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– DIY does this thing exist? – Let's talk about that (upbeat techno music) – Good Mythical Morning! – The internet is filled with hacks to make your life easier

For example, I just learned that if you take a bagel You stick your finger through it to help stabilize it It makes it much easier to cut it – You're not allowed to use knives and that bagel is already cut (laughs) (laughing) Of course, not all hacks are that absolutely amazing

Today we discover the worst DIY hack ever posted online It's time for "Ranked, worst DIY fails" Welcome to the Hack Zone We're joined by Mythical team members Stevie, Emily, Matt and Ellie who've all picked what they believe to be the worst DIY hack on the internet – All right, your job is to convince us that yours is the worst

Stevie, why don't you start? – Well boys, I know you've been asking yourself this question for ages "What do I do with old bras that perhaps don't fit anymore?" They got too stretchy – Yes, everyday – I have a solution for you Introducing something that doesn't have a title but I'm calling it the DIY Bra Purse

(laughing) Yes – [Matt] Fancy – [Stevie] Don't sport that baby on the inside of your shirt anymore Let it hang out of your shirt in this beautiful number – Oh my goodness! – That David's so nicely modeling

– [Link] David Hill is our model? Yes – [Rhett] Oh, open it up! – [Emily] You just flick the tassels – [Stevie] Yeah, do those tassels right David – [Rhett] So cup size is really important here? – [Stevie] Yeah – [Matt] Yup

– Not in real life though – [Stevie] You know what's fun? – Not in real life, just in this – Is that you can use a push up bra and kind of push all your money up just to give like a tasteful peak, you know? (laughing) – [Rhett] Oh! – [Stevie] tasteful peak – I like how David is somewhere in between like a model and a mime (laughing) It's perfect, it's perfect, your instincts are spot on

– [Stevie] Yes, yeah – Now, can you just let it hang? Can you let it hang naturally? – [Stevie] Yeah, you've never, ever worn a purse before – [Emily] (laughs) Let it hang naturally! – [Stevie] Yeah, see how nicely it works? It's not distracting at all (laughing) – Very natural, David – And he's really good at carrying it

– May we? – Oh, yes – Now in a world where fanny packs are coming back in, this is not far from that – I know And actually, I thought a good branding name would be "The Money Spot" (laughing) – Doubles as a swim cap! (laughing) – [Stevie] Wow! – That's amazing! – That's an actual look

– That is absolutely incredible – This is pretty good now, guys – You kinda look like the Pope as well, – like a rogue Pope – A Pope or a genie – [Matt] You look like you've got a Victorian Mohawk on

Okay while I caress this, who's next? – Uh, I am – Actually, hold on We gotta put it on the ranker – [Stevie] Yeah – Oh, I wanted to caress it

(laughing) – [Link] You can't caress it forever Preliminarily – [Rhett] Just put it in the middle

– I don't know, the swim cap thing kinda pushed it down into being a decent idea, sorry – [Stevie] Yeah you're right, it's fine – I'ma start it at three – It's pretty good – So, I'm next

– [Rhett] All right – And if you love cleaning and recycling as much as I do Then you're gonna love this thing I found on the 22 Words blog No evidence that it actually will clean anything but it's definitely recycled It's called "The Bottle Broom"

It's a beautiful broom made out of a two liter plastic bottle It's for the homeless witch in your life (laughing) Who has lost her broomstick and it's for anyone who is like "Hey- – [Emily] Oh! – "Cleaning is fun, what if I did it weird?" – [Link] I mean yeah – Look at it – [Stevie] It doesn't clean everything

– [Rhett] This is not a bad idea, I don't think – I mean, it's not a bad idea if you don't mind a bunch of high fructose corn syrup all over your floors in place of dirt But it's a pretty terrible idea, I think in general – Can I touch the bristles? – [Ellie] I love the idea of having a broomstick- – You keep the back end – But not the broom part

– [Emily] Yeah, he's just got sticks – [Ellie] What happened? – [Matt] Yeah, yeah, yeah – [Stevie] You've just got sticks (laughs) – [Matt] It feels like it was invented by a really industrious juggalo You know, someone who's like – [Link] Yeah

– "I've got the two liter bottles, "all I need next is the broom" – [Emily] I think it would be a better spider trapper Remember those things? It kinda looks like the spider trapper – [Stevie] Yeah – Well, I think the spider could get out

