Will It Funnel Cake? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age-old question – Will it funnel cake? – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Summer – Hey, this Cotton Candy Randy tie-dyed tee is now available at Mythicalstore Get it for a limited time, daddies – Ooh now it's summertime and if summertime means one thing, it's butt crack sweat, and if summertime means two things, it's butt crack sweat and carnivals

– Okay so today we're gonna take a classic carnival food on a ride it has never experienced That'll be six tickets It's time for– – [Rhett and Link] Will It Funnel Cake? – Today Mythical Chef Josh is on funnel duty I've always thought you looked like you had some carny blood in you – [Josh] I got a whole bucket of carny blood in the fridge

– Not in you, in your fridge – Yeah – I hope it's not– – Did it come from you though? – [Josh] Not legally allowed to say – Okay first up, when you're hot and sweaty and need to be refreshed, you don't wanna reach for that purple stuff, you want some Sunny D, that weird, fake OJ drink chock full of sugar from your childhood So we made a Sunny D funnel cake that can cure your munchies and your thirsties, we call it sunnel cake

I went through a Sunny D phase – I've never had it – You come over to my house – You had it at your house? – Yeah – I just thought– – Big jugs of it

– I always thought it was just for rich people 'Cause Tate Mattox had it at his house Are you sure? – I wasn't Mattox rich I wasn't rich – You hid, you hid the Sunny F from me 'cause I feel like I would remember that

– It was just a phase, man – Did you keep it in a special fridge? – Looks like worms, no, I didn't have one of those I'm not a Mattox (Rhett chuckles) Ooh it's crunchy Wow, that packs a punch

– Oh you've got some Sunny D– – What did you do? – Some Sunny D notes – Wow – Yes, I took about a half gallon of Sunny D and I reduced that 'til it was a syrup and then mixed that in to a standard funnel cake batter, it's like eggs, flour, butter, a little bit of leavening agent – Okay – Fried that up, topped it with a Sunny D syrup infused whipped cream, more Sunny D syrup, and the powdered Sunny D

– I kinda like what this is doing You don't know I mean did you like the Sunny D, you've never had it? – No I had it– – You think it's gonna be orange juice but then you– – Tate Mattox's house – You taste it and it's like– – Like a king, I felt like a king over there – It's weird, man

– Right next to the golf course They had a gold cart, I'd drive that around and come back, get some more Sunny D I was living high on the hog, man – Get the butler to bring it to you – Little did I know, you had it at your house in the secret refrigerator

– (chuckles) Yeah, man I ain't sharing the good stuff – If you don't like Sunny D, you won't like this I gotta say it was shocking at first, it's so tart – I will call it refreshing and say that I love it

– But the more you eat it, the better it gets – Mm-hmm So Sunny D, will it funnel cake? – Yeah – Yes – Of course you might wanna go sweet with a funnel cake, but I'm a savory man

I want a big, savory meal like a whole honkin' Chipotle carne asada burrito We call this carny asada – Are you sure we're not doing a carny asada burrito just so we could say carny asada? – Well that's probably where it started – Josh, what have you done to this? – [Josh] So I took an entire steak Chipotle burrito bowl, white rice, black beans, corn salsa, hot salsa, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and then I chopped that up real fine and mixed in a funnel cake batter dough, fried that, and then the guacamole is actually in the whipped cream A little bit of the Chipotle Tabasco on top

– Oh my goodness – You make it sound morally wrong the way you talk about it – Guacamole in the whipped cream? – You think this is morally wrong? Have you ever thought about that? Do you think we break morals? – Rhett, we don't– – When we do things like this – We don't do morals around here (Rhett chuckles) – I think this might be immoral but– – Dink it

– If it's wrong, I don't wanna be right If it feels good, do it – Wow that whipped cream, it's really got that guacamole freshness– – Whoa! – But a lightness that is– – Whoa! – A revelation – That is incredible! – And then the cake It has this meaty weightiness to it

