Worst Candy Taste Test Winner Revealed

– Welcome to Let's Talk About That! The show about the show I'm Stevie, and I let the dogs out

This week's episode is sponsored by Global Citizen, and this week's guests are mobile cinnamons Please welcome Rhett and Link! (cheering) Oh! – Pretty cool, huh? – Yeah, I've been here a while, man – What was that? Was there like a limp-passed situation happening? – Yeah, I'm walking with a limp now – A little caddywhompus is your steppy step, is it? (Stevie laughs) – Caddywhompus – You're not gonna call me out on the fact that I rhymed Global Citizen with mobile cinnamons? – Yes, I do want to call you out on that

– Thank you! – Consider this you being officially called out – You've been called out about that! (laughs) Don't ever let it happen again – Well guys, we have another sponsor on this show! – Woo hoo! – And that is Global Citizen! So Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens, using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030 by encouraging people to learn and take action Those collective actions influence world leaders to make commitments around the issues associated with extreme poverty, like hunger, malnutrition, equality, education, and more – And this year, Global Citizen is headed to South Africa to help celebrate the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, and what would have been his 100th year! Beyonce, Jay Z, Ed Sheeran, Eddie Vedder, "Feral" Williams or Pharrell Williams, however you want to say it

(laughing) – He's wild! He's Feral Williams! – I call him Pharrell "Feral" Williams – Chris Martin, and Usher, are gonna be joining world leaders on December second, in Johannesburg, South Africa, to share a unified message that we can be the generation to end extreme poverty – Yeah, I was at this, and does say It's not spelled like "feral" – Uh, yep – Pharrell – Right

– That's his name I mean, it's just a fact – That's my nickname for him – Alright, despite the world having ample resources to feed every person, millions are still malnourished In fact, in Mozambique, 43% of children have stunted growth because they don't the right food to eat

And a stunted child is more likely to fail at school, fall sick, develop improperly, and struggle to find work as an adult If Mozambique spent an additional 10 dollars per child, per year, on nutrition, it could tackle this issue – Every child has the right to live, learn, and play free from hunger or malnutrition Join us in calling President Nyusi to invest in the future of Mozambique by spending 10 dollars per child on nutrition Your action could score you and a friend a trip to the Global Citizens Festival in Johannesburg

This is an exclusive, Rhett and Link-only offer, so go to GlobalCitizenorg/RhettandLink, or click the link in the description, to take action and enter to win Entries will be accepted until November 10th, so that's only one week You have to act quickly, and while you're over there, check out all the other ways you can take action to make the world a better place – And not only is this a chance to take action and tackle global poverty, it's a chance to win tickets to the Global Citizens Festival in South Africa to see all those people! Beyonce, Jay Z, "Feral"! – Yeah, Feral! – He's gonna be there! – And I just want to reiterate: this is super cool because a Mythical Beast is going to win this opportunity, because it's just an opportunity amongst our group, y'all

So one you gonna meet Feral Well you're not gonna meet Feral, 'cause who is Feral? – Well you might! (Stevie laughs) – You're gonna see Pharrell Williams, and everybody else – I could, you never know what's gonna happen! So again, go to GlobalCitizenorg/RhettandLink, or click the link in the description, to take action and enter to win And thanks for doing your part, and thanks to Global Citizen for giving us this opportunity

– Speaking of citizen, today is November third, which means that Tuesday is November sixth, and it's time to vote if you are an American citizen – Get out yo vote! – It's very important to go out and vote on Tuesday Please take time out of your day and vote – Do it for the sticker! – And I'm so excited because this week, we're also talking about voting that we did internally The Mythical crew did some voting, because we had the candy tournament earlier this week, and we switched things up a little bit 'cause we usually play along, but we really played along this time

– I caught rumblings of this, but I don't know what you did – We're trying to keep it from you, so we're gonna reveal it to you today – I felt very left out – I feel like clapping! I mean, lots of good information there (clapping) Can we clap? – I'm clapping like this

– I feel like clapping, guys! – You know what I feel like? – He does this at least once a day though (Stevie laughs) – I feel like clapping! – Oh, it's my clapping time! – I feel like a drink! Which is what I have – [Rhett] Ah, yeah! – I was going for this, but – This is one of my favorite drinks And that is water So – Sky juice! – Water is the beverage of the week – Sky juice – Sky juice? (Rhett laughs) That is perfect (glasses clinking) – Dink the water – That's the best description of water I've heard this week

– Can you imagine though, if someone started selling this, and it came just like this, and there was no label It's like, "It's totally clear "It comes in a completely clear thing, "and it's called sky juice" – I cannot recommend water enough – You know what, I was about to say the same thing

