Will It BBQ? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age-old question – Will it barbecue? – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Summer! – Anytime we get to eat grilled meat on this show, we know it's gonna be a good day and who better to sponsor an episode about grillin' than today's sponsor, the National Pork Board – That's right, we're about to revolutionize the practice of barbecue and by grillin' up some delicious pork on some barbecue grills that you ain't even dreamt about It's time for– – [Rhett and Link] Will It Barbecue? – All right, first thing's first, we need to baste you with some meat facts, now pork, it has a perception that it's high in fat because people associate it with processed cuts like bacon or sausage, but pork tenderloin actually has less fat per serving than skinless chicken breast – And there are other lean cuts of pork too like sirloin pork chop, ground pork, New York pork roast, and a whole lot more but the point is, there are a lot of healthy pork cuts out there, y'all – Yeah and we're gonna be cooking up some of those lean cuts today but as we said, we're not gonna be using any ordinary grills

We're gonna be stretching the outer limits of what a barbecue is so that you don't have to – And for those of you who say barbecue is the meat not the grill, well, you are correct And that is still our personal position but our resident culinary expert Mythical Chef Josh has told us that he thinks it's okay to refer to what we call the grill as the barbecue so given that he feeds us so much and so well, we're going to call a truce – Yeah so for our purposes today, the definition of a barbecue is a framework for cooking meat over an open fire – Mm-hmm

– And that's the part we're gonna be willing – To the grill zone! – One trick to tasty meat is to throw some wood chips from a fruit tree in the barbecue but we thought why not use fruit from a fruit tree as the barbecue? And we have chosen watermelon and we're calling this the griller melon – And our art director Paisley actually cut the watermelon longways, created a little footing for the whole thing to sit on, cut some ventilation holes in the bottom so this whole thing can breathe, then took the top of the watermelon, cut slits in it to replicate a grill and then created a lid that is actually maneuverable for venting purposes – I'll take the lid off right now Rhett, you wanna take the grill off? And I'm gonna bring over some coals

– [Rhett] Yeah and I got the meat over here – The nestle in there – I like a single layer A little bit more, I think that's good Now– – Leave this over here

– Set this, there we go And I've got my bone-in chop – Yeah this is a pork chop, we're just gonna throw one right there in the middle – [Rhett] Hear that sizzle, oh man, you hear that? – It's starting to work, let's lid it up – [Rhett] So now we're gonna cook it on this side and then we're going to flip it and finish cooking it

– Now the true test of this is not just how it tastes but if it cooks properly because you can't eat it if it's not cooked properly which is why we're using this fancy device called a meat thermometer We gotta make sure that the internal temperature of the pork gets to 145 degrees Fahrenheit and then you let the meat rest for three minutes before you eat it so that's part of this test – I think this qualifies as a sharp object so I'm gonna hold it – Okay – Yeah because a lot of people cook their pork until it's completely white, well that means it's overcooked

You want this light blush pink color that indicates that you cooked it to the right temperature – All right so now we just, we wait a little bit, just sit tight, you know People gonna walk by They're like why you guys just sittin' by a watermelon? That my friend is a grill, you're stupid All right let's remove, ooh, let's remove the lid and then check the temp

It really has cooked– – Oh oh oh oh – This pork – Okay – Hey this is promising, man You're looking for that 145 internal temperature

– Oh look at that – What's it at? – It's 146 – All right – Good enough for you? – Yeah Passing with flying colors

Let's throw it right on there – Okay – Like this We gotta let it rest for three minutes though – Okay

Fully rested – Give me a nice cut, man Boy you're gonna take it apart I'm just gonna, look at that Oh yeah

Now does it have a scent of watermelon? The rub is so strong in a good way that – [Rhett] I think it does – I guess a hint of watermelon

– Just a hint though – Mm-hmm, it's moist, cooked to perfection (sniffles) – Man – And then, we got dessert waiting for us The inside of the watermelon

But today the outside of the watermelon is the champ, man The hero – You can keep reusing this – I just had pork fly out of my mouth – That's 'cause you're a happy man

– I'm so happy man, pork flying – You're a happy man because you know that watermelon, will it barbecue? – Yes! – I've always considered barbecue and the act of makin' love to meat And if you're gonna make love to meat, why not do it with the best love-makin' instrument of all time, the saxophone – Yeah, we call this the Kenny GBQ – (chuckles) Yeah we do

– All right so Paisley has took some valves or valve covers and made this meat hook here that then we can open up, put the coals down in here, and then lower the meat down into there – Right I've got the tenderloin over here but let's load her up with some coals – Two, gettin' some hot ones Three, four

– Oh yeah – [Link] Five, six Seven, eight, nine – Okay now take the other side of the spoon and push – You do that

You want me to suck on this, try to get the coals to come up the other side of the loop? – Whoa – That's good – Okay so now I'm gonna have to touch the meat directly – [Link] So you're gonna hook it on there, huh? – [Rhett] Just take it in here Hook it like this

Drop it just like that – Oh yeah – And so now we're gonna cook it on this side and then we're going to flip it and finish cooking – Of course a key to preparing meat in a barbecue is to have proper ventilation – I will say pieces of the saxophone are falling off as we speak, like that fell off

Yep, it's probably gonna be hot – That was hot I wonder if this part's hot – [Rhett] That fell off (blows note) – Not hot

– Oh yeah do that, that's circulation (blows off-key notes) – Can you taste the meat? – I was blowing, not sucking – Well suck one time and see what happens – Ooh (coughs) (crew laughs) It's like a hookah

