Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

– We're gonna determine the worst Halloween candy of all time – Let's talk about that

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com – And now we have another announcement Halloween is almost here, which means today we're gonna embark on a three-day taste test tournament to determine the worst Halloween candy of them all It's time to begin Clash of the Crappy Candies, Day 1 Behold our preposterously prodigious physically preponderant candy bracket, AKA, the not so sweet 16

– It's big alright As you can see, this bracket contains 16 of the worth Halloween candies voted on by you So we started with a list of 32 of the worst candies based on online sentiment and Mythical Crew surveys and then 40,000 of you voted, leaving us with these, the 16 top worst Halloween candies ever – Okay, so then by day three of this competition, which will be Halloween, we will crown the worst candy of them all, but in order to get there we gotta get started now with the first eight candies, which are black licorice, – Whoppers – Atomic Fireballs

– Nik-L-Nips – Raisinets – Dots – Butterscotch – And Good & Plenty

– Let's get to our first matchup (spooky music) First up, we have the number-one seed with 18,426 of your votes, black licorice That will be facing the lowest-number seed, which is 16, 2,084 votes, Whoppers – Now, black licorice dominated the fan poll, absolutely dominated it, almost double the amount of votes for worst candy based on just your opinion, to the second seed, which was candy corn I'm gonna give you some background information so we can just make a very informed decision

Licorice root as used for food goes back to as early as the 16th century, but it was originally used as a medicine to soothe coughs and colds You know the old saying, if it doesn't work as medicine, make it candy However, last year the FDA issued a warning to adults over 40 claiming that eating too much black licorice, approximately two ounces a day for at least two weeks could land them in the hospital with an irregular heart rhythm known as arrhythmia – That's great news, since I never eat this crap – You think the FDA has a stance on eating animal testicles? Somebody look that up

– Well, let's go ahead and eat this before we get into the Whoppers – We don't have to – Dink it – Dink and sink all of 'em, but I wanna dink this one, because I'm gonna say right now, I'm gonna make a lot of you upset, I love black licorice I even wore my black licorice-themed shirt today – I do not make a habit of trying to eat this ever because I'm not Swedish, or wherever people besides you, who are normal, somehow find a way to normalize this taste

– I know that it's polarizing I know that it tastes like medicine, but I can't get enough of it – It's so weird, man Alright, I got some info on Whoppers They were introduced in 1949, but nowadays people eat Whoppers for ASMR videos

(Whoppers rolling) – Do you like that sound that the malt balls make? (Whoppers rolling) I like that sound – I've sat in front of this lady at 20 movies She's all, do you like that sound? No, I don't like the sound Just eat the freaking Whoppers – At least she's whispering about it, though

– Later on in the video, which I watched every minute of it, she does eat the Whopper and that is a cataclysmic moment that we will recreate now for you Would you like to see me bite it? (Link crunches Whopper) – Oh, so crunchy It's a malted milk ball – It's chocolate – Again, I kinda like this, too

– You like both, I mean, – I like everything I'm the worst at determining the worst, 'cause I think it's all the best – I mean, clearly this is worse I mean, I do acknowledge that there's a certain palette profile that does like this, but who's not gonna like this? – I kinda feel like because I know that it's so polarizing, and so many of you hate it, that so many of you will hate me if I don't send it through, so I'm gonna defer to you – And as a voice of reason, – And the mythical beasts

– This is horrible So let's keep eating it in subsequent rounds – Hey, great idea, yes, move it through – Alright, well we need someone to move it through – Oh, where could we find somebody? – Happy Cotton Candy Day, daddies

– That's appropriate – Hey Link, nice shirt, dork – I do like you, Randy – You can go take a walk – Can you make that licorice walk? There you go, do you need a stepladder, okay, we got it

– Okay, licorice moves on (spooky music) Our next matchup is the eighth seed with 3,455 votes, Nik-L-Nips versus the ninth seed with 3,264 votes, Atomic Fireballs – Yes, Nik-L-Nips sounds like a rejected name of a '90s boy band, but it actually comes from a combination of the original cost, which was a nickel and the preferred method for eating thi, th, th, th, this – Eat 'em – Eatin' thi, this was to nip the end of it

– Ah, these are, I've never actually bitten into one of these But I guess I will now – And then you squeeze it, squeeze out the juice Oh wow, it tastes like a– – Chilly Willy – It tastes like a melted, warm Chilly Willy

– A Chilly Willy that was never frozen It's the same juice that's in a Chilly Willy Y'all know about the Chilly Willys? Did you all have those? – Otter Pops, Chilly Willy – Okay, yeah, whatever regionalisms – It says it right here on the back of every one, after you bite the tip and slurp the juice, you can chew on the wax, but it's not meant to be swallowed

– Too late, no I didn't – I'm chewing on that – While you chew on that wax, I will tell you about Atomic Fireballs These things were created during the Cold War in 1954, which is a perfect time for nuclear-themed candy The outside layer of the Fireball is mild, but then on the inside, it's got some capsaicin, the spicy flavor

If only there were a pill that would neutralize the capsaicin – Not funny, doesn't exist – This is 3,500 on the Scoville scale and it also inspired its own YouTube challenge (man coughs and retches) – Oh, give me a break, Chuck – That's just a Tuesday for us

– Starting to get hot? It's got a good cinnamon-y flavor up top – I don't know how long it takes to get to the capsaicin But, this is an adventure I mean, it's not great If my kids threw out a bunch of Halloween candy, and they started giving me the Atomic Fireballs, I'd be like, come on kids, don't be a jerk to dad