– Man, I love this life of moral corruption – This is absolutely amazing, dude – This is one of the best things you've ever done – What– – In your entire life – [Josh] One day we'll pay for our sins

(Rhett chuckles) – I think– – Okay don't go that far – It's all great but the whipped cream guacamole combo is just, I'm so pleased by it – That could be transferred to many different items, not just this But on this it definitely works so Chipotle, will it funnel cake? – [Rhett and Link] Yes! – All right for this next one we're interested in balancing the greasiness of funnel cakes with something healthy, make you feel good about yourself even though you're totally morally corrupt – (chuckles) Right

– So we decided to throw some superfoods in a funnel cake, kill two birds with one stone, we call this the 20 fried hour fitness cake – What's a fried hour? – Like you know 24 Hour Fitness – Yeah I know that, but what's a fried hour? – It's what he's been doing for the past 60 minutes – Yeah you've had several fried hours – I mean with that last one, my mind's going back to crispy town

I think with you back there and us just on the mic barking, crispy town, it needs to happen – Oh you let Josh do all the work – Yeah we can just– – I like the sound of that – Yeah being on the mic – This is– – Look at that

– This is hard – What do you think that is? – It's Medusa What's happening in this thing? – [Josh] Well a whole lot of wrong turns happening So it's a little bit of acai, some kale powder, matcha powder, there are chia seeds in there 'cause those do something I think There's a whole green juice and on top is a bunch of matcha powder and aside from the acai this is sugar-free

– Aside from the acai, oh gah – That is bitter – It just tastes like fish food smells You know that powder that the fish come up for? – Yeah – Yeah

– Uh-huh, that's an accurate description – You could float this on the ocean and I don't think any creature down there would come near it – Oh, all my happiness is gone I was so happy – You ruined it, Josh

– I was just livin' in my life of revelry – Oh gosh – Throwing caution to the wind and now you brought me back down to Earth, Earth sucks, Josh – [Josh] Sometimes I fear success – It's so earthy

A-ha! – This is an easy one Superfoods, will it funnel cake? – [Rhett and Link] No – Eels are the carnies of the sea, they're slippery, slimy, and if you get too close, they might electrocute you So Josh made us an eel funnel cake and we call it funneel cake (chuckles playfully) (Link sighs) – 'Cause eels look like funnel cakes, you know, they're all writhing and– – Take a fork

It looks like there's fresh eel on here Is that stated correctly? – [Josh] It is, so those are actually a product called angulas from Spain, they are whole baby eels so each little strand you see is a whole baby eel and you can even see the eyeball if you look closely – Hold on, hold on – Baby eel, come on man – You're making that up

– No I'm dead serious Ilan Hall used it in season two of Top Chef – You're not only dead, you're dead to me – Hold on there's that many eels in the world? – [Josh] There's a whole lot of Japanese barbecued eel chopped up into the funnel cake– – Well hold on – And then an eel sauce whipped cream

– It doesn't smell bad though, get a fork – Look at all the eyeballs, Link – Don't – [Rhett] No seriously, look at all the black spots on the end of these things – I like to call it pepper

– Look at the pepper! Look at the perfectly placed pepper on each one of these baby eels – It doesn't smell bad though – [Josh] I think it's good – Of course you do – I think it's good to watch you try to eat it

– Hold on Get a bigger bite than that – That's the bite you gave me – No I just gave you a fork I was expecting you to add more to it

I gotta get some of the cream here Yeah, go to town, get some baby eels You just got a dozen baby eels in that one little dollop – Dink it If you think of it as crab meat, it helps

– That's not bad at all – Mm-mm Not great but it's not bad – I need more baby eels in my life – Is there some cinnamon? – I'm gonna start an adoption agency

– Is there cinnamon in there or is that just like– – [Josh] No that's part of the eel sauce – You just eat 'em all – Soy and sugar – Oh – You heard about the guy who adopts baby eels and then eats 'em? He's morally corrupt

He lives a life of revelry – You know what he's done? (Rhett cackles) This works, man – Yeah it does, man – I like it – It's unbelievable how– – I'll be dag

