World’s Most Ridiculous Perfume Commercials (GAME)

– Can we guess the perfume by its ridiculous ad? – Let's talk about that (playful theme music) Good mythical summer

– When animals want to attract a mate, they often use their own pheromones, while we humans get the job done by covering up our own personal stink with an assortment of other stinks We like to call it perfume The French call it a shower – But when it comes to buying perfume, there are some pretty ridiculous ads for it, which is why it's time for I Think We're Cologne Now, These Commercials Don't Make Any Sense – So we're gonna be shown part of a perfume ad, and then we're gonna be competing to match one of these perfumes in front of us to that ad

Yes, we have Chanel No 5, we've got Candy from Prada, we've got Scent of a Dream from Charlotte Tilbury – Dior Sauvage, Gucci Guilty, and Davidoff Cool Water – And now when the correct one is guessed in a particular round, that will be replaced with another one, so we'll always have six in front of us – And when we get one wrong, we have to spray the correct one on us in order to fully experience it

At the very end, the loser has to model some mankinis in Good Mythical More – Oh great (upbeat music) – Round one – Alright, let's see the first one (speaks in French) (guitar music) That's like us in high school, remember that? – Pretty good, not bad, yeah because we, well we usually waited – With Leslie

– To date a girl in secret, not at the same time – Yeah, we never did that Right, that's right, but we thought about it So, this is French – Was that your dream, because it could be the scent of your dream

– I mean, – Dating another woman with me? – I'm just saying that this is French, so I mean, I don't know which ones are French, so, that would be helpful – Dior Sauvage, – It's a French word – If you change the letter V to an S, you get Dior Sausage, and this is kind of a sausage fest – That's what that woman's experiencing – [Stevie] You ready to guess? – Yeah

– I got a guess – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one – Sausage, oh, you agree? – Yeah, it was my reasoning that led you to your sausage conclusion – You'll never win if you agree with me the entire time – That's true

– That's why I'm gonna change mine, because, like, I think this woman's feeling kind of guilty – [Stevie] Okay, you are both incorrect (buzzer) – Oh really – [Stevie] It's Prada Candy And actually this commercial was directed by Wes Anderson, if you couldn't tell via – That kind of makes sense

– The visual cues And that is French actress Lea Seydoux – I knew that – Who I know from Blue is the Warmest Color, but she's also in Mission Impossible – Yeah, I try not to watch that

– Candy, smells good (upbeat music) – Round two – Okay, we got a new one in the mix, Kenzo World, which looks like Stewie's head from Family Guy That's how you remember that – It's kind of a seashell

Alright, let's watch the ad ♪ Sometimes I feel like saying, lord I just don't care ♪ ♪ But you got the love I need to see me through ♪ ♪ You got the love, got the love, got the love ♪ – [Rhett] Oh my goodness – What a crappy ad – It's safe to say Wes Anderson did not direct this one Okay, what's our cheapest perfume? – Man, the green screen game was kickin' on that one

All I can smell is that Candy – I don't think Chanel would stoop this low – I don't know, I'm going for what I believe is the least fancy bottle I'm ready – Oh, hold on

This is, I don't know, I'm so at a loss – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one – It's definitely gotta be, I mean this looks, – Yeah, I never heard of Kenzo – This is stupid – But it has this little thing on the front, which

– That's a pearl – Doesn't seem, this seems too feminine – [Stevie] That was for Scent of a Dream (buzzer) by Charlotte Tilbury And it was a 360 video – Scent of a nightmare

– Let me spray this on me – [Stevie] The tagline is, it's the key to attraction – It is really floral – You can also spin it – Whoa! – Yeah, it's, um, – Oh, that smells like my grandma

– Oh, it does, yeah, let's get it out of here – She loved men in all black, too (upbeat music) – Round three – And our new one is Bvlgari Omnia, which is, oh, it's like two little circular links connecting to each other, I like that Let's watch an ad

(aggressive rap music) – Oh, oh my goodness – That was weird, man – What's she on, it's more than that perfume, I'll tell you that much I remember seeing this on YouTube,, because it was trending – Really? – You know me and the trending page, like that

But I don't remember which one it was – What, which one of these would make me want to lick a sculpture? It's so odd – I honestly do not remember which one it was, but I've seen the whole ad, it's basically just more of that – See, I'm thinking that Cool Water, it's gonna have to have some liquid imagery, more than just licking somebody's face – You don't know what happened after she licked that statue's face

– So that is off the, that is inappropriate – That was just the beginning – That's off the table for me – I'm going with, I have a guess based on the way that commercial makes me feel – Oh really? – [Stevie] Okay, you ready? Link? – Yeah, yeah

– [Stevie] Three, two, one – I'm voting Kenzo again – Guilty, 'cause I enjoyed that way too much – I don't think that was a Gucci ad, it wasn't classy enough – Gucci, cutting edge

– That was a commercial for Kenzo World – Oh, Kenzo World – Yeah! – [Stevie] And it was directed by Spike Jonze, and apparently when the actress, Margaret Qualley, was doing her audition, Spike Jonze had her dance like a tree, and then when they were shooting the commercial, he said, quote, now you're a vampire, now your arm is trying to attack you, and you're eating your pinkie – I like the way Spike Jonze thinks (upbeat music) – Round four

