Why Are They Freaking Out? (GAME)

– People freak out about the darndest things – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) – Good mythical morning – First up, a reminder This week only, we are giving away a trip to visit us right here at the Mythical studio if you're the lucky winner to receive the golden tee of mythicality Here it is The only one that exists

– Yes, go to mythicalstore for rules on how to enter Void where prohibited No purchase necessary to enter – Now you might think that the world would be a better place if everyone on earth could just learn to deal with frustration and conflict by calmly processing their emotions and having measured logical responses to stressful situations

– Well you'd be wrong because then we wouldn't have videos of people freaking out in public for us to enjoy and play a game with It's time for ♪ Aww, freak out ♪ ♪ That clip, so sick ♪ ♪ Freak out ♪ Okay, Link, I'm gonna show you a clip of someone freaking out – Freak out! – And then using multiple choice, you will have to guess why they're freaking out If you get the majority right and you win, I will freak out right here on set about how you won And if you lose, you have to freak out about losing right here

– Okay, okay, okay – You're gonna have to be a loser A big freaking out loser – It would feel good for you to freak out for me – Okay, let's get right into this with a lady who is really, really, really mad

Okay, she's a little upset – Yeah, yeah, she was – Why is she so mad? Is it A, she was not allowed to bring her emotional support parrot on her flight? B, she was not allowed back onto a greyhound bus after making a racist comment C, she was not allowed onto a ferry because she was late and it was gone or D, she lives next to Jake Paul – Do people still do that? I think they've all figured it out

– Still live next to Jake Paul? He has a radius around him now – Man I'm not gonna try to draw a correlation between racism and freaking out that much but that is the guess I'm leaning No, you know what, I think it's C She's not allowed onto a ferry because she was late and it's gone

– Okay Let's watch the reveal Okay, you couldn't really see much but I just wanted you to see that part of the video Yes, that was a ferry Apparently that's what it looks like at the counter of a ferry

Link, you're one for one! – The ferry's gone I mean – Yeah, nobody's ever been that upset to not get to Staten Island before (laughing) Alright Link, off to a good start This next one is mostly bleeps and pure testosterone

– Okay (shouting) (bleeping) (mumbling) (laughing) – Okay, hold on Dude, we gotta see that again Roll that back, that fall at the end (laughing) It's like so much

So outta nowhere He's freaking out and then all of a sudden, it's like does he press a button on him? Is he a robot? – Okay, I think I know what's going on here from context even before you give me the options – Alright, so in this clip we see the guy in the red hat named Jared full on fighting with the guy in the black beanie What is the reason for the fight? Is it A, the arm wrestling team uninvited Jared from practice? B, black beanie guy spread a rumor on the arm wrestling team that Jared was impotent C, Jared's ex-girlfriend left him for black beanie guy or D, Jared realized he was the lead singer of Limp Bizkit

– No! Alright, I thought I was smart in knowing that that was an arm wrestling table but we've moved beyond that – Yes, they're all about arm wrestling – It's hard not to choose any question with the word impotent in it – Right, right, right – That's an interesting rumor

I don't know how that would be established in a reveal clip – Heard you were impotent, man (crew laughing) – No! – That's how it's gonna go – You just haven't been pushing the button on the back of my neck That makes me not impotent

– Right, you've been hitting the wrong button – I'm gonna go with C, he's heated up because his girlfriend left him for that guy – Alright, let's see the reveal – Stupid, no, you told me I can't come to (bleeping) practice, (bleeping) you No, (bleeping) you, I came here

You wanna (bleeping) settle it right now, do you wanna (bleeping)? (shouting) What, (bleeping)? (laughing) – Oh he smacked, the guy grabbed his beanie then he smacked him 'cause he couldn't come to practice – Yes, he got uninvited from practice You know, ironically most people would have to practice quite a bit to be that big of a douche (laughing) – Alright, one for two – Alright

Something, a bear in fact, is about to do something to a lady (laughing) Let's watch the clip – I love it – [Female] Stop it! Bear, stop that! Stop that, bear! Bear! (laughing) – So as you can see, she's not focusing on the bear yet She's focusing her attention but not her camera on the bear

– Stop that, bear! Stop that – What is the bear doing to the lady? Is it A, that bear is far away and vaguely moving in her direction? B, that bear is eating her entire camping rations C, that bear is eating her entire kayak or D, that bear is Bear Grylls and he's drinking his own urine again (laughing) – I like Bear Grylls, man I'd love to be on that show where they bring people who are– – They still doing that? – Are they bringing in people less famous now so that we could do it? – Yeah

(crew laughing) We'll look into it – I did sense, the bear's not far away 'cause it stopped doing that but the bear's doing something – Right, right, right, right, very specific – And camping rations is most expected so I'm gonna go with C, that bear needs to stop eating her entire kayak – Roll the clip! – [Female] Bear, stop! Stop breaking my kayak, please! Please stop! Gosh darn it, oh, why are you doing that? Bear, please stop