– Yeah, the spider could definitely get out of that – [Rhett] Link, you think you could get this on your head? If you can get this on your head then- – [Matt] I'll be very impressed – I might lose an eye but let's try it No – It's like one of those scratchers

– [Emily] Oh! – Can you gently caress his head with that? – Raise up your end and walk towards me (laughing) – [Ellie] Oh no – [Link] Is this really happening? – Wait, just gently – Yeah, look, it's like – [Stevie] Not as good as the bra – Nope, no, no, no! That hurt the ear All right – Okay, it can't be used as a head scratcher

– So basically, it just pushes- – Yeah, it just pushes dirt- – [Link] Crap around – Yeah, I imagine- – What do you think a broom does? – [Matt] Right – Pushes crap around – But how much do brooms cost? – I know, at this point the stick cost more than everything else What's strange to me is that, honestly, if you saw someone with this in their home

There's no way you would be like "Oh, this guy keeps a tidy home" (laughing) You'd be like "Oh, I gotta get out of here "as fast as I possible and I need to wear "two pairs of shoes" – [Stevie] Yeah – Okay, in terms of putting it on the board I don't know which one

I know you put that on your head and you look like a genie and that's awesome but- (laughing) – You're right – You know what- – [Link] It's a bra- – [Rhett] It's a bra – [Link] That you would just hold out there – [Rhett] You would be completely embarrassed to use that in public Whereas this would be like, "Oh, I'm kinda industrious

" – Yeah, I suppose so I suppose so It all depends on how you clean your home Some people use a real broom and some people are trash – I agree

– But we agree – I agree with Rhett – The bra purse is worse – The broom has pushed the bra to be worst – [Matt] Fair enough

– All right, who's next – Okay Get ready (laughing) – Okay, I'm ready – This next hack is for the person who's lonely enough for a real doll but cares about the environment too much to buy disposable plastic

Please welcome, the flower pot jeans – What? – [Stevie] Yes! – [Ellie] Yeah! – [Emily] No – Please tell me we don't have this, nope – [Ellie] Oh yes, here she is Hey girl! – [Link] We do have this

– [Ellie] Hey girl, how you get all them soils in them jeans? – [Link] This is morbid – Yeah, I'm glad that you said that because I do believe this is the perfect alternative for a memorial for a mom who couldn't have an open casket funeral (Rhett laughs) – Fertilized by mom's ashes – [Stevie] But it's a great lap – [Ellie] Yes, I mean she is thick

She is beautiful And she is also the perfect example of a woman for an in sell, you know? – [Matt] Oh, that's true – [Ellie] No talkie talkie – [Matt] Yeah, yeah, yeah – Just the parts that matter

– I don't think that's gonna solve any of those problems, Ellie – You're beautiful like a flower (laughing) – No but she's beautiful but she doesn't know it That's what they're all so into – [Stevie] Oh my gosh this is making me so uncomfortable

– She's humble like a flower – It's strangely unsettling – It makes me feel very disturbed – [Stevie] Yeah, like I don't wanna- – And David, if you could sort of animate her a little bit? The legs do move No, cross the legs

– [David] Oh, cross the legs oh – Yeah, yeah, yeah – [Rhett] It's really gonna get weird now – [Ellie] Oh, ba ba ba! – [Matt] Yeah, dancing! – [Link] We're dancing now – [Ellie] I was thinking more of like a- – Oh yeah

– [Ellie] Okay, no, no, no, no – [Rhett] Wow – [Ellie] You're crushing it now – There you go, very casual (laughing) – So yeah, she's very much alive

Just like the plants that have been planted in her, uterus? (laughing) – Well okay, you could have gone with several parts but you chose uterus – So, does she come out of the chair for – [Ellie] It's about the spot

Yeah – I mean, this is something you would see- – [Ellie] Oh boy! (laughing) All right – Oh no! No! This is a nightmare! (speakers drown each other out) – [Ellie] Hold her like a koala Hold her like a koala – Hold on Link, can you get that on your head? – [Ellie] Like a koala bear

– No, don't that's worse That's so much worse! – Link, can you get it on your head? – I don't know what to do – [Emily] No, I can't look at it! – [Ellie] Oh my gosh! – No, no, no – [Rhett] No, turns towards me – [Link] I'm not turning towards you! I'm not gonna turn towards you! – [Ellie] She's riding on your shoulders

– [Rhett] Yeah she rides you, yeah You go to the zoo, you go to the zoo like that – Yeah, I got a green thumb – I'm practicing for when I have a real child (laughing) – Yeah a real adult child (laughs)