– Alright, now we've got Lady Million in the mix Whoa, that's fancy – It's like a big gold ruby – Look at that, man – Alright, that's coOl

– Alright, let's watch an ad (chill pop music) (tires screech) (dramatic music) – That's freaking Captain America – Yeah – And the girl from Westworld, Evan Rachel Wood, I think – You've made some great observations, Link

– Man, I definitely know that's Steve Rogers Steve Rogers, this is big time – I'm looking at the imagery, this is how I'm making this decision, I'm picking up on some specific imagery in the ad to make my decision, but I don't want to completely reveal what I have seen, because then it would just give you the answer Assuming that I'm right – Oh man

I don't know if I have a headache from smelling all the perfume or from all of your pointless deliberation Alright, let's vote – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one – Sausage – It's gotta be this one

– Alright, we think it's– – Look at the bottles in the background, they're made to look like this bottle – Oh, I didn't think that, I just thought that Steve Rogers did a Dior thing – [Stevie] You are both wrong (buzzer) – Really, it's Cool Water? – [Stevie] It's Gucci Guilty – What? – Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci guilty

– So it's hard to tell when a commercial is for a female fragrance or a male fragrance You know? 'Cause this is a feminine fragrance, right? And that commercial seemed like it was for him – [Stevie] Well, it seemed like it was for me, honestly (upbeat music) – Round five – Our new addition to the lineup is Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

– Big bottle It's a big bottle – Totally clear – Totally clear, big bottle, we make lots of observations about perfumes around here Let's see the commercial

(jaunty dance music) – Did that diamond ring just get bigger on her finger, when she winked? Or was it there the whole time? – I think they did that in post – Oh, that was pretty awesome This is a playful ad, it's high energy, makes me go like this So what is the most playful, the most playful one? Again, no water imagery I didn't see Sarah Jessica Parker anywhere in this ad

– But did you notice how frizzy, like how stringy and unhealthy the girl's hair looked at the beginning, and all of a sudden it looked like this? – Well this is also a shampoo ad – Ah – You can use one of these as a shampoo – It's a crossover, it's a crossover product Ah man

– Do you have a guess? – I do – Okay, I'm ready – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one – Lady, oh, you're going with Lady Million? – [Rhett] Yeah, 'cause it seems, but, it looks a little too silver – I'm gonna change my answer to, – It's probably Bvlgaria – Bvlgaria

– [Stevie] It is Lady Million – Oh! – Dang it – [Stevie] I have a lot of notes about this one – Yeah, read us all your notes – Oh, wow

– The top notes are, – First of all, you just, – Raspberry, – Hold on, hold on, look, you just spray it by, you don't take the top off, you just – Yeah, yeah, I think you hold it like a burger – Spray the whole thing – And then you spray it right in your mouth – Man, I smell like a, mmm

– [Stevie] You know what, my notes aren't that interesting – Like a Macy's They aren't? – [Stevie] Well no, they're like literally notes, like what it smells like, and there's a lot of it I mean if you can't smell that African orange flower, I don't know what to tell you – Yeah, I was gonna say, African orange flower, grapefruit

– Oh, it's instant headache for me – Tobacco, car tires, frogs (upbeat music) – Round six – Alright, for our final round, to break this tie, we've got Red Door from Elizabeth Arden – Oooh, I think my mom wore this

– And my first high school girlfriend wore it, that's why I always got your mom and her confused (crew laughs) – Can we just roll the ad? (swampy blues music) – [Narrator] Which way? I don't know – Now if I'm not mistaken, that was a bison – Yep, yep, yep, yep – And also Johnny Depp

– Could be a buffalo I have been into the stores, I've walked through the stores, and I've seen the pictures of Johnny up on the walls And I have in my mind a word that is associated with Johnny Depp's face Well actually I have several words I won't share with you But in particular with perfume

– There's a word that you associate with Johnny Depp's face? – Uh huh, yep – [Stevie] Okay, you ready? – It's not the same word I associate – I've seen this ad, but, – with your mom's face – Okay, okay, alright, I'm ready – [Stevie] Three, two, one – Dior, yes

– Yeah, that's it, man – [Stevie] Okay, you guys are tied, and you're going for the same one? – Yes – [Stevie] You're both correct (bell dings) – Yeah, I've seen that Dior – Alright, so neither one of us, we don't have to spray this on us, but let's just spray it

– [Stevie] You guys, great news, we do have two mankinis – Oh great, oh, so we're both losers We can never both be winners on this show – It's got a magnetic top, too, oh look at that – [Stevie] And Sauvage translates to wild at heart, or sorry, just wild, their tagline's wild at heart, and I can only think of one other scent that's this wild

– Oh, that's right, I think you're referring to Mythical No 9 That's right, if you want to have the superior scent of Mythicality all over your person, or just the places that you spray it, well then you gotta get Mythical No 9 This is not a joke, this is our cologne, unisex

– Usually when we talk about things like this, it is a joke, but it is not Go to mythicalstore to see the proof that it is real Thank you, Link, and thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – Yes, you know what time it is

– I'm Dr Butts, and this is my English 1102 class at University of North Georgia – [Class] It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – I'm not gonna say anything at alL about your name, Dr Butts

But click through to watch us try on some mankinis – And to see where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land – [Rhett] There's nothing like the sweet smell of success, unless you've smelled our cologne Grab Mythical No 9 at mythical


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