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(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hon

This week's guests answered the phone with, "Wazzup," for a few years beyond the acceptable time limit Please welcome Rhett and Link (crew cheers and applauds) – Wazzup? – [Rhett] (chuckles) oh – Wazzup? – I didn't see you guys there – Wazzup? – Well I was behind you

– Wazzup? – Can you guess the year that that Budweiser campaign, can you guess the– – What beer? Budweiser – (laughs) The year – 1993 – 1997 – 1999 to 2002

– I win! – I had a romantic intro with the andaconda and it's because this upcoming week is Valentine's Day – Oh yeah – You know the andaconda – You're not saying that word right – I know! (Link laughs) But remember when I said it correctly earlier in the intro, that's when I, that, but, you know

– That was a great– – Right right right – [Stevie] Anyway, Valentine's Day– – Andaconda – Valenentine's Day is this week – Yes – We will not be here because we will be overseas in the U

K – Yeah my wife is so happy – For VidCon, so yeah – To get away from you? – So I wanted to do a little something for our Valentine's – A little something something? – So we're gonna do it, yeah, they're gonna really appreciate that it's on the show

– [Rhett] Oh good – I also have a behind-the-scenes clip of the Mythical Crew testing the Lady and the Tramp challenge that we did with Jack and Nataly earlier this week – Okay – Yes – And we will be taking a trip down memorly, memorlyly lane

(chuckling) – With our andacondas in tow – You know what? We'll get there We'll get there – I don't know if we ever will – No we will

– Hey you know what It's Saturday – Memorly lane – We're just hanging out – Memory lane has a lot of local commercials in memorly lane and we're gonna look at 'em

But first it is GMM rejected snack time This week we did a bacon snack taste test and we have some snacks that were knocked off the list, including this one Bacon-flavored crickets – Criquettes – So sour cream and onion criquettes were amazing

– Yeah, they won the top spot? – They were the most sour cream and oniony – But we nixed the bacon crickets entirely – Wow they really don't give you much, huh? – You can have all of 'em – A little bit of cricket goes a long way – But they're bacon and cheese flavored, so that's probably why they were knocked off our list

They have a little extra – See the problem with eating a cricket is that it's a– – I want like a– – You can tell it's a cricket – A big daddy I've had crickets in a taco – Oh, cricket tacos

– A Weehawken restaurant – Dink it – Dink it – Oh no! No, no! – You crumbled your cricket – [Stevie] I'm so sorry

You want a new cricket? – No – It's 43 calories – It's just a bug It's where it was anyway

– Mm I kinda like it – Crickets are by far the best insect to eat – I mean it's like eating– – They don't have a– – I don't really taste the bacon – They don't have that nasty, juicy parts that other bugs have

– Don't drink that bubble juice – Remember when we had Enzo on the show and we had that bubble machine in – [Rhett] Yes – [Link] He would chase the bubbles – Yeah, yeah, yeah, you get them bubbles

You get 'em, yeah (chuckles), yeah Oh yeah look at him Look, yeah, there's a bunch over here – Yeah and these are bacon-flavored bubbles – Oh bacon bubbles

– Just wondering if you guys wanted to chase the bubbles That's what I call it – Wanna chase the bubbles? I'll chase the bubbles – Yeah, no, you haven't gotten one – Get 'em further

Oh yeah, bacon – I feel like this is someone's weird fetish – Oh yeah we're gonna be on some website – Oh yeah, yeah, taste my bubbles – It is kinda nasty what's happening though

– Get my bubbles now – We're taking your air and just eating the air that's coming out of your mouth – Eat my air (Rhett chuckles) – You know what, I'll leave it to your dog – It's fine

– Yeah This has been– – That got real bubbly – It's been a pretty demeaning section of the show Let's move on a little bit – Does smell like bacon though

– Those crickets were actually really good – Yeah, flavorful – Okay I have bubble hands that I need to scroll down on my outline Okay, Valentine's Day So I was doing some Googlin'

– Yep – You know, there's a lot of people in long distance relationships so there's a lot of websites that are kind of dedicated to, I'm just a cool, I have my own bandana, just whip out and wash my bubble hands with – You know, it's not easy It's just not easy to conduct a long-distance relationship I feel for those people

– Yeah, LDR is what they call it – What's the longest long-distance relationship you ever had? – I mean, I wouldn't even date someone on the west side – Oh dang (Rhett laughs) – Whoa – She wouldn't date somebody on the west side, y'all! – Dang girl! (laughs) Yeah you might as well be– – [Stevie] Have you been in a long-distance relationship? – I was

