Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 2)

– The battle for the worst candy rages on – Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning – It's day two of our worst Halloween candy tournament, which means that we're one day closer to crowning a loser and one day closer to crowning some teeth, am I right? – (chuckles) If you haven't seen yesterday's episode, pause this one and go watch that one so you're all caught up Today we've got eight more terrible candies to sink our teeth into We will consume them all but only four will come out the other end of our assessment – Ooh! – It's time for Clash of the Crappy Candies: Day Two

– Now before we get into it, just a reminder, the Tour of Mythicality has a few final stops: November 8th, 9th, and 10th in Toronto, New Jersey and Connecticut These shows are close to being sold out so don't miss your chance Go to TourOfMythicalitycom for tickets – And even if you can't make the show, you can still get a signed copy of the Book of Mythicality which our show is based on

The final 100 copies are at Mythicalstore – All right here's a quick recap If you take a look over at our Brobdingnagian, Bunyan-esque bracket board, you'll see that four candies have advanced to the finals Those are black licorice, Nik-L-Nips, Dots and Good & Plenty

– Hello Randy – Happy Cotton Candy Day, Daddies I've licked some of the stuff you're about to eat today (Rhett laughs) – Mm You know what, I don't mind

I don't mind at all – Me neither – Yeah it'll be a fun surprise – All right we got four more spots that we wanna advance to today, so the eight that are gonna be facing off are: candy corn – [Rhett] Bit-O-Honey

– [Link] Laffy Taffy Banana – [Rhett] Hot Tamales – [Link] Necco Wafers – [Rhett] Tootsie Rolls – [Link] Almond Joy

– [Rhett] And Circus Peanuts – Let's taste (thunder crashes) (dark music) – Our first match-up is the second seed with 10,016 votes, candy corn Against the 15th seed with 2,204 votes, Bit-O-Honey – Okay now I got some data on candy corn

– Love data – So just take you a piece here and you tell me how do you normally eat this, like– – Like that – Oh like that? Okay well here's the data Almost half of candy corn consumers, according to the National Confectioner's Association gobble the whole piece at once So that's the majority

43% start with the narrow white end Just bit a little bit off – I'll try that – Another 10%, the true renegades, begin eating the wider yellow end first – [Rhett] Those people are nuts

– Leaving the 01% of them who use the pieces to build a life-size person and pretend it's a real friend – Oh yeah, yeah, I've done that too Okay, Bit-O-Honey, introduced in 1924, is made from taffy flavored with real honey But just a minute, let's not go crazy! – I didn't realize it was taffy

– Oh well, whoa You're gonna love this, man I hope you are if you got good taste Now– – I like candy corn – This is kinda crazy, according to the Bit-O-Honey website, they say, quote, "Famous Hollywood types take a spoonful "of crushed diamonds once a day for vitality

"For the rest of us, it's almond bits "and delicious almond bits can be found in every bite "of Bit-O-Honey" – Wow That's some good information, man – Listen, I been in LA for seven years and no one has fed me a spoonful of diamonds and I've asked a lot of people at parties Trust me

So you haven't had this before? I recommend– – I have but it's been awhile – Taking a small bite, because, we'll be here all day I used to literally seek these out It's got a great, you know, almost like a spoonful– – Taste – Of crushed diamonds

No, it's just a spoonful of almond bits and a little bit of honey – That is a very tasty candy But this is so much fun, I mean look You think this is corn? No, it's a candy It's a trick

– (chuckles) Oh gosh – And you can make teeth And you can– – You're not doing a good job of selling it right now – Different ways to eat it Some people really hate this stuff

– I don't hate it I mean, again, I would not seek this out, and if I was given a big pile of candy, candy corn would be one of the last things, of course, I'm gonna eat it all But that'd be one of the last things I would eat – Candy corn is not bad It tastes like hardened cake icing

That's not bad – You're still not doing a great job of selling it – Nope, it's not as good as this This has a magical taste – Bit-O-Honey is great

– It should be eliminated from our worst candy competition as soon as possible – Send the candy corn through, Randy! – [Link] Look at the technique – Yeah, a lot of people bite the ends of candy corns, but I swallow 'em whole Like a snake eating a pig (thunder crashes) (dark music) – And now we have the seventh seed with 3,922 votes: Hot Tamales, versus the 10th seed with 3,866 votes

