Will They Puke?: Roller Coaster Edition

– To barf or not to barf, that is the question – Let's talk about that

(alarm ringing) (upbeat music) (flames roaring) – Good mythical summer – Big news! The Tour of Mythicality is hittin' the road one more time in 2018 These are the only shows we're gonna be playing for the rest of the year, so it is your last chance – Uh-huh, to see us on a stage performing with you there That's what the Tour of Mythicality is, if you don't know

– Yeah, thanks for explaining – On Thursday, November 8th, we'll be at the Sony Center in Toronto, Canada On Friday, November 9th, we'll be in Atlantic City, New Jersey at Caesars Palace, and then we'll be wrapping it up at Fox Woods Resort and Casino in Connecticut on November 10th All the info is at tourofmythicalitycom

– Yes – And if you want early access, make sure you go there and subscribe to the Mythical Monthly Newsletter, and follow our social accounts, Rhett and Link – But now, life is a lot like a rollercoaster It's full of ups and downs, and eventually, it will end Also, you may or may not throw up along the way

(laughing) Whoa – You may (blabbering) – (laughs) Yeah, yeah – Yeah, you might – Today, we're putting our puke predicting skills to the test

– Yeah, I don't wanna brag, but I do know a thing or two about puking – That's right, Link, you do (retching loudly) (crew members laughing) Yellow (retching) (laughing) Ugh – Sorry

– You know, I think you've got a distinct advantage at this game, you should be good – Yeah – It's time for Will They Vomit? Roller Coaster Edition (screaming) (squelching) Okay, this is pretty simple We're gonna watch a clip of somebody on a rollercoaster

We will guess whether or not they are going to throw up or keep it down And the winner, who gets more right, gets some carnival tickets from Chase the Carny – Oh And the loser, – Yes – Will have to wear a barf bucket on his head for the entirety of Good Mythical More

But I just wanna point out, if it's not clear enough, we're about the watch videos of people potentially barfing – Yeah, so don't complain about it Don't watch it (crew members laughing) and then complain about it Just don't watch it It's simple

Let's watch the first clip (riders screaming) – [Man] I know (riders screaming) I don't know – [Rhett] Oh, man – Okay

– It's pretty obvious to tell which one's about to throw up – Maybe (laughing) the – Oh, I would be right there with her

– The girl on the far right – I would be right there with her, man I do not do these kinds of rides very well In fact, I kinda get sick just watching her She did that think where she, like, stuck her tongue out a little bit, like

(crew members laughing) – Yeah – Oh – I mean, I think it's already in her mouth a little bit

But the thing is that her cronies there to her right do not see it coming, and I The real question, is it gonna all over them, or all the people behind? – Oh – But yeah, she's gonna throw this up, man

– [Woman] You ready to guess? Oh, you've guessed, this is your official guess I'll give you a three, two, one anyway – It really feels like, oh, okay Yeah, okay – [Woman] Three, two, one

– Yeah, I feel like she's gonna throw up Why else would we be watching this, right? – [Woman] Let's see (speaking foreign language) – [Rhett] Ugh! (grunting) (dinging) – Oh, and look at her friend's face It's like the whole relationship dynamic just changed – Ugh

– I'm not going on any more rides with you – Gosh – Oh my gosh – And it ruins your whole day – Yeah

– When you're the person, and when you're around the person – Or the ride operator – Okay – Speaking from experience – Alright, let's see another one

If we have to (riders screaming) – [Link] Oh gosh – Oh (laughs) – Now, is that girl about to vomit, or is she just about the fall asleep? – She's having a great time, though Man, I just, this is not pleasant

There's nothing pleasant about this process – So the guy in the red shirt is filming Which, that's a big risk, filming on a rollercoaster But, hey, you wound up on this show, good buddy (laughs) – [Woman] You wanna guess? – Does he vomit or not, Rhett? – Well, I don't think the question is about him

(laughing) I have a guess – [Woman] Three, two, one – I think she keeps it down – I think she keeps it down – I think she falls completely asleep

I think she passes out – She keeps it down Yeah, that's exactly what happens Let's watch – Let's see

