Will It Marshmallow? ft. Marshmello (Taste Test)

– Today we ask the age-old question – Will it marshmallow? (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning! – And welcome to the show, Marshmello! Woo! – Woo! (crew applauding) – Thanks for being here

– And if you don't know, Marshmello is a highly successful disc jockey on the music scene – Mhm – His work speaks for itself – Right – We're very glad to have you with us today because this is a very special episode of all days, it is our 1400th episode! (upbeat dance music) Yeah, still going

Okay – Okay, that went a little bit longer than I anticipated – Woo – Or wanted it to (Link sighs) Okay we wanted to thank all of you, because without you watching, doing 1400 episodes with no one watching would be really sad

– Yeah And Mello, thanks for being with us to hang out and to celebrate We're not gonna be eating cake We have the perfect thing in store, marshmallows – Yes, and hopefully you will be happy with the things that we're gonna do to these marshmallows and not stop to think too much about the way we're mutilating and cannibalizing your people

– It's time for– – [Rhett And Link] Will It Marshmallow? – Now your average marshmallow consists of corn syrup, gelatin and sugar whipped to the right fluffy marshmallow consistency – Mhm, now we kept those ingredients but we're also, in the name of culinary discovery, whipping in a few others things that don't typically belong within marshmallows – And for starters, everybody loves the taste of s'mores Not everybody loves the way they are constructed You take one bite out of a s'more and likely, there's more on the floor which is why we developed an entire s'more inside of a marshmallow

We call it the s'more-smellow – Sounds like a great idea, right? Yeah? – Oh you wanna? – Oh we gotta dink it first though There's a dink it, and then we sink it So you can do the dink with yourself (Rhett chuckles) Yeah, and then we'll sink it

Dink it and, oh (moaning) – This is incredible It was pre-toasted as you can see – Whoa! It's very thick – We got chocolate and graham cracker already mixed into the middle of this thing

– I think we're having a moment I literally, I'm sensing this is one of those moments where we've created something on this show that should be everywhere – Yeah, this should be on the shelves – So good – It should be on the shelves

Wanna go camping with us (whistle and honk sound effect) I like how you're just kinda open to everything (Link laughs) But non-committal at the same time More people should be like that – It's so good, it's so heavy, it's so satisfying

So s'mores, will they marshmallow? – [Rhett And Link] Yes! – A classic marshmallow treat, especially during Easter, are Peeps and if you don't know, these are marshmallow shaped like chickens and colored yellow I should know, I was made into one (crew laughing) – Still haunts me (chuckling) – But we've decided to make a reverse Peep, AKA a chicken in a marshmallow That's right, this is known as a reverse Peep, otherwise known as the Peep

Get it, because– – Yeah What do you call that type of word? – Racecar, and there they are Oh, it's floppy There's one, oh – It's very gelatinous

– Well it's not Jello, oh Dink it I guess They double as toys, yeah Give it a dink, and then we'll– (Rhett laughs) – He switched it up on you (Link coughs) Really, it's not good? – Feed it to him

I'm trying not to act like it's gross until he's been forced to eat it (Link coughs) – It's not that bad – I can't take it Yeah you should try it It's great to you? – It's not raw chicken

I mean it's not good but it tastes like– (Link retching) This is gonna be a long day for you, man – The consistency of meat inside of a marshmallow is just, it's the definition of wrong for me now – Now it was not good at all (Link spits) But it was not worthy of that reaction I can only guess where we're gonna go from here

But chicken, will it marshmallow? – [Rhett And Link] No! – And Marshmello, you have your own cooking show on your YouTube channel We're actually gonna be on the show soon Thanks for having us But surprisingly, I don't believe you've made one of the classics until today Please help us unveil our marshmallow version of spaghetti and meatballs, AKA, spaghetti and marshballs

– Mhm, bam – Oh, it's beautiful – Look at it – It's floating Okay so yes this a little more complex

We actually have Italian egg pasta dough that has been incorporated into marshmallows somehow – A marshmallow noodle – And then we have beef marshmallows Yes, those exist, at least they exist here Ground beef marshmallows

– [Link] Oh look at how hard it is to cut into this thing – And, well, if you wanna do the honors, feel free to sauce it Don't get any on any of your clothing – Oh this is dramatic (droplet drips) Okay, that's a good start

– You can be more generous with it Yeah Yeah, sure, yeah yeah yeah – Oh yeah – Yes

– You know what? Now, just grate this marshmallow on Uh, sorry – Yeah I do think that puts him in a compromising position, Link – Well, just look away, okay? I envision this working like Parmesan, but– – You know what, you're torturing him and it's not working anyways – Okay yeah, let's get rid of that

All right so– – Sorry Sorry you had to see that – Now I've cut this one in half Rhett, why don't you take that meatball and I'll take this one here and of course we want the noodles – I think I need a quarter of that meatball

– You think this is gonna be good? (record scratching) Oh you're saying no – (chuckles) Yeah Probably right – See we do this so the people don't have to Unless it's great, then they can elect to

– [Rhett And Link] Dink it – Oh I gotta get some more pasta – Oh you want some more pasta? Sink it Still got that magnificent consistency of marshmallow – Yeah, you really can't avoid it

– But the taste – I can't believe you vomited the chicken so quickly and you're handling this This is worse than the chicken – No this one kinda tastes like Play-Doh Italian– – I need more sauce – And the sauce does help

