Wish.com Vs. Retail Cost (GAME)

– We bought a bunch of ish on Wish – Let's talk about that

(funky electronic music) (fire crackles) – Good Mythical Morning – Online shopping has truly opened up an entirely new world of what we as consumers expect things to cost For example, that rose quartz pendant that your artsy Aunt Helen bought for 150 bucks when she was finding herself in Santa Fe can be found in packs of 50 for two bucks without ever leaving your couch – And if you're wondering where to find discounted treasures like that, look no further than the sponsor of today's episode, Wish Wish is an e-commerce platform that lets users shop millions of products at deep discounts straight from their phone

With incredibly low prices and a wide range of products, shopping with Wish is fun, affordable and easy – So easy – It's also a great place to discover unique items like the ones we're going to be exploring today – Mm-hmm Wish's great deals come directly from the manufacturer for low-cost goods, the question is, can we guess the full retail price of these awesome items we bought on Wish for a fraction of the cost? It's time for, Will We Be Swell At Tossing Coins Into a Well, or Will We Bomb at Guessing Prices at Wish

com Sponsored by Wish – As you can see, we have built our very own wishing well – There it is, there's also a big stump over here that we're– – And some coins Okay so in this game, we're gonna receive a product bought on Wish and then with only knowledge of the product and the price we paid on Wish, we have to guess the item's full retail price value before the discount and whoever gets closest gets a point

– And then it gets fun because on the well, there are a number of targets with price ranges So we're gonna take turns tossing a token towards the target and if we hit the right one, we get an additional two points, but if we miss, I'm told that there's a troll that lives around the well that's gonna come out and spray us in the face with pond scum – Hey, sup dudes? – Oh and there he is – Yeah – Hey troll

– Sup guys, actually this is not my well It's my dad's well, I'm just watching it while him and his new wife are in Cabo – Okay, and what's your name? – Balthazaar the Afeared (laughing) – Okay Seemed pretty laid-back so– – You have pond scum in that spray bottle? – Oh yeah got some pond scum and if you whiff your coins, I'm gonna blast ya

(laughing) – Let's play – Round one – First up we have the Ozone facial steamer face sprayer vaporizer– – Oh face It's a face device – Thank you for clarifying

– Face sprayer vaporizer Beauty salon skin care instrument machine and we bought it for $17 – $17? – But what's the full retail value? – Get that – And it's nice Do it a little bit, yeah, I think you probably do it to yourself

– Oh it is hot – You don't need a friend (chuckles) You can do it to yourself – Of course now I can't see anything and I'm supposed to toss a token towards what I can't see anymore – Okay, go for it Link, 'cause you are first

– We paid 17 bucks, how could it be more than $40? You know what, I'm gonna guess that the retail price of this thing is $72 – Wow – And I am going to reflect that guess by aiming for the swingy swingy bucket – Joke, joke (laughing) – You're not on my side, troll? – Hey man, I'm just here to have fun

– Okay – Oh! – Aw Whiff – It seems that I missed entirely so I earned a pond scum – Yeah

– Know your roll – Open wide – Oh ho ho gosh I didn't realize it was– – Okay – Yeah

– All right, that's enough! – I didn't know it was gonna be a long distance pond scum – Dude got wet – All right, I think you're in the right range – I was close and then it bounced – You're in the right range I believe

I'm gonna say $59 – Okay – A little bit lower And then I'm going for the bucket as well – Rhett, Rhett

– Oh! – You jerk! – Nice, nice – All right Stevie, what is the correct retail price? – The actual retail value is $350 (Rhett laughs) – So I got a point 'cause I was closer with my guess but then you got two points– – For being in the right bucket – 'Cause you hit the bucket – What, 300, what, how? – Round two

– This is a face piece full face view gas mask The Wishcom price was $26 but what is it truly worth? – All right, ooh, $26, does that feel like– – Can you peel this off, it'll give you some satisfaction – Oh yeah, my pleasure – And also, I'll be able to see

– All right – This is a full face– – I need you to be quiet when I'm peeling 'cause that's the whole, that's what makes it satisfying (Rhett screams) (chuckles) All right, it's off Didn't make much of a noise – Okay it feels nice

– Can barely hear you which is great – I'm gonna take this off so I can think You wanna wear it? – Yeah – I'm going to say $198 $198

– What? – I'm going for the, so I guess I'm going for the bucket again (clattering) – Ooh – All right you missed the bucket – I went in the $40 well – Nothing but well, nothing but well

– I think this thing costs $802 – Oh ho ho, wow (chuckling) – I am going for the roof! And that's quite a deal All right Whoa! – Yeah! – What? – Open wide for scum

– Oh God – Yeah (laughs), you're getting wet – Okay, next time I'm gonna close my mouth fully before you start that Dang it, it rolled right off, man – It was on the roof for a couple of seconds

– All right – The suggested retail value is $999 – Boom – What? – So I get another dolla – So Link gets the point

– Round three – Okay gentlemen, you're looking at the Instant Smile veneer set uppers and lowers The Wishcom price was $25 But what is their full retail value? – $25, okay

– I have the flexible lower and I thought it said flexible lover – (chuckles) That's a different website I'm gonna put in these top ones now Technically there's some beads that you wet and melt but you can never see my top teeth You put in the top teeth on the bottom, oh the top

– You know, it's flexible, I can do it for the top or I can do it for the bottom – It's not like you see my teeth so much – It looks good, you look happy, man Right, I'll try it on the bottom, see how it looks – Oh

