Will It Mac And Cheese? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age old question – Will it mac and cheese? – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) Good Mythical Morning! – We're back! And it's our 16th season, which I think makes us the first 41-year-olds to be celebrating sweet 16 – Probably so, and today we're gonna celebrate with some strange mac and cheeses But, it's not just the 16th season that makes this sweet We're also approaching our 1,600th episode! – Woo! – Yeah, oh, maybe a little? (applause) And we are hopefully gonna break our 16 million subscriber mark – Fingers crossed

(wooing in background) (applause) – Fingers crossed – Yeah And that's not all, on top of all that, we got LTAT coming back on Saturday with Stevie and we're launching new Sunday food shows with Josh to fill out the whole week so, you're never gonna go a single day without that mythical goodness It's gonna be a big fall, y'all – And on top of, on top of all that, our 16th novel! Okay, it's our first novel

"The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek" comes out on October 29th and we have developed a very special, live, limited city event that we're calling "Bleak Creek Conversations" So we want to invite you to go to bleakcreekcom to pre-order the novel and grab event tickets and VIP passes – Grab them – Overall, sincerely we just want to thank you so much for enabling us to do what we do and for making us a part of your daily routine

– Yes, now let's get to that mac and cheese Kraft may have perfected their recipe eons ago but we feel it's time to expand what mac and cheese can be Emotionally, spiritually, and physically, it's time for – [Both] Will It Mac And Cheese? – Mac and cheese is usually pretty simple A little pasta pipes, gooey cheese, and some breadcrumbs if you're feeling frisky – Ooh, we gon' get super frisky, 'cause we're gonna be altering the pasta itself, the cheese sauce, and more So let's get started with a good one Hailing from our SoCal base, we have developed a secret menu mac and cheese and we're calling this one In-N-Out Mac and Cheese, Animal Style

Bam! – How could this not be amazing? – So of course we're referencing In-N-Out Burger's Animal Style fries When it's usually fries with the secret sauce and the grilled onions on top Which is my favorite way to eat the fries – Oh yeah, and you can get it on a burger as well – Ooh, Josh, what have you done? – Okay, tell us the process here

– [Josh] Alright, so the pasta tubes are homemade and they're actually made with pulverized, dehydrated In-N-Out fries themselves So we turned that into a dough and then there's their In-N-Out spread That's their thousand island mixed with American cheese in the sauce, and then of course topped with more spread, American cheese, and caramelized onions Little bit of crispy French fry bread crumbs – Dink it

– And sink it (background laughter) You know, In-N-Out prides itself on not adding new menu items over the years But I believe we can make a case for this, Josh – The thing about the noodles– – Let's go set up outside of the In-N-Out in protest until they make this an item – [Josh] Yeah, that always works

(laughter) – If I just isolate a noodle tube – Isolate a noodle tube, won't you Neal? – I mean it's very pasta-like Knowing that there's actual fries in this, it's pretty miraculous

– This might be the most definitive and simplest answer that we've ever given In-N-Out, will it mac and cheese? – [Both] Yes! – We wanted to take something from the candy aisle and mac and merge it And we could think of no better candidate that everybody's favorite perforated candy We present the "break me off a cheese of that Kit Kat mac" – Yeah, look at that, whoo! – [Rhett] Do you eat it with Kit Kats? Oh, you eat it with spoons

– Nah, you can eat it with a Kit Kat – I wanna get the real thing – Josh, what have you done? – [Josh] So the actual pasta has been infused with chocolate and then we made a sauce by actually just blending whole Kit Kats with milk, mascarpone cheese and cream cheese for a little bit of that salt and the wafers actually thicken the sauce themselves Topped with Kit Kat breadcrumbs – Thank you

(laughter) – [Josh] You're very welcome – Do you see the size of spoonful you've got in there, Neal? – [Link] Yeah, bud Yeah McLaughlin – McLaughlin, you callin' me McLaughlin now? – Mascarpone, dink it And sink it

