Will It Chip? Taste Test

– Today, we ask the age-old question – Will it chip? – Let's talk about that (playful theme music) (flame whooshes) – Good mythical morning

– And a good morning it is, because today, Link and I are going to be battling it out, mano a mano, in the ultimate coffee trivia showdown, all while downing unknown quantities of espresso along the way Plus, we'll be stepping into the magically intoxicating world of poppy – But first, let's start with tasting foods that no one has ever attempted, shall we? You might have one on your shoulder You might be one off the old block Hey, you might be ready to cash all yours in, I'm talkin' 'bout chips, y'all

– Chips, yes! – Anyone with any sense at all loves to snack on that crispy, salty, delicious chippiness But how far can we push the limits of what truly makes a chip a chip? It's time for – [Together] Will it chip? – Now normally, chips are just potatoes, corn, or some kind of vegetable, and sometimes they're baked, and usually they are fried – Right, so to make our chips, we have ground the ingredients up, spread them very thin, binded them with egg whites, and then got all the moisture out through a dehydration process So, it's not exactly fried Some of them are fried, but mostly we're trying to get them to be very, very chippy

– Right, and we're gonna be the judge based on a number of criterias, which we will determine Let's get to chippin' Right off the bat, I really wanted to start with seein' if we could chip some cereal Since nothing can be more magically delicious than combining two of my favorite genres, that is chips and cereal, we chose Lucky Charms to be chipped – And we made bags

– Yeah we did, because chips come in bags, brother – [Rhett] Feels like a space chip bag – [Link] It is, ain't nothin' wrong with that And we've got some chip dip here that is sweetened condensed milk – Look at that thing

– Oh yeah Dehydrated for 12 hours – Dip! – I'm going– – Oh, I went heavy – I'm going, I'm going– – I went too heavy I always go a little heavy

– I'm goin' lighter Every chip doesn't need to be dipped, but it is a good thing to know that a chip can be dipped to know if it will Dink it, – Dink it, – I'm just gonna– – I gotta, I mean, I got so much condensed milk on here, I gotta just eat the whole chip – I'm goin' halfsies – Oh God

(chip cracks loudly) – Ooh, it's crunchy (cracking continues) – I don't know what's a chip and what's my teeth, at this point (distant laughter) – I mean, it has a very aggressive crunch that's almost granola-like – It's like Grape Nuts if they were just one big sheet – But it is magically delicious

– It is, it's– – Very tasty – It tastes excellent, but– – You might lose a tooth in the process – Maybe it could be some kind of therapy chip for people who are working their teeth out, like to move onto eating airplanes You know that guy that eats the airplanes? (scattered laughter) This is probably what got him started – I know you're talking, but I cannot hear a word you're saying, because all I can hear is the crunchiness in my my mouth

– I'm kind of on the fence, but it tastes so good – It tastes so good, but the crunch is so aggressive, you could lose teeth over this thing Is it worth it? – But would you want it to be soggy? Think about the alternative – Well, that's true – So, will it chip? – Yes! (bell dings) – Now, it is just an objective fact that Chick-Fil-A has somehow managed to create one of the best fast food tastes in the world with the classic Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich

So there's only one thing left to do Turn it into a chip – We have the bag here, Mythical Chip-Fil-A chips – Now break those out, I'll explain what we've done here This is basically just the prime ingredients of the Chick-Fil-A sandwich, the bread, the chicken, and the pickles, ground up, and then mixed with egg whites, and we went through the chip-making process

And we call this the Chip-Fil-A (laughs) – I already said that earlier It was awesome when I said it – You said that earlier? – I just read it off the bag You were like, "You're never gonna believe "what we're callin' this one

"It's not written on the bag" – It sounds different when I say it, though, doesn't it? – Yeah it does, I got one for ya – Oh, and then it's got a little chicken piece stuck to the top, just to remind you exactly what you're eating Now, we're going to be dipping this in the Dip-Fil-A, which is every single sauce from Chick-Fil-A mixed together – It just looks like parchment/dehydrated chicken skin, but I know it's not

– You gave me a weak chip, that's all I gotta say – Here, choose another one – You gave me a weak chip – [Link] I'll take both of 'em I'm gonna dip first, I'm not gonna dip

– That's a chip right there – I'm just gonna eat the chip first, and then I might dip it on the second (chips lightly crack) 'cause I wanna assess the chippiness (Rhett grunts) (chips crack) – Part of it is easy to eat, and part of it's hard to eat – It's got a crackery consistency, and I immediately think there's cheese in it

