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– Made you click – Let's talk about that

(alarm ringing) (upbeat music) – Good mythical morning! – Mythical beasts, we apologize The title of this video was just click bait – Oh, we did that – But we did it to prove a point It's very enticing and lots of times, we can't help but click on click bait

Of course, I want to know the one secret to perfect skin Of course I want to know what unbelievable thing happened next when that Dad took his daughter to the soccer game – What could it be? – Yes, I wanna know what the bunny from Zootopia looks like now! I'm human, I have to find out! So, I click Click bait is everywhere these days and I want to see Rhett, if you can guess what is on the other side of that click It's time for Fixate on This Clickbait Cause You Can't Wait

To Find Out What Happened Next Alright, here's how this fun game is gonna work, Rhett I will present you with click bait headlines with built-in cliffhangers and you'll have to predict what the cliffhanger turns out to be once you click through

You gotta get four of these right – Yep – If you don't, you're gonna have to eat bait – Oh gosh, bait? – Actual bait – I'm a sucker for click bait

– For fish – I click on so many, like that stuff that you just mentioned in the intro, all of it got me really excited (laughing) – The Zootopia bunny? – Oh, I could only imagine what it looks like now – Well, it's a let down – Yeah, okay

– Let's get right to it Here's the first clickbait headline "If you find an opossum who appears to be dead, "doing THIS could save lives!" What should you do to save lives? Is it A, check it's baby sack and remove any babies? B, shake it to snap it out of playing possum? C, remove it from the roadway to prevent accidents? Or D, donate to SaveTheChildrennet? – Oh that's a good one I wanna say D 'cause I believe in it but I don't believe that it's correct

– They do save lives but– – Not possum lives though – It wasn't a fundraising clickbait – Nobody stands up for the possum That is a thing I've noticed Nobody stands with the possum

– Hmm, nobody stands with the possum – I gotta believe that you said– – Nobody puts Baby in a corner either – Oh, that was a Freudian slip, baby A, check it's baby sack and remove any babies – Hahaha, you fell for it

Nope, I don't know, let's actually find out But first, we got an ad for this live show – I see what you did there – We gotta look at this thing – [Rhett] I definitely don't remember putting that on my head

– It's a gui doc but I'm still not gonna click on it – I'd click all over that – Okay so, you said your answer was check it's baby sack and remove any babies And you are correct – Ha, that's right! – PETA actually tweeted this factoid along with this horrifying photo

– [Rhett] Oh my goodness – Which incidentally is exactly what the doctor did at our brosectomy – There wasn't a possum there I don't remember that I saw some stuff I'm trying to unsee but– – You're one for one, Rhett

– Yeah I am – Here's another one "14-year-old girl stabbed her little sister 40 times, "police say "The reason why will shock you" What's the shocking reason why? Is it A, she ate her sandwich? B, she was ungrateful? Or C, she snored? Or D, was it just a simple misunderstanding of the board game Clue? – Oh, those, that can get very, very violent

Almost justifiable homicide sometimes when you're playing Clue – It's tough to stab somebody with a candlestick 40 times? – Man, so again, none of this is justified but what could possibly be the reason? Sandwich, now you're talkin' about Pavlov's hierarchy, ya know, or Maslov's hierarchy Somebody's hierarchy But snoring is so annoying, I could see that like, ya know what, you stab somebody 14 times, they'd probably stop snoring

– Probably – Yeah, C – No, it was she was ungrateful Little sis didn't thank her after she quote, "cooked dinner for her and did other chores" – Oh yeah, I could see that

– No, 40 times? (laughing) Incidentally, this is the plot for the pilot of the new Netflix series, Less Fuller House – Ohh! (laughing) – One for two, okay Rhett – It was one of those Olson twins, wasn't it? – Would you click on this one? – They come back finally, oh we'll finally come back and kill everybody That's the only condition – Man, I think they do come back

– Really? – In a new season – Oh, I'm watchin' – I'm all over that Alright, would you click on this? "This guy had the best passive aggressive response "to his dirty roommate" What was the response? Was it A, tweeting photos of his messes to his mom? B, making him a Tinder profile under the name "Messy Dave" and getting him over 100 matches? C, leaving description tags and prices next to the messes describing them as art? Or D, passive-aggressively stabbing him 40 times? – Okay yes, again

– You slid a joke – Okay I don't think you'd get 100 matches if you were called Messy Dave I'm gonna go with the art, turned 'em into art, C – You are correct – Hey! (dinging) – This installment says "Forgotten milk, "left to actively go rancid in fridge "far beyond sell by date

" $900? – Oh, pricey – Another exhibit labeled "underwear on the bathroom floor "was on loan from the museum of modern shart" (laughing) You're doing pretty good Rhett Would you click on this one? – I know my clickbait – "Man builds a bed frame for his patio