– Wow man, that just became the worse thing up here (Ellie laughs) – Oh goodness – You gotta put that at number one, I'm sorry – Does it keep you warm though? – Yeah – Oh yeah, it's great as a scarf too

– Do you want to keep it on? – [Link] No – [Rhett] Okay, all right – [Stevie] I can't handle it – [Emily] There she is – [Stevie] Oh, boy! – Can you cross her legs like a lady? (laughing) – [Emily] There you go

– Okay, I can't imagine anything being more nightmarish than that but- – What til you see the top half (laughing) – Okay, Emily, that leaves you – All right well as we all know, nothing says Jesus died for this quite like a tampon Christmas ornament (laughing) – [Matt] As we all know – [Emily] Is that too much? Did I spoil something? (laughing) He dies at the end, but he comes back

– I'm sorry, I spoiled The Bible – Like Jon Snow – Yep, same person – That's two spoilers – All right, dang! So if you're a year round, trashy southern Christmas ornament person

This is a positive, honestly I don't know if I love this or hate it In October, you could put a little Kleenex on top of there Boom, ghost (laughing) Tiny little ghost

– Okay, so we've decorated our own little tree here – [Emily] With some tampons Now, here's why I think this is the worst It's because they didn't use maxi pads for wings – Yeah

– That is a very big missed opportunity – [Link] They didn't go all the way – Already adhesive – I think the proportions would have been off – Already adhesive and some maxi pads have their own wings so it would have been wings, on wings, on wings

– Yeah, it would have been like the little angel that you put at the top of the tree – Yeah, no, that's for a Diva cup – [Matt] Oh, yes, yes, yes – Okay, now, I hate to get into the technical details of this I really don't want to

But I mean these aren't used, these are left over – [Emily] So the used ones, I don't wanna discriminate against our Pagan viewers or anything- – [Matt] Absolutely – So, there might be some but these are- – But they would be more Christmas colory – [Emily] These are Judaeo Christian ones – [Stevie] Judaeo Christian ones

– Yeah because can also use the tampons as Hanukkah candles And, I like that – My point is that DIY is when you take some All these are like "Oh, we use these and now we find a new use" This is just buying tampons and making ornaments out of them – No, I mean You don't know – That makes it a worse idea unless you had a lot of tampons and then you went through menopause and you were like, "Oh!" – [Stevie] Hey

– [Emily] Well that's true – Well if you get a variety pack and you're going through menopause You're gonna have a lot of light tampons left over You're just never gonna touch those things – [Stevie] No, yeah

(laughing) – We don't need to get into the specific mechanics for me to know this is a horrible idea – Well, we just did – [Ellie] It's a heavy flow! – Do you guys like imagining the way they get 'em on the tree as they use the applicator, like a confetti cannon? (laughing) – How did you know that's what I was thinking? – Yeah, exactly – Very festive – [Emily] Yeah! – Okay, this is the mixture that I didn't want

You know? – It's the mixture none of us want – Okay – Can I be honest? I love them – You love them? – [Rhett] Feminine products- – I wanna do it – and ornaments

– Yeah, there was so many other ways to approach this that it's not like horrible or great It's just- – [Ellie] What? – I'm just indifferent – It's not horrible? – This is horrible – I don't wanna to have a family gathering where you're laying out feminine products – People wouldn't even know that was tampons, unless they got really close

– [Stevie] What? – I think they would be like, "You just made a cotton ghost" – You made a cotton ghost? (laughing) – I mean, I wouldn't decorate my tree with toilet paper – What? – You wouldn't? – Really? (laughing) – I do every year, I guess I'll change – I decorate people's homes that I don't like with toilet paper – [Emily] Ah! – [Rhett] But I think that the broom is pretty awesome, so I think you should put that at four

I think that's a good product – [Link] I think that the bra is worse than the tampons – [Rhett] Yeah – [Link] But they're in the same zone And I think this is our commitment

I'm comfortable with this ranking Ladies and gentlemen, you agree? – Yeah, there it is – We agree that the worst DIY project that you can participate in, is this – [Rhett] "The Mom Plant" (laughing) – But great work to all you guys Thanks for braving the DIY world of crazy

– Yes – For our sake – And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – [All] You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Addy

– Hi, I'm Shawn We're on escalators – And it's time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality – And they never saw each other again (laughing) Click the top link to watch us match life fails to the crew member who experienced them in Good Mythical More

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