Will It Hair Gel?

– Today we ask the age-old question – Will it hair gel? – Let's talk about that

(funky electronic music) (fire crackles) – Good Mythical Morning – Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast YouTube channel New episodes of Ear Biscuits every Sunday at YouTubecom/EarBiscuits – Now, you may not know this about us, but Rhett and I both care a lot about our hair

Big surprise, I know, I once took my hair on a relaxing weekend getaway to Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Summerlin, Nevada – Hmm, and I recently bought a $10 million term hair insurance policy – Totally worth it, but if hair makes the man, and then hair gel makes the hair, then hair gel could be made out of men Or other things, it's time for– – [Rhett and Link] Will It Hair Gel? – Okay so the Mythical team has agreed to help us out by lending their hair for us to do these tests on – Starting with Jordan

Come on out, Jordan – Oh yeah, pull up a chair– – Hey – And bring in your thing, yes, here it is Now (chuckles), you guys know I'm big on efficiency, especially when it comes to morning routine, so if I can use one substance for two purposes– – Yep – I'm on board, so Jordan, as you know, we're gonna see if we can use toothpaste as a hair styling product

– That seems like a good idea – (chuckles) Yeah – Yeah, potentially – I hope it makes for an entertaining video – Yeah, we're calling this Aquafresh net

– It looks like it could be hair gel You know what I'm saying? – It really does – It looks like that– – Oh but when you, okay – Remember that LA Style? – Oh LA Looks – LA Looks, yes

– That was good gel – Yes – Speaking of style, we're gonna style your hair in the form of a Pompadour – Grab a handful – The key for gel is, first you gotta– – Right

– [Rhett] You wanna emulsify – Okay so that, the heat is helping – Wow your hair is so springy – Curly – Thank you

It's because I don't usually put toothpaste in it That's probably why it's so healthy – Okay wow, I gotta go back for more Your hair is absorbing this It is just drinking this toothpaste up, boy

It's awesome – It feels nice, it's nice to be touched – It smells so fresh – (laughs) Nice to be touched – Well hold on, at this point we're just like kneading his hair

– I'm just having a good time – Let's try to style it, like here's the reference photo, Rhett – Making biscuits – I'm just trying to get it in there so now I'm gonna start trying to get it up Grab that comb over there Link, 'cause it's got bigger gaps in it and I think I might be able to comb out a little bit here to get to the rockabilly look

– Well don't hurt the man – [Rhett] Oh gosh, that's not gonna happen – So we're getting some clumping which is not great for hair gel – Well and it's doing something that you don't want your hair gel to do and that is it's not dissolving into the hair, it just turned his hair green It turned his hair the color of the gel, which is that a bad thing? (Jordan chuckles nervously) – I don't know

(Rhett laughs) – All right so– – You tell me, audience Do I look terrible? Let us know in the comments Don't let us know – That's good, that's good – I just think this is what we need

– Yeah – This is what we need– – You just don't wanna– – And then, this is what we need – Show too much of the back – [Link] This is what we need – This is what we need

– This is what's happening This is how we do it – Yeah I'm sorry – It never stays the same so you can't catch on – (laughs) I just wanna chant with you

Let me chant – All right so– – I want it to come up more though – Story of my life – It needs a little more body – Yeah it's too heavy

The only positive that I can point out is that it is so fresh smelling – Yeah it does smell like– – You look super punk rock – Thank you – You know, you don't look at all like our reference picture but you look like somebody that, I mean I'd be scared of – Yeah, I mean I feel like maybe I could take down the system at this point

– I've never been– – Stick it to the– – Scared of you, but I'm scared of you now – Cool, I like that – That's not the definition of success, so toothpaste, will it hair gel? – [Rhett, Link and Jordan] No – Now I never met a queso I didn't like, but a lot of people hate the Chipotle queso, so we thought maybe it'll work as a hair gel We got Christine here to help us out and we blended up the queso with some Chipotle chips for some added structure

We call this gelpotle – Mm, smells like you want your hair to smell I guess – Actually I think it smells good, let's do this, I mean– – Oh yeah ooh – I feel like ooh It's really– – It's thick

– It's gelled up quite a bit – Congealed – We're trying to make you look like this version of Kristen Stewart – It's basically a simulated undercut with a swoop – I feel like if you drink too much, this is what will be in your hair anyway, so

– It does have that– – Ugh come on, ugh – Sorry (laughs) – It's your hair, not mine Thank you for volunteering – You know

