Which Swim Goggles Are The Best? (TEST)

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com for exclusive mythical beast experiences and offerings including new videos featuring our team members – Now before you jump face first into that swimming pool full of kids pee You probably want to put on some swim goggles But there is so many options out there on the market, which one should you get? Today we'll put the top consumers swim goggles to the test Its time for Buy It, Break It, Rate It, swim goggles edition

– Each round we'll be preforming an unconventional test we came up with And at the end of the round the worst performer will be eliminated – Yeah and since you're gonna wanna know how long goggles last over time, we're gonna keep the same pair of goggles as we move through the rounds Ans we choose those goggles based on the top Amazon best selling list, top editorial guides, and Reddit threads – The swim goggles we've chosen are Speedo Vanquisher 2

0 swim goggles – [Link] Aegend Swim Goggles – [Rhett] Michael Phelps xceed swimming goggles – [Link] The Friendly Swede goggles – [Rhett] And TYR sport special ops 2

0 polarized swimming goggle – To the goggle testing zone (upbeat music) The first step in swimming is diving in, so this first test is gonna test which goggles can withstand the force of your face hitting the water – And in order to simulate the force of diving, I have this power washer We could've just thrown these mannequins into a pool, but we don't have a pool

We have a power washer! – Yeah! – I'm gonna be firing at each one of these mannequins, Link is going to be timing them And the one that stays on the least, will be eliminated – Boom! Oh yeah, its cranked up! – Okay, I'm gonna stand about a foot away This is our first set of goggles, these are the Speedo's – [Link] It's blue

– Three, two, one blast Okay? – Okay – Three, two, one (water spraying) Okay, that didn't last long – No that was very quick

– Those are weak – I didn't even – How long was that? – Like zero

– Good – I'm gonna say 2 seconds – It was a lot less than that – Yeah

– I'll just say instantaneous failure – Yeah – Moving along, this is the Aegend – [Link] And they're mirrored – These look cool

Let's see if they stand up to the blast Three, two, one (water spraying) – That's pretty much instantaneous – Okay I think it's just these are really hard dives

– Yeah, you're diving real hard – Okay – Okay, we got two at the low end here, can't differentiate between them – Now, we're moving on to Michael Phelps I have high hopes for Michael Phelps because he dives in with a lot of force – Does he? – Yeah

He's known for that You ready? Three, two, one (water spraying) oh, oh, oh – oh yeah! Nice, that was 307 seconds

What's that little seven mean? – 307 seconds – Okay, yeah – All right now we're on to the Friendly Swedes Anything friendly about that to you? – Looks mean to me

– I'm gonna be very unfriendly to it Three, two, one (water spraying) – That's another instantaneous – That one almost went over the wall – Wow! – I think that's the worst one so far, because we've got three that just came off instantaneously

And finally the Tyr Sport – These are mirrored too – Three, two, one (water spraying) – [Link] Okay – Okay, well clearly we have a winner, but that's not what we're trying to figure out right now

– We need to find a loser – Now I can say right now, that the Friendly Swedes flew further and faster than any of the rest of ones – Oh yeah, look at it Its way over here It traveled the farthest distance out of all of them

– Which means you're going to lose em You dive in, you don't know where they end up – Where are they? Their way over there against the wall – So we gotta eliminate one, and its only fair that the one that flew the furthest is that one So goodbye to the Friendly Swede

Whoo! (buzzer) (upbeat music) So not everybody swims in a pool, sometimes you gotta swim in a lake, or the creek There's all kinds of things in that water you don't want in your eyes, like bird poop, and flesh eating amoebas – Let's stop this list – You gotta seal it out – That's right the seal is very important and we're gonna test the seal with these eyeball balloons that we have in here

I'm going to blow into each one of these with the goggles down of course – Some people have eyes like that so – I'm gonna note, how hard and how much force it takes to break the seal for each of these The one that has the weakest seal, will be eliminated – These are ready to go

Okay starting again with the Speedo (blowing air) Oh wow! Okay, that right eye was not looking good – That was pretty easy – Pretty easy – Yeah

Okay – Not hard at all Let's try this one – Oh that, okay well you got two eyes – [Link] Yeah! – You got two eyes releasing on that one

– Oh yeah, two eyes – Was that one even easier? – That one was even easier man – Okay, all right, so far the Aegend is last place – Okay We'll go into the Michael Phelps

These are the ones that really held on in round one (blowing air) Whoa, oh, whoa Nothing! Nothing! Michael Phelps makes some secure goggles! – Not gonna beat me man (blowing air) – Wow (blowing air) I'm worried about you

– Oh god – I'm a little worried – Okay, oh man – Do you need to recenter? – Oh I just need a minute – You still got your timer on

