Worst 2000s Fashion Trends – RANKED

– Today we rank the worst fashion faux-pas of the 2000s – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning – Ah, the 2000s Seems like it was only yesterday, but it wasn't – No – Babies born in the year 2000 can now vote

Everybody from The Hills is a mother, and the grave looms ever closer, Paris Hilton – (chuckles) But there is one way to make the 2000s feel like the distant past and that's by looking at that decade's fashion trends Many were bad, but today we rank the worst of them all It's time for Ranked: Worst 2000s fashion – Welcome to the rank tank

Mythical team members Stevie, Will, Christine, Jordan and Emily have each picked what they believe is the worst of the worst 2000s fashion trend and as you can see, they're reppin' their look hard today – Okay looking good, guys Okay your job is to convince us that what you've chosen is the worst fashion trend Who's first? – I am – [Link] All right, chillin' on the end

– I feel complete (chuckles) today – What are you? – I am representing today Ed Hardy and Von Dutch and you know– – Yeah – Lots of hats – Truckers, mechanics, tattoo art, I'm a white lady appropriating white men (laughing) – Let me get a look at your t-shirt

– Oh yeah here we go – Okay now I'm gettin' it So Ed Hardy Whoa, there it is And then you've got– – I'm also– – Von Dutch

– I'm a woman of many hats I'm definitely a DJ I've eaten a cigarette and I've fought a cop (laughing) – Oh that's the best hat – Thank you very much

– Saved the best for last – Okay so– – So you look great Convince us otherwise – The fashion line of Von Dutch and Ed Hardy was founded by this guy whose name I will try to pronounce, Christian Audigier If you lean into it more when you don't know how to pronounce it– – Yeah right

– You pull it off This all originated, it didn't originate but it came into popularity, both these lines by this guy in the late 90s or 2000s He took the licensing, like the designs from the tattoo artist Ed Hardy, who that's what, he was a tattoo artist and licensed his images and then Von Dutch was like a car pin striper and mechanic, these are his designs and his daughter has licensed its stuff – Okay – All of the grossest celebs just wore them

Celebs who don't have jobs now look like they have really hard jobs Like I'm a trucker, I'm a tattoo artist – Right 'cause it's leaning to the– – I'm also a mechanic – The blue collar thing – Yeah yeah, so it was very bad

It all kinda went under in 2009 – Well I gotta say in 2007, as has been evidenced by the clips we've shown from our Online Nation days, we weren't exactly doing it but there was a lot of ornate stuff happening on all those shirts we were wearing – You didn't get there, you got to the knock-off version I feel like – We were like the white collar version of Ed Hardy It's like collared shirts with that ornate stuff

– You just owned a John Deere tractor, you were like a real man – I'm gonna call it the white trash collar version – Yeah, well yeah John Deere's definitely the poor man's Von Dutch – All right so we need to put this somewhere – I think for now just put it in the middle

– It's so busy, so ugly – I think it's horrible – Even on Kim Kardashian – Yeah – I mean I definitely, I already drunk texted my eighth grade ex-boyfriend Jeph with a P-H at the end

– I think the worst part about these is the– – I didn't even drink, I'm just drunk – The worst part of these is all the bedazzled gems are actually blood diamonds – (laughs) That's true – Oh all right who's next? – They found that out later – I think I'm next

– Yes – With ultra low rise jeans Take a look here – Oh so it's not the popped collar – No, that's on me

The shoes are also on me, sorry 'bout that, but ultra low rise jeans are the absolute worst I feel like I have to pull 'em up every couple minutes I'm not a sagger but this is making me do it – I got a back view (chuckles) – [Will] I know, you just saw everything

See the knitteds on the back, you gotta see these knitteds right here – Belly chain – Oh yeah – Let me top this off, they also gave me this belly chain to wear if you wanna look like absolutely trash in the year 2019, go ahead and throw one of these on – [Link] It doesn't go over the shirt

– I mean when I'm doing it I do I mean I could have put it under but it is not a good look on me – Now we're talkin'! – I have to pull these up – Stop pullin' 'em up! Let 'em go down! – I can't – Oh there we go

