Which Blender Blends The Best? (TEST)

– What's the best blender under 100 bucks? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackling) Good Mythical Morning

– We're poised to begin offering access to an unprecedented layer of Mythicality with our new Mythical Society It's all very hush hush, top secret But you can be poised to join us by signing up for info now at MythicalSocietycom – Yes but today, we're blending

The blender, one of the most versatile kitchen appliances ever invented In fact, Tom Dickson, creator of the high-end Blendtec blender has been blending all kinds of things over on his YouTube channel for years, proving that very thing – Shout out to Tom! – But his blender costs more than some people's rent – Yeah, so what we wanna find out is what is the best blender for under 100 bucks, and we're gonna push affordable blenders to their limit It's time for Buy It Break It Rate It: Blender Edition

Well the blender's on and for our tests, we ain't gon' be making smoothies You may say that our items are unconventional, even stupid, but we say they're fun and if you've hurt our feelings In each round, we'll be eliminating the worst performing blender until only the best blender remains – And we've got five of the most popular name-brand blenders that you can get for under 100 bucks, starting with the Cuisinart CreativeBug-1300PC Powerful Heavy Duty for $8999

The Oster Pro 1200 for $59 The Ninja Professional BL770 Kitchen for $99 The NutriBullet Prime for $9999, and the KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond for $8999

(rock music) – All right we got Mythical team members Jen, David and John here to help us blend – And they will be robbing your home after this, so– (Link chuckles) Be prepared Okay for the sake of science, everybody's gonna be pressing the high button on their blender for 15 seconds exactly – Mm-hmm and the first thing we're gonna be blending is army men Why? Because as General Sherman said, war is hell

– (chuckles) Okay – And we're gonna embody that – [Rhett] Okay get those all in there, Link – Some of mine, doing a standard six army men in each one for control purposes – Is everyone ready? – Yes

– Yes – Three, two, one, blend! (hard rock music) (blenders whirring) Three, two, one, stop! (clattering) Link – I had to, mine wouldn't work at the beginning (Rhett and team laugh) So I did my own 15 second timer in my head – Okay, do you need instructions? Do we need to break out an instruction manual? – The whole thing was flashing

I pushed the stuff and then it was flashing, the whole thing I don't know what happened – All right everybody pour your contents out onto your tray – That's a smell – Okay

– Oh no – [Link] That's that – Oh okay – Holy crap I really did good

– All right guys, thank you for your blending help You did better than some people – Okay Link – Well it's clear that, it's clear that mine didn't do well, but I don't know – And I feel like the people at KitchenAid might be upset with you

(laughs) Because I feel like we need to have a special round where just you blend for 15 seconds and we all watch you (dramatic music) – All right they're in there – Okay Link, this is the blend of shame, okay? – I'm ready – Three, two, one, blend (dramatic music) – Three, two, one, stop! Okay

– Success – That was great, man – Thank you, thank you – You did a really good job on that (Rhett and crew clapping) – Now, it looks no different than before the blend of shame

– [Rhett] Oh wow – [Link] I'm just saying it's no different! – Okay, you're right Right off the bat, I can tell that these three are in contention for worst – [Link] Yeah 'cause this, the NutriBullet did really well – [Rhett] No it's these two, it's this one, it is the Oster and the KitchenAid

I'm gonna take all my whole men and put them in my hand here – Okay I've got lots of pieces – [Rhett] I have almost in tact six dudes – I mean look at that

– I've got whole pieces here – Oh wow You've got bigger pieces than me None of us have any heads remaining – Oh this is really, really, really close

– One, two, three, four, five, six I mean it's all, it didn't blend up any, but look – [Rhett] That's almost even Well you know what– – You've got heads – I've got, yeah

– One, two, three – I've got four heads in tact – These guys are still alive That's the sad thing – Yeah this right here, that small, okay, you know what

That means the Oster is being eliminated – [Link] Get out of here (rock music) – Our remaining blenders are loaded with sunglasses Why, you ask? Because when they're finely ground, they're easier to see through – David, you're so serious

I love it – Hey this is– – Hey don't break This is serious business – This is serious business, man Okay is everybody ready? Hands on buttons

– I'm kinda nervous – Link, hand on right button – Yes – [Rhett] Three, two, one, blend! (rock music) (blenders whirring) – [Rhett and Link] Three, two, one– – [Link] Stop! (blender whirring) (Rhett laughs) – All right let's dump 'em out Boy that was loud, I mean, ringing

– First of all, me and David's is completely disintegrated I mean, even before his had the little hiccup at the end, I looked at it, it was already very blended So it's definitely coming down to you guys – Okay All right thank you for your blending assistance