– Michael Phelps – what are you timing? – Michael Phelps is clearly moving on – Are you timing something? Okay now we're into the Tyr Sport – All right here we go

– [Rhett] Oh, oh, okay we've got some serious release, but just one eye – Whoo That was tough, all right so – Innocent bystander, this looks like the easiest one – It's down to these two, but yeah, this one right here we got the double bulge

(air blowing) I can't do it again, (laughing) because I'm totally worn out – Okay – But it sucks and it's gone – Aegend is eliminated (buzzer) (upbeat music) – There are few things more annoying than swimming with scratched googles, but ones of things is getting attacked by a shark

– And you might think that the worst part about getting attacked by a shark is dying, well your wrong its getting your goggles scratched – Which is why for this test we have a shark – As always we're taking a very scientific approach, this balloon perfectly approximates a human head and this screws inside of this mouth, perfectly approximates the mouth of a screwed tooth shark, native to the Gulf of Mexico – I would not put your hand in there, because when my foot hits this, maybe accidentally, it's gonna clamp together and scratch up the goggles, or your hand, or face, or whatever is in there – So here you are, you've got Earl, whose just swimming along and then he goes whoops looks like I got myself in a little predicament

– The one with the most scratches in the end will be eliminated – Okay Link, Earls head is secured and ready to be chomped – Ready? – Yep – Three, two, one, chomp – Oh! (mechanical noise) Oh! Okay, Earl is dead

(laughing) But again that's not what's important – Is the goggles scratched? – Earl's fishing rod that was connected to the head has also be compromised – This is also a trust exercise because I'm, oh my goodness I'm gonna hold this apart and your gonna reach in, Oh gosh – Okay

– How much scratch? – Let see what we've got here Okay so we have significant scratchage on each one, but it's pretty much isolated to one scratch, pretty significant on the Speedo's – Let's clamp the rest and then we'll – Yeah we have nothing to compare it to

So now we've got the Michael Phelps goggles and Earl number two I'm gonna situate him perfectly in here Okay Link, whenever you're ready – Three, two, one, jaw snap (mechanical noise) (balloon popping) – Oh, Earl two is also dead

– All right Whoa, all right Pull that out Do we have any scratches? – We've got, this is kinda hard to tell but that right goggle was actually hit in two different places but it did not take much damage And finally the Tyr

– You really trust me man I'm surprised you have me on pedal duty – Ready – Three, two, one – Whoa! – What? – Earl never, whoa! – Whoa! (roaring) How did the balloon, it hit the goggles and it kept the balloon from bursting? – I don't know what happened but it was awesome

– What? Wow – Okay, I'm going in, you got it? – Yeah – Wow, so we've got, I don't know what happened with that balloon it was very strong but you know what it's just a variable All right there was actually scratchage but only a tiny little bit of scratchage and nothing on this side – So if we were to compare all three

– Well it's easy to see right here, Speedo's are gone, man we have significant damage It was very much scratched, paint got on it It's a deep cut – I hear ya – I think we gotta get rid of the Speedo's

– They're gone (buzzer) (upbeat music) – Now as any 13 year old boy can tell you, one of the coolest things about having a pair of goggles is being able to go beneath the surface and look at people in their bathing suits So visibility is very important – That's right so for this final test we are going head to head on a vision test The first person to finish their vision test, their goggles are crowned the best of Good Mythical Morning

Let's do it Okay Rhett, behind this blanket is your eye chart and we got mythical team members here to throw titanic themed stuff at you, to make this more difficult – Makes sense – All right are you ready? – [Rhett] Yes – I'm gonna be timing this and comparing it to my performance

– [Rhett] Okay – Ready, in three, two, one, go! (water splashing) – We, wer, we r to, we wer to be on YouTube Were to old to be on YouTube – That's it (laughing) – 17

28 seconds, how do you feel? – Oh a little cold (laughing) But I lived – [Link] Can I try? – Yes – Okay I got my contacts in, I'm ready to see a chart – And you have Odyssey themed things being thrown to you

– What is that? – Olives and grapes – Oh gosh – and baklava – Wow – [Rhett] Your favorite Okay Link, three, two, one, go (water splashing) – Chaps a, Chaps city, chaps city this water

Cha p this water Chase peed in this water – That's it you got it You got it with 1241 seconds

That means that your goggles Link, the Tyr Sport are the official best goggles of Good Mythical Morning – Yeah but did Chase really pee in this water? – Yeah I saw him – [Link] Okay – I helped Well congratulations my goggles

Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Pepper and it's time – And it's time to visit Wheel of Mythicality (water splashing) – That's what you gotta do in life, push the competition out of the way (laughing) Click the top link to watch us look at particular swimsuit fashion in Good Mythical Morning – And to find out where Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land – We're on Amazon

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