Fruit of the Loom – Let 'em sit where they want to sit – I can't, you can't These were popularized by Paris Hilton, Keira Knightley, Shakira, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears and none of them wear it now – Now I will say when you finally got up the nerve to pull up your shirt and show all your Fruit of the Loom, I think that there would not be any Fruit of the Loom, it would just be skin

– This, this – Oh there it is – You could also wear a thong with it – That is gross – I don't even think you can wear a thong with that, I gotta say

– It's not a good look, let's be honest – And the belly chain makes it look like your belly's kinda flopping over nothing – The belly chain never fits You gotta get a custom made belly chain, if you don't, you look dumber – Well what's wrong with me that I kinda like it? (laughing) But I remember seeing the ladies in this and likin' it

– You liked it back then? – I just think because we're a little split on this, I think it's not as bad as Ed Hardy – It's pretty bad – I think it's gotta be below Ed Hardy – But when you factor in the extra scaping dollars, there's a lot of money involved – I don't think that expense is part of it

So hold on, so you should switch those It should be lower – Okay I'm with you on that, I'm with you on that – I am next

– Christine – So I have probably one of the most horrendous and dangerous trends of 2000s which is the platform flip flop Even hard to say, platform flip flops – Can you give us a lap? – I'll do a little laps here – Step on the hat, yeah that's– – Step on the hat

– Whoa! You didn't even feel that She didn't feel that at all – Somewhere Ashton Kutcher just went (yells)! – I do like the height – He's psychically linked to the hats – But this does feel dangerous right, I can't run, I can't chase anyone, I can't play soccer

– Again, guys, I like it – This is dangerous – I mean I like it My wife's a petite lady, I'm a big man And I mean I want these to come back so I can see her again

(laughing) – Where are you? – It's like I love this trend – All right you gotta counter that – Okay so in 2014, there were 25,000 flip flop accidents People were sent to the ER for it I mean I can't imagine that with these coming back, that would be even worse

– But those were just people taking 'em off and throwing 'em at people in Walmart – That's exactly– (laughing) – That was flip flop attacks – Usually you just need someone to push you over and you fall right over – Okay so safety is an issue but from a fashion standpoint, I don't cringe when I look at those – No I think that, I think I'm cool with this one

But I don't wanna be height-ist If you're secure in whatever height you are, you shouldn't– – It's just a practical thing, as a tall man who is married to a short woman, I gotta say, it's just a practical thing so I think we gotta put this at the bottom, man – Oh and this is Tara Reid – Yes – Tara Reid? – Look at her, swaggin' it out

– Yeah and some sort of– – Low rise skirt – At some sort of GameCube event? (laughing) – She looks like she's having trouble walking though It could be just because she's Tara Reid – Stevie's up – Don't be fooled

This is terrible but I know it looks great (laughing) This is, my mic pack is, it's not a growth, but this is my floor-length duster cardigan This is just an accessory I chose to wear today It is gripping my neck hairs and pulling them out – It's also changing the way you talk

(laughing) – I was modeling this for the team beforehand and I did get some compliments I will say But that is incorrect because this is terrible I rocked this myself if you would believe it, but I had like the knit version that came in like brown, burgundy or like a poop green color, you know? – Okay – This is a little lighter, it's a little classier, but they're called duster cardigans mostly because they dust the ground beneath you – Like a cowboy coat meets, that's what a duster is

It's a cowboy coat– – Well yeah Yeah yeah, you don't ride horses on this – That then become the cardigan – Actually I think girls that ride horses do wear this (laughing) – Horse girl attire

– Equestrians – Yeah, no but I, Hilary Duff was a major fashion inspiration for Will back in the day – Yeah she's got a lot of things happening here I don't know if it's just the fact that this is so not Stevie at this point, which just makes it intriguing (laughs) – This Stevie but like Stevie Nicks

– You like everything – I do, I like it! (laughs) I like it! – I don't, I don't – What's wrong with me? – I do not like it It's stupid It's a long sweater, dude

– Really dumb – I think I need to take– – It's super impractical – [Rhett] Time machine back to 2003! – You can't, I don't understand how, I don't understand the practicality – Well if your knee's getting cold because you have a hole in your jeans You're demonstrating it right now

– This is 2019 – I think it's worse than the low rise jeans, so this is my proposal – Well if it's worse then it needs to be the other side – No I mean better – Oh, okay

