Will It Gingerbread Man? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age-old question– – Will it gingerbread man? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning

– Today's episode's brought to you by Google Pixel 3 Pixel 3 has got a ton of new and upgraded features that make it an awesome, easy to use smartphone for all of your holiday needs – And we're gonna be seeing a few of those features in action throughout today's episode And speaking of today's episode, we currently have a very distinct aroma wafting through the air of our Mythical studio An aroma so intense and enticing that I wouldn't be surprised if you were smelling it as well

– Why, I smell it too, Rhett It's the magical scent of gingerbread – Yes – But I'm also smelling a whole lot of other ingredients no one has ever gingerbread man-ified, until now It's time for– – [Rhett and Link] Will It Gingerbread Man? Sponsored by Google Pixel 3

– In the giving spirit of the holidays, today we're giving you a very special behind-the-scenes look at how these unique gingerbread men are made Using Google Pixel 3 and it's awesome features, we've filmed Mythical Chef Josh creating all these weird Will It combinations – And we hope you enjoy that extra sneak peek as much as we hopefully are gonna enjoy these gingerbread men Take it away, Josh – Whoever first combined ginger and bread was a genius, but what happens when you take one iconic culinary combo and mix it with another iconic combo? I'm not talking about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, though they are great, I'm talking about chicken and waffles

So every gingerbread man has to start with a base of the actual gingerbread, so here we just have a super classic dough and we're gonna take all the other stuff, basically fold it into that Great We're starting with untoasted Eggo Waffles We're using dark meat chicken and then the really important part, chicken skin The oils are actually gonna diffuse into the cookie and it's almost gonna give it kind of a bit of a fried texture on it

(whimsical music) Decorations are really gonna breathe life into the gingerbread man Anyways we're gonna take this discarded chicken skin, and we have a nice maple and hot sauce icing, not only is gonna be an adhesive, it's actually really tasty So there's his head piece So he kinda looks like a Spartan from 300 right now Let's forge him a sword

And we're just gonna put his little sword right there It's really about making it your own, you know, don't follow the rules Hope they like it (Rhett laughs) – All right, well it– – Hope we like it – It looks good

It looks like we're gonna like it I mean look at that He's a warrior – Yes, you have the sword, I have the scythe We call this gingerbreast man and waffles

– And so we've got our syrup here Now one of the tests of a gingerbread man is that it stays together when you pick it up And that seems to be happening – Bingo – So it's passing that test

– Look at that – [Link] My guy's got abs and pectorals – My guy's got three belly buttons in, and– – Hyah! – Two nipples – Boom, ope – Oh, I don't know what that means about your gingerbread man

I'm gonna dip mine– – I lost my sword – I'm gonna cover my guy's face in a little syrup and then I'm gonna bite his head off – Yeah I'm gonna bite the head off this beast as well – Dink it – They can kiss

And sink it That chicken skin – Mm-hm – Is like biting into a saddle And if you ever wanna get to the horse, you gotta bite through the saddle

– Okay now that I got through that, Texas Chainsaw Massacre face skin – Wrong time of year, now listen I'm trying to chew it all up before I give my assessment, and what I'm discovering is that you've got the chickenness, the waffleness of course, but then the ginger still hits hard, and that's the only part I don't like – Really? I actually went– – Doesn't seem to go – No, get just some of the gingerbread that's got the chicken in it, dip that into the syrup

– Like a foot? – And taste that and tell me you don't like it Isn't that good? – Maybe I just don't like gingerbread men – Oh, oh – I don't hate it – You might have to opt out of all of these if you don't like gingerbread

– It kind of just tastes like a gingerbread cookie – No but there's a little hint of chicken Just a little hint of chicken and some waffle – Well especially when you take into account how great it looks with the accoutrement, then I'm all for it – And I actually worked on my jaw trying to get through that chicken, so, will it gingerbread man? – [Rhett and Link] Yes

– There's nothing like a fresh-baked gingerbread man, but honestly all of our food cravings can be satisfied by something that's been made in a factory and sealed in a plastic bag and put on a shelf Case in point barbecue potato chips Let's do this Throw all these into a food processor We're working with three different kinds of barbecue chips, 'cause life, like cooking, is about variety