– You know, if at some point in the distant future a wizard comes to me and says, "What point in your life would you like to return to?" (laughter) – Right now – It would be right now Somewhere in between that last one and this one – [Josh] It gets worse – Oh, I forgot that happens on this show, doesn't it? – Oh gosh, this is amazing! The consistency is so pleasing, because something about the noodles just soaking up and nestling around the chocolate

– I didn't know the noodles would be able to carry the chocolate flavor in the way that they are – I ate a noodle by itself which was amazing – You'd like to do solo noodles – Well there's so much craftsmanship that went into that part of it – Is that a pun? Was that craft with a K? – Kraft doesn't make Kit Kats, do they? – They make mac and cheese

– Oh, that's a good point (laughter) – Wow, we'll discuss this later Kit Kat, will it mac and cheese? – [Both] Yes! – Now you may think of us as weak, soft-bodied urban boys, who get our kale kombucha delivered by lime scooter, but we're actually very tough earthy men's men And to prove it, we'll be eating mac and cheese made out of a brick We're callin' this, "bric-a-brac and cheese

" – It's quite a left turn I mean you would think we could've eased into brick, you know what I'm saying? I was feeling so good, I was talking about the wizard of the future – Yeah here's the thing, right – And now – In a world where wizards exist, everything's not all rosy – Well as long as I can visit the moment I had a second ago and then go back to my other life and not have to live through this – What have you done? – [Josh] Unspeakably bad things So I infused the pasta dough with actual, ground-up brick

And then there's more of that ground-up brick to thicken the sauce that's made with just a little bit of mozzarella for that – Oh, a little bit, thanks for that – [Josh] Yeah, and then on top are some, just more pulverized bricks to act as breadcrumbs Chew carefully – They're definitely acting as breadcrumbs

– You know, it doesn't smell bad – Well, I mean people do– – It smells good

– People eat dirt – Dink it – Sink it – Very gritty, oh gosh I can hear you crunching (crackling and crunching) – Don't worry, I've got sealants

Don't worry, I had sealants (both crunching) This is gon' take a while – We're also calling this, "our dentists' trip to Cabo" (laughter) Oh my gosh You know brick is mostly tasteless, it's all about the texture

I don't know that there's any redeeming qualities like if it were charcoal, you could make up some mumbo jumbo about it "absorbing toxins" but does brick absorb toxins? – [Josh] Sure, why not? – Why not? Because it either does or it doesn't – [Josh] Who's to say – I think brick probably does absorb toxins – Oh, well then I'm on the fence – It's got a lot of surface area, that's why, that's the only reason that charcoal works is 'cause it has a lot of surface area

Brick dust has a lot of surface area Yeah, it absorbs toxins Yeah – I think I just chipped my incisor – [Rhett] Brick, will it mac and cheese? – Yeah

– No – Yeah – No (explosion) – You know me, I'm always lookin' to the future when I'll have interactions with that wizard that brings me back to different points in my life And the future looks pretty apocalyptic these days

And I love that, so we've developed a mac and cheese variation based on the best protein source we're gonna have after that impending societal collapse Cockroaches We call this, "cockaroni and roacheese" (laughs) – Now if there's every any doubt that there's cockroaches in it – They're right there

– [Link] Well there's two on top of it as well – [Rhett] One for you, one for me – Josh, what did you do? – [Josh] Well the first thing I took with the apocalypse when it happened was my macaroni extruder Then I took cockroach flour and mixed that in with the dough and there's a sharp, smoked provolone and cockroach sauce topped with some garlic cockroach breadcrumbs – I wasn't listening to anything you said, 'cause I was looking at this

– It's got a smell to it, for sure – I'm usually kind of shaky, but, I can't hold this steady 'Cause I'm so excited to want to eat it – Should I eat the head or the butt? – Oh are we gonna I just put that on there as a garnish which I would, I was gonna flick before we eat – Oh, okay – You know, maybe later because that's not gonna be good but I want to give this a fighting chance – You want to give it a chance, okay

– And if you're curious to watch how they actually made the pasta and made these dishes – You are – In the behind the mythicality series on the mythical society, you can watch how to make this as well as the In-N-Out one which you might want to recreate Mythicalsocietycom – Dink it