(Rhett chuckles) – [Rhett] Okay this has been in here awhile But I can already tell by the way it came off that– – Oh goodness, okay – This is not up to temp, but if you want to be scientific about it – Yeah the ends are cooked but by the time you could get the middle cooked to proper temperature, the ends would be so burnt that it's inedible so I just think this is viable – Something tells me that 86

1 degrees is not proper temperature – [Link] So saxophone, will it barbecue? – [Rhett and Link] No – Now usually when I get a belly full of barbecue, my next stop is the toilet so we thought, why not make it the first stop and make it the barbecue? – Lucas basically just took all the innards of the tank out and then drilled holes on each side so the top of this thing is actually gonna be the grill grate So Link, just fill up basically the whole tank with coals Woo! Okay so that's less than halfway up, is that cool, or we want more? – Let's get another one! (porcelain shatters) Oh gosh, it just busted! We were gonna add some more coals, and the bottom fell out! I didn't even get the meat on it

– I don't think more coals are gonna do anything but you know what, let's just see We got a little bit of time here – Did you see that? – [Rhett] Here we go – Before the toilet completely deconstructs, we're gonna see if we can grill this ground pork – Also just so you know, we've got barbecue sauce ready to go

(porcelain shatters) – Oh! The back side busted – Whoa! – Oh! – Okay, oh wow The ground pork patty's still there I think we're still good, man We're still good! (crew laughs) – Flip it

Oh That wasn't a flip, I'm not, oh gosh! What are you doing, man? – We're still good! Hey! – We're still good – We're still good, man – We're still good – We're still good

We're still good You don't have to see the other side of that, we're still good, man – We're still good (porcelain clatters) Oh! It continues to fall apart but we're still good – Yeah man, we're still good

The burger's still up there – We're still good – [Rhett] I mean we could toast some buns That's what the other side is for (porcelain clatters) (both yell) – You broke it with the bun

– [Rhett] It happened before I touched it, man – We're almost not good but we're still good – Yeah we're still good – [Link] Dang man, look at that Flip it

– You want people to see the other side? – You mean the side with ash on it? – Look at that, that's cooked, it's a little bit cooked – That's ash (crew laughs) You dropped it in ash – Sorry – We're still good

Hey man, me and you, we're still good – We're still good – You sure you don't wanna baste some barbecue sauce using a toilet brush? – Definitely – Is it warm? Is the sauce warm? – [Rhett] I don't think so – Forget all about that ash now

That's good – You really can't over sauce a patty – Let's test the internal temperature of the patty – Why? (chuckles) – It's raw, right? – Yeah it's not good The whole base of the thing cracked

I mean the whole thing is cracked all the way around The front, look at that – Suggest it – Okay I'm just gonna make a little suggestion – [Link] Okay

(porcelain crashes) Oh my goodness – Okay well Are we still good? – That is still raw And we broke our grill – Yeah, okay I think the answer's pretty clear

Toilet – [Rhett and Link] Will it barbecue? No! – Now there are a variety of different cuts of pork and what better way to dispense variety than a vending machine? We call this the vendecue – Or I call it the dollar swallower meat heater This thing is an actual vending machine It's a bit used and it's a bit gutted because we took out most of the plastic parts except for this one tray which is loaded with the meat and we've got holes all in the bottom of this to allow the smoke to come up and then there's a hole in the top to aid in ventilation

– And we got a lot of different cuts of pork here We got loin, sirloin, ground pork, bone-in chop, and tenderloin all kind of put in there nicely – Since it's already loaded all we gotta do is load the coals! All right (coal clatters) Yeah, now let's push that back Close her down

– No gotta put the– – Oh oh yeah – Wood chips man – Got the wood chips – Got some wet mesquite chips, just gonna dump it on top there – Now get that nice smoke going

– Close her up – [Link] Okay this thing's been smoking for over an hour I'm feeling good – And the glass has basically gotten smoked up so let's open this thing up so you can see – Okay

Oh my goodness It looks like it's gonna work, now hold on Before we take it out, you wanna test the temperature? – Yeah, this one right here? That's a nice lookin' one – [Link] I'm feeling very good about this – [Rhett] Middle there

– All right so it's 159, over 145 We should have taken it out earlier so it's not optimal but we know this puppy can cook Now– – The problem is, I'm not gonna take it out of there We gotta vend it to ourselves – Oh yeah see if it still works

One quarter How much you think that pork is worth? – I'd say at least a dollar – Yeah all right there's a dollar So I'm gonna vend D8 I can hear it

– It's working It's working It's trying – It's making noise Come to papa

Drop into the hand Ope! (Rhett grunts) (crew laughs) Look at that! – Sometimes you just gotta take the whole thing out – Woo! We got three! – Yeah Link, you get one, I get one, and then we get one for a friend – Okay – You wanna pick that up and I'll just dispense them right off here

Be careful with that knife, son – Here you take the knife You want the knife? – Okay I'm gonna set this back in here There's a lot more pork in there where that came from – And let's start with this one, let's just cut this one in half

– [Rhett] Oh – Does it taste like a vending machine? It's good – That's good, man – I prefer watermelon pork but I'm not complainin' – This is more high tech

– Yeah It dispensed all the way out and gave us two freebies – Freebie, how'd that happen? So vending machine Will it barbecue? – [Rhett and Link] Yes! – We wanna thank the National Pork Board for sponsoring this episode – Incorporate pork into your healthy diet

Go to porkorg/cooking to learn more – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Christina

– And I'm Zack – And we're celebrating our first wedding anniversary – Center of the beach, Florida – And now– – [Both] It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Ooh little kiss then

– Click the top link to watch us try smoked watermelon barbecue in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land Keep your beverages cozy with this GMM beverage cooler at Mythicalstore

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