Will It Nugget? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age old question – Will it nugget? – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) (whooshing) – Good Mythical Morning! – Today we're going to shopping extremes, as we ask Ellie to buy everything she sees advertised, and then a little later we are conducting a company wide arm wrestling match – Ooh, but before we do that, we have to ask, what came first the chicken or the nugget? We may never know the answer, but what we do know is that nuggets bring unimaginable joy to the world – Yes they do That's why today we're going to find out, – [Both] Will it nugget? – The typical chicken nugget is made of ground chicken breast meat that's blended with a mix of seasonings, then is poured, yes poured into a nugget shaped mold and then coated in batter and fried – First up, who doesn't love sour, who doesn't like sweet, and who doesn't absolutely adore kids? Put 'em all together and you've got yourself Sour Patch Kids, and what do kids like, nuggets, and put all of them together and you've got Sour Patch Kid nuggets, or sour patch cuggets – Sour patch cuggets

– Could this be the future of nugget-dom? – Well I'm not gonna be able to open it, here we are – Okay so what we've done is we've melted down one bag of Sour Patch Kids, shaped them into children, chilled them in a freezer for about an hour, then breaded and fried them We have some dipping sauce there, sweet and sour of course Look at this! – Take your little sour man – It's like a fried gingerbread man, hiding lots of candy goodness – Man you can really see that sour patch stuff coming through – peeking – Just peeking out there

– It's funny how it smells like a nugget on the outside – Mhmmm – You could slip one of these by How we gonna dip though? – Dink – Dip – [Both] Dink it, dip it – Dink it

– Okay, bite the head off Ooh that's chewy – That's not bad at all – The breading actually helps me take it all in – It's basically a sour patch kid, but instead of the really sour sugar on the outside, or whatever that is

– Fried – It's just fried on the outside – Look down in that neck hole, see your future, cause these nuggets are pretty dang good – Yeah they are – Mhmm, Sour Patch Kids, will it nugget? – [Both] Yes! – Alright McDonalds has, arguably, the most ubiquitous chicken nuggets on the planet

But what if they've got the makings of an entirely new nugget right under their noses We might be about to make history y'all We got the Quarter Pounder with Cheese nugget, we call it the quarter pugget with cheese – Look at that, three nuggets in a box with some ketchup on the side – Now basically all this is, is an entire quarter pounder with cheese blended up and made into a mush of sorts, and then breaded and fried And we've got you know ketchup, keep it simple, as the dipping sauce

– Do you want to take the top? – They're all the same – They're all the same, I'ma take the bottom – Ooh – Mm, all I can really smell is the breading, but – Breading's strong

– They went strong – Dink it, – with this one – dip it – I'm going light with my ketchup, cause I don't want to overwhelm – Oh gosh – Ewww, look at it! – It's almost like a crab cake – It is like a crab cake – If I told you this was a crab cake, you wouldn't be able to tell me I was wrong

– Oh no, but then you start to taste that McDonalds – It's almost like the Quarter Pounder with Cheese was chewed for me – Yeah (laughter) – Which sometimes I need – Yeah I'm so exhausted, but I've got to get my Quarter Pounder in today

– You know like I got a retainer, and I don't wear it often, and then I'm like oh crap I got that retainer haven't worn it in months, put it in, sore teeth – Yeah? – On sore teeth days, I need somebody to chew my Quarter Pounder for me (laughter) – Or you could just have these through the drive through – These are available? – Should they be? – (laughs) I think the question is, will it nugget? – [Both] Yes! – Swimsuit season'll be here in a few months, so think about that for a while, okay that's enough thinking If you wanna slim down, salads are a great option, but if you want to have fun eating salads, nuggets are a better option

– Logic! – We have constructed the caesar salad nugget – And it is the bust of a Caesar – Yes, it's a armless torso I guess And then the head right there – (laughs) That is the head

– Oh it's stuck on – How did we make this? – Well there's a, there's a toothpick in there We took a caesar salad, we took the romaine lettuce dehydrated it for over four hours, blended that with caesar dressing, croutons, parmesan cheese, shaped it, and then deep fried it of course – And we're gonna dip it in some more caesar dressing – Yes we are – You want the head or the body? – I'll take the bod, that's a big big thing, it's heavy too, that's a heavy salad

– I think this going to be good, this is gonna be almost like spinach and artichoke iscious-ness – I think its going to be horrible Let's find out dink it, dink it! – We did it the wrong order Oh, it's strong – Ooh, the fish

– It's really concentrated – is there a lot of – the fishy stuff in this? – [Josh] Good amount of anchovy in the dressing – [Tess] Yeah there's a classic caesar dressing – Mhmm – [Tess] With anchovies – You know what it is – What is it? – The dried salad is nasty, it's just – That's it – It's like eating fish food, in a big fried ball – It has a fish foodishness to it, it's like somebody took a lot of the leftover caesar salad from multiple caesar salads at like Shoneys

– Shoneys – Like basically the caesar salad bin at Shoneys, the caesar salad they couldn't get out, every day for seven years – Yeah – One man named Earl, got in there – Scraped it – Got it up put it in a little bag

– Yep – Never did anything with the bag, he just kept adding stuff to it And then one day he left the bag out in the desert And then he goes out there and he shakes it up, and then he takes it out – Quite a process – in front (laughter) – Quite an investment on his part – Yeah he fried, is this what you guys did? Did you do what I'm describing? – [Josh] Yeah I'm earl – [Tess] Yes exactly, mhmm

– Josh is Earl – This is bad This is so bad – It's not good – Caesar salad, will it nugget? – No, (buzzer) uh uh You know what's been missing in typical nuggets? – What? – Creatures that are cold and slimy and leave a trail of goop everywhere they go

We have created the slug nugget Yes apparently you can get slugs to eat We took a bunch of 'em ground 'em up in a Cuisinart and then we added egg and breadcrumbs, shaped them into slug shapes, chilled them in the freezer, wow they have the antenna and everything (laughter), and then we deep fried 'em The dipping sauce is sott 'n moss – Oooh

– Sott 'n moss, sounds like a restaurant in Silver Lake (laughter) Have you been to Sott 'N Moss? – [Link] Mmmkay – It's incredible! – The thing that – The cocktails! – The thing that scares me is that, I have to tell myself there's not one huge slug in there, it's a bunch of ground up slugs, and that's supposed to make me feel better – Yeah exactly, you got the best looking one though Man yours looks the most sluggish of all – It won't matter

– Let's dink it dip it It's thin – Mm brown in there – They taste exactly like dirt – Really does

– They taste exactly like you would imagine – Well it's not gritty, ugh, are you getting grit? It's more like mud, like mush – I mean look at that, I mean it's not good at all – But it's not horrible – It's not inedible

– It's not as bad as that caesar thing we just downed – It's better than the caesar salad, Link I don't know about that – I think it is – Well I think the bar was pretty high for the caesar salad nugget The bar was as low as a slug can get for this one

(breathing) – Oh even when you breathe out, it's like breathing out potting soil It's like you could plant a garden with my breath (blowing) – It's like you got knocked down on the baseball field, – Yep and your mouth was open – Yep

– That happened to me one time, still think about it from time to time – Now for a normal nugget this is horrible, but for a slug nugget, it aint bad – It's not a good nugget, exactly, But would you rather eat a slug or a slugget – That's not the question, will it nugget? – [Both] No! – Beavers are busy little creatures, scurrying through the woods, felling trees, they build these ingenuitive dams And you might be thinking that I lost my train of thought, and got sidetracked by the fascinating world of beavers, but you'd be wrong because those big 'ol flat tailed rats have balls! And you know what that means, yep, we made some beaver nuts nuggets

– [Rhett] Gosh – [Link] Oooh and they're big too – Oh is that just one beaver testicle? – That's look at that – Or two? – You ever looked under a beaver, that's what you see – That's how they float

– Now what we've done is we've taken beaver nuggets ground them up in a Cuisinart, not a sponsor, (laughter) I have to say that This ground up beaver nut is brought to you by Cuisinart – But Cuisinart if you do wanna talk about, what we can do with your product – So we took the ground – hit us up – We took the ground up nuts and we shaped them into balls, or I guess re-shaped them into balls, and deep fried them and we got some dipping sauce, what is that? – [Both] Woodchip aeoli – [Rhett] Mmmm

– Now Tess you have encouraged us to just, pop the whole ball and eat the whole thing? – [Tess] Yep whole hog, I think it's good It'll be a better experience – For who (laughter)? – Let's get a sizable bite though I mean I'm going all, I'm getting a good halfsies – Okay, woodchip aeoli, dippy dippy dippy dippy dip

Dippy dippy dippy dipppy dip – Smells good – Dinky dinky dinky dinky dink You know they belong together We're separating them through our digestive tracks – Is that from the same beaver? (laughter) – [Tess] Yes

– Yes, one beaver – Oh gosh – Yeah I had to pull it apart, it's so chewy You know what, it's not as chewy and gristly, as other testicles I've had on this show It's a much more palatable ball

– Leave it to beaver nuggets to really surprise us (laughter) There was a real mustiness to the ball You know what I'm saying? – Like cologne – I'm just saying if I had to guess what I was eating, top three guesses I'd get to testicle pretty soon – Yeah

– You know what I'm saying just based on, flavor profile, oh gosh (gagging) – I'm gagging just because I'm thinking about it Thinking about this guy waggling around, they're just flopping underneath there Repelling himself trying to make a dam – Climbing up a tree

– Working his balls off – I am gonna swallow it though (gagging) – Oh god (laughter) (gagging) I did it, I got it down, I got half a ball down You can do it Link I believe in you – Ah it's like a hush puppy

– Ahhh, ahhh – Well I like to think the beaver that donated to our cause so that we could learn whether beaver testicles would nugget, will they nugget? – [Both] Nooo (buzzer) – And you know what we've got another nugget, we're gonna make a pad thai nugget, and a bug nugget in Good Mythical More, so keep watching for that – But before you do that, keep watching because Ellie has our corporate card, and she's buying everything advertised to her in a single day – [Link] Wash down those yummy nuggs with a glass of something icy and nicy poured into this ear biscuits jar, available at mythical


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