(riders screaming) – What is she doing? Oh, yeah she didn't – Ah (dinging) – She got close, though – I don't know if she was vomiting – She was having an existential crisis

– I think she was just submitting to the g-forces, which is something that happens – Oh my goodness I'm so glad I didn't vomit – Okay, this is torturous – Right

– And I'm not even on the rollercoaster – We're tied up, Rhett Show us another one (clicking) (speaking drowned out by wind whistling) What is going on here? This is one of those Sling Shot, – It's one of those Sling Shots – Rides

– I've seen a lot of these Sling Shot videos And people usually don't throw up It's usually one person is screaming their guts out, you know what I'm saying? – Yeah, just bloody murder – These guys both seem to be in pretty spirits, which– – They're very quiet, though – Yeah

– I think they're both trying to seem cool and not let the other guy know, – It can sneak up on you – That they're about to retch Hurl – I got off of the– – Blow chunks – The Ring of Fire one time at the State Fair

The only time I've ever thrown up because of a ride was, like, seventh grade I got off of the Ring of Fire, and I began to walk into the crowd, and then I just (Link imitating retching) But I kept it

– You kept it? – Yeah And then I found a hole (crew members laughing) You know, like I found a dirt hole, like (imitating retching) and just emptied into it – In the dirt, a dirt hole – Yeah

Yeah, I wasn't gonna be that guy I mean, I'm so much higher than everybody it would've just been like raining down vomit (crew members laughing) Can't do that – They call those carny latrines – [Both] Alright

– [Woman] Okay, here we go, three, two, one – I think they throw up Yeah, okay – Okay – We seem to be perceiving these in the same way

– [Woman] Okay, let's see it – [Cameron] Shut up – [Link] Oh, he said shut up (speaking muffled by wind whistling) – [Rhett] No, no, no (retching) No! – Why didn't he

(dinging) – Oh, gosh – Was he aiming it at something? – Why did he– – He's like, shut up, I'm about to aim my vomit in a particular– – Yep Put your friggin' head on the outside, Cameron, or whatever your name is

– I know, go like this, dude Shut up, I'm about to vomit – That friendship would be over, man, if I was in it – Alright, so, we got that right (riders screaming) – Oh gosh (laughs)

Oh, oh (laughing) Are they Is that– – Was she being attacked by bees? – Yeah, there was, like, mosquitoes or something

(crew members laughing) – Oh goodness I mean, if you're gonna, I don't understand If you're gonna interact with a ride like that, why would you get on it? – For the internet For the views – I mean, she has to have been bribed to get on that thing

What does have to gain? – Some people hate putting themselves, some people love putting themselves in situations that they hate – And this is what happened She's swatting at nothing? – That's how she's gonna save herself If anything goes wrong, an arm is gonna be the first thing to get hurt – Okay

I'm ready to vote – [Woman] Okay, three, two, one – They keep it down – Yeah, I don't– – Because this is entertaining – [Woman] Oh man, you guys are agreeing every single time

– This is entertaining on its own – Okay, let's see – This doesn't need vomit – Yeah (muffled speaking) – Lord Jesus, I know you took my Jesus, please give me strength, Jesus

(laughing) I'll be the best mother in the world, I'm gonna talk to my church, Lord, some kids (cheering) – Oh (laughs) Even the (dinging) landing was frightening – You see, that's why it's better – All of that prayer

– It brings you together, you know what I'm saying? That's why you ride rollercoasters and almost die – You mean her and Jesus? – Yeah, her and Jesus (crew members laughing) – Oh yeah Woo! Woo! – [Rhett] Yep – Oh, (bleep)

– Oh no (muffled speaking) (laughing) – Yeah, over there – He is not doing well (laughing) It's gonna go right into that little pocket Who's on that pocket on his shirt there? He's got somebody on his pocket

– I don't know, Rhett – He's about to have something in his pocket – I mean, you can tell he was like (heavy breathing) breathing deeply – Oh, yeah That's what you gotta do

– Oh yeah – I have staved off so much vomit in my life with the deep breathing – Just breathe deep Eyes wide open – Throw your head out the window, like a dog (crew members laughing) going down the street