– Oh, this is– – I'm known for volunteering for many things– – It's not really– – In my life Very, very giving person – It's really– – Now I'm gonna go with the undercut Maybe you should– – Try to get – It's really cold

– I'm just trying to work it into the hair a little bit It really doesn't– – What you wanna do Rhett is simulate the, oh yeah, and then, we gotta take what's left This is all we got to work with and this is gonna make the undercut part – The undercut part – [Rhett] So really just slather it on right there

– Right here – I feel like I fell asleep at a bad party – Get that and then get this worked in here – And then pull the hair over the ear The key is to keep the ear exposed on the undercut side

– And this just kinda hangs down This is sorta like I don't care That side is just supposed to look like you don't care Okay I think maybe we've done enough to evaluate – The smock is working

– Actually the more that I do that, it really starts, the slick down part really starts to work – Yeah but then Link, just look at her in whole (crew laughs) Yeah I mean like, if you zero in right here, maybe, but then when you kinda zoom out and get the full picture, I think it's very clear to see Chipotle chips and queso, will it hair gel? – [Rhett and Link] No – Okay for this next one we thought it'd be fun to combine the punk qualities of super hold gel and super bright hair color into one product

We also thought putting melted crayons in hair would be fun Now I could be wrong about this, but we may be wrong about that – (chuckles) That's true – This is Mike Paisley He is our art director and a lot of the amazing things you see here, set-wise are designed and built by him

So we think that this blue color will suit you well as well a faux-hawk – So if this doesn't work or if we have to shave your head completely, it's ultimately your fault right? – Are you gonna shave it? – When you touch it, it dries quick – Oh gosh – So maybe just get Here I'm gonna hold it close

– What if you just pour it? – Yeah, it's a great idea – Because then it's gonna harden everywhere – Just pour it and I'll move it You pour and I'll move – Oh gosh

– I'll work – Ooh – Oh it's warm – Ooh It's like I'm gettin' a shampoo

– Oh yeah look, look at that – Oh yeah – A blue shampoo – I like what's happening – We're Smurfing you up, man

– You're right on top of my hands Oh gosh, that's on the shoulder – Oh yeah now smoosh that together David Beckham faux-hawk style – This is really working

– Oh yeah! – [Rhett] It is dyeing and it is really doing the job Come on the sides 'cause he has a weird thing, it flattens on the side so come on this side Yeah and just, I'm gonna hit it with a flatter – It's flattened, flattened? – Flattener – Oh it smells– – Good! – It smells like school

– [Rhett] That's awesome Now do the same thing on this side – Okay now this side Now turn that way – Okay here we go so, oh, that's a lot

– This is a good time – [Rhett] It is pretty hot (laughs) – Yeah – You look so hot right now, Paisley Get the front parts, dude

– Oh, I mean, you know You don't wanna look like you care too much – Oh oh gosh, keep your eyes closed Don't worry, it'll harden and they'll never open – Okay

– Oh my word – [Rhett] Hold on, Link, I think you can stop – I can walk around in the rain and not get wet now – Look at that – This is the coolest thing I've ever seen

– [Link] Melted crayons, will it hair gel? – [Rhett and Link] Yes! – Now I tried spreading my hair gel on a crostini and sprinkling a little finishing salt on it but honestly it doesn't do that much for me But bone marrow is not only a delicious appetizer, it's basically just cow gel We're going to use this and we call it cowlick – Okay– – Fun – We're gonna try to do a 90s boy haircut that doesn't actually have a name but well, this is a reference of a young Joe Jonas

– [Rhett] I feel like we can do that with your hair – I think so, yeah – You've got a perfect palette for this – I don't know if you knew this but your hair's lighter in the area where we're gonna make it stand up – Okay– – That's, ah, that's so gross

– No it's not – [Rhett] So you already worked it all out of the bones These bones are just for reference, right? – Oh gosh No you can get some more out of there, we may need it So again, it's already going in the right direction but– – Oh gosh

– Let's make sure – [Rhett] It is– (Link groans) There's a lot of solids in here – The sound, oh, ew – [Rhett] I'm just gonna put my hands on your head (chuckles) and just start working – Yeah yeah and just– – Oh my God

– We're just gonna, that feels good, right? – Ugh – That's part of the, that's a bonus – Actually, so, if it wasn't for the actual pieces of like– – Fat – Fatty parts I mean it does a really, it's a great greasy thing

I used to use a pomade called Murray's that was basically this – [Davin] Smells like coconut oil – I'm gonna just really work– – Cowconut oil (Davin laughs) – [Rhett] Really work that right there – Davin thinks I'm funny