– It's a super balanced flavor It's not too fishy at all It's savory, what is that spice you added in there? – [Josh] It's Japanese eel sauce which is mostly a lot of soy and sugar, kinda similar to teriyaki – That helps a lot So I didn't know I'd ever be saying this, but eel, will it funnel cake? – [Rhett and Link] Yes

– In my opinion, you haven't had a true carnival experience until you've puked after riding the Scrambler or something So we thought that you could have a funnel cake which could increase the chances of regurgitation – Oh okay – Which brings us to– – Fun – Pig anus in a funnel cake which we call Rhett and Link's famous anus funnel cake

Or we can just call it the anal cake for short – Oh gosh – Yeah just real quick, I just wanna make sure your pig anus compote is as fresh and hot as possible – [Rhett] Josh – [Josh] What's up? – That's not whipped cream, man

– [Josh] No, nuh-uh I'm sorry – Josh you are such a pain in the anus – That's just anus gravy – Otherwise known as a painus

– If you've got anus gravy, see a doctor immediately (chuckles) – Oh gosh, I can see, it's ringulets – Ringulets? – Oh gosh (Rhett laughs) Here's one – Oh

– [Link] Rhett– – Your anniversary's coming up (laughs) No, I don't want it but your anniversary's coming up, man Call Christy – Rhett would you be my– – She's got nine other fingers – Would you be my cohost? Wrong finger

Well we can pinky swear it Will you be my cohost? – Oh gosh (crew member cheers) I'm in the anal mafia – Is that a yes or a no? – That's the new hot rap group – You're not answering

– Yes – Yes, he said yes! – When you take the ring, you don't have to say yes or no if you just take the ring – I felt like I forced it on you, you know, I don't want you to be in a position you don't like – I would like you to take it off – Oh my goodness, that's stinky

But what's happening in the cake? – [Josh] Well I pressure cooked a whole lot of pig anus and also some intestines 'cause those are kinda more aromatic and then I blended that into a funnel cake dough, extra thick, I know how you like it and then I fried that and topped it with simply just anus, intestines, and a little bit of corn starch – The scent – You were thinking what I was thinkin' You gotta put the anus around– – [Link] You wanna thread the– – The cake (chuckles) (Link gags) You gotta thread the anus

Yours is bigger than mine I got a little anus – You need to get another one, get a bigger one – Golly, man – Loosen up, oh that's still a little one, okay

– Well two little anuses is equal to one big anus Remember that when you come to my baby eel adoption farm – Look at, I didn't mean to do this but does mine resemble something? (crew laughs) – Yeah, this is– – Look at that – You know, we need a circumcision demonstration – Oh gosh

– You just eat the foreskin right off of there and– – Look at that, it's crazy Okay – Well we should dink it, of course (laughs) In profile – Dink it

(Rhett laughs) – And sink it (gags) (grunts) – [Link] It's so chewy (gags) – You're making it difficult, man (Link retches) Oh God Oh God

You're making it so difficult – Oh-ho – Ugh I can't have you at the booth man at the fair if you're gonna do that – Painus

It happened again (sighs) But for me it's over I really tried – I got it down – How did you do that? – I'm morally corrupt

– You, you have a dark heart, man – I eat anuses two at a time (chuckles) – Look at that A heart of darkness Look down in there

Oh gosh Oh man – Wow – I'm really hurtin', guys – I'm not proud of myself

You know what– – Does that mean you liked it? You think it will, did it? – Did my struggle give you that impression? No, I think we're on the same page Pig anus, will it funnel cake? No! Well we'll see you at the next carnival (chuckles) (Link moans) – Crispy town has been re-invigorated – We'll be the ones struggling to consume our own product Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – I'm Audrey – And I'm Alex – And we're from Barre, Vermont – But right now we're in St

Augustine, Florida – [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Hey-hey, Good Mythical Summer – Unfurl it! – Click the top link to watch us try French onion soup funnel cake in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

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