– Sink it If you focus on the cheesiness, that helps But there is an insectedness that kind of comes through – But that's what you're gonna have to embrace in the future – It's grainy

It's like, if you were expecting normal pasta and then you get that like healthy, really grainy pasta And you're like, "Something's off with this pasta" And then they're like, "Oh it's full of cockroaches" You're like, "Oh, okay" – But here's the thing, Link

In the future there's gonna be people who need to be convinced that it's okay to eat insects – Well do that to me right now – The way you do that is you demonstrate by doing something that seems sensational and outlandish and then acting like it's not a problem And then the children follow And they're like, "Oh now I can eat," everyone has a slight British accent in the future

"Okay now I can eat insects because Metagin," Metagin is my apocalypse name "Because Metagin just ate that roach" (laughter) – All right so let me get this straight You're about to eat that entire roach and act like– – No I didn't say entire I'm gonna bite its head off, because that the kind of thing Metagin does

– But you're gonna act like – It's not a problem – It's not a problem

– I'm gonna look like it's okay – [Josh] Did you get the pregnant cockroach or the non pregnant one? – I mean it's not like it's crunchy inside It's milky and creamy inside And that aint cheese Oh yeah, look at you

Your eyes are watering Is that tears of joy because you made a good choice? – Yeah, I make the best choices, I'm Metagin! – Smile a little more, be a little happier – Look at me children, this is what the future looks like (nervous laughter) See how happy I am? – So, cockroach Will it mac and cheese? – [Both] No! – Last but not least, we are regressing back to our childhoods and I'm talking even earlier than my I eat only cereal or mac and cheese phase

I'm talking all the way back to the original dairy source, breast milk And we're callin' this, "mac and double Ds" Josh, what've you done? – Who's breast milk is this? – [Josh] Well I'll say that you do know them but I don't want to tell you who It was an agreement that we made – I don't know how that makes me feel

– (mutters) Okay – So it's basically just mac and cheese, but the milk is breast milk? – [Josh] Yeah, more or less, but we did the store-bought noodles, but we boiled them in breast milk and then we actually made our own breast milk ricotta by just putting some acid and salt in there and letting it curdle And then the sauce is simply made with breast milk and then a little fresh breast milk floated on top to get the most pure flavor – Now, we've gone down the breast milk lane before – Twice

– And it's just not great – But here's the thing, you know in the distant future one of Metagin's decrees will be that we must still have milk and we have no cows Where you gonna get that milk from? – You wanna go with the left one, I'll go from the right one? (Rhett sighs) Dink it Sink it It's like coagulated

– Don't say that word The idea of this one is really unpleasant to me – Not bad to me – I was a formula baby (laughter) So this is always new to me, it's like I never got used to it

Did you partake of the teat? – Every chance I get (laughs) (background laughter) – Why, did you just take a second spoonful? – Tell me later who this is (laughter) – I feel like if I was looking at a picture of this person I would spit it out right now – It tasted fine to me, it just did – [Rhett] Yeah, it doesn't taste bad

– [Link] My psyche is a little compromised – I'm surprised at how easily you got through that It does not taste bad, it tastes a little off like if you served this to me at a place, I would be like, "Uh excuse me, something's off about this" – Yeah, it's turned – And they would be like, "Oh, it's breast milk

" I'd be like, "Oh, okay, it's perfect then" – So I'm going for a yes on this Are you on the fence? – It's not better than regular mac and cheese but again, in the future we'll only have breast milk and I'm not giving up mac and cheese so, yeah – So it's true to say that you are not teat-ering on the fence? – No – [Link] Breast milk, will it mac and cheese? – [Both] Yes! – Right at the start of season 16, we yes'd the last will it

– That doesn't happen very often I don't know if it's ever happened Well thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Kristen

– And I'm Zack – We just got married – And it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality! – Not what I was thinking about right after I got married but (laughter) – Click the top link to watch us eat an ice-cream and mac and cheese sundae on good mythical more – And to find out where the wheel of mythicality's gonna land Do a blind taste test in your sleep with our mythical sleep masks Available now at mythicalcom

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