– Is that good? – Yeah, real good – Okay so – We want a wisher, not a belly isher – You know what, I think– – Joke – I think the price of this is $44

I'm gonna aim for the bucket but then if I'm wrong and I hit the thing, I may be right The bigger thing You feel me Going for the bucket (clattering) But hitting the well

Maybe that'll work out – I kinda feel like it's gotta be between 41 and 400 but I've gone for that so many times that I'm gonna go out on a limb and I'm gonna say it's $402 – What? Okay, I love your– – The gas mask was 1000 bucks, man – You're bad at throwing – I'm going for the bucket

The tail – Oh! – Oh, I went in the thing – But you still went in the well – Yeah so– – All right Stevie, what was the retail price of these veneers? – These are normally $49 (Rhett chuckles) – I'm good with the retail pricing, man

– You are – Hey guys, you should swallow those teeth and then later look around for them in your poop – You're fun, Balthazaar – Round four – Here we have 2017 sexy summer women trendy denim shorts

– Sexy summer trendy women shorts – Correct – I was thinking they were all those things – Denim Deminuminum

– The Wishcom price was $8 but what is the true worth of looking straight out of 2017 this summer? – What was the Wish price? – $8 – $8? – What a steal Let me help you, Rhett All right

Come on, man Maybe tuck the shirt in it – I don't think I can get 'em buttoned – There you go They look good from the side, show 'em that side

– How 'bout the back? – Just think about, well, it's more of this side that that's the skin Just imagine that being– – Yeah imagine that being bare – Like little rivulets of skin coming through – You'd be into that – My girlfriend wore a pair like those when we went to see 311 last summer

– They're still around, huh? – Oh yeah They still rule, new stuff's good (laughing) – The new stuff, okay Man, I keep wanting to go back to the bucket because I just feel like this has got to be $128 (Link sputters) – $128

– Yeah I mean, these were full jeans at one point before they cut off and got sexy So I'm going for the bucket, $128 – You're bad at throwing – Woo! – He nailed it (clapping) Okay– – I don't have a lot of confidence in that but I did hit the bucket

– I think the retail price of these immaculate jean shorts, sexy as they are is $127 – (laughs) Okay – Link Link – There's no way it costs more than $402

'Cause I thought if I could hedge my bets by throwing in the pail, but that would just be stupid – Right you get– – It's gotta be the bucket – You'd definitely get pond scum – It's gotta be the bucket – Or– – I hit the well

All right Stevie – Can you believe these shorts originally cost $48 – Okay so I get a point– – For being right – But– – I get a point for, I get two points for going in the correct bucket – Which doesn't seem like justice but okay

– That's how the game works! – Round five – All right we're all tied up so this one is for all the marbles and by marbles, I mean one of us gets to choose which Wish items we want which could be this one – One that Link should probably not touch – Oh! – It's a 27 inch ninja sword tanto blade machete with two throwing knife full tang tactful blade block katana – What? – Also that was black katana, that was the one word that was easy to pronounce but I said block instead of black, it's black

– Look at that – And the Wish price was $18 But what is the suggested retail value? – $18? – $18 – Just to see what kind of blade we're dealing with, I'm gonna see how well it cuts a tree (thumps) – Pretty good, huh? Think that tree's made of foam

(thumps) (Link groans) – (chuckles) Nice – $18 is the Wish price? – Correct – That is a– – This is deadly If I win, I'm taking this – See here's the thing

I think when you look at it online and you think you want this thing, they're probably gonna price it at $311 – Wow, okay – You know, like the band – Nice, nice (Rhett chuckles) – $311 for $18

– Hey, 69 (crew laughs) – That's another number – Ha, yeah, sure is, dude This guy knows what I'm talking about – Okay so in order to hedge my bets, I'm going to go for the pail which is the hardest to hit which might be stupid

– Okay I understand, you're throwing it to– – I'm guessing one thing– – Got it – Throwing it in another thing – Okay – Miss, miss Miss

Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss

Miss – Just testing your commitment to this bit – Miss! – Okay here we go – Dude I can do this all day I ain't got nowhere to be

Miss I just gotta watch this well 'til my dad gets back from Cabo – Here we go – Miss! (clatters) – Oh! There's no way it's under $40 – That was weak

– That was weak – Okay – What is your guess, sir? – My guess is $312 Just gonna start there – Oh gosh

(Rhett laughs) – Yes, $312, but you know what, I'm going for the pail too, man – Hedging your bets – I think it might actually be $412 but that's not my guess – Okay – $312 into the pail

– Miss – Miss! (Rhett laughs) – Oh yeah! – Oh yeah, time for scum, open wide Yeah, get those scum nutrients – Okay, all right, I didn't need scum behind me and in front of me so that was unnecessary – Okay Stevie

The retail price is – I'm so excited to tell you it is $22 (laughing) – Yes! – That means you win – So I get a point Woo! And I get to choose something and I'm not gonna take this because I have children

I'm gonna take the face vaporizer – Of course you are, well congratulations Link, and thanks to Wish for sponsoring today's episode You can download the Wish app and start shopping today The link is in the description – And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing

– Hey Balthazaar, say you know what time it is – You know what time it is – I'm Beth, I'm in Rochester, New York I just graduated with a BA in writing and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Congratulations, Beth

Click the top link to watch us switch seats and ask each other would you rather questions – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land-ah – [Rhett] Be your Mythical best with these logos on your chest New logo tees available in a variety of colors Get 'em now at Mythical


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