Will It Churro? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age old question – Will it churro? – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) Good Mythical Morning – Today is the season finale of Good Mythical Morning Spoiler alert, nobody dies Like most season finales though, this episode is packed with some of your favorite characters, your favorite segments, and a few surprises But don't freak out when you don't see a new episode next week 'cause we're gonna be back with Good Mythical Summer starting Monday, May 28th

– But if you want your daily dose of GMM during our three week break then hey, follow us on Facebook and Twitter because each week day we're gonna be posting links to classic episodes for you to watch and comment on along with other Mythical Beasts so it's a communal experience of watching if you wanna keep your daily routine going Just make sure you follow us for that – And now, let's end this season and swing into Cinco De Mayo on a long, sweet and crispy note It's time for – [Men] Will it churro? – The typical churro is made by extruding dough through a churerra tool to create that signature star-shaped cross section, then it's fried until it becomes crunchy and sprinkled with magic cinnamon sugar dust – Today we're gonna be pushing the limits of the churro by pushing unexpected stuff through our churerra tool (giggles) – First up, we wanted to start with cereal We wanted to go with a colorful option

– Yeah, I know what you mean – It is our pleasure to present to you the Froot Loop's churro and we've got some milk here for dipping 'cause you always want a dipping option to go along with your churro – There's Froot Loops mixed into this – Yeah like diced up – It's made part of the dusting on the outside as well

It's Froot Loops in the dough and then Froot Loop sprinklies on the outside Are you dipping definitely? – Definitely – Dennis? – Call me Dennis – Dennis, are you definitely dipping? – I'm definitely dipping, Don Dude

Can I call you Don? – [Rhett] It's delightful – Dink it, sink it It's dense – You can imagine what this tastes like – The fruitiness comes through after you start chewing

– That's like a horrible food show host You can imagine what this tastes like (laughter) And then just keep eating it Guy Fieri wouldn't of make it if he talked like that – Neither will you if you keep it up

You've double dipped which is a vote of confidence – The first person to double dip is the winner It's really good – This is breakfast waiting to be revolutionized people I'm pretty dang excited

– There's no doubt that it works I'm trying to think is a churro by itself better than this and Froot Loops by itself better than this? That's not really the question that we're answering – It is not – Will it churro? – [Men] Yes – We've already established on this show that the corn dog is one of nature's perfect foods

Let's see if it can mate with a churro We call this one the churro dog – Is that how we made this, through a mating process? – Yeah Well we've just left a corn dog and a churro in a room – Oh, give you some privacy

– Dimmed the lights and played some Berry White and next thing you know, we have this Actually what we did is blended corn dogs into the batter, three to one dog to corn dog skin ratio, and then the dusting actually has some mustard and ketchup powered sugar which is just powered, what do you call that stuff? Tomato powder, vinegar powder, dry mustard, and sugar on the outside We're gonna dip it in mustard – I got the mustard here Churro dog, I call it the chog

The chog is moist inside – I think I wanna start here – That is not – Appetizing to you? – Terribly appetizing – Well it's got a wiener quality to it – It smells good – If you were to pop open a hot dog, this is the kind of thing you'd see on the inside I'm just gonna get a little bit of some mustard

Not too much – You don't want too much mustard – I don't wanna overpower it – Dink it – Give me a little bit of your mustard

(crew giggles) – Oh my – It's like a corn dog without the consistency of a corn dog It's like a soft corn dog – How in the world? – It's got all of the taste – Can I? – [Link] Yeah, sure

– [Rhett] Thank you Dennis – Go for it Don – Oh man! And the mustard is a perfect compliment to it – With the ketchup powder on it, it's very magical and it's good for old people who don't wanna chew – Old people who don't chew

– Set your dentures aside and just go off on a chog – It's really, really, really good because sometimes you don't want the self-conscious feeling that comes with eating a corn dog You know what I'm saying? It's just like lots of memes can be created Lots of things can go wrong, but if you want the sensation of eating a corn dog and no one knows you're eating a corn dog, the chog is for you – If you can't tell, we're fans for different reasons

Corn dog, will it churro? – [Men] Yes! – If you look at the price of college these days, your head will explode While your head's exploding, you will begin to realize why students live exclusively on ramen noodles but, all students need a little churro in their lives I am hoping this works The ramen noodle soup churro, or the churamen as we are calling it Here it is

– Complex – We have fried some finely chopped ramen, and then hollowed out the center with a boba straw and injected it with gelatinized pork broth (chuckling) – Yeah we have (crew laughs) – We fried a seal on the ends to keep the prom broth in there and then we dusted it with some more ramen seasoning packets? – Your churro's leaking a little bit Dennis – And some MSG

Don't look at my leaking churro Don (chuckles) – Never look directly at a leaking churro Always make eye contact – It's warm, it's radiating – Pork? – Pork goodness – Wow that's very salty with all of that seasoning on the outside – So is ramen Ramen kind of makes you wanna go

Give me some water – I have a little water here You definitely need that

College kids, stay hydrated It packs quite a salty punch My eyes won't even open (crew laughs) My eyes are trying to keep the moisture that's in them in it – Something about-whoa! – You're doing it too