– Really? – Sometimes I'll drink water, and I'll just, I'll meditate on it – I'm gonna drink all this right now – It's an exquisite molecule I mean, it's so fluid, it's so hydrating Stay hydrated, people

I mean, if we haven't promoted enough good causes today, let's add hydration to the list – Okay, so I mentioned that we The crew always participates in our tournaments

They did Munch Madness, we had little brackets Of course, some Mythical Beasts participated at home For the candy tournament that we had this past week, we decided to take things up a notch And we did that by having everyone join a team – We teamed up this time? – We teamed up! We had teams, so the teams played the brackets

But I asked all the teams to name themselves, and to submit a video saying why they would win, and if they won, what they wanted – Oh, that's what I was gonna ask What's on the line for the teams? – Exactly, so they picked their own possible prizes And I didn't give a theme I didn't say anything

I just said, "Name your team, make a video, choose your prize," and the videos, of course, are quite interesting "Special" is what I was calling them, special videos – Oh, okay – So I wanted to show you the videos, and then we were going to reveal who won – You got any more water? – (laughs) Yeah

But first up, we have our short-form team Let's see what they did – Hello Rhet, Link, and Stevie I am Brother John, of the Meme Lords I'm surrounded by Brother Greg, Sister Jen, Brother Kiko, Sister Theresa, and Brother Mushu

For our prize we'd like to be knighted in a full ceremony, with this this samurai sword (sword shinking) Anyways, thank you for your time (blowing) What's going on here? (melancholic music) – Got really, (Rhett laughs) got really meme-y at the end, huh? – [Stevie] Yeah – Wow! – Yeah, so that's the Meme Lords The Meme Lords competed this tournament

– And they want to be knighted? – Knighted, with a (imitates sword shinking) – I'd like to be a part of that group! – That counts as a, well that was not a gun move It was like a, taking the sword out – Yeah yeah yeah, I understand, yeah – Next up, we have Post – We are team Post is People Too

We will win the candy bracket because we control everything – We control your cameras – We control your sound – We control your lights (lights flickering) – Whoa! – What! – Zach isn't here, but we still control him

(static) – And regardless of what you believe, we control your opinions, too – When we win – Rhett and Link will pay our demands of

– Five dollars! – Each? – I want mine all in ones! (all laughing) – Oh, the editing part, guys – Alright – Had to be great, and it was! I fell like clapping! (clapping) – But I don't wanna be a part of that group

(Stevie laughing) But I mean, it does look fun They look like they have fun – Five dollars! – So Post is people too, five dollars each So we'll see if they win Of course, we have the writers

(keys clicking) – Whoa! – Yeah – That was tough to follow! – And a fade out at the end – Yeah, 'cause it continued, they're still talking – That was as funny as I demanded that it be, but (laughing) It looks like the writers forced Post to make a really complicated video for them – Yeah yeah yeah, that's true Technically, Post was involved in all of these – (laughs) Who did it? – [Alex] They did it themselves

– Oh, they did? – [Link] Seriously? – They did it themselves – Hold on! – [Alex] Everybody made their own video – Can you go on the god mic please? – [Alex] Everyone made their own, themselves No help – Okay

Well you know what? I apologize And I also assign all of you to work for Post (laughing) – Well if you couldn't follow that, their team is the Interns, – Yeah I got that – And they want you to stock their writer's room fridge with "cheese and bevs, and our snack cabinet as well, "exactly to our liking" – And Harry Stiles tickets

– Well, sure – That happened at some point – Yes, sure, it happened later, and we'll throw that in! – Ellie, no actually we won't Ellie (Stevie laughs) Seems like there's contention between you – Yeah

Okay, next up we have Production (lights flicking on) – We are the Money Man's Men! And if we win, we demand five minutes each in Rhett and Link's secret loft! Men, dance! (stomping and clapping) (laughing) – Davon, can you come out here? As the representative for – Come next to a mic

– As the representative for Post – Production – [Stevie] Production

– Production, come one, yeah (all booing) They're up in arms! – Yeah, Post Production – I am so obsessed with Post! I love you Post! You control everything As a representative for Post, you are now in charge of Post – Okay

– Production Can you explain that? (laughing) – We're the Money Man's Men! (laughing) – We're the Money Man's Men You know what, I understand – What did they want? – They want five minutes each in your secret loft – In the secret loft

– Loft! – Yeah – Yeah, yeah yeah yeah Well you can't have that – This isn't a negotiation situation This is gonna be what they're gonna have