– Oh well yes, yes – A year and a half No no no, before that – Before Jessie? – A year and a half, yes, for somebody who was in a totally different state – Oh, what state was she in? – Another southern state

– Delirium dating you Ha ha – That's right, buddy Is that a compliment? 'Cause it sounded like a compliment – It did, didn't it? (Rhett laughs) – I think you intended it as an insult but it definitely sounded like a compliment

– [Link] Delirium – The state of delirium dating you, man 'Cause you know how good you are at dating (laughs) – That's not what I meant, but– – Well that's how I took it She was in Georgia

(laughs) – She was in Georgia Pretty hot, huh? – So there's like, there are a lot of tips that we couldn't take and use on this show You know what I'm saying, like a lot of products we couldn't use and then other products I wanted but then we couldn't get – Right, 'cause we got standards – We're going to the homemade section, and there's an article on Bustle which I believe I've chosen the article from before but anyway– – Bustle

– It says similar to sending your significant other a care package, you can also send them kisses Whether you're talking about a ton of Hershey ones or one of their gigantic ones or lipstick ones on a piece of stationary, sending kisses on paper and paper sprayed with your favorite perfume is a way that reminds them of you – Yeah I've always thought that – You know what, reminds me of a idea I had which was for wax, you send a wax kiss You basically take a wax mold of your mouth and the mouth hole, even your tongue if you want to

– The mouth hole – No – And then like, so like a deep mold of your mouth and then you send it to your LDR So that they can make out with you Like the wax version of you

(clears throat) – Okay So– – Pour hot wax in your mouth – I have our stationaries here – In a kissing pose – And I have a– – [Link] Let it dry

Mail it – Oh we're gonna make little Valentines – So pink or red? – I'll go with pink – Okay, Link? – Oh – Oh

– Is there green? – No Okay So I mean, you know, take whatever, you have to think about what Jessie and Christy would like and I of course for our perfume have a Mythical Number Nine because, psh, who doesn't like it? So then just where you're gonna apply Oh that is really red – [Link] How's my coverage? – [Stevie] That's pretty good

I think you're doing better than I am – How's that? – [Stevie] That looks nice – [Link] Okay so then just, just kiss the thing? – How's my coverage? – Whoops – That looks good – You didn't say it confidently

– That looks okay (chuckles) – That looks good? – [Rhett] I'm just doing one in the corner – Okay (crew chuckles) Oh wow – Oh yeah

– How's my coverage now? – Nice Yeah it's just in the corner – Ooh that's nice! – Yeah – [Stevie] I like what you've done – Yeah just keep it in the corner

– Yours looks like you gave it some tongue – [Stevie] Looks like there's, oh my gosh – Mine's open for business (crew laughing) – You have like Betty Boop lips – Yeah I mean

– Yeah I Betty Boop my wife all the time – Oh ho ho gosh (crew laughs) – And then write her a note? – Well no okay, so in actuality, I thought like, eh, they're not gonna really like this but you know who would like it? Maybe perhaps some of the Mythical Beasts out there – Oh really? – So I thought that maybe– – So write a note to my wife and then give it to a fan

– (chuckles) No Maybe we could sign these and then on social, like on our Twitter, @rhettandlink, we can give these away to maybe whoever has the best reason that they want one of these I'm gonna say to you – I'm gonna say with love And then with love, Rhettster

– [Stevie] That's good – 'Cause that's what I call myself – I said you are lovely – Oh that's all Is there something? Okay, yep

– There's a tongue coming out – I drew a tongue coming out of the hole in my mouth – Okay I think this is good – Yep that's good – We still need to solve the problem of us not being here for Valentine's Day but I think that some lucky people have interesting Valentine's Day cards that we made them

– Yeah there we go – Nice – So there we go Okay so I mentioned memorly lane (chuckles) at the top of the episode And every once in awhile, one of your local commercials goes re-viral

– Yes – Because people don't know that it is yours and they think that it is real, but also just because they're really awesome, so recently a few weeks ago, Roller Kingdom, the roller skating drug-based commercial– – Yeah – Went re-viral and if you didn't see that, this is it (suspenseful music) – Hey kid Would you like some drugs? The first one is free

– Wanna check out my van? I got some candy (suspenseful music) – Hey kid Wanna join our gang? And spray paint under a bridge? (cans rattling) – No! – No! – Bug off, man! – I'm going rollerskating! (80s pop music) – I wanna be addicted to rollerskating, not crack – Because we roller skate today– – [Both] We will go to college tomorrow – Prison is full of people that has never roller skated

– I'm Brad Armstrong, owner of Roller Kingdom in Reno, Nevada, keeping your kids off the streets since 1999 – I say no to drugs! – I say no to gangs – I say no to unplanned pregnancy – I say no to meth – I say no to reefer