Laffy Taffy, banana flavored specifically – Okay Hot Tamales introduced in 1950 They are the number one cinnamon candy brand in the US! Khloe Kardashian keeps a bot of Hot Tamales on her bedside table

Don't ask me how I know And fun fact– – Her Instagram feed Jerk – It would take 87,386 theater boxes of Hot Tamales to fill the entire Kardasian's mansion Don't ask me how I know

– How you know? – I been there a few times I asked every one of those girls for a spoonful of diamonds – Came up empty? – Yep Every one of them rejected me – Woo, that's a, that wakes up your mouth hole

Woo woo! – This is like the atomic dealios, the other one – Yeah? – The Atomic Fireballs, but not a sucky It's a chewy – Right (crew laughs) It doesn't have the pacing

– It's not a sucky – Of a sucky It has the pacing of a chewy – Yeah, chewy's a lot faster than a sucky – Speaking of chewy, people particularly hate the banana flavored Laffy Taffy

First produced in the 1970s According to the Wonka brand, each piece of Laffy Taffy is exactly 50% Laffy and 50% Taffy (Rhett chuckles unenthusiastically) Yeah, and the Laffy actually is 50% industrial strength glue – Oh, really? – So eat it up, son – Son! – Eat it up, son! I'm gonna give you a whoopin' if you don't eat it

– What bus crossed the ocean? – Oh yeah, there's jokes – There's jokes on 'em I don't know what the answer is I don't know what the punchline is Do you have to go to a website or something? – Man, that's– – Or do you just get the punchline when you eat the taffy? I can't get the frickin' wrapper off of the taffy! This is a manufacturing malfunction

– Just eat the back half of that – Mm-mm – You don't wanna chew Laffy Taffy too aggressively because again, it'll get caught in your teeth like those gum drops – An ocean bus! It's not a good joke – I didn't have my hopes high

– Oh, this is not good This is one of the first ones I don't like I think that's saying a lot – It tastes a little like banana Of course I swallowed it and some of it's in my stomach, some of it's dangling down my throat and some of it's still in my mouth, but it's still all one piece

– Yeah – Like how am I supposed to do this? – Yeah yeah, if I reach in there and grab you, I could toss you across the room There's no way, there's no Hot Tamales, again, it's a fun little experience Laffy Taffy, we gotta move it on, right? – It doesn't even taste like banana really

Tastes like nasty Move this nasty on please – You know I used to write the jokes on the Laffy Taffys, you wanna hear one? – [Rhett And Link] Yeah – Why'd the chicken cross the road? – I don't know, why? – In a futile attempt to escape the coming darkness – I like that

– Yeah, thanks, Daddy (thunder crashes) (dark music) – Our next matchup is between seed six with 5,185 votes, Necco Wafers And seed 11 with 2,649 votes, Tootsie Rolls – I know what Tootsie Rolls are but Necco Wafers, I had to do some research They were first produced in 1847

Necco stands for New England Confectionary Company and lovers of the candy are called Neccophiliacs I made that part up, I'm just trying to have like a– – I like it though – Like a grassroots campaign for someone to like this crap – [Rhett] I'm sure that'll start it right up – I've never tasted 'em

In the 1930s, explorer Richard Byrd took two and a half tons of these things to the South Pole Almost a pound a week for each of his men during their two year stay in the Antarctic I assume they ate other things too but two and a half tons of Necco Wafers and no women Sounds like quite a party – Did he think these would bring sustenance? – Oh my gosh, they're harder than I anticipated

– It's polar bear food – They toted this stuff all the way to the pole – What? Did they all die? I think they did all die – It's chalky It's– – Maybe it works as sidewalk chalk

(candy scraping) Oh! It kinda does! – [Link] You just drew an anarchy symbol (Rhett chuckles) – Totally unintentional – I can't process that this is even candy – Well keep processing, I'm gonna tell you about Tootsie Rolls Invented by Leo Hirshfield in 1907

He named them after his daughter Clara, who he also called Tootsie Is it tut-see or toot-see? – Tut-see – Tut-see I go with tut-see But if you say toot-see, I won't hold it against you

