What’s Up My Sleeve? (GAME)

– Poke it Smell it

Shake it Sleeve it – Let's talk about that ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning! – Remember, you can still vote for us for show of the year at the Streamys by tweeting, "I'm voting for #GoodMythicalMorning for show of the year at the #Streamys" You can do that up to 100 times a day

Or you can just follow the link in the description – Thank you for your vote – Thank you so much We have invented a game This is gonna be fun

It's called "What's Up My Sleeve?" All you gotta have a long sleeve, something to put up it, and then someone else to guess what that thing may be – Yes, this is gonna be very fun We – We're gonna alternate – Yes, we are – Walking out with things up our sleeves And we are going to have to guess, and points will be tallied – But we have a few lifelines – This is a competition – You can poke it, smell it, or shake it – Yes

And we each have those lifelines available to us We can use each one of those one time That should make it very interesting (snaps) And the winner of this heated competition gets full tattoo-sleeve – sleeves – Hey! That's what I've always wanted! – Sounds painful

Let's play – (both) "What's Up My Sleeve?" – (both) Round One – (iron) O Sleeved One, enter

Oh, man There's a nice profile on that sleeve I see you're sporting a hoodie What is that, like a baby doll in there? Hey, turn it this way, brother What? Can you speak, or are you a mime, too? – What's up my sleeve? – (crew offscreen laughing) – How do you like my hoodie? – It's fine

It's a little tight – It's a little form-fitting – It is a little tight – Now, okay – (stammering) Hold on! I'm gesturing at it! I'm not gonna touch it

But that looked like a poke! Did you poke it? – No! Hold it out – If you touch it, it sounds as a poke – And you get one poke One poke – I can see light coming through there (chucking) Mhm Yeah you can – What is that? – (Rhett) Are you not seeing right here? – (Link) You got a little dampness

– (Rhett) Yeah, yeah Little leakage – Something has peed – Got a little leakage in my sleeve – All right

I want you to shake it – (crew offscreen laughing) – My sleeve or m-myself? – The sleeve The arm – (Link) Not giving me much – (everyone on and offscreen laughing) – Should've poked it

– (laughing) Always say that But I do think I know what it is It's a water gun – It's a handgun – You ever seen a water gun shaped

– like that? – Yeah, it's like I can grab it right there, and I can squish the water gun

I think I'm right Okay You're gonna take your shirt off? Don't be too dramatic about it Oh! (laughing) It's a iron?! – (crew laughing offscreen) – Oh, dude I was con

– It's an iron, Link (incorrect buzzer) – No, 'cause look I thought this where you grab, and I saw the light going through there

And I thought it was, like, – a water gun! – Well, you thought wrong, as my – mom used to say – Are you sure this isn't a water gun? Well, it probably could be used as one, but it doesn't count (buzzing with mouth) – (both) Round two! – (muffin) Come hither, sleeved one – (Rhett) It's a little dainty (laughing) – (crew laughing offscreen) – What's up my sleeve? – The sweater and the object is a little dainty

Hm Well, the interesting thing is that if I saw you in public, I would just think you had a goiter – (Rhett) This is definitely some kind

– (crew laughing offscreen) of growth It isn't that I wanna tell that guy there's something up his sleeve I gotta make sure I don't make eye contact with that when I talk to this guy – (Link) Right – Maintain eye contact

So I'm compelled to maintain eye contact with you, but I shouldn't be doing that I should be – investigating Whoa! – (chair squeaks noisily) – (more chair squeaking) – Where's that sound coming from? – What's down your pants? – What's that sound? It's my chair

It's the farty chair Okay This thing is asking for a poke – (crew laughing offscreen) – You know what time it is It really is I'm going for the poke, and I get one poke And it can't be a prolonged poke, but it can be a slow poke

And I would recommend poking from the top down Oh really? Okay, here we go – (crew laughing offscreen) – (Link laughing) She bounces back – But not really! – She halfway bounces back – She's got a little divot in her now

– It's a jelly doughnut Did you see jelly come out my sleeve or something? It's not a jelly doughnut Not my final answer – (crew laughing offscreen) – Oh Maybe it it is

Does jelly have to come out just 'cause you poked a jelly doughnut? Depends on where you poked the jelly doughnut, if jelly comes out of said – doughnut Maybe it's a muffin – (exhales) A muffin – (laughing) – (laughing) – (claps) It's a muffin Final answer

(laughing) Yeah Reach your hand under there – It's a muffin, man! (correct ding) – (crew laughing offscreen) – (Rhett) Oh – (Link) There it is Eat dat muffin top – (both) Round three – (spaghetti) Enter, O Sleeved One Looking a little saggy