Please stop, bear, it's the end of September (laughing) You're supposed to be asleep – Gosh darn it, bear, why are you trying to, what are you doing in the kayak? – Yeah, Link, you know what? You're right Two out of three so far The thing is is that she was following protocol because all the signs that I've ever seen in Yellowstone do say if you see a bear doing something you don't want him to do, just say stop, bear! Please stop bear! Gosh darn it! Let's check out another freak out

(laughing) – Wow – Why don't you? – Pinocchio bleep nose – In this incredible footage, we see one lady screaming at another off screen lady and both of them want the other to mind their own business What is causing their businesses to collide? A, the on screen lady got caught stealing rhubarb from the off screen lady's garden B, the on screen lady got caught leaving anonymous notes about the off screen lady's shoddy lawn care

C, the on screen lady got caught leaving dog poop in the off screen lady's yard or D, there is no off screen lady That on screen lady is just not doing well (laughing) Pinocchio nose, that's a good one – Dog poop will get you worked up I just think that's got to be it

I mean, for her to get that heated, C – Let's reveal (laughing) She's got an answer for everything! I love this woman! – So she would have helped with the lawn care if her lawnmower was not stolen – Exactly, yeah I mean I just have one question

Is she single? (laughing) I like 'em feisty I like rhubarb pie a lot too – Wow – Here's another one – She is great

– In this next video, we see an intoxicated Irish woman attempt to force herself into a business Let's check it out (shattering) – Holy (bleeping)! (laughing) – I don't understand exactly how the window exploded I can't see well enough to know But what was she freaking out? What was the goal? Was it A, she desperately wanted a kebob but it was in fact a pizza restaurant

B, she desperately wanted a pizza but it was in fact a kebob place – Oh come on – C, she desperately wanted a taco but it was in fact a Cricket Wireless store or D, she desperately wanted to hit rock bottom and she did (laughing) – Poor glass – Yeah, that's expensive to replace

– You made this tough, between A and B I'm leaning towards pizza because the sauce – Okay, so does she want a kebab or does she want pizza? And is it a kebab or a pizza place 'cause that's what you have to choose between – I'm saying she wants a kebab but it's a pizza restaurant – Alright

Yes, she just wanted a kebab but it was a pizza place – Wow – You know what– – Just give the woman a kebab – Let's send her a mug that says don't tackle me until I've had my kebab (laughing) Do we have the power to do that? – Well we made one of these shirts

We can make one of– (mumbling) Don't tackle me until I've had my kebab – Alright Link, correct me if I'm wrong If he gets this one right he does in fact win – Yes and you get to freak out – If you get it wrong you do in fact lose

Okay, this one's a little different Filmed at a city council meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska, this woman goes on an epic rant Instead of trying to guess the why, you simply have to attempt to guess what she's going to say next, okay? Roll the clip – Do you know you have scratchy toilet paper? Get everybody to start bringing toilet paper in 'cause guess what? I guess that's why everybody's so damn, I can't say damn, right? Because you know what, here Let's clear up some things

– She's, okay, what is she about to clear up? (laughing) A, she believes toilet paper is the cause of her family's rectal cancer – Oh gosh – B, she has never not wiped, even when it's scratchy toilet paper C, she has never punched a mailman and never would unless it was self defense or D, she has two boobs, not six (laughing) – This is crazy, man

None of these are viable options (crew laughing) What is up with this woman? I mean it has to be toilet paper related, right? So I'm going with B for the win – Okay, let's see what she says next – Here, let's do some, let's clear up some things I have two boobs, not six

I have six butts because when you guys are talking about me, you have no idea who knows me See that young man back there? That is Investigator Schaffer Badge number 1193 Clap for him because he protects you guys from people like me – Sorry Link, it was D

– What? – She's got two boobs, not six, man – What is she trying to say? – I don't know but incidentally, Officer Schaffer, Investigator Schaffer, is just a cantaloupe with a face drawn on it (laughing) Zooms out later and shows you that I'm sorry– – Who is this woman? – You didn't win – Who is this woman? I wanna meet this woman! I wanna be best friends with this woman! I love this woman, she's great! You're laughing at her? You're laughing at her for seeming all kooky and how many boobs, butts does she have but you know what? She's a great person! She's standing up for your rights! She's the one who's showing up at all of the things that those are and she's saying the things that she's saying because you don't have the guts to say it yourself! You don't have the nuts! How many nuts do I have? – Two, not six

– Six I have six, not two, and we're a match made in heaven and I'm gonna be with her and you're gonna be with the garden lady! – Okay, so that was your freakout because you lost? – Yeah – Okay (crew laughing) Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is

– I'm Tina – And I'm Mike – We're from Foster, Rhode Island and we're in Saco Beach, Maine at Monkey Trunks It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! (yelling) – Woo! – I don't know how into that Mike was Click the top link to watch us play freakout taboo in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land now – [Rhett] Do you wanna win a visit to the Mythical studio? Now's your chance Go to mythicalstore and click the silver GMM logo tee to find out how you can win the trip of a lifetime

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