– Watching his face actually made me nauseous – Yeah, I'm nauseous I've been nauseous the whole time since the first one – Oh my gosh That was bad

– [Woman] Okay Three, two, one – He throws up – Yes, he does – There's no way around it

– Yes (laughing) – Yeah, yeah I think Jimmy's dead – [Man] Did you keep it down, Jimmy? (laughing) (muffled speaking) – That was awesome – No

– Woo! – No – Jimmy, is he Jimmy? Come on – Oh you shut up – Oh! He held on so long (dinging) (crew members laughing) He held, and look at the face

Look at his friend's face, he's like, you punk (laughing) Right in his lap – Man – At least he waited until the ride was over, 'cause if somebody vomits, like, I– – It just kinda oozed out – You know the zipper ride? – Yeah

The squirrel cages is what my father-in-law calls 'em – Somebody threw up inside that at the State Fair one year, and they had to shut down the ride because it was just like a salad shaker inside there You know what I'm saying? (crew members laughing) It was absolutely horrible And think about the person that you chose to ride the ride with, they decide to do that, you cannot throw up inside the zipper Unzip first and then throw up

– It's the cage – Okay, let's see another one (riders screaming) – Oh my goodness (laughing) I'm still getting nauseous watching this – He is holding it back, man

He is really, really, really holding it back – He's already got his face aimed away, – Yeah, he's so considerate – From his friend – It's so considerate – I'd be aiming, I'd be looking directly at you if I was gonna vomit

– Yeah, I know you would That's why I don't ride rides with you (laughing) Alright – This is a tough one, though, because he's got an inner strength – Okay

(crew members laughing) – [Woman] Three, two, one – I believe in him – I think he does it – He keeps it down – I think he doesn't

– I think he keeps it down – We finally disagree, Rhett (riders screaming) No, oh, no, no (muffled speaking) – Oh my God – He made it! Did he make it? He made it! (dinging) – Ah

– Yes, he kept it down – I bet he still threw up when he started walking down, he started smelling those corn dogs and fried elephant ears – And then he found a dirt hole (imitating retching) (crew members laughing) Okay, Link, I took a lead going into the final one – Okay, alright

Let's see it (laughing) Ooh, he is in pain – He doesn't look like about to vomit It looks like back pain, or something – Yeah

(crew members laughing) – Like maybe some– – Like his harness is too tight in the wrong places – Or like there was a small child there that didn't get up before he sat down, you know what I'm saying? It's digging into him the whole time (crew members laughing) Ah, you gotta get the kids outta the seat before you sit down – I can't tell what kind of ride this was, but, again, maybe that's the face he makes when he's about to vomit – Okay

– [Woman] Okay? Three, two, one – I hope so – Yes Oh, yep, I think he vomits – Well, shoot

In order for me to tie, one of us has to change Alright, since– – Well, I don't wanna change – I'm in the position of weakness, alright – I think he's gonna throw up – I think he's in a lot of pain, but he gets up and there's a smushed kid under there

(crew members laughing) – [Rhett] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh – [Link] Keep it, keep it – No, you can't – Keep it – No

– Keep it – Oh! – Ugh! No! (dinging) – No! – Ugh! Oh, no, gosh Once it's in your mouth, that's it, man That's it You can't get it back down

– Oh gosh You could You could swallow it – Listen, I'm happy, I'm not happy even to win – Alright, bring me the bucket

Alright, so I gotta wear this bucket – And Chase the carny, do you have my tickets? – Yep – Where are you reaching? – No No (crew members laughing) How many you want? – 10? – Well, (crew members laughing) uh-huh

(paper ripping) – It's actually better in here than out there with you guys – And you get to keep one half (paper ripping) I get to keep the other half (crew members laughing) – Thanks Thanks, Chase

– Good luck – Chase the carny – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Jason from Mishawaka, Indiana

Currently at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality (rollercoaster riders screaming) – You know, that's a safe place to be, next to the rollercoaster Click through to watch us guess if these rollercoaster names are real or fake – And to find out (wheel clicking) where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land

(upbeat music) – [Rhett] Now you can dink it and sync it with a friend using this double sided mug Friend not included Available now at mythicalstore

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