– It tastes like those– – It tastes like Cheez-Its – Those, the cheese twists You know those, they're at every party All the parties I go to, at least (scattered laughter) – It's so weird, I would've sworn, if I didn't know what was in this, that it was a Cheez-It

– Did you put cheese in it? – There's no cheese in it – There's no cheese in it – There is no cheese anywhere in this – Just confirming Now dip it

– I'm sayin' because there's cheese in it, it tastes good, but I'm also disappointed that it doesn't taste anything like chicken – So I'm a little– – It's not better than the sandwich though But that's not the question – No, that's not the question I think it's too crackery for me to say it chips

– This is not Will It Cracker? Of course, we'll do that at some point – (laughs) And we'll bring this one back But will it chip? – No (buzzer) – "Bloody Mary" isn't just something you say three times into a mirror when you're feeling lonely It's also a delicious brunch beverage consisting of tomato juice, vodka, and just about and entire spice rack

So my prediction is, with the bloody mary chip, that it's gonna turn the meal between breakfast and lunch into an all-day affair Chippy Mary – Look how thin it is – We have reduced store-bought bloody mary mix down in a pan, blended it with egg whites, spread it thin, dehydrated it for 12 hours, and seasoned it with celery salt There's no vodka in this chip, this is a virgin chip

– Ooh, wow, they're very delicate, whoa – Now we're talkin' chip-thin – That is chip-thin, definitely I want one, I want a big one – It's got the thinness of a chip, but it looks like the skin of a reptile

– We might be onto something with these, here – Again, I'm not dipping anything in anything, I just wanna try the chippiness first, but feel free – Okay, I'll do– – Dink it (chips crack softly) – A virgin dip first It turns into – The sound is right

– tomato soup – In your mouth – Oh, with a little spice, a little spice, approximately 725 seconds after the first bite Tell me it doesn't happen 725 seconds in

– Here we go, I'm goin' in (chip cracks softly) – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, point-two-five – There it is – Yep, there you go (distant laughter) – 7

25 seconds – Yeah, I counted it the first time – Guys – I'm dippin' now – It unleashes a tang in your mouth

(laughs) – Unleash the tang in your mouth – We gotta put that on the packaging – That was Tang's slogan (Link laughs heartily) – It wasn't that funny (laughs) – It just doesn't sound appropriate, but it's so tangy, and so good

– It's good with the vodka as well, it just reminds you that you're drinking a, eating a bloody mary – Oh, I don't like that At all – Really? But that's what completes the whole package – But this right here

– This would work, this could be sold at a– – Eastside place – Hipster restaurant – Or anywhere

– Right now – Just on the shelves of your local grocery store, people This is a revolution! – [Rhett] Will it chip? – Absolutely – Yes Now, traditionally, fish food is a food that is for fish

But why do we have to let fish have all the fun with fish food? We're humans, we can do whatever we want without consequence So let's take their food and turn it into chips – "Fish & Chips," isn't that cute? – Yeah, it is So this is what you're probably expecting Fish food that has been dehydrated, well, it was rehydrated, and then dehydrated

'Cause you, fish food's already dehydrated – Double-dehydrated fish food? – But then you gotta mix it up with something, the egg whites, to get it to actually become a chip sensation again So I don't know, (Link retches) it's kinda like refried beans is how I'm seein' this – Smell in the bag – Smells as you would expect

– And it's strong! You put a little dollop of that in an aquarium, and fish for miles around know what's up – How do we know that fish like the food that we have decided to give them? Have you ever thought about this? – They smile when they eat it – They don't have any emotion, they can't speak They don't make any calls or anything like that They could hate it for all we care, all we know

You know that? – Now look at that It's dark on one side, bam Fishiness on the other side – Okay, we have a fancy dip This is dill and horseradish creme fresh with a dollop of black capelin caviar

– Ugh – Probably said that wrong, but it's imported from Iceland – We had to import something from Iceland for this? – Think about how crazy this, what we're doin' The 2018 is here, man, because we're taking fish food that fish are supposed to eat, and then we're dipping it into the eggs of their babies (distant laughter) – It's not moral