– They don't even know that we have a secret loft – It's not a secret anymore! – If you're gonna blow the secret, you should tell them – So, in Rhett and Link's office, there's this Second floor, that no one's ever been to (Rhett laughs) And we're all curious what's up there So we wanna, you know, spend five minutes there – (laughs) One at a time, or as a team? – Each No, each

– How do you know it's a loft? All you've seen is a ladder going up to – Well, we assumed it was a loft, I don't know – Do you want us to be there, or do you want it alone? – [Davon] Alone

– Alone – Oh good (laughing) – It's our special time – Okay, the power to spend special time together – Alright, alright, thanks man

– Wasn't there like a, Alex, the team name was formed via a certain method? – [Alex] Yeah, I looked at Dave and I said, "The next words out of your mouth are gonna be our team name" And I said, "Three, two, one," and he said, "The Money Man's Men" (laughing) I think he meant to say the George Clooney film, The Monuments Men, but I (laughing) I misheard that as the Money Man's Men, which is way better – [Stevie] There you go! – Wow, that is great – Okay, and finally, we have Operations (static) (keys clicking) – Hi there I'm Rod Flannegan, and I'm the COO of Mythical Entertainment

Let me introduce you to the team Team Mythelaneous My team and I are in the business of righting opportunities for Rhett and Link This team, frankly, arranges and maybe even controls their every move Our team is perfectly positioned and deserving of a chance to have Rhett and Link feed us, by hand, our favorite Halloween candy

Because frankly, when it comes down to it, we feed the business (laughing) – Wow! Alright, more Flannegan! – Oh, I'm crying, y'all – Yeah, do you see the theme that took place for all these? – Golly – Yeah They're good

They're real good – And creepy – I need Flannegan to wink at me every morning, when I walk in Just to know that I'm alive! – Okay – He wants us to hand-feed them

– Their favorite candies But this is the moment that the crew has been waiting for That you haven't been waiting for, 'cause you didn't know about until today

But you've been waiting for the past however many minutes The winners are The Money Man's Men

(Rhett laughs) (cheering) In fact, they won by a lot! It looks like they have 29 points, and the next closest team only has 14, and that was the Meme Lords So this is what this means: it means that they each get five minutes in your secret loft So better clean that up before they get up there – Okay – And we are going to cut to that footage that we haven't taped, but it's gonna be here right now! – Alright, the Money Man's Men have won! Here we are in Rhett and Link's office

This is their secret loft, you can kind of see the ladder over there And I'm about to take my five minutes, along with everyone else So, here we go! (electronic music) (laughing) – (gasping) This – It's cold! (rustling) – Yeah! – Honestly it's It's not that exciting up there – Alright, so whatever that was, I'm sure it was great

– Probably a great time to clap! – Oh (clapping) – I just feel like clapping! You guys did a great job! I am so proud of everybody that works here – They were really good – And took time out of what they were supposed to be doing to make those videos – Yep, that's right

– Well speaking of more people that work here, we asked Mythical crew member Jenna to test out the VR game that you played this week on the show, under the guise that we needed to, technically, make sure that everything was set up But also, the cameras were rolling, and so we got it on camera She had a not great time (laughing) – All good? – This does not sound like a kids game – Here we go

– [Game] Hello! – It's really loud! – [Game] Pizza's here! – It's really loud, I don't like it I don't like it! No! (bleep) No! (thunder rumbling) (bleep) that! (door creaking closed) No! Nope! Nope! Why do people play these games! Why do people play these games Who enjoys this? Who actually enjoys this? (door creaking) Oh, clowns, love it! Love clowns! What's the point of this? What's the point of this game? What do I have to find? Is this just a game to scare people? No, it's dark! It's dark! (clock ringing) No, no no no no No, the doll's gone Why is the doll gone? Why is the doll gone? (screams) (laughing) (roaring) No, no, I close my eyes! I'm closing my eyes

I'm just gonna throw those controllers – [Dave] Yay! (clapping) (laughing) – I just want a whiskey (laughing) – I just want a whiskey – Um, we're clapping! There's more clapping – Yeah, I mean, there's so much clapping! Hey, that game is scary

– She just sat down! Hey, I know the feeling girl! – Especially when you put your face right in Emily's head! (laughing) – Yeah, so that's this week, that's all I got guys – That's all you need You know what? That's all you need – Yeah I think so – I need some more water though

– [Stevie] Oh – Me too, actually – Alright, well Thank you guys for liking, commenting, and subscribing And now our final line: – [All] Until next LTAT, keep on BYUB (mellow electronic music)

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