Will It Butter? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age old question – Will it butter? – Let's talk about that

(upbeat theme music) Good mythical summer – My favorite thing about going to a restaurant is that I get to color on the placemats while I wait for my food, and sometimes there's even a maze – Oh, I bet you're good at those – But my second favorite thing is that certain restaurants have their very own unique butter, signature butters get me out of bed in the morning – Right, you got steakhouse restaurants, they often have a garlic butter, seafood places might have a lemon herb butter, breakfast places sometimes have a maple infused butter, but all that is pretty obvious

The restaurant business needs to step it up, because there's a whole world of unexplored butters just waiting to be discovered – And who better to explore that delicious, creamy world of unknown butters than these two butterfaces It's time for, – [Together] Will It Butter? – Okay, to make butter, all you really need to do is shake or churn heavy cream until the solids separate from the buttermilk, then season it however you like, and bam, you got yourself some butter – Mmhmm, and it's in that seasoning step that we have infused some of the most unlikely ingredients into butter, so that you do not have to – We're gonna begin with fast food, because fancy butter should not be limited to just fancy restaurants, so we made a Carl's Jr

run And if you thought a fast food burger couldn't get any unhealthier, you were wrong We have taken an entire double western bacon cheeseburger, and made it into butter This is the double butter western butter bacon butter cheese butter burger butter – [Link] Mmhmm, it kind of looks like a Spam log

– And just in case you forgot what was in all that, that's two beef patties, cheese, onion rings, bacon, buns, barbecue sauce, all pureed and whipped – And we've got two biscuits here just waiting to be buttered Of course, also from Carl's Jr, aka Hardees Ooh, look at that, slap it on there, yeah, and then one more for, – You want your own? – I'm gonna take it to the edge, taking it to the edge

– I'm trying to do, like a normal person's butter amount Don't you feel like that's the way to figure out if things will butter? You know, you don't want to get too nuts – I actually want, – You want some more butter? – I want a little bit more right there on the edge Now I'm gonna smell it right quick – Way ahead of you, brother

– I smell the barbecue sauce – Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, dink – Dink it and sink it You know what, I'm taking that off, I'm just gonna go with – Yeah, you know what, that's a good idea

– Too much bread – You want to get a pure taste here – That is a meaty, rich butter It's amazing how much the barbecue sauce comes through in a good way – You might think that you have eaten a predigested bacon cheeseburger

You know, like that summer that I spent with that family of birds – Yep, and they would go to Carl's Jr, eat a meal, they wouldn't let you come, but then they would come back – Regurgitate it into my mouth, and I was the biggest of the babies There was a lot of babies around me, but they accepted me

It was a good summer, my family was not happy that I wasn't there But I learned how to eat pureed burgers that birds had digested first – The thing is if you didn't know what was in it, and you just ate it, you'd be like, wow, this is an amazing spread What's in it? It's like, well, you don't wanna know, but just enjoy it, because I am enjoying it, especially when I detach it from the burger that it once was – I think that the verdict is easy, will it butter? Yes

– Yes There are three kind of people in the world, people who put butter on their popcorn, people who don't put butter on their popcorn, and people who mix candy into their popcorn Well, we got a special treat for the candy popcorn eaters, because we have made Starburst butter Get ready for butterburst – It's so pretty

– Yeah, and let's – How did those, – Mmm, smell that, it just smells like, it smells very Starburst-y – And buttery at the same time – That's magical If we were to heat that up, we could squirt it onto our movie popcorn

– If we were? – Yeah – We did Put your corn under there Keep it moving Keep it, – Yeah

– [Rhett] Okay, that's probably enough – Oh, nice Wow – Boy, it's really coming through, very Starburst-y – And the popcorn is already buttered, you didn't dink it

– [Rhett] Oh, I'm sorry – Dink it – Dink it Oh man, – Whoa – That's real good

– Liquefied Starburst all over your popcorn, yes please – We could sell this Can we sell this? Do we have to get Starburst's permission? – Look at that, ooh, it's, put that right there – Oh gosh Yeah, you didn't have enough butter in that situation

I mean, it kind of tastes like you've got a candy-coated popcorn, which is a thing, then left it in the back window of your car on a 90-degree day, you know what I'm saying? – Yeah, in the best way possible – [Rhett] Will it butter, yes – [Link] Yes – Alright, this next butter might be my most anticipated Will It item ever My hopes and dreams have literally never been higher

I present to you, baked bean butter – Okay, it looks like a choco-log – I was hoping for a little more, gotta say – Ooh, but smell it, I mean, – Oh man, it's a whole can of Bush's baked beans pureed and whipped, folded into the butter – Here you go, give it a nice satisfying, – I heard it makes noises when you cut into it

(fart noises) – You've ruined the experience – I feel like I need a fresh slice, like a slice that, I just broke the seal there – And we have some cornbread to go on it – I'm actually gonna put it on the cornbread – There you go

– Oh nice – Oh my goodness – It's thick – Thick and hearty, make you farty? Putting that right there I'm ready, man

I'm pretty excited about this, too – Dink it – And sink it – It's really good I feel like I just gotta go straight, though

– You just gonna eat it? – Mm, that's what daddy needed – It made it even better? – Yeah – I mean typically, you don't just eat butter, like just grab a log and bite it – Try it The beans really take the edge off of the butter

'Cause it's got real butter, but it just tastes like, I'd dip chips into that, you know what I'm saying I'm fine, I'm gonna eat some more – Oh wow, Rhett And I'm a lover of a good cornbread, and it's magical I mean, it elevates the cornbread to a heavenly realm that I didn't know beans could take me