(mixer whirs) Just gonna fold it and then knead it a little bit Chips tend to be more dry than wet on account of they're chips so we need to make kind of barbecue inspired icing So we're gonna go ahead and do a little but of dry rub, a little bit of barbecue sauce and a lot of butter and powdered sugar We're just gonna do two eyes with our barbecue icing Most gingerbread man, they're not wearing clothes per se so much as they have little squiggles on their arms and legs so as to imply clothes, because it'd be inappropriate for them to just be naked

Ready to start a Pinterest board that you're never gonna update (Rhett and Link chuckle) – I did that No I didn't Start a Pinterest board Okay now we call this ginger crunch man because I anticipate it's gonna be very crunchy

– [Rhett] Yeah I can just tell by the rigidity This guy's so rigid – Now again, you don't want it falling apart, so it passes the first test in my mind – Crunch is a good thing though Tell me a time in your life when crunch wasn't a good thing

(coughs) – I can't come up with one, Rhett Woo, don't breathe too deeply because you'll asphyxiate on barbecue chip juice, I mean, what's it called? – Smell? – Particles (crew laughs) – Taking off– – Particles – Taking off the head here and getting the eyeballs and– – [Rhett] Oh (chuckles) – You get hit with that barbecueness

Woo! – My mouth doesn't know what to do – It really plays a trick on your brain, because you feel like you're eating a cookie but it's, the entire experience is just barbecue chip – It's so chippy – I'm not even getting ginger – It out-barbecued the ginger? – Which to me is a great thing

I actually– – I don't dislike it – I really like this one – Okay – 'Cause the ginger's taking a backseat – If I don't dislike it and you really like it

– [Link] Barbecue chips, will it gingerbread man? – Yes – Yes – For lots of people, gingerbread men evoke memories of childhood but my childhood was shaped by something different, frozen meals you can microwave and drop in front of the TV So my favorite TV dinner, Salisbury steak It's a classic

So you're gonna get a nice, meaty chew, and then we're gonna decorate with all the other parts of the TV dinner We're just gonna take our steak (whimsical music) So here I got mashed potatoes I just mixed with a little bit of powdered sugar I'm gonna make some nice big ol' eyes We're gonna take our gravy frosting

And now we're just gonna make little glasses frames So now we're gonna take green beans And because nothing says family portrait like a TV dinner, I'm gonna use Google Pixel 3's portrait mode selfie to get a great shot of me and my new gingerbread son It's like Pixel-ception Using a Pixel 3 inside of this video being captured on Pixel 3

– (chuckles) Wow – And look at how good he looks Mine's got glasses Ope, so does yours – Yep

We call this one divorce gingerdad man (chuckles) – 'Cause that's what they, um, all right, again– – They – Ooh look at that, and you can see all that Salisbury steak peeking through the back of the cookie – Now did you always think that Salisbury steak was from Salisbury, North Carolina? – I never thought about it – That's all you're gonna give me? – (mutters) What were you hoping for? – I spent the majority of my childhood believing that we grew up near a place that was responsible for the greatest steak ever to grace the earth, and you never thought about it once until right now? You just dismissed it? – I tend to not think while I'm eating, which comes in really handy on this show

– Okay all right – All right so, any prediction? – I'm gonna do it in a little extra potato dip in just his head right there – I'm not, I'm not Ooh – The temperature's a little off-putting

This is like morning after with a divorced dad – Ugh – You know what I'm saying? – This is– – You wake up and he didn't finish the dinner last night and you taste it – This is really nasty It's meaty, but sweety

None of it goes together I can also smell the green beans that are still here and that's also messing me up – This just makes me feel sad – And lonely – Yeah

– [Link] Frozen TV dinner, will it gingerbread man? – No – Mm-mm – This episode I really wanted to get inside the head of a gingerbread man And then I realized there was one thing really important missing from the head of a gingerbread man and that's brains Thanks to Pixel 3's unlimited storage, I can capture as many videos and take as many photos of brains as I want

