What’s The Strongest Hairspray? (TEST)

– Today we determine the strongest hair spray of them all – Let's talk about that

(upbeat dubstep music) – Good Mythical Morning – Hey, wanna win a trip to meet and eat with us? Well the Bleak Creek Barbecue Bonanza Giveaway is running now through November 2nd All you gotta do to enter is order our novel "The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek" and submit your proof of purchase at BleakCreekcom – Two winners and their guest get an all-expense paid trip out to LA for a very Mythical pig pickin' with us and the crew

Tickets to Bleak Creek conversations– – And the crew? – And all other pre-orders count as proof of purchase too – Void where prohibited No purchase necessary to enter Full rules on the website, hope to see you there – Hairspray is a crucial beauty tool that has helped perfect sensational dos throughout the history of time

Yes hairspray was invented in 1948 but I subscribe to a particular time theory that life began in 1948 Everything before that is a lie the government feeds us – Of course you do Today we're gonna be investigating firm hold hairsprays utilizing our unique, yet always scientifically defensible techniques of consumer testing We're gonna try to find out which hairspray is the strongest of them all, it's time for Which Hairspray is Strong Enough for a Violent Hair Toss and Which One Is Actually Kind of Weak Sauce? Welcome to the aerosol free-for-all, AKA the hairspray cabaret

– We're gonna put the market's best strong-hold hairsprays to the test in an elimination-style tournament and to help us, we have five brave Mythical team members who volunteered, that's right, volunteered to partake in this test – We have Emily with Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray – [Rhett] Ellie with L'Oreal Elnet Extra Strong Hairspray – [Link] Christine is in Tresemme Extra Hold Hairspray – [Rhett] Bethany has Salon Grafix Freezing Spray

– [Link] And Jenna is in Suave Maximum Hold Hairspray – All right let's get to our first round (rock music) – Our first test is action Okay here's a scenario You're seeing your favorite metal band, Slip-not Your Real Dad and you're gonna start your head-bangin' and you don't want your hair to fell because then you will be exposed as not being metal as heck

– So that's why our action test is full-throttle head banging Y'all ready? – Yeah – Yeah – All right as the kids say, go dummy! (upbeat dubstep music) – Okay they're not together but they are in the same rhythm – Oh God, there's a lot happening

There's a lot happening! – [Link] A lot of hair floppin's happenin' Emily seems super stiff but her head banging is super stiff – Okay wow– – Ooh! – Wow (Ellie claps) Emily, you might need to see a chiropractor (laughs) I mean I don't know if I just had a good angle but it really felt like there was, you were like I am not moving my neck

(all laughing) – Yeah it was really from the hips Now, if we're to assess, I mean everything's fully in tact And I will say for everyone, even though it comes to this point, there is nothing that is holding the hair here – [Rhett] Right except the hairspray – Except the hairspray

– And I will say that you have some of the shorter hair in the bunch so your, I don't know what you would call that, your pinnacle (chuckles) is a little bit smaller so I'm trying to take that into account But whatever happened – It's Got2b good – Because nothing moved – All right so move on over

– Nothing moved at all – Whoo! – Oh wow You've been through something – (laughing) Yeah – Now what do you got here, L'Oreal– – L'Oreal– – [Link] Is lori all over the place

– All right so okay, I know you're in contention for being sent home (chuckles) – (chuckles) But I felt the spirit I feel like I went hard – Yeah – Okay? – Yeah you did, you were into it

– Hord – Hord! – Hord! – Okay, Christine's didn't move a whole lot I mean we still have a lot of– – Don't touch it We have some separation here – There's separation– – But here– – [Rhett] But it's still kind of holding itself up

– [Link] This is really– – So Christine I think you can step to the side You're not going anywhere right now – All right here we've got– – Bethany – SG – Salon– – Salon Grafix

– Now you have so much volume – You got a lot of hair – I have a lot of hair – Got a lot of hair, you were really getting into it – I think we have to take that into account

Because– – It's moved a lot but look at, hold on, look at Ellie's profile – Yeah so if we look at Jenna – Oh yeah yeah – Jenna's like a slightly more controlled version of