– I need a lot more sauce – Oh goodness You're not liking this? I'm liking this – Is your tongue broke? – I'm not using my tongue – You want some sauce? – No, I don't need anymore sauce, man

– I'm not enjoying it – You want me to just down the whole plate? (chuckles) There's lots of other great stuff in store I gotta pace myself – It could be worse But spaghetti and meatballs, will it marshmallow? – [Rhett And Link] No! – Marshmello, where exactly do you and your people come from? (cash register chimes) (horn squeaks) Oh

(Rhett laughs) I always thought that if there were a land of marshmallows, naturally it would be probably a marsh – Ah – Am I right? – Ah – Yeah, could be, could be Well this next one is made entirely of things that we found in what I think could be the land of marshmallows, a marsh

And we call 'em marshmallows – (chuckles) Oh So creative – So reach in the marsh – There they are

Just waiting for us – Lurking – Just waiting for us back in the marsh – Lookin' like a gator Oh look, it's floating

– Oh gosh – All right so what we have here, these two marshmallows are made of dirt, grass, moss, murky water, and of course served in a bowl of murky moss water – Oh gosh – Rhett, let's each grab one of these Ooh, it's very spongey

– Yeah – It's light – It's still a marshmallow You wanna believe that it's a rock and then you pick it up and realize, nope, it's still a marshmallow – Yes

And I think we need to remove some of these moss pieces like, yeah, it's kinda like bones – Josh said that that wasn't as edible as the rest of it The rest of it, the dirt part, the murky water, oh that's the edible part – Look at the bottom I mean, I'm not getting away from moss

Yeah, grab that other bone there for me Okay – All right, a little dinkage – Dinkage and sinkage (Rhett chuckles) – He's going back to his homeland

– It immediately tastes like I fell face first, mouth open into a potted plant – It actually feels like, you know the marshmallow that got dropped at the campsite – Yes – That you ate it (Link coughs) Not only that it got dropped, it got marched on by an entire boy scout troop

– (coughs) There's something, there's like moss going up my nose – That's not a boy scout joke It was just, it was driven into the dirt It's got dirt in 'em (squeaking sound effect) – Look at that

(crew laughs) – I don't believe this will be safe to swallow – What? – I do not believe this will be safe to swallow – Too late – [Rhett] (laughs) Okay – I didn't think it was that bad, but you know

(chuckles) I'll eat dirt – You know what, a little marshmallow tree's gonna grow out of here now Hm – It doesn't smell bad though, does it? Smells pretty good, oh – [Rhett] So marsh, will it marshmallow? Ironically– – [Rhett And Link] No! – Right now marshmallow's back there hard at work preparing our next item

(dripping and zipping sound effect) (chuckles) We call this marshmallow yellow – Why? Because it's made of our own urine – Oh it's not made of Marshmello's urine? Okay that's right, we've been collecting our urine – So is this my urine and that's Rhett's urine? (squeaking sound effect) (crew laughing) – Does it really matter? Does it really matter at this point? – I mean, yeah, philosophically, it kinda matters to me, but whatever You did your best

We did pee in jars I just wanna clarify, this is real – Yes – It didn't have to be, but it is It could just be a yellow marshmallow and we could act, but we didn't, we peed in a jar

And Josh made them into marshmallows – Yeah, we wanna talk to you about how that was for you in the kitchen, taking jars of our urine and then cooking with it It's like the exact opposite of what's supposed to be happening in a kitchen – It doesn't smell bad Something about the marsh, I'm gonna touch this one

This is mine – It's yours now (chuckles) – Ugh – It smells like urine, man It smells– – Not this one

This one smells– – Kinda like a urinal cake Like there's something that, it's soaked with urine but there's something else going on, you know? – Marshmallow He's like, get to it – Okay – Dink it

– Dink it – Now, put the whole thing in your mouth – No! – Come on, man – You put the whole thing in your mouth – I will

– Okay, I'll put the whole thing in my mouth – Double dink it We gotta really build up the gumption Double dink it (Link coughs) (Rhett coughs) – [Rhett] Why'd you make me put the whole thing in my mouth, man? (retching) – [Crew Member] Oh! – I lost it! You can swallow it! You can do it! You can do, you didn't do it

(Rhett moans) (Link coughs) – (groans) Thank you, thank you for, I've never had anyone cover me at this moment – You know, having– – That's definitely yours That was definitely yours, man It was putrid – Mine was a little mild, it was great

– Exactly, yeah – I did think I could get it down at one point, but, once I really started breaking that thing apart, boy I'm crying – Okay, is it any surprise urine, will it marshmallow? – [Rhett And Link] No! – We do wanna thank Marshmello for helping us expand the definition of what a marshmallow can be Thank you, well I just touched urine You probably don't wanna, we'll do one of these

– (chuckles) Air five – If you wanna see more cooking videos my Marshmello, including us on his channel, check out his YouTube channel and while you're there, check out his newest single Happier – Yes, thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – And you say you know what time it is (crew laughs) – I'm Charlie from Buies Creek, North Carolina, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

(Rhett laughs) – Whoa look at that! – There we are! – Look at that billboard, man! That's right across the street from the Waffle House – Yes it is Click the top link to watch us try various soda marshmallows in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Grab ahold of Mythicality with this Mythical leather keychain, available at Mythical


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