Your eyes can't open – Something about the way that it all concentrated down got a little too salty I don't know if we're gonna make it past this – We're gonna shrivel up – We're just gonna prunize right now

– But at the same time – There's a lot to love? – It tastes exactly like a bowl of ramen noodles, man

I'm back in the dorm room – Yeah, but I think the thing that ramen needs, it needs to be in the presence of soup It needs to be in liquid so you don't realize the damage that you're doing to your kidneys – If you floated this log in broth, well that would be odd That's the only way to rescue this churamen

– Ramen noodles, will it churro? – [Men] No – One time I looked under and elk and thought I saw a churro Turns out it was just the elk's penis, but it did raise a very valid question, a question that can only be answered by eating a churro made from an elk's penis (laughter) Here it is – Here it is

Look at that It's not just fried elk penis I mean, we churroized it right? – We boiled the penis for safety, finely chopped it into a flour and egg batter, mixed it with some rustic penis chunks – We just lost a whole elk demo of our viewing population – All the elks are like, "Come on man!" – I'm sorry elks

We had to do it It's instinct It's very taught – Sometimes an elk penis churro bends up, sometimes it bends down, sometimes it bends sideways, sometimes it's straight – Point straight

(crew laughs) I see the chunks on the outside – Is there a dipping sauce for it? – Ranch dressing with sprinkles of hay I believe, yes – Thank you for that – There it is

We're gonna need all the hay we can get – [Rhett] I like it – [Link] It's very dark – More ranch and less hay – Dark chunks

– Imma get some hay I want a little bit of hay – I think a penis is quite enough for me I wanna be able to actually get some of it down – I like hay

– I got a rustic penis chunk – Oh my gosh, the chunks are tooth impenetrable (gagging) It's nasty tasting too – Elks are very stout – It tastes gross

The chunks are like marbles It's like stump – They should make some sort of fabric out of elk penis and give it to the military The new Gore-Tex, Elk-Tex Elk Penis-Tex

Oh gosh, I keep finding new rustic chunks – I know You will break your teeth off trying to get through this penis (crew laughs) I mean, it's dangerous There's no way I can get it down

– Are you sure it's not the hay? – No Look at that It's a little chunk and it tastes nasty – Now I've gotten down just to the penis part – It's penis pellets, really

– It's not good, man – I don't think we're rocking anybody's boat Even the elks are on board at this point – They're like, "Yeah, could've told you You should've asked

" I don't know why elks talk like this – Elk penis Will it churro? – [Men] No! – Normally we would end things on a penis, today there's something worse apparently – Remember when you were a kid and if you said a bad work your mom would wash your mouth out with churros? Well that was a weirdly specific thing just to your mom because they usually say soap Today we're using actual soap for the creation of the Irish Spring churro

That's right, we have taken Irish Spring soap We've blended it up with milk and eggs and then churrofied it – And then sprinkled some more Irish Spring on top Interesting note for those of you with culinary interest – Soap is a leavening agent I hear? – Josh just told us that soap is a leavening agent

This is fluffy because it rose a little bit when they put the soap in there with the milk and eggs – And smell it Smell that It smells so fresh – It kind of smells like you taking a show after you've been at the fair

You know what I'm saying? You can still smell the fried stuff that wafted onto you for the day – It takes three showers to really get it off – It's like one shower, one post fair shower – It also smells like if you tried to give a churro a bath – Which I have

– I wanna see a cross section of this thing Oh my gosh, it's gooey and blue-y Look at that Look down the double barrel of a soap churro – Let's get a good healthy bite

– Of the Irish spurro Or the churish spring – You got anymore? – No (chuckles) – Oh my – Wow

(groans) I just started chewing and then I breathed in and I feel like I'm gonna die It's hard to breathe – How does an Irish Spring penetrate, probably not the best word It just tastes like I got soap in my mouth – Everywhere

– I can't taste anything else – I know and don't drink water It's gonna suds it up You know what, scratch that Why don't you drink some water? I think if you drink water and swish it around, it'll make suds

– Let's try it out (swishing sounds) – I can't even hit my mug – It just made cloudy water – Why did I spit in my own mug? – And then why did I do it after I saw you do it? This is horrible guys – Maybe it's the second bite that'll be good

– Is it any better? – No – I gotta say though, if you're gonna punish your children in that way, put it in a churro – Let them have a little fun with some churros at the same time? – Or instead of pinning them down and washing their mouth out with soap, once you hear them curse then you let it slide and then you say we got treats Then when they got it in their mouth, you say that's 'cause you cursed Then you curse at them because adults are allowed to

– [Link] Irish Spring soap, will it churro? – [Men] No! – Sadly, no If you like these churros, we'll be eating one more, a Pringles churro to get this Irish Spring taste out of our mouth in Good Mythical More – Click on through because we're gonna see if we can guess what Mike and Alex have destroyed this time – [Rhett] Can't wait for GMM to come back this summer? Get a I Want My GMM t-shirt to show the world how you feel Available at mythical


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