– I say– – Yes to rollerskating – Man, this Roller Kingdom is really putting us out of business – You said it, man This deal sucks – But you know what? Maybe we should give up this life of crime and start– – Rollerskating! (80s pop music) – Yes! – Yeah! – [Stevie] Oh yeah

– Yeah I feel like kids are getting clean – Mm – Rolling it out – Rolling what out? – Skates – Skates, man

– Yeah I mean, that Do you have anything to say for yourselves? (Rhett laughs) – Yes – Well when this, I don't know exactly, it was on Reddit and there was an actor who also tweeted it

– There were a bunch of people who, yeah, who were tweeting it – Do I still have on lipstick? – Yeah so do I – Yeah – Okay, so anyway, as I was saying (Rhett and Stevie chuckle) But I didn't, it's just fascinating how people pick up on these things and then, I love reading the comments and trying to take credit for it

Like, oh are people gonna know that it was us? We were in that one pretty prominently which helps – Well interestingly, so, yeah People are like, hold on, is this you guys? The first conclusion that people come to is that for some reason we were hired as actors to be in the commercial – Yeah (chuckles) – As opposed to, no, we made the commercial and made a cameo in it because that's what what we do with all our local commercials

– Oh yeah can we, I forgot to go all the way back 'cause I think that there's some people watching that may not be making the connection for themselves Like when did you guys start making local commercials and then just talk about all that Give us the background – I think it was 2008 when we started making local commercials and we always had to clarify that they were real commercials for real businesses using, most of the time, actual employees, but we conceptualized them in a way that would be ridiculous, so kind of just funneled the vibe of the local commercials that we watched growing up – With the intention that they would be shared on the internet because people like to share stuff like this but it's interesting 'cause in like 08, so, the reason we're here, the reason we moved to California is because of a few commercials that we made back in 08, 09, 10, that then we made the show on IFC which moved us to California and then we made a bunch more for the show including that one

That was one for the show So there's like, if you go on Amazon or iTunes, I think there's only two places you can see it, you can see the whole season of Commercial Kings it was called, and you see the whole episode of us going to Reno, Nevada and conceptualizing that commercial and working with (chuckles) those guys It's special, it's real special – Yeah the guy who was like, man this Roller Kingdom is really putting us out of business (chuckles) He's the DJ at the roller rink and we did not tell him to deliver his line like that

That's just how he talks as a DJ – [Rhett] We just gave him that line – Man, this Roller Kingdom That's just how he spoke – Yeah yeah

– When he was a DJ and he went into his DJ voice – So we told him to roll with that – Now, I'm gonna show a few more, but this next one I feel like is a major touchpoint for people, like a lot of times people will be like, oh I remember this commercial, this is how I got introduced to you guys And actually I think it was one of the first videos I saw of yours and that is The Red House commercial – Can't we all just get along? – At The Red House Furniture– – [Together] We can! ♪ At The Red House ♪ (soft rhythmic music) – I'm Richard, AKA Big Head

I work at The Red House and I'm black ♪ At The Red House ♪ – I like pumpin' iron and pumpin' furniture into people's homes (soft rhythmic music) – I'm Johnny, AKA Ten-Gauge I work at The Red House and I'm white I like deer huntin', bass fishin', and extending credit to all people

♪ At The Red House ♪ – I'm black and I love The Red House – I'm white and I love The Red House – I'm a black woman and I love The Red House – I am white and The Red House is for me ♪ At The Red House ♪ (soft rhythmic music) – Look at this sofa

It's perfect for a black person or a white person – This mattress is perfect for a white person Or a black person ♪ At The Red House ♪ ♪ Where black people and white people buy furniture ♪ – And Hispanic people too – And all people

(soft rhythmic music) – Ha! – Yeah – Yeah all people, it's very inclusive – Yeah yeah yeah – I mean, 'cause furniture doesn't discriminate – Right

– So why should we? – That was a real deep, artistic message on that one – We borrowed printer paper from the store and it was extra wide printer paper which gave me more room to write the ridiculous things we were getting them to say and I remember we wrote I'm black and I love The Red House for a guy who just came in to get his fuel reheat filled up on his kerosene heater – Oh – They do that at The Red House You can get your kerosene heaters refilled

– So he was just coming in for that and I was like, "Can you say a line?" and we didn't tell 'em, we didn't tell anybody what their lines were We would just start filming the commercial and hold up the cue cards – That's so nice of you – You know, you don't wanna overthink it So I said, "I'm black and I love The Red House," and I held it up and Rhett starts recording, he's like, "Action