– (crew offscreen laughing) – That's a nice look – (silly accent) Hellooooo – (crew offscreen laughing) – What's up my sleeve? – (Link) What — you got like a – sweatband that's sealing – (Rhett) Yes – (Link) the turn it – You would not want to experience this – without the sweatband – Why? Is it gonna gush out? – Mm – (crew offscreen laughing) Maybe Wow, it's got some sort of texture to it

(Link) It's like a balled-up net, is what it looks like – Ha! – It looks like if you balled up – a fishing net – (laughing) – Yes – (crew offscreen laughing) It looks heavier than a net though It could be chainmail

Would I have a wristband if it was chainmail? Are you holding in some sort of smell Should I smell this one? – Smelling could be helpful – All right Hold up the sleeve – Hold it in my smell place

– Don't make contact with the nose Gol, it's horrible, but I don't know what it is It like – (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing) – It smells cold and wretched and rotten What food looks like a (stammering) rotten fishing net? You've basically given yourself the answer I would think jellyfish, but it's too uniform I'm gonna go with – Nasty spaghetti

– Take off the wristband, Link (Link) Was I right? – Ha, I was right! Ha ha ha! – (crew offscreen laughing) Just because of texture alone Like, it smelled gross — Oh my gosh – (wet squishing) – Yeah, there's quite a lot up there – And there's cut meatballs in it, too

– Look at that When Lizzie was putting them up my sleeve, it got a little awkward – (both) Round four – (garden hose) Bring me your sleeves Peter Pan, huh? – Peter Can! (laughing) – (Rhett) Wow

I havevery little idea at this point

You have a rubber band Is that – necessary? – Not necessarily It might be for fashion – Is the hat necessary? – Absolutely not The hat is just me – expressing myself

– Could you extend your arm out that way? – I can't – I wanna see the other side of it – (chair squeaks) – (Link laughing) (Rhett) Hm Okay Were you scared of this when it was put into your sleeve? Do you wanna use a lifeline? I'm not answering your question

– I would like you to shake it – (both laughing) – All you had to do was ask – (plastic-y rustling) – (laughing) Shake that money-maker! – (laughing) You're enjoying this a lot – (rustling again) (Link laughing) – more than you should – Like, you don't need to keep shaking it – (crew offscreen laughing) – I mean, you shook it enough – (Link laughing) Yep Oh, yeah

Definitely I know what it is That up your sleeve, – my friend, is a garden hose – (laughing) Have you ever said that before? – (everyone on and offscreen laughing) – Is it Am I right? – (correct ding) – Yeah, hey! (clapping) – You got it, man! – All right, man! Look at that Woo, look at that! I'm like Britney Spears! (laughing) – (laughing) Oh, what? – (crew offscreen laughing) – (both) Round five – (Guns & Roses) Okay, for this next round, I'm told that there are two, count 'em, two related items, one up each sleeve Bring 'em out, sleeved boy

(silly voice) Hey I'm about to get my Eagle Scout Can you tell? You look like some kid that stuffed his shirt to look like he had muscles What do you mean LOOK like I have muscles? – So, there's a pattern to that It's

– (Rhett) Don't touch it! Come a little closer, man? And then hm There's a something there Let's see And then lemme see the other one Whoa, it goes all the way down

I was just looking right there, 'cause – that's where I looked over there – That's right The Boy Scouts are mysterious I don't know what that is Now, so what lifeline do I have left? – Scout's honor

– Ooh, ooh! – What's that really pointy part back there? – Well, you have a poke, right? That's what you have You've smelled and shaken, but have you poked, sir? And I only get one poke? On one sleeve? – Pick a sleeve, any sleeve Poke once – All right, turn this back around I really gotta look at it a second

I just know that's gonna be hard, and I'm – not gonna learn anything – I think you could learn a bit by poking this I do believe you could learn a bit – Lemme poke the bicep, or the – Whoa, don't go two-finger poke It's a one-finger poke Don't get twice as much information (crunching) – Oh, that was a touch! – No, it wasn't! You turned a poke into a touch! A poke is this

– And you did a poke, and then a feel – (laughing) – You did a poke and feel – Lemme poke it one more time (crunching) (laughing) I don't know what it is! – At all! – Really? You have no – It's frustrating – Quit poking! I could poke it forever and I wouldn't know what it was! (laughing) Lemme poke the other one I'll give you three smells, 'cause that's all you got left (clicks) Oh, what is that? Well, you've poked and felt both of my sleeves more than I was – EVER comfortable with