I think I know what my Christmas card is gonna be (whimsical music) So we're using lamb's brains here, you know lamb is really popular during Christmas so I figured it'd be a nice little festive touch to go in the gingerbread man And we're just gonna start smashing the brains in there It's so mushy, it smells like brain too You don't really think of brains as having a smell until you're smelling brains

So now we're making essentially a lamb brain mousse (mixer whirs) I wanna get as much of that beautiful lamb's brain flavor in here as possible, so we're actually gonna do this sandwich cookie style That's gorgeous, look at that Then what we're gonna do is take whole lamb's brain and kinda put it on top And big ol' circle mouth so he looks just as horrified as you are

I love him and Rhett and Link, I hope you love him as much as I do (Rhett chuckles sadly) (crew laughs) – Oh gosh _ Look at this thing (Link clears throat) We call this gingerbrain man AKA gingerbread man, why are we doing this? – [Rhett] (chuckles) Yeah

I love how he put eyes right on the brain – But there's a brain mousse all throughout There's no way to get away from– – I mean do we have to actually bite part of the head in order to get a real test here? – Do you wanna require the smarts of a lamb? – Ugh, require or acquire? – Did I say require? – You said require I don't know, I don't know if I want to acquire or require them – There's no right answer

(Link coughs) – I just know that if I get a significant bite of just straight brain, I'm not gonna be able to keep it down – I'm trying to think of the brain as just another part of the flesh I mean if you think about muscle, oh there goes an eye It's disintegrating (eye clinks) – I mean the whole thing is gross

– Yeah – Eating an animal's gross to begin with (chuckles) – Yeah, 2019 I'm becoming vegetarian – 2019? Oh, yeah – Yeah

– It's in the future – That's my resolution I like how it's slowly sliding off If I wait long enough, whoa, whoops I can't eat that part now

(Link gags) (crew member coughs) – Is somebody gagging back there just by watching? Is that what it's like to watch this show? (Link coughs) Just sitting there in the privacy of your own home gagging to yourself – Uh, yes, I think it is Come on, try the brain – Why don't you do it too, bro? – (sighs) Okay – I'm just gonna get a little sliver of it

– Oh gosh, now I have to grab it and put it back on it It's so spongy – Here's the problem though Link, if we don't do this right now, millions of people are gonna just do this on their own If we wanna prevent more people from doing this, we have to do it now – Or maybe– – 'Cause I'm anticipating that it will not gingerbread man

– I think that no one's gonna do it unless we find out that it should be done – That's another way to look at it – Dink it – Oh gosh – [Link] Oh gosh you already bit it

(gags) (crew laughing) (Link gags) – Sometimes you need your buddy to help you– (Link gags) Oh God, oh God! (Link gags) You can do it, you can do it, you can do it Hold on, let me do the chewing – What are you doing? – No Let me, let me– (Link gags) (Rhett chuckles) This is my Christmas gift to you I'm gonna help you chew

I'm the surrogate chewer You just relax, don't even think – [Link] Oh my God (gags) – Oh God It's not that bad, man

(gags) It's difficult when you're doing that though That help? (slams table) (Rhett exhales) (Link gags) Oh, I did it ♪ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ♪ (Rhett chuckles) – That's making a weird sound come That lamb brain – Ugh, let me tell you

I had to swallow it twice 'cause it came back up But you know what, it's pretty good – It wasn't that bad – I highly recommend it – It was difficult to get down, but– – Once it's down there, you're like wow

– Kind of like a sporting event, just eating that – That's good And you know, get your entire family, friends involved Brains, will it gingerbread man? – [Rhett and Link] Yes! – Thanks to Google Pixel 3 for sponsoring today's episode To get your own, click the link in the description

– And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Adam – I'm Wesley, and we're from Knoxville, Tennessee – And we're having a gingerbread house building competition with my sisters

– [Together] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – I'm not gonna challenge those guys to a hair competition – Good luck, boys – Click the top link to watch us try more crazy gingerbread creations in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

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