" Then he says, "I'm back and I love The Red House" So then we had to have this awkward conversation that was like, well, I know you've been here before but it's not that your back, it's that, it actually says I'm black and I love The Red House – Mm-hmm – And he's like, okay And then he said, "I'm black and I love The Red House

" – And to clarify, the concept for this commercial was– – Not ours – It was conceptualized by the people at The Red House, The Red House employees and we said, "You guys have any ideas for like a direction we could go?" And they're the ones who said, "Well, we've got lots "of black people and lots of white people "who buy furniture here," and we're like yes! (chuckles) – He said, "We're like the rainbow coalition of furniture" – Yeah – That was their– – And so we made that dream a reality – You very much did

The next one that comes to mind and that I'm reading off of this right now is the Cullman Liquidation commercial (suspenseful music) – Hi, I'm Robert Lee I own Cullman Liquidation (whip cracks) I sell mobile homes I'm not gonna waste your time

I'm gonna tell it just like it is These are mobile homes, not mansions They come in two pieces If that's what you're looking for, that's what I got They're used

Some of them have stains We cover that up (whip cracks) She decorates 'em, she sells 'em These guys help me move 'em (dramatic music) (wolf howls) (animal roars) A bouncer in Birmingham hit me in the face with a crescent wrench five times, and my wife's boyfriend broke my jaw with a fence post

So if you don't buy a trailer from me, it ain't gonna hurt my feelings (chainsaw buzzing) So come on down to Cullman Liquidation and get yourself a home, or don't I don't care (hawk screeches) (dramatic music) (hawk screeches) – We met Robert Lee and everything that he says in the commercial are just things that he told us the day before we shot the commercial Talking about getting his jaw broke by his wife's boyfriend– – And his whole attitude about his business, it was just like, I don't care

(chuckles) – Yeah, he didn't care – Well all right There's your commercial – I don't know why he allowed us to be there 'Cause he did not care

(Stevie chuckles) – Next, Ojai Valley Taxidermy (mysterious music) (grasshoppers, birds chirping) (hawk screeches) – You probably thought this deer was alive And this coyote was alive, and this pheasant was alive Nope, they're not They're dead

They've been taxidermized by Chuck Testa Ojai Valley Taxidermy I specialize in the most life-like dead animals anywhere Period (horn honks) – Look at that antelope driving a car

(light-hearted music) – Nope, it's just Chuck Testa – Oh no, there's a bear in my bed – Nope! Check Testa – Hold on a second (growling) There's a leopard feeding on an impala out on my deck

– Nope! It's just Chuck Testa with another realistic mount Ship to me from anywhere Call Chuck Testa for the most life-like dead animals around, period – Did that rhino just order a drink? (elephant trumpets) – Nope! – [Announcer] Chuck Testa does not taxidermize pets – (chuckles) There we are, the very last frame

– [Stevie] I didn't even notice that – [Rhett] We couldn't figure out where the cameo was gonna come and there it is – We're in the bar – That's good – With a rhino

– Yeah, Chuck was around for a bit Like when I first started with you guys – Yeah we're friends with Chuck He would just come and hang out with us after that He wanted– – Yeah

But then he got really popular and famous and then he didn't wanna hang out anymore – Yeah he doesn't talk to us anymore No just– (Stevie chuckles) No Chuck's great – I mean I think it's in the episode that we had to put the bear in his bed with, that girl actually was his daughter – Oh

– But his wife found out we were doing this and she wasn't happy about it – Which part? – All of it – The whole thing (chuckles) – [Link] No part of that was she happy about – And that we were filming in the house she was particularly upset about

– Oh, Chuck didn't tell her about that – The show was about the process of making the commercial so we needed that kind of drama – Mm – So it was great for us – Oh, I see, okay, yep, I got you now

Yep, I'm right there (Rhett chuckles) Well we also brought back the local commercials for The Mythical Show in 2013 – Uh-huh – And so, this next commercial I actually was there for and that's the Arlen's Transmission commercial (electronic music) – Hey baby, how does your car run? Do you have trouble in your transmission? ♪ Shift it shift it in forward ♪ ♪ Shift it shift it in reverse ♪ ♪ Domestic or foreign ♪ ♪ I believe you need my service ♪ ♪ Shift it shift it in forward ♪ ♪ Shift it shift it in reverse ♪ ♪ Domestic or foreign ♪ ♪ I believe you need my service ♪ (dance music) ♪ Shift it shift it in forward ♪ ♪ Shift it shift it in reverse ♪ ♪ Domestic or foreign ♪ ♪ I believe you need my service ♪ ♪ Shift it shift it in forward ♪ ♪ Shift it shift it in reverse ♪ ♪ Domestic or foreign ♪ ♪ I believe you need my servie ♪ (dance music) Hello, my name is Goorgen

