Will It Valentine’s Day Chocolate? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age-old question – Will it Valentine's Day chocolate? – Let's talk about that

(funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning – Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we know that's your favorite holiday The over-booked restaurant, the long lines at stores for last minute flower purchases And the unrealistic relationship expectations set by the money-thirsty monster of commercialism Best holiday ever

– Which is why we are devoting an entire week of episodes to everybody's favorite Valentine's treat Drum roll please (drum roll) – [Both] Chocolate (90s dance music) – Oh sorry – What the crap? You got chocolate on my face

(crew laughs) Get out of here, you slinging chocolate everywhere – (laughs) You got a little bit on your shirt I don't think I got any on me Yet – Every day this week, we'll be doing things to chocolate that have never been done before, starting with the iconic box of chocolates

It's time for– – [Rhett and Link] Will It Valentine's Day Chocolate? – Okay, your typical box of chocolates consist of small chocolate treats filled with mysterious innards, most commonly caramel, nougat, nut clusters, or chewy fruit-flavored cremes, but not today they don't because we're eating Rhett and Link's Chocolate Love Nugz – (chuckles) You've heard of these, right? We came up with some ideas of what innards we could fill these chocolates with and Josh (clicks tongue), Mythical Chef has brought our ideas to life Our boxes are identical, but we have no idea which order we're gonna pick and then eat these chocolates that we have planned – The only thing we know is that Josh told us to save this one for last, so you know it's gotta be good – (sighs) Okay, let's pick our first chocolate

– Why don't you do the honors, Link? – We can't pick that round one so let's pick this round one – There's just a little chocolate on your face In this area – Just taste it – Right in here

– Just lick it – I'm not gonna touch it, I'm just letting you know – How's that? That better? – Perfect – Is that gonna be distracting to you? Okay, we're cool – Okay so we're picking up this one which is number one

– Oh, number one Number one is a quail egg – Oh, wonderful – But not just any quail egg, this is a raw quail egg wrapped in peanut butter, coated in milk chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder Why does it have to be raw? I don't recall saying raw

– [Josh] I recall that (Rhett laughs) – Either way, we call this one yolkolate – And the shell is in it? – [Josh] Oh yeah – So we should be careful You might wanna move your nugz out of the way

(chuckles) You don't wanna get– – I'd hate to get dirty – Egg on your nugz – I'd hate to get dirty You know what Chase, I feel like, where is Chase? He's over there feeling bad about, I almost hit you with a dart, man You can sling some chocolate my way

It tastes great No hard feelings – It made a beautiful little arc right around your station – Sorry thank you – All right let's dink it

Oh gosh, and– – Let's just bite right in the middle, you know Reveal the truth Oh The shell is there – The peanut butter and chocolate really help

I'm focusing on that – You got some stuff dripping out of your nug, get it (Link gags) – Don't, don't, don't, don't make me look at the drippings – Get it with your tongue – Uh-uh

– Josh, this is excellent, man – Thank you – It's pretty good Actually the crunch of the shell adds a little surprise that is good – This is like a Cadbury Creme Egg but better

Like I'm not kidding, I always thought it was weird that they wanted to simulate an actual raw egg that you're biting into but now that I'm eating the real thing – Mm-hmm – I realize the genius of Cadbury, not a sponsor – [Link] Raw quail egg Will it Valentine's Day chocolate? – [Rhett and Link] Yes! – Which one shall we pick next, Rhett? – Let's take one of these oblong ones

How 'bout the one with the white chocolate on it? – Okay – Mix it up a little bit That is number four – Number four is chips and dip – This is original Ruffles and french onion dip blended together, coated in dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate

– Any predictions with this? You got the chocolate and salty thing happening – The fact that I just enjoyed a raw quail egg makes me feel like I'm capable of enjoying anything – Right – This sounds good – And we're calling this the chocolate Ruffle truffle

– Hmm Dink it – And sink it – Hmm – Huh

Onion – The chips are little, like there's no chip anymore – No, there's no crunch – It tastes like biting into a hash brown that set out all night – Yes

A very– – Got chocolate spilled on it – A very oniony, oh gosh – But I mean it's not bad – Onion – I mean, having said all that

I might take a second bite No but I won't – I can't Once I get to the chocolate, it does help, and as we discovered with Will It Chocolate, chocolate covers a world of hurt, helps you get things down – But there's something about the flavors that don't mix, it's too overpowering

The onion specifically – Mm-hmm – [Rhett] It's coming through in a way that– – [Link] Bad, very bad – [Rhett] So chips and dip Will it Valentine's Day chocolate? – [Rhett and Link] No

– I don't know, what are you feeling? You wanna go with another oblong shape or– – [Rhett] Move to this crazy looking one – Okay so this is chunky It's a chunky cup It is number two, which is orange chicken – This is chopped up orange chicken from Panda Express

Mixed with melted milk chocolate and set in a nut cluster wrapper – Nut cluster wrapper, so I'm gonna pull this wrapper Ooh, look at that – Oh, it's not easy, it's not easy to get it to peel off of the wrapper – Is there something on my collar 'cause it's getting real sticky

– It's a dab of chocolate – Maybe a little something in there – [Rhett] Just a teeny, teeny weeny – Do I have a teeny weeny? (Rhett laughs) I have a teeny weeny chocolatey chocolate? – No comment – On my colla-colla

– Okay We're gonna dink it – Dink it This is gonna be bad, isn't it? Sink it – Only one way to find out

– Okay so the consistency, it's kinda like chewy gravel If that exists You getting a lot of chicken? – It kinda tastes like a piece of orange chicken covered in chocolate – But it's actually– – You know what I'm saying? – Mixed in with chocolate so the chocolate quotient is higher which is helping even more Like if you gave me this and you didn't tell me that it was Panda Express, I actually would figure it out

