– Today we ask the age old question – Will it nacho? – Let's talk about that

(lighthearted music) – Good mythical morning And Good Mythical season 14 – You heard the man And not only have we entered a brand new season And not only is it Monday which means an all new episode of our podcast, Ear Biscuits is now available on iTunes, but all this week is our Back to Mythicality week

So, let's begin with some exciting mythical news As you may know last season on Good Mythical Morning all of our episodes looked a little something like this As you can see, it was extremely simple and easy to follow – But this season we're gonna make things extremely complicated because why not? One episode a day followed by Good Mythical More Similar to what we were doing prior to last season, and by similar to, I mean exactly the same as prior to last season

Now I know that change can be difficult, but trust me With time you will get used to it And we wanted to start the new season with something everybody loves Nachos – It's time for– – [Both] Will It Nacho? – Now any nacho dish worth a salt will at bear minimum consist of crunchy tortilla chips, smothered in nacho cheese

That's a classic nacho foundation And then you got your toppings to choose from from there So in that spirit, all the nacho dishes we're about to taste will have chips and cheese that's been created using some part of the will it ingredient at hand And then the toppings, of course, are going to get out of hand But enough talking

Let's nacho – Yeah, let's begin with the most important meal of the day, pancakes And how will the breakfasty goodness translate in nacho form you're wondering? Well, presenting the IHON, the international house of nachos All right, for the chips we flattened pancakes, cut them into triangles and deep fried them in butter Then we drizzled some maple syrup nacho cheese, which is nacho cheese whisked with maple syrup

– Whisk it – We sprinkled some bacon and sausage on top and then topped it off with strawberry pico de gallo, which is strawberry, onion and a little bit of jalapeno – I've never had strawberry with my sausage – This is a tasty concept, Josh I am pretty excited

– Okay, I'm gonna get a little bit of everything – Starting a new season, man All right, now I will say, and this is not a negative, the chips that have been sitting under the syrupy cheese – They're sogged a little bit – It's soggin' a little

– But that's a good sign That's a sign of a good nacho – It's still crunchy at the end, at the tip Dink it – [Both] And sink it

Mmm – Josh, I want to kiss you right now (crew laughing) – Wow – The sweet and the savory together and the butter that that spent some time with is making me very happy – [Link] Oh my goodness

– This may actually allow IHOP to change its name and it not be just a publicity stunt You know? – [Link] Yeah – You want to call them? – Yeah, 1-800 The question is– (laughing) Pancakes, will they nacho? – [Both] Yes! – To truly test the versatility of a dish as time tested as nachos, we must merge them with the most popular dish of today So what is the Cardi B of today's culinary scene? Ramen of course! – Okay

– So we present to you nacho-men – Nacho-men That's purdy – Okay, so Josh made some chips out of the noodles by putting some egg with them and flattening them and deep frying it And then we also have pork broth cheese

You didn't know you need that but you did Sliced braised pork belly on top Also, green onions, enoki mushrooms and seaweed and then a soft-boiled soy marinated egg I don't know how we're gonna, we need to get a little bit of everything – Well, we got some chopsticks too but, yeah, let's not use these

This is like frustration sticks is what I call these – [Rhett] I washed ahead of time I'm making one for you there – Boo pe da boop, boop, dip, ba, ba Okay, I think we've assembled everything

I want half that egg I don't want all the egg Aw, man, what are you doin'? – [Rhett] Just do it – Okay – Just make me happy

– All right I've got an assembled chip here This kind of meets the criteria of having to do a little strategic assembly You know– – Yeah, that was strategic – Good nachos take a little bit of work

So we've done that now we're gonna dink it Before we eat this, I just want to say, that is a nice shirt you got there – Oh you know what, that is a nice shirt Where'd you get it – Oh, I got it at Mythical

store Where'd you get that? – Mythicalstore You been shopping at Mythicalstore? – Actually we didn't

They just hand them to us – Yeah, right Oh, you dropped a mushroom – Dink it – Where'd you get that mushroom? Mythical

store? No, (mumbles) – They don't sell mushrooms yet – There ya go – And sink it (crunching) – I want to like it