– Oh, I've been there many times with beans Don't you know sometimes when I go away for a bit, and I come back, and I've got the glow about me? – Yeah – It's almost like the glow of a pregnant woman – Mmhmm – That's the glow of a man who's communed with the beans

– Well, bring 'em down from the mountaintop, buddy, because we're gonna have to keep this in the pantry – Oh, the ten command-beans – [Together] Baked beans, will it butter, yes – There is something so satisfying about warm, liquefied butter It just sits there in its little saucer, begging you to dip something into it, and soak up its goodness

But, I will say that it's a little dull to look at I've always thought that it could use a little color, you know Which is why this next butter has been made with crayons That's right, crayon butter with a little crayon shaving over the top, because as you can see – That is amazing

– The butter log itself turned into just a brown clay I'm gonna give you a nice satisfying slab here, just slab it – And since you mentioned liquefied butter, that is the way we're going to be trying this So we melted all that down, and it turns out that when you melt crayon butter, it's not brown, it's green This is the drawn version, it's still got some liquid, some solid crayons in there

– And that's why in both versions, we're calling this drawn butter, get it? (Rhett fakes hearty laugh) Break into that lobster, and let's dip it in some crayon butter, Rhett – You can really tell it's an insect when you do that, you know – That's a whole thing – Alright, I've got a nice size piece of lobster tail there Let's crayon it up, man

I'm gonna do a little dipping first – [Link] Oh gosh, that's a lot of crayon – The good thing about this butter is you know that you've dipped it Sometimes you're like, did I dip my lobster yet? – Maybe I'll have to dip it again – Hey Maybelline, I just named a woman Maybelline

– That's fine, Chuck Berry did that first – But, oh, it is a woman's name, it isn't just a makeup Not just a makeup anymore, it's a woman again – Alright, dink it – Dink it

Sink it There's a taste in there that's kind of messing up the experience for me – Yeah, I think that's the crayon – The crayon, yeah – It's very waxy

– It's the best form I've ever eaten crayons in, though – And because there is some butter in there, and there is a lobster in my mouth, as well– – It's really not bad – It's not bad – I mean it doesn't taste good, it doesn't taste as good as butter, but it tastes so much better than I expected, that I feel like it might butter – Because of the color

– It colors because of the butter Crayons, will it butter, yes – Yes – In order to truly explore the potential of butter, we decided we needed to go back to the source And when we got there, we found a cow

And when we got to the cow, we kept going deeper, beyond the udders And there we found the place where butter was first conceived, the cow guts Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is udder butter – Udder-ly disgusting butter – But it's made from guts, including lower intestine, colon, stomach, spleen, yum yum yum yum all the way, boiled for safety, then pureed and whipped, and of course, for good measure, we added some other cow parts on top

– Can you slice it, and then let's smell it I have some toast to put on it – The old slice and smell – [Link] We don't want to dilute the flavors with anything besides, oh gosh – [Rhett] It doesn't really, oh, it doesn't really stay together that well

Here, let's see if I get a better slice here Okay, there we go – I mean it's like we made cow Spam, – Oh no! – And butter together – Oh no, it's got that familiar intestine smell Like it's just so obvious that it's just been a tunnel for poop, you know what I'm saying

A poop tunnel Why do we eat so many poop tunnels? – I'm not gonna smell it again – Let's spread it on some bread and eat it – Because we have to answer this question, you know You need to know whether or not you need to be making butter with cow guts

– Might be a good use of it – If we don't spread it on some bread and eat it, you'll never know You'll just live in ignorance, we can't have that – We gotta go to the edge with it, right I'm giving you a nice corner there, and I'm giving me a nice corner here, and then I'm gonna, cut it apart

Okay Rhett, there's your half – You know, a better name for this would be gutter – Or maybe it's great – I'm sure it's not But we can't just conclude that

– I made that edge right there for you, – Oh thank you – That's where your mouth goes – Thank you for pointing out where my mouth goes – Dink it – And sink it

(Link retches) (Rhett moans) – It's bad – Oh gosh (Link retches) (Rhett retches) – I'm crying, I'm chewing (Rhett retches) Come on, don't, – My body's saying no, man (Rhett screams) – Let's get it down, though

We're not gonna fully know how bad it is unless we swallow it – The edge is taken off just enough to leave it right on this precipice of almost letting it, like typically I would just be spitting it out so fast, but, – In butter form, it's a little better – I keep tasting butter, and I want to keep going – It's kind of got a bone marrow-y kind of a vibe – Good idea

– Which might help you, not me, but it might help you – Mm, good idea Think about that Okay, I did it – Oh my goodness

– I won't ever do it again – Oh my goodness – Like you needed us to taste that in order to know But the simple answer is, cow guts, will it butter, no! – No – Of course it won't

– Okay, if you like these butters, don't go anywhere, because in Good Mythical More, we are eating butter that was made out of a Butterfinger candy bar in hopes to redeem our palate – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, my name is Magnus from the Philippines, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Yeah

– Alright, click through to watch us eat Butterfingers butter – I wish I could teleport there, and to see where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land – I think you said Wheel of Mythicality – [Link] We have a podcast called Ear Biscuits, and you can listen to the latest episode wherever you get your podcasts, do it


  1. Yes please!!! We NEED(most) of these butter recipes!! Also any and all other (tasty) recipes!!(like the extinct McDonald’s onion nuggets, etc)
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