This is horrible – I don't think it's horrible, again, I just don't think it's, I'm not getting something that I'm not gonna get in a better way in just chocolate or just orange chicken There's no synergy in this, you know what I'm saying? You gotta have synergy We talk about that all the time, don't we guys, and the synergy that we need here at Mythical Entertainment I'm always using that word

– Synergy boys, synergy girls – That's what I say right when I walk into the door Synergy boys, synergy girls – Girls (chuckles) Do that dance we taught ya

– And then you do the synergy dance led by Chase – All right orange and chocolate does work for many people but orange chicken, will it Valentine's Day chocolate? – [Rhett and Link] No – All right we have no choice but to pick this other oblong one, which is number five – Number five is lipstick – Lipstick

– Yes – Yes this is pink lipstick Buttercream, heh heh, of course it is Coated in milk chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate – 'Cause a lot of times, you're eating chocolate and you're worried about, is your lipstick coming off, is it being smudged? And this solves that problem in my mind

– No worries at all, just let 'em mix – Dink it And sink it – We call it Hershey's kiss – Of course we do

– Now this looks like one of those you'd get from like a Whitman's Sampler and you're like, I got the strawberry one! – Yeah it looks real It looks like the real deal – But as I chew it, it's very clear that it's not strawberry – Why don't they make lipstick taste better? – You know what – It's made out of like goat placenta or something, isn't it? – Goat placenta? – Yeah

– I think it may be cow placenta – Ugh The consistency's great – Don't be choosy about your placentas – Of course the chocolate helps

– Hold on, this is not bad Hold on – That waxiness is just triggering for me My mom– – The waxiness of the chocolate or the lipstick? – She put on a lot of lipstick and then she'd kiss me on the cheek – Make out with you? – No she'd kiss me on the cheek before I went to school! – Well how did you taste it then? – I'd smell it

– Oh, okay, all right, getting to the bottom of something (laughs) I actually think this is pretty good – I love you, Mom – I think this is pretty good I think that this is better, this is definitely better than just eating straight lipstick

I know that's not exactly the question that we're asking But I think the fact that it's got an incredible consistency, it's got an incredible visual – Speaking of which, yeah – You feel like, oh, does that work? – It must, right? – It must not It's not quite as, you know, it gives you a little color

A little color, it's not bad, there's also some extra on there But I think it's pretty good So for me, lipstick, Will it Valentine's Day chocolate? Yes – No And now we're left with a centerpiece of our heart and it is round, it is number three

I don't even need to look because I know what this is It is a lamb eyeball – Mm – Freshly plucked and boiled for safety and coated in chocolate – Oh man

– We call this one Mary had a little lamb eye chocolate – I mean, should we expect some sort of, is there like a lens hazard in here? Is there– – [Josh] Hazard's a weird word What does it really mean? – Right, what is a hazard? – You're a cook, not a philosopher – I don't think there's anything that your body won't deal with in some way if you get it down You know what I'm saying? It's not like you're gonna have to go to the emergency room

Swallowed half of a lamb eyeball – Can lambs see good, 'cause maybe this will help us Maybe I don't need the glasses anymore – Okay, I'm not sure that's how vision works but– – I'm just trying to motivate myself to get this down – Well you know what– – Maybe it's good

– Our friend Josh put his heart and soul into a chocolate for us If you– – No, he put a lamb's eyeball – No hang on, you gotta set that aside If you had a friend who's like, I made you special custom chocolates, would you question what was in 'em or would you just eat them and smile? Just eat it and smile – I would eat it and smile and then I would talk a bunch of crap about him later

– Later, later – Later – Not right now – Later Me and you

– Right now we just dink it – [Both] And sink it – (grunting) Oh gosh Look at that (vibrating whimper) (Rhett grunts) (Link imitates sheep) Oh my gosh

– Chocolate does help Focus on the chocolate Focus on the chocolate, focus on the chocolate – We got such a good friend who made these for us – He poured his heart and soul into this

I'd much rather be eating a heart and soul than an eyeball (moans) It's kinda tasteless though (gagging) – Mm-mm, mm-mm – It's just a concept – Right when you said that, I started tasting

You know what I started tasting? – Lens – Lamb eyeball – Oh, heart and soul – Got it down – Oh– (gags) – And I got a lot of it

That black part, that's the seeing part, right? – [Josh] That's the filet – Ah ♪ I can see clearly now ♪ ♪ The lamb is gone ♪ – No, there's a little bit, there's a little bit more right there – Oh yeah I don't wanna see that All right and you know what? On a scale of all the horrible experiences we've had on this show

– It's gotten much worse than this – Yeah Chocolate is our friend – Yeah yeah It's not Josh is our friend, it's just chocolate is our friend

– Yeah which is why we're devoting– – Who are we kidding? – An entire week to it So, you know, I wanna say that yes it does because– – I'm not gonna stand in your way, brother – All right Lamb eyeball Will it Valentine's Day chocolate? – [Rhett and Link] Yes! – It will, unexpected, I know

– Woo! Slam the limb on that Lid on that (Rhett chuckles) Or a limb Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– I'm Connor – And I'm Heather – And we just got married in Fort Valley, Georgia and it's– – [Together] Time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – Congratulations! – The wedding party's like what do we say? (both chuckling) Click the top link to watch us try Taco Bell chocolates in Good Mythical More – Ooh, and to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Cotton Candy Randy is immortal

Another fact, his fave is on a t-shirt at Mythicalstore – [Link] Buy one now or he will haunt your dreams forever

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