– I don't know I've already guessed this, but I'm gonna guess a gun and a projectile that fires from the gun

I was gonna give you a hint by getting on my sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-knees, knees – Guns and roses – Yeah, but I didn't – Guns and roses – Yeah, but you already said guns and projectiles, so you get one point

(correct ding) But you are correct, Link – I did get a point? – (grunting) – (crew offscreen laughing) – Whoosh! – Hey! – (everyone on and offscreen laughing) – Are those real? – Yes, smell 'em! You could've smelled them, and that would've done it, too – Oh, that's amazing – And then – Sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na knees! – One 'Cause it's not "gun and roses" It's guuuuuuunnsssss and rooossssseeeessss ♪ (Welcome to the jungle!) ♪ – (both) Round six! – (cow tongue & toothbrush) Okay, going into the last round

We are tied There's two points on the board for two sleeves If I get either of them right, I win If not, we tie Link, come on out

Oh my goodness Oh, I'm glad you've got on those shorts Boom (repeated) – That's a tight outfit you got on, there – What's up my sleeves? – (Link grunting) – (Rhett) It looks like there's some wetness going on under there

Is there some wetness going on? – Cannot neither confirm nor deny – I feel like I know — I feel like I – at least have a guess for that

– Oh, really? but I'm gonna have to smell it But I get to smell both of 'em, right? – (Link) Yeah – 'Cause I et you poke and feel all you wanted to Could you bring that sleeve over to me? – Just let it linger right there – Now, listen

I'll give you a smell, – and I'll also give you a poke – I get to smell and poke? Yeah, just for the fun of it I think I wanna make this interesting (sniffing) Lick it if you want to You'll be glad you did

Mm There's no smell at all It's just I can feel the coldness All right, now I'm gonna give you Take a look at this What do you think that is? Just verbally process Uh, it looks like some kinda, like, uh syringe of some kind It's like something that you would push on the back, and then it's got some – buttons It's got a switch right here – (Link) All right, I'll let you poke a button

If you think it's a button, you can poke it – Put your finger right there – (button clicks and starts buzzing) – (Rhett laughing) Oh my goodness – (crew laughing offscreen) (buzzing) (click) – (laughing) Okay That was dangerous

– (laughing) That's all the hint you get Lemme Can I poke this? You gonna let me poke this, too? Yeah, poke it

– (chair squeaking) – (Rhett) Oh (laughing) Oh All right It's time for your answers – That's a toothbrush over there

– Well, if you think this is a toothbrush, what would be related to it under this arm? Something you need to brush your teeth after you eat – Okay Is it teeth? – (both laughing) – Uh, I mean – The sooner you guess, the sooner I – can get it outta here – Something you need to – brush your teeth for? I mean, all food – All right, here we go Unzip me – Oh, gosh

– Unzip me for the reveal – (zipping sound) – Here we go Now, just reach your hand on in and pull that out Just, you can close your eyes This is the reveal

Close your eyes Or just tell me (Link) Pull it

Grab the whole thing Pull it out – (Link) Pull hard Straight up – (Rhett) Oh, my good

– Birth it! Pull it out! – What is that?! – Pull it out, man! Both hands! – No! – Oh, guh! (laughing) – It's a cow tongue! Gosh! And what do you brush a cow tongue with? – Ohhh – (correct ding) – (buzzing) – (Link) Feel the tastebuds on it I don't wanna I – Congratulations, Rhett – ♪ (celebratory fanfare) ♪ You said "toothbrush," and you win

Well, Rhett, not only did you win, but you also didn't have to – shove a cow tongue up your sleeve – (laughing) Oh, I'm very happy about that

– Thanks for liking – Ooh! It wants to lick your face! Oh, please don't — commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hi, this is Sid from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada And it's time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality! You can watch Good Mythical Morning 24 hours early only at – vesselcom/rhettandlink – vesselcom/rhettandlink

Click through to Good Mythical More, where Rhett shares about an experience he had at a park with a series of weird events – ♪ ("news report" music) ♪ – (Rhett) "This just in: alien life – discovered inside man's croc" – Um I'm sorry, but this just in: Man's – What? What is it? – Alien life – Alien life! Discovered inside man's croc – discovered inside man's croc And just to clarify, that's not a crockpot And that's not a pet crocodile That's a croc shoe That's a shoe that smells like dumpster funk

– Most of the time, and in this case in – Yes particular, it has led to alien life being being spawned [Captioned by Kevin: GMM Captioning Team]

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