– Yeah (laughing) – That's why he's here Oh you're already going up with it, huh? Here I'm gonna put my hand here and brush against the hand and then smoosh against the hand – Oh boy – Smoosh against the hand

– [Rhett] Let a little more hair out here – Okay yeah yeah What do you call that streak in the front, Davin? Style (Davin sputters) – Style? – Style – All right

– Now you call it the– – When do I remove my hand or is it here permanently? – I think you might have to never take your, you might have to never take your hand out of Davin's hair again Okay just try, just try, just release very, very, very gently – On three Two One

– It works – Look to the side Not that far, don't look– – Oh, oh – It's a little messy on that side – Oh, oh gross

– I think the problem is your hair, not the gel though 'cause it's a little too long for what we're trying to do – I think if we were to filter it a little bit Yeah, fan it out (Davin, crew laugh) Yeah, there you go That's exactly what Joe looks like

– [Link] Bone marrow – [Rhett and Link] Will it hair gel? Yes! – Did you know that fish bladder can be turned into an adhesive? – No but I can act like I did – An adhesive is basically hair gel, right, so we took some fish bladders and– – Why do fish need bladders? That's just one question You're in water already – That's true

– Why is it not just– – Isn't their whole body a bladder? – It's just a free-flowing thing, but whatever There are fish bladders – Look at that though It's like a– – [Rhett] But you can't put that in your hair – [Link] Deflated, oh goodness

– Okay– – Just urinated – So we didn't wanna subject any of our team members to this so we're submitting ourselves If you were wondering, oh they're just doing all this to their employees, well now we're doing the worst one to us – What we did was we got some swim bladders, we soaked 'em in water overnight, kneaded them into a blob, cooked 'em in water at 140 degrees until it all dissolved, filtered it and created what could be hair gel – Could be

– All right so– – And we're– – I don't want my hands to smell like fish I just want my hair to smell like fish – Me neither, and speaking of fish, we are styling our hair to look like one of the guys from Phish What's his name, Trey– – Anastasio – Anastasio 'Cause I think it's sort of like our hair goes up now but let's bring it down

– Yeah – Oh ho ho ho! – Oh my gosh It is like a glue – Oh it's so thick! – Oh gosh And again, you just gotta– – It feels so wrong

– Just gotta go for it I'm gonna go back first – It smells so strong! – If I vomit, I'm just gonna throw it in there too, who cares – It's so adhesivey My hair does not like to cooperate but I'll tell ya, this fish bladder juice

– I don't wanna bring it onto my forehead – Well I'm there, brother (chuckles) – I mean, he's got the wings I'm gonna try to re-approximate my wings but I don't have the side hair to do it – [Rhett] Yeah how do you get it to come out like that? – Here, help me out and I'll help you out

– You don't have a lot of hair anymore There's not a lot to do up here – [Link] If I bring it down further, you're gonna look more like– – [Rhett] You gotta get it turning to your eye – Oh gah, don't get it in my eye – [Rhett] Not in your eye but around your eye, and then you gotta– – You need some wings

Oh, yeah, yeah, that's working – [Rhett] You don't have any hair on the sides of your head anymore, what happened? – [Link] Well I cut it Remember that? – [Rhett] Okay that's as much wings as I can get – Okay hold on look at me – [Rhett] Any more and you'll fly away

– Okay, yes, there you go Playing the Phish (crew laughs) Look at me, jam banding it out, man Is this working? We just plastered– – Can you smell the patchouli? – I can smell something We basically just plastered our hair down

– But hold on – I don't think this works in a jam band situation Yours is better than mine – It might not be in a jam band situation but to me, this behaved the most like hair gel of anything so far – Are you looking at my hair? – (chuckles) Yeah, it looks great

– Oh thank you – You don't look like, I mean I could do all kinds of stuff with it – Yeah yeah yeah – I mean you don't look like a Phish guy but you can, you know, there's all kinds of things, it does anything that you want it to do It's so cooperative

– You know what Rhett, now that you defended it, you're exactly right – Fish bladder– – Will it hair gel? – Yes! – Yes! All right, there we go I guess I will put my glasses back on Oh, you do look great – Yeah, now that you can see clearly, you see that I look like, you know what, let's, when is Phish coming to town? (both chuckle) Let's go to a Phish– – We know what we're gonna look like

– Let's go to a Phish concert smelling like this – May I recommend our own proprietary hair pomade – Oh yeah – Mythical Pomade, available at Mythicalstore

– Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Joel – I'm Bryson – [Girls] We're the stylists

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