Will It Slip-N-Slide? (EXPERIMENT)

– Today, we ask the age-old question – Will it Slip 'N Slide? – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) – Good mythical summer! – And happy Memorial Day We're back! Did you miss us? Because we missed you And if you couldn't tell by the cool summer vibes that we're throwing out, it is summer time That means vacations, cookouts, and excruciating sunburn everywhere on your body except for those two streaks on the side of your head from where your sunglasses were – Ah

If you wanna know what we've been up to so far this summer, listen to Ear Biscuits, our podcast which comes out in audio form every Monday, and in video form the following Saturday on this channel, all summer long And one of the things we're doing this summer is taking the Tour of Mythicality to Australia That's right We're gonna be, in July, in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane Are you ready for us? Get tickets and info at tourofmythicality

com – But today, to kick off Good Mythical Summer, we are focusing on the greatest summertime invention of all time, the Slip 'N Slide And you might think it's impossible to squeeze any more fun out of a long sheet of thin plastic covered in water, but we beg to differ – Did you wheeze? You were like (wheezing) – Yeah

(Link laughs) I wheezed, man I wheeze when I get excited – Well, by the end of this video, we may be begging for mercy because we're gonna be slip sliding on some stuff that's never been slip slid on before It's time for– – [Rhett And Link] Will it Slip 'N Slide? – Most people Slip 'N Slide in their backyard – But we're not most people

– This is a parking lot Most people cover their Slip 'N Slide in water – But we're not most people So we're not putting water on there We're putting various objects

And we're starting with something that's got a reputation for being very slippery, the banana peel – Yeah As you can see, we have covered these twice as long as regulation Slip 'N Slides because we are lengthy men – Yup – In banana peels

And I think it might work It's a little slippery They're all face down – I don't know It's just hitting me as we stand here over these that we should have gotten children to do this

– But we do not employ children And that is on the record Sorry, guys – [Rhett] I'm legitimately worried– – [Link] I (mumbles) children – I'm legitimately worried about getting hurt

I mean I do have on a puffy bathing suit and a rash guard, but I don't think that's gonna keep me from injury – So you're gonna go, you're gonna pace yourself? – I'm going hard, but Rhett hard, which is– – Kinda limp, got it – Not as hard as some people (chuckles) – Well, I'm glad you at least understand now Oh, gosh, okay

Now slide on the yellow part – Yeah, not the green – Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) (crew applauds) That hurt a little bit – I don't know I really don't know how to determine this

I mean we didn't go the full length I gained a little confidence for later rounds I did kinda get the wind knocked out of me now that I'm starting to talk – [Link] I got something else knocked – [Rhett] Oh, really? – I don't feel great

– You gotta hit chest first, not– – I hit this part first – Chesticles, not testicles – We did make it one complete slide, but not two lengths My jaw's even hurting I think I hit my freakin'

– You're the one that got hurt, not me Okay, I don't know how to judge this, but I feel like it was just such a short thing that this would get very old very quickly I don't think we can say that it Slip 'N Slides

– No Banana peel, will it Slip 'N Slide? (buzzer blares) – [Rhett And Link] No – Everybody loves eating bacon, but can you get the same joy that you get from eating bacon by sliding on its grease? – That's what we aim to find out right now We have fried up 30 pounds of bacon, which the Mythical crew has eaten the majority of, but all of the residual grease has been spread on our slides – This one's gotta me more slippery than bananas, don't you think? – I think so, and we call this happier than a pig and slip

There's some big puddles at the end – You think we're gonna get to 'em? – I hope so – Alright, three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) (crew laughs) – I got a lot farther than you – I got something in my eye – You did? – My eye's cooking

– Oh, my goodness For a second, I thought that it was freakin' boiling It didn't burn me, but I was afraid that it was going to Oh, man – I'm eating some

– Wow, not only did we slide an impressive length, I mean especially me – You made it the majority of the way, like 75% I made it like 60% I think that's good enough to declare, bacon grease, will it Slip 'N Slide? – [Rhett And Link] Yes – Sure, we're wearing these fresh sets of rash guards, but there's really no way to escape a little chafey when slipping and sliding unless you're doing it on Gold Bond medicated powder

Not a sponsor – But we do have 25 pounds of Gold Bond medicated powder on each one of these slides – Oh, yeah We should go crotch first, right? – Yeah, get as much as crotch in it as you can No, you should not