Let me help you shift it (dance music) (dramatic music) – There it is – Oh wow – That look'll kill! – Yeah That was good

– So just the other night, the three of us went out to dinner for a dinner meeting and as we're parking the car, actually as the valet guy is giving the keys back to us, this is, he starts the sentence with, he doesn't say, "Hey, I'm a fan," or anything, he just starts with, "Hey so when you were making "the commercial for my uncle" And we knew exactly who he was talking about Goorgen

– What was his question? When you were making the commercial for my uncle, that's kind of all he really wanted to say – Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't know if there was much of a question – There was no question – Yeah

– We're like yeah yeah, Goorgen – When you were making the commercial for my uncle, he was my uncle – I think it ended with, were you making it? Yeah it went back around – Right right – I mean Goorgen was also like, 'cause it was kind of in the vicinity of our former studio that we're no longer at and Goorgen would just pop by all the time

It was awesome We'd just hang out for a bit But no like really he just would pop by – It was Goorgen time – Yeah it was good

Okay and then I wanted to just, some honorable mentions Of course there's Butt Drugs ♪ Bu-Bu-Bu Butt Drugs ♪ – I love Butt Drugs – Fountain of Health ♪ Fountain of Health ♪ ♪ Do do do do do ♪ ♪ Spread those cheeks and get your colon cleaned ♪ – Awesome Plastic Surgery commercial

– With one prick of the needle, I distribute the material as I slowly withdraw, minimizing pain and bruising I call it the pull-out method – Presidential Car Wash ♪ Presidential ♪ ♪ Presidential ♪ ♪ Presidential ♪ ♪ Presidential Car Wash ♪ – Cracked Chiropractor – Is it safe? Is it helpful? (bones pop) Are they real doctors? I'm committed to providing a comfortable atmosphere for my patients as well as an incredibly professional environment

– Mormon Haircuts ♪ Salt Lake Community College ♪ ♪ Barbering and Cosmetology School ♪ ♪ An unlicensed salon ♪ – And the Cuban Gynecologist (playing guitar and trumpet note) – I am a Cuban gynecologist and an American auto salesman – American auto sexman – Yes

– That's what it sounds like he says – Yeah so one of the reasons we wanted to show you guys those and just remind you, yeah, in another life, we were making all these commercials and so that when people start posting them, you can be like, "Oh I know the deal "Rhett and Link made 'em" – Mm-hmm, they just want the credit – Yeah we just want credit, guys

– This entire episode is just about that – When they go re-viral, send 'em our way – Yep Okay– (Rhett laughs) I thought you had more to say – That's it, that's all

– All right so I mentioned earlier in the episode that we have a special behind-the-scenes clip from the Mythical Crew prepping the Lady and the Tramp challenge episode And this is it – Okay, as you can see, Josh is here What am I doing, 'cause last time you told me to put a blindfold on, you said I could never talk about it again, so – And here you are, talking about it

– [Alex] Oh sorry My bad – What we're doing is the Lady and the Tramp challenge, and so you're both going to take the ends of the noodle into your mouth, then you're gonna slowly slurp towards each other You are going to try and guess what the sauce is on the noodle It could be absolutely anything so really try and take in the flavors

Are you guys ready? – Yeah – Wait give a sec I've gotta splay my noodle Got it? – Mm – All right

– Mm – All right now slurp (tender orchestral music) (sputters) (all laughing) – I'm sorry, Alex! (sputters) Alex, I'm so sorry Oh, I shouldn't have done that – You just spit all over me

Like if I wasn't wearing this – Oh, can we do that again? – Yeah, this noodle tastes a lot like the inside of Davin's mouth, weirdly enough – I'm sorry – That's what it was! – Oh my God, I got it! – (laughs) That's it? – Yeah after that– (Rhett laughs) – After that they figured it out – There was more testing after that, but that was the best part of the testing so

– Oh wow – You know, so it's all nice, it was all nice and tested for you guys – Sometimes that kinda stuff just happens – Yeah and that's all I got this week – You know what, that's more than enough, Stevie

– Oh no, wait, wait, wait Before, before, that's not all I got because I forgot about this Mythical Number Nine scentedness so– – We need to spray these Yeah – So yeah let's spray and then you guys can go over to– – That's a lot – Letter I believe I said earlier

If not we'll correct me with a graphic – That's nice – Thank you – Mythicalstore, get yourself some smells good

– Ooh! – All right – Nice – Now our final line – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB! – F-O S-H-O! (poppy electronic music)

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