(laughs) – I mean worse, yeah you're right – Oh you think it's worse than low, okay I can get with that The only one that I really don't like so far is Ed Hardy so – But this is trashy, this is mom-ish

– I like trashy moms (laughing) – [Link] Let's stick with that for now – [Christine] The 2000s were full trash – Okay Jordan – All right Jordan, we have left the door to number one open for you but everything could shift

– No no no I think I'm ready to walk through that door because I am reppin' Abercrombie and Fitch – Give us a twirl – Fine – I love it – Also the shorts are also Abercrombie

– Yeah – So you know, it's just about puttin' this logo wherever it can go It's just two names, it sounds like Abercrombie and Fitch, like it's a law firm that just defends people who get DUIs on the way back from lacrosse games (laughing) It was a 19th century outdoor brand, drastically restructured to be the kind of the preppy uniform so it used to be kind of a camping brand and then it was just kind of like people who are having a fight with a significant other and just going, "Babe, babe, babe, babe? "Babe," that's what I feel like I wanna do in this – So you're saying that okay, it seems that Patagonia is going the way of Abercrombie now

– Yeah they're kind of switching places – Really? – I think so – Oh no I have a Patagonia hat – That's my prediction – Yeah

They were the subject of many lawsuits on racial discrimination and– – Ooh – They openly mocked plus-sized customers which is bad – Very bad (clapping) Very bad – Thank you

– [Rhett] But we'll clap for it anyway – Now if memory serves me correctly, if you ever tried to go in an Abercrombie, odds are you would encounter a shirtless man boy– – They have shirtless– – With abs – Dudes on the outside – Only at the bigger locations – I went into one in my lifetime, one time

I went into an Abercrombie, I can't even say it I went into an A&F one time – (chuckles) A&F – I used to like it – And I was just, I got, I couldn't breathe

– You knew there was an Abercrombie in the mall from the parking lot You knew that there was one in there – And I was like I'm not going back in there It's too dark – I'm the only one that actually liked the cologne? It was just too much at once, but one spray would have been all right

– I mean for me this comes down to Abercrombie and Fitch or Ed Hardy, man – Oh as being the worst? No – I look like I'm about to die in a jet ski accident – I'm a human Bud Light Lime – But I think– (laughs) But I think that in my estimation, they're both horrible but Ed Hardy took the horrible and actually applied it to the fashion at the same time, whereas A&F just– – Slapped

– Slapped it on – Now before we go there, I feel like that this trashiness, it is worse than a big cardigan So I feel like I need to make that change – I'm not gonna argue with you, I like both of 'em – All right so then– – Can I break out, can I break out one more– – Sure

– Just one more point, one more point I have here Abercrombie's signature scent, Fierce – [Emily] Best presentation – You'll spray way too much – It's got a, yeah, so just like, let's see if this influences our choice

– Not on me – You can spray it on me, I think, yeah – I want it – [Link] Oh, that's enough! – Oh no – It smells like the perfume department

– Oh wow it's so nostalgic – Oh wow it really is though – It really is – It really is – It's good

The OC's playing somewhere – Oh no, that brings back horrible memories – Yeah, yeah – It really is that smell – Wow, my retainer, I can feel it

– So on that note – I want Sbarro – I mean, I think that it should go somewhere in here I'm actually proposing this So this is what I'm feeling

This is just so trashy, man – I think that's a horrible representation of a pretty good thing And that's how I feel about it But I do agree with the number one which I think is really what this is about is figuring out the worst fashion trend of the 2000s Sorry Ed Hardy, Von Dutch and whatever the general name for that is

So congratulations Emily – Thank you – You have the worst fashion – You look the worst – [Link] You get to keep the entire outfit! – Thank you

– Great job guys, thank you – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – Now you say you know what time it is – [Mythical Team] You know what time it is – [Girl] Hi my name is Rainbows Pinata from Greenbelt, Maryland

And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! Yeah! – Yeah! – Kay – Click the top link to watch us match the Mythical team member to their worst fashion fail in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Did you know your clothes can tell a story? Well check out Post-Apawcalypse, a Mythical storywear collection now at Mythicalstore

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