But if they gave me these, I would just be insulted – Here's the thing, having never experienced it, once I nipped it, and sucked it, and chewed it, it was a pretty good process I mean, it was fun Like this is a forced, paced process – I'm hitting the hot stuff, though

– Like you can't chew it, it'll break your jaw This you can just down it – This teaches you patience – This is just fun – It's not fun

– I like chewing on the was – You think fun is biting off the was of a fake Coke bottle and drinking some melted Chilly Willy juice? That's not fun Who are you if you think that's fun, man This is a mistake – You know what, you can have all these, because I definitely don't feel like they should be moving on to the next round

Oh, they definitely should be moving on to the next round I forgot how this works These are worse, man This is fun, it's a hot candy – They are 78% wax

– Right, you knew that already, and you're still making a fight for 'em – Yeah, I'm with you on this I like the paced journey We all need to have an occasion to slow down a little bit and enjoy the hotness – Fun fact, Nik-L-Nips is my nickname for Rhett

– Yours are about a nickel? – Yep (spooky music) – Next we have the fifth seed with 6,265 votes, Raisinets, versus the 12th seed with 2,559 votes, Dots – Alright, a little bit about Raisinets They were introduced in 1927 They are 702 calories per serving, so just because they got raisins in 'em, doesn't mean they're healthy

And here's a fun fact, if you lined up the amount of Raisinets produced in one year end to end, the length would go around the Earth two and a half times, which incidentally– – That's a fun fact – Is exactly the same length of the line of people who hate Raisinets – I do not hate Raisinets – You know I don't – Oh, I just put it in my mouth, but then I dropped it in there

I don't know, I touched it to my tongue I like a little, it's like a little a rabbit turd – That's what I always thought about why I liked 'em – Info on Dots, they were introduced in 1945 by the Tootsie Roll Company They now produce 23 million grumdrops per year

– Grumdrops, what? – Gumdrops And I think that they're all used for decorative purposes I mean nobody eats these things, right? – I do And so does my dad, that's my dad's favorite candy – This advertisement might change your mind

– Never eat Dots alone You gotta share 'em Dots beautiful – Trading, you can trade greens for oranges – But never oranges for reds

– That's right – Why does that little boy have an old lady voice? What happened, I'm afraid to eat Dots now – Dots give you menopause – But never green for red – I would like to trade this red for a Raisinet

– No, I'd never do that – Oh, this tastes like a cleaner, tastes like Lysol – I love it, man – That is pungent – This makes me think of my dad, man

I mean he's still around – And it sticks to your teeth, look It's all over there, man, I can't abide by that – You keep tasting it, though, you keep tasting it You get halfway through the movie and you've eaten all your Dots, and you're like, no I haven't

It's still there That's a little surprise – But you don't really like that When you have to take your finger, or someone else's finger and pick out your Dots – Man, I like both of them

– These suck, homey These are good, homey – I like both of 'em – There's a fruit in there – I feel like I'm letting my dad down

– There's a dried grape inside of each one of these, that's magic – Okay, so you want to send the Dots That was actually unintentionally amazing – Awesome – Send the Dots on through, I guess

– Bye, bye rabbit turds (spooky music) – Our final matchup today is the fourth seed with 7,516 votes, Good & Plenty versus the 13th seed with 2,549 votes butterscotch hard candy – I've never had these, have you? – Never had it, never tasted it – They were introduced in 1893 and they are believed to be the oldest branded candy in the United States – Staying power

– And you know what else, it's licorice covered with candy, I did not know this 'til a second ago – How has this slipped the Rhettster's radar? – Your radar is faulty Here, eat some – Your radar is faulty – Your radar's faulty

Okay, I'm gonna eat a red one, and I'm gonna eat a white one – It's soft – They look like Tic Tacs – I thought they were gonna be hard – Wow, it's really mushy

Oh, and it's horrible – Hold on – It's absolutely just as horrible as the licorice – This has been out there, this existing, I feel like I wanna rewind and relive my life I could've gotten this back in 1890

– It's horrible, tell me about this – This is just butterscotch, you know This dates back to the 1800s, as well It's believed that the confectioner Samuel Parkinson invented butterscotch in 1817 to supply it to the royal family It was advertised at the time as the queen's sweet meat, which is what my wife calls me to this day

– Uh Whenever I would go to my great-grandparents' house, they would have a bowl with hard candies – Yeah, old people love this stuff – Werther's, butterscotch, all that type of stuff, but they would all clump together And I would remember the configuration of the clumps, and I'd come back six months, a year later, same configuration of clumps

No one was eating that except me – That's a good taste, man – It's smooth, it's inviting It's like eating a blanket – Yeah, it makes me wanna be old

I'd like to just fast forward 20 to 30 years just so I could suck on these all day – Just put a shawl over my shoulders – Is that what it's gonna be? – And suck on a butterscotch – I mean, again, polarizing, I understand But these are just great, these can't go through

– Randy, Good & Plenty moves on because they're horrible There you have it, four candies have advanced to the finals, make sure to come back tomorrow for day two of the tournament, where eight more terrible candies will face off in our faces – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, my name is Owen Hunter, and I'm from St

Catharines, Ontario, Canada And I'm about to do the Warhead challenge And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Yep, mmhmm, there's more where that came from Click the top link to guess the ridiculous tombstone quote with us in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the wheel of mythicality's gonna land If there was a college of mythicality, this would be it's official shirt Until then, grab one at mythicalstore

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