Yeah You guys should do more segments where you figure out what you can swallow (crew laughs) (thunder crashes) (dark music) – Our other semi-final match is Laffy Taffy Banana versus Necco Wafers Now, this is like two dudes you hate getting in a fight after school and you just hope both of 'em get hurt – I don't wanna be like a proponent of fighting, but in this case– – No they've chosen to fight

– I hadn't even heard of Necco Wafers before this – I'd seen them but I never even acknowledged them to the point of being able to name them – Here's the thing, man – This one has a little star on it – I mean there's other versions of this that aren't banana flavored that didn't even make our list, you know? So that tells me there's gotta be some goodness that I can find if I can freakin' get it open! – How about this, what do you do if a rhino charges you? – Bend over, buddy

(crew laughs) – Ha, that's what it says! No it says give him your credit card – Here's what I'm trying to say, this is intolerable And banana's not great and it's the worst Laffy Taffy flavor, we've clearly established, but there's something in there that is redemptive – You might be able to plug a hole with it You know what I'm saying, it probably works as well as Flex Seal

– Right – You've seen those commercials – Oh yeah I've seen those – This might be Flex Seal for all I know – The laugh's on us

– So yeah Necco Wafers, well hold on, maybe I can take it as a pill I haven't tried that – See if you can swallow it, 'cause I'm saying, as bad as this is, Necco Wafers– – Not going down No, okay, it's gotta move on, Necco Wafers – Irredeemable

– Not a pill – To the finals, Necco Wafers! (thunder crashes) (dark music) And now we've come to it, the finals Licorice versus Necco Wafers Rhett, you love this stuff How does it feel to love something that is one of the most hated candies on the planet? – It makes me sad, I think I might be able to make myself cry about it

Probably not though – You know what'll help, sniffin' this – It's magical I love it You know exactly where I stand

I see nothing wrong with that other than the fact that I can't swallow it whole which is something I didn't anticipate until today Necco Wafers seem to serve no purpose at all – I can eat these though Like if I'm going to Antarctica, I can eat these But I do acknowledge that there's a whole bunch of people out there who I'm not gonna ridicule

I'll just ridicule you, for liking this stuff It is a certain flavor profile that I can't relate to – There's an art to it, you know? I met a man on the streets of Australia, the man who owned the little licorice shop, and he brought me in and he started talking to me about his different types of licorice And then he adopted me for a couple of days That's where I was when you guys couldn't find me

– Oh in the Outback? – And we spent a lot of time together and he taught me the dark arts of licorice I can't reveal any of it, but all I can say is that there are no dark arts of Necco Wafers You know exactly what's happening It's just a little machine (blows raspberry) pooping out little wafers that nobody likes – Here's the thing

As much as I absolutely hate this abomination which tries to pass itself off as candy, but tried to be medicine first – Yeah, it is to me – I can't deny the fact that there are so many people who love it, it's very polarizing But show me anyone who's gonna lay down their life for these Or build an entire shop in Australia to make and sell only these

And that's why I am willing to let you know This is the worst candy ever – And listen, I've let down my licorice guard the entire time but there's no way I'm letting licorice be crowned the worst candy of all time I'm not gonna let that happen as a licorice lover – Okay so we're in agreement

I think as bad as this is, this is absolutely the worst Necco Wafers – All right, thanks for the candy, Daddies Bye! (woman shrieks) – Boom, there it is! – The absolute worst candy of all time is– – [Both] Necco Wafers! – You can enjoy those all you want, Rhett – We're actually going to burn some Necco Wafers in effigy

Not even in effigy, we're gonna just burn Necco Wafers on Instagram so make sure to check that out – Uh-huh, and make sure if you're an adult who's buying candy to never ever give away Necco Wafers on Halloween ever again And if you already bought it, throw it out and give away loose change instead – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hi we're the Cheffly brothers From Ft Worth Texas, and– – It's– – Time– – To– – Spin– – The– – Wheel– – Of– – [Together] Mythicality! – Before they talked I was a little creeped out (Link laughs) How long, is this a silent video? Oh All right click the top link to watch us match the crew member to their Halloween costume in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Start your mornings off right with a full mug of Mythicality Get your GMM mug now at Mythicalstore

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