– And then eating it I'm tellin' you, we could do anything we want! We dominate the Earth! – (laughs nervously) Submit, Earth! – We take your food, and we mix it with your children! And then we eat it! We are humans! – Stay down, fish! Stay down in the depths! – That's when we know the robot overlords have really gotten our goats, when they're taking our food, take, "We took a burger, we mixed it with your baby And now we eat it" – Yeah, I've felt– – Enjoy it while we're in power! Enjoy it now, 'cause it's not gonna last forever – I don't feel like I should do this now

I wanna take that moral high ground and just say, "You know what? Nope, I'm protesting" But I want you to know if it will – [Rhett] When you're in the driver's seat, hit the gas That's what I always say (Link laughs) – Again, I'm not dippin' it first, but I'm gonna dink it

– I am, just for the principle of things (chip cracks) – Ugh – It is not good to be king (Link retches and coughs) – Oh, that's bad – What even is it? Is it other fish, what do they eat? – Does the dip help? – Is it little shrimps? (Link retches) I don't understand

(Link retches and spits) (Link spits) – Fish are so stupid (distant laughter) (Link spits) – I'm tellin' ya, my theory is that they don't like it They don't enjoy it, and they have no way to tell us What're they gonna do, go write "We don't like this" with their fins on the bottom of the sea floor? (Link sighs) – Maybe they have done that – I'm sorry, fish

Will it chip? – No (buzzer) – Now typically, I am not a fan of yak penis If I see it on a menu, I certainly won't order it If it's being served at a party, I will politely decline it Quite honestly, there is no conceivable situation in which I can see myself enjoying yak penis

– Yeah, you're not the only one – Which is exactly the opposite feeling I have about chips I don't know, maybe this'll open up a whole new world of yak penis to me – We call these yak penis chips "Just The Chip" (scattered laughter) – Open that up, we have had some yak penis pan-seared, then chopped it up and threw it in a high-dollar mixer known as a VitaMix, which it proceeded to break

This yak penis is the most durable substance on the planet – It broke a frickin' VitaMix – It burned it up! – I wish I could tell the yak I wish I could say, "Man, lemme tell you what your penis did" (both laugh) I wanna go to his grave – You gummed up– – and address him– – You know, he might not be dead

– Oh, really? – He might just be very sad (Rhett guffaws) – I don't think that's a treatment for anything, they usually just take the other part off – Okay, they're makin' use of every part Hey man, you gummed up the works – Congratulations

– Way to go (laughs) – Hear about Earl, hear what he did? – It looks very chippy – You could just slip one of these into a party bowl and just wait Just sit back and wait – Just sit back and wait

– We also have a couple of dips We have yak-amole, which is guacamole mixed with penis, and we have penis de gallo – You wanna dip? I just feel like we should– – I don't, I wanna– I will for a second go (chips crack) Ugh – Hmm

(distant laughter) Somebody call Earl Not only did you ruin the VitaMix– – You made a nice-tastin' chip – Yeah (laughs) (distant laughter) I mean, my expectations were so in the negative I think it just brought 'em back to zero

– The texture is difficult This is some tough penis, man – I think we gotta dip – We gotta dip I'll go in the– – I'm doin' the penis de gallo – I'll go in the guac-a-penis

What's it called? – Yeah, guac-a-penis, exactly I think it's yak-amole, but whatever Throw a penis in there and see what happens (chips crack loudly) – It's so crunchy Can you believe you can make yak babies with that? – Well, you need more than just that

– Guacamole helps – I'm gettin' a little of the Straight penis

That's probably the wrong way to put it – Don't put those words together – Don't put that on the T-shirt – Unadulterated penis, oh don't say that either It's palatable, it's not as bad as the fish chip, but– – I can't say I'm enjoyin' myself, but I don't wanna die

– Right, I wanna keep livin' – Based on the expectations comin' into this, will it chip? – No – Would you rather just have a straight penis? I mean– (audience laughs) – Don't do that again! – I'm sorry! I swear, I don't– – But since you asked, no – (chuckles) Okay All right, I'll join the bandwagon, will it penis? I mean– (guffaws) – What, what have (laughs) What is wrong with you? (laughs) That's another episode, man

– Yeah, write that– – Write it down – Write that down – Will it chip? – No! (buzzer) – Oh gosh, if you like these chips, we're bustin' out more in Good Mythical More, the breakfast chip, so stick around for that – (sighs) And also, we're stepping into Poppy's world – Right up next

– [Rhett] Keep it casual with our GMM hoodies, available in navy and gray Get yours today at mythicalstore

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