They were included in every World War II soldier's rations because they wouldn't melt or go bad over time And, 64 million Tootsie Rolls get made every day That's roughly 740 per second So while I was talking, there were a lot of Tootsie Rolls made – I did not know– – Could you imagine being at the end of that pipe? (crew laughs) (makes blowing sound) (Link mimics horn) I think it's one pipe

(makes blowing sound) – And then you're just, right into your mouth – Yeah (Link makes sucking sound) Where's the Tootsie pipe? Somewhere in Pennsylvania I'm sure Okay – I did not know that these didn't melt

I wouldn't have, I would have bet against that – I've always liked 'em – I used to eat these as a kid My nanny would keep these around – It's not quite chocolate

– It's a weird– – I think that's actually the slogan – Mm-hm If you love chocolate, you might almost like this I think is the slogan It's weird, it's kinda like a Yoo-hoo's not chocolate milk

It's a weird chocolate drink – It's like Yoo-hoo extract – It's like a Yoo-hoo log – Yeah – That's exactly what it is

And that's a good thing – We should talk to Yoo-hoo – This stuff right here – Take 'em to the South Pole (candies clanking) – Give it to a pirate

Look, it's booty! – All right, put the booty in the next round 'cause it's horrible Necco Wafers moving on – [Link] There's a cloud going everywhere – Yeah, I like Necco Wafers 'cause it reminds me of chewing on bones – Hmm

– You nailed it (thunder crashes) (dark music) And finally we have seed three with 9,162 votes That is Circus Peanuts Versus seed 14 with 2,305 votes Almond Joy

– Okay, Circus Peanuts created in the 1800s And rumor has it, the weird choice to make them banana flavored stuck after a freak banana oil accident You know I had a banana oil accident during my dream last night Weird fact, Lucky Charms were create in 1963 by General Mills employee John Holahan after he chopped up pieces of Circus Peanuts into a bowl of Cheerios and fell in love with the flavor combo When you taste these, this is not a joke

– I've never tasted these – You will taste Lucky Charms marshmallows, because that's where they got the idea for this – What? – No one has ever claimed to be the inventor of these and you might find out in a second why – I did not know they were banana flavored Are they? I can't even tell

It tastes like gum – It is not great – It literally tastes like gum that melts in your mouth It's gum that you can't chew – Gum that you can't chew

– 'Cause it disappears too quickly – That's exactly what it is – All right versus Almond Joy introduced in 1946 It should be noted– – Uh-oh – That they're hard to hold onto

You guys voted Almond Joy one of the worst candies, but you didn't even mention Mounds! Mounds and Almond Joy are the same thing except for an almond! – Yep – Mounds aren't even on your list! Must really hate almonds – Are you bitter about this? – It's just weird! I mean I love almonds I don't like coconut Look, one almond! You take this almond off, look

Take that almond off, look, this is a Mound now All of a sudden you love it? You add the almond back and you're like ew! Worst candy ever! – I think Mounds might be dark chocolate It might be a little darker All I know is, I love it One time I was at home, I was watching a commercial for those new little Almond Joy bites, the little ones

– Uh-huh – It was like one o'clock and I got in my car and went to the store and got it That's how much I love Almond Joy – I don't even like coconut in anything– – But you like it, don't you? – But this is approaching palatable for me – We've got approaching palatable! – This is gum that you can't chew

– Circus Peanuts seem like a mistake I'm surprised they're still around I think there's no way that they can't be the loser and move on – Yeah they gotta go, man – All right Circus Peanuts moving on to the next round

– [Link] You like Circus Peanuts? – Oh yeah, I love 'em I've got some on me right now – Where? – Hey Rhett, wanna find 'em? (Rhett laughs) – Yeah, after this – Yeah, cool, meet me by my van – Okay, be sure to come back tomorrow where we see the eight finalists face off to determine the worst candy of all time

That's licorice, Nik-L-Nips, Dots, Good & Plenty, candy corn, Laffy Taffy, Necco Wafers or Circus Peanuts – All right, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Braden – And I'm Curtel

And we're at the 2018 Fan Expo in Toronto, Canada with your favorite friend, Cotton Candy Randy – Hi Daddies And now it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality Bye! – How can Cotton Candy Randy be there and here? – I don't know – At the same, what a mystery

Click the top link to watch up play the scary VR game Emily Wants To Play in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] You can't get pizza stains on our black on black logo t-shirt so grab yours at Mythicalstore

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