Of course not – Alright, we're protecting our nose and eye orifices Let's do it – Just keep your mouth orifice closed – [Link] What's gonna happen? It's just powder

– [Rhett] I kinda feel like the slide is gonna crumple up right here at the beginning – It might launch us all the way to Tohunga (crew laughs) – Alright, you do the count this time – Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) I brought my slide with me – I feel a little chafed somewhere

I can't see Where is Tohunga? – This is the end Go back here – Okay, so we crumpled our slides That's no fun

Once you crumple your slide, everybody just goes home – Yeah, this is a big fail But the cloud was pretty cool And you look awesome – Yeah, you look like powder

– You're grayer than me now – Hold on a second Gold Bond Will it Slip 'N Slide? (buzzer blares) – [Rhett And Link] No! – Now the internet is filled with weird challenges, but we're not dumb enough to put Tide pods in our mouth We are dumb enough, however, to put them on a Slip 'N Slide

– Actually, I think this is a brilliant idea We've covered this whole thing in not only Tide pods but liquid Tide How could this not be a slippery, slippery sensation of– – It's gotta be super slippy – Awesomeness Now we gotta make it all the way this time

– All the way to the end Every Tide pod that you take with you, you get to take home So keep that in mind – A little prize – Yeah

Alright Okay, I'm going hard on this one, Link I'm going hard like I've never gone hard – Stop saying hard – I'm going for it

Is that better? I'm gonna go really intensely – Okay Three, two, one! (upbeat music) (crew cheers) Yeah! Whoo! We did it! – That's a freakin' Slip 'N Slide – We did it! – [Rhett Voiceover] The only reason I stopped is because I left the track – [Link Voiceover] Whoo, that was satisfying

– [Rhett] How many Tide pods did you get? Four? – Yeah, you can have 'em – I forgot – Whoo! – Okay, that was incredibly slippelry and slidey – Slipplery (chuckles) – And look, we actually busted a few of them along the way

Do you see that? – Oh, yeah That's nice Now we're just gonna lay out our laundry for the next run No, I think we have something nastier, but first– – [Rhett And Link] Tide pods – [Rhett] Will it Slip 'N Slide? – [Rhett And Link] Yes! – The Slip 'N Slide is really only fun when you're doing it with your favorite chum

Not you Actual fish chum I'm talking about covering this thing in fish guts, which we've done – Yes, we have the rejected parts of tuna, sardines, jellyfish, salmon, mackerel, and sea clams And we call this one the fish 'n slips

– Now we have nose plugs in right now so that it doesn't go up our nose But we smelled it a second ago, and it just smelled like fish vomit It's horrible – Which I've never smelled before I've never seen a fish vomit

Never been in the presence of one Now Link, I'll give you a dollar if you make it all the way through the salmon heads – [Link] A whole dollar? – [Rhett] Yeah! – Gee, thanks, chum This is horrifying – Okay, let's do it

We can do it We'll get this – [Link] Just keep your mouth closed – Yeah, here we go Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) – Oh! – Well, I'll give you a dollar

– [Link] You made it, man We both made it, whoo! – I'm so grateful that I cannot smell myself right now I don't think I'm ever gonna take this nose plug off I can taste it a little bit though A little bit got into my mouth

– Oh, it got in your mouth? – Just a teeny bit – Oh, my goodness – How does it smell over here, guys – [Man] I think Ely's vomiting – Ely's throwing up in the corner

That's a sign of success Okay, hey, that worked, man We both made it past the salmons – You've got it all in your mustache – Yeah

I can save it for later – Oh, my gosh Alright, fish guts, will they Slip 'N Slide? – [Rhett And Link] Yes! – Alright, now you know exactly what to do with your summer Slip 'N Slide – Oh, my goodness – Gather the kids around and get some fish

You're gonna have fun – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Allegra – I'm Missy

– I'm May And we're at the (mumbles) in North Carolina – It's time for the Wheel of Mythicality – [Missy] Yeah! – I've been there (Link chuckles) I'm not going back

– In that blue tube? – (chuckles) Yes, I have Click through to watch us get beat in a watermelon seed bidding contest – And to see where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land in Good Mythical More – [Rhett] Kumba-y'all should grab this limited edition summer camp ringer tee now at mythicalstore

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