"Nothing will prepare you for the mattress" What is the mattress? Is it A, a mattress? B, grass? C, sand? Or D, a handful of black pork? – I'm so confused – The black pork in the hand is a running gag on Good Mythical Morning Don't know why but– – Black pork in the hand – We like to talk about handful of black pork now

– I'm so confused, I would click this I really wanna know what the picture to go along with this is – Because it sounds so stupid, right? But you're like, "What can it be?" – Nothing will prepare you for the mattress What's the mattress? – Nothing – A mattress

– Will prepare you – I think the mattress, just going existential here, the mattress is a mattress, A – (laughing) You sure? – Yeah – No, it's grass! I knew you were not prepared for grass! But if it were a mattress, you probably wouldn't have been prepared except it was your answer So it sounds like you would've been prepared

– Yeah, what? – You missed that one, that's all that matters – Does he sleep on it? I don't understand – You gotta get two more right not to eat that bait I have to eat the bait otherwise – Oh gosh

– I'm not pullin' for ya Would you click on this? "When you find out what these kids are jumping into, "your jaw will drop!" What are they jumping into? Is it A, a chocolate jacuzzi? B, a $2 million pool? C, a blood-red swimming hole? Or D, a life of crime? – It happens Happens all too often – And your jaw drops when you see it too – I think I've seen this picture

– Oh yeah? – I've clicked on it – (laughing) You serious? – It's like a blood-red swimming hole isn't it? It's like a big red thing and there's people jumping into it I've definitely clicked on that – Yes, you're wrong! It's a $2 million pool – Really? – Boasting 90 feet – of waterfalls, miniature cliffs, caves and more, this gargantuan pool is more like a tiny lake

We had friends who like, they saw a river turn red and they took pictures on Instagram You're gettin' it confused – Oh yeah – The most surprising thing about this pool though is that it's above ground $2 million above ground pool

– Yeah, doesn't look it but okay – It happens – Whatever you say – You won't believe this above ground pool, okay, man – I've gotta get these last two right

– You're not lookin' good brother "If you eat one pickle a day, "here's the surprising effect on your brain" – Pickle brain – What's the effect? A – reduces anxiety? B – makes you a better driver? C – cures insomnia? Or D – you can smell when birds are near? – That is a useful skill Always wanna know when they're near

– Right What are you rubbing? – Getting some pickle juice off – Always wanna know when birds are near Can scratch my abdomen – Pickles have pickle agents in them, ya know, vinegars and such

What would that do? – It doesn't matter what you know, just give me your answer – It wouldn't make you a better driver I guess it would reduce anxiety, A – We both put a G in anxiety, at least we're together on this You sure? – Yeah

– Positive? A study for the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that fermented foods reduced anxiety! – Yes, yes they do! – Ask your doctor if pickles are right for you – They are, they're for me all the time – Comes down to this one, Rhett Who has to eat the bait? "A juice company dumped orange peels in a national park "Here's what it looks like now

" – Orange – An orange grove, a desolate bare patch, a lush green forest or Donald Trump? You know the orange? – Orange, yes – Joke, Donald Trump joke – Right, is it a desolate bare patch like bears? Bears or baren bare? – Yeah, it's really desolate so a lot of bears go there No, b-a-r-e

– Oh man, orange peels Orange peels don't have seeds, so it probably isn't an orange grove but orange peels do act as a compost which would lead to a lush green forest I'm gonna go with my instinct, C! – You sure you don't wanna say D? – C please – You're right I have to eat the bait! – Yes, woo! – Costa Rica National Preserve let the company dump it's organic refuse in an under-developed forest and when students returned there 16 years later, they found that the area where the peels had been dumped had developed whereas the adjacent area hadn't! Look at that split screen! – [Rhett] Whoa, what a development

– And I'll leave you with a joke When Guy Fieri's restaurant dumps their trash into a forest, it becomes another Guy Fieri restaurant! Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is, Guy Fieri – Hi, I'm Rhea – And I'm Rora

– And we are from Mexico And it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality! – We're selling hats and pins and you won't believe what's on them Go to mythicalstore to find out Probably shouldn't be showing them

– Oh yeah, look at that hat Click through to Good Mythical More because dang it, I'm gonna eat some bait – Yeah you are – Maybe it's good, maybe I have some fish in me – Gifticality, that means we're donating $1,000 to Team Audrey Kaller for the 2017 walk to end epilepsy and remember, if we get to $100,000 by Thanksgiving, Adam, our friend, Audrey's dad will eat a shoe

Join us in giving at EndEpilepsyorg/AdamEatsaShoe – EndEpilepsyorg Thank you for being your mythical best

– [Rhett] Thanks for clicking subscribe Click on the left to watch a show after the show, Good Mythical More Click on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning Be sure to check out our other channel, This Is Mythical, by clicking the video on the bottom – [Link] Thanks for being your mythical best

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