– Oh – My mind is saying yes but my body is saying– – Not really Well, it's very savory – [Rhett] Salty almost – Very salty

– Salty as in savory as in salty? – I think the pork broth cheese is an odd thing – Really? I just want to get a little bit of that pork broth cheese – This one's tough because as you start to move through it, it gets better So I think a lot of it is shaping your expectations– – Just like college – So that with the second bite

– You know, that first year's difficult – Mmm-hmm – You find yourself, you're gaining weight at an unprecedented rate You're making bad choices in relationships – Mmm-hmm, and then you finally make it through that

And you know what, I know what to expect here I got three, four, five, six more years of this I can make this happen – I am starting to kind of like it – I can make it happen

– This is like junior year – Mmm-hmm – You move into that fly apartment – Yeah we do – Yeah, Greg moved in, then Tim moved in and screwed it up

– We put traction tape on the floor of the bathtub that spelled our names – Yeah, it was on my credit report for seven years – Yeah – Will it nacho? (crew laughing) Ultimately– – [Both] Yes! – Nachos are the ultimate bar food and the ultimate bar drink is the Long Island Iced Tea So we combined the two to present the Long Island Iced Nachos, aka I'm Nacho Drunk, You Are! (laughing) All right, lots of stuff in this

Chips soaked with silver tequila, nacho cheese mixed with white rum, guacamole infused with vodka Vodka-mole Refried beans mixed with gin, salsa blended with Triple Sec Sour cream whisked with sweet and sour mix Cocapenos, which are jalapenos pickled in Coca Cola

And a lemon wedge! Garnish Mmrm Everywhere – Okay, go easy on the, well, too late – To an unsuspecting nacho passerby– – It just looks like nachos

– They may think that they're not gonna get inebriated – I don't think just one nacho's gonna do too much harm though Get some of that vodka-mole – And a Coca Cola peno Whoo-whee! Now it smells very– – Oh, wow, okay yeah

It really really gives you a warning, doesn't it? – It's like a 90 proof nacho – All right, let's eat it – Dink it and drink it, I guess (chewing) Oh! (crew laughing) – I'm nacho feeling so well (laughing) – You can taste, you know the nacho part's pretty good

The Long Island Iced Tea part is really workin' against it – Our eyebrows are raised Our eyes are squinted It's wow, it really makes you pucker – I gotta come up with a name for this face

Is this what everybody on Long Island constantly looks like? (laughing) Hey! Show me to the nearest nachos – There's a burn It's a burn in the back of the throat – I think I'm feeling it a little bit (laughs) – [Link] I'm not

– I feel a little buzzed (laughing) I mean – No you're not – No, I'm feeling, look at you! Look at you giggling! – What (laughing)? I'm not giggling, you are – You know, I only did one nacho man

You gotta have these! It only takes one – I don't think so man (laughing) Long Island Iced Tea, will it nacho? – [Both] No – You know those times when you just put a fresh piece of bubblegum in your mouth, right before you sit down to an actual meal? And then you have to throw out a perfectly good, barely been chewed bubble gum? Well, say goodbye to those days Presenting, bubble nacholicious

Yes, this is exactly– – [Link] Bubblegum nachos? – What it sounds like The chips are tortilla-crusted fried bubblegum, but there's three different brands we used Big League Chew, Bubblicious and Double Bubble And then the cheese is xylitol nacho cheese (laughs) – What is that? – It is an artificional sweetener found in most gums

– Artificional – Artificional or artificial Whatever you prefer And then, as top, we shredded Big League Chew Shredded blue and pink

– Oh! – Got a little preview – That is weird – It's weird, man – It's weird It's weird

Let me put some of that Big League on there Oh gosh, this is smart, man – Yeah, yeah, it's smart – This is real smart – Ding it

– And sink it – Comes right off – Of what? – Off of the chip and into my mouth – You saying you bit it? – You can bite it It's revolutionary