Let's take a look at these Yeah so if you look at the number of pieces here – I've got one half of a frame here, and then I've got almost full lens in two And then kinda half lens from two – [Link] Put it your hand like that, that was a good way to– – Well I can already tell right now

Yours lost, man, look This is the biggest other piece I could find and you've got lots of other pieces – It's interesting that it did not blend the lens for you But for me– – You basically have the nose piece, you have a full frame, and then you have two sides I only have one side

You've still got plenty of lens, but you have a lot more of the actual structure of the glasses in tact I think it's pretty clear that the KitchenAid is taking a hike! – Get out of here (rock music) The top three blenders are now loaded with glow sticks Why? Because Tom blended glow sticks and it looked awesome – Yes, and David, you outlasted John and Jen

How's that make you feel? – Feels great, feels great – We randomly assigned the blenders so you shouldn't feel too great (chuckles) Really just luck of the draw, okay– – I think he just said he's ready to party Did you say that? – Yeah The glow sticks

– He said I'm ready to party – Okay all right this is gonna be great, and it's gonna be a lot better if we dim the lights So let's dim the lights – Okay – And three, two, one, blend! (electronica music) – [Link] Whoa! (electronica music) (blenders whirring) – Two, one, stop! – The Ninja has a lot of residual

– Yeah I'm hearing lots of noise out of your Ninja, David – Okay all right – On the other hand – Let's pour it, don't inhale And don't drink this

Oh wow there's a lot, there's a lot coming out of it too – [Link] Okay, still ready to party or you had enough? – [David] The party might be over (crew laughing) – Whoa look at that smoke – [Rhett] Yeah don't breathe that in, Link – So tempted to breathe it in

– Oh wow, first of all, the NutriBullet is incredible It's definitely moving on but which one between these two is not? – All right thank you David Yes so that, look at that That is, that's a fine chop job – [Rhett] So I'm gonna just get all the longest pieces and kinda put them down on this end

– This is really satiating my OCD (game show music) Okay we have fully organized our glow chips, and you can see that there's a more consistent across the board blending of these glow sticks, which tells me with additional time, they would all continue to be blended down at a rate of mincing – Yeah and I still have a number of glow sticks that are almost fully in tact – Yeah that's not good – [Rhett] So we're gonna say that the Cuisinart is eliminated

(rock music) – And now for our final match up, we've got the Ninja versus the NutriBullet – And for the final round, we're going to be blending an entire McDonald's Happy Meal Why, because they taste better that way All right in this Happy Meal– – Mine's already loaded – I've got fries in the package

I've got nuggets, gonna do all those I've got apples and I have a Spider-Man toy This is the Prowler, I believe you have Spider-Gwen Gonna put all that in there and then, we're gonna top it off of course, gotta have a complete meal with the chocolate milk – [Link] Mm-hmm

– Okay, and top on – This is a great idea – You ready to blend? – I think so – Three, two, one, blend! (rock music) (blenders whirring) – My fries are floating! Yours is failing! – The Ninja is not blending, stop! – Ope, ope What happened? – [Rhett] The Prowler was too much

It was too much for the Ninja – [Link] Prowler broke it – He basically stopped it, it could not blend It could not turn – Oh we got some motor smoke

We got some motor smoke – Oh man, this whole thing is smoking The whole thing is smoking, but look at this frickin' Magic Bullet It totally did the job – I don't know that it blended the toy, but let's find out

– There's only one way to find out Just pour it right out, brother (laughing) Oh gosh – Oh my gosh, we've killed a Ninja – Okay well– – Feels pretty good to kill a Ninja, you know, they're hard to kill

– As you can see, pretty much what it was before we started – I mean this guy's unphased – [Rhett] And this thing continues to smoke Oh it's really gettin' going now Yeah, we broke this thing

– You know I think the demise of the Ninja was the fact that there's multi-layered blades so it got lodged pretty early on as opposed to with the Bullet, this stuff could just float above it The fact that this floated entirely above it and all of the fries are in tact doesn't reflect too highly on the Bullet either – Did it even scathe Spider-Gwen? – Didn't even touch it Didn't even touch it – No it didn't

– But the Bullet lives to blend another day – Yes it does and the Ninja, the Ninja died an honorable death Made it to the final round So there you have it The best blender for under 100 bucks is the NutriBullet Prime from Magic Bullet

– Especially if you wanna get really close to handling blades on a daily basis – Who doesn't like that? Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Albianne and I'm skiing Breckenridge, Colorado and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – I thought she was gonna get nailed at the end of the video

I'm so used to those – Well maybe she does Maybe they cut it short just for our sake Click the top link to watch us try some of your favorite smoothie hacks in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

– [Rhett] Sample our scent by purchasing a sample of our Mythical Number 9 fragrance, that is Available now at Mythicalstore

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