– Well, it meets that criteria Now as far as swallowing it, I'm actually swallowing– – You're swallowing quite a bit – I've got it a lot Before long, we're gonna swallow this whole big wad of gum – I've never been so surprised at how easily I could swallow stuff than that

I didn't think it could swallow (crew laughing) I don't even know what to think about that I'll just make my Long Island face – (laughs) I think you're still in Long Island Tea zone – I can't even do it anymore, what was it? (crew laughing) There it is

– Bring back the Long Island – It's tough to find the face! – Look, I have literally swallowed the whole thing – Me too, man! – I just ate a huge frickin' bite of nothing but fried gum – (laughs) It's gum, that's what it is And it wasn't bad

– It wasn't bad It's the way to eat gum (laughing) We've discovered it If you want to eat a belly full of gum, nacho fire! – I'm tell you right now – Bubblegum, will it nacho? – [Both] Yes! – The perfect nacho bite has a healthy amount of meat on it

So if we love the meat so much, we thought why don't we try and make the nachos out of only the meat? – Yeah – And then we said, "Why don't we use only meat "from a pig's head?" – Right – That sounds like a great idea Presenting, Charlotte's Nachos (laughing) Nothing but the pig's head

The chips are fried pig ears The nacho cheese is head cheese, which officially is gelatinized miscellaneous face parts of a pig We added some chico de gallo, which is boiled cheek meat, tomato, onion, jalapeno and cilantro – Yeah, that sounds good – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah

And face chunk meat, cheek, tongue, jowl meat, plus extra skin, boiled and chopped for safety – Okay – It smells, if I were to crawl up to a pig's face and smell it and it was a hot day, I think it would– – And I've done that It doesn't smell anything like It doesn't' smell anything like you think it would

– (laughs) Does it smell like this? – No, it smells pleasant You'd be surprised – This doesn't smell bad but it doesn't look great Oh my word, let's get everything – [Rhett] Do I have, I don't have– – [Link] The pig ear is heinous

– No, it's not a pig anus We've done that (laughing) we've done that That was a different time, Link – Chico de gallo

– These little nachos These little nachos went to the market – Why did we go after them? Now do you have enough? You got a little– – No, I'm gonna eat that whole part I mean, I'm not gonna eat it I'm gonna put it in my mouth and see what happens

– I think we can get this down 'Cause I think that's really– – The test – The full experience of a nacho – Right We just ate gum

I mean we can do anything This may be a whole new phase for us The gettin' stuff down phase Gotta come up with a better name – Dink it

– And sink it – Don't think it though (crunching) Oh my gosh – Oh my (crew laughing) (gagging) (crunching) – Oh! (coughing) Hey man, this is the getting stuff down phase

Season four frickin' teen, man What'd I just say? (crew laughing) – Look at my shirt – Hey, that's our dogs, man I never really looked at it before Do it for our dogs

(gagging) C'mon man Our dogs would love this (gagging) No, no! So much for getting stuff down phase – Hey, hey, hey, hey – Maybe it's just me

– Hey, you can do it man – I got fire in my belly – Look into their eyes – Your breath is horrible (laughing) – So is yours

My eyes are frickin' crying You can do this You can do this alone – The gettin' stuff down phase is just my thing now – Trump, trump, trump, trump

Swallow, swallow, swallow – Season fourt freakin' teen (gagging) – Chump, chump, chomp, swallow, swallow, swallow Whoo! Whoo! – I did it, it wasn't pleasant Well, I don't know why I did it because the question and answer's clear

– Pig's head – [Both] Will it nacho? No! – What are you, stupid? – No! No! I mean maybe, beforehand, but then after, no! – Well, next time you have the opportunity, you can get on team keeping stuff down – Okay – Until then, thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– [Everyone] Hey Rhett and Link! We're at (mumbles) It's time to spin the wheel of mythicality Whoo! – Whoo! – All right Mythical Beast, thanks for that Click the top link to watch us try plate o'nachos at Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the wheel of mythicality is gonna land – [Rhett] You can never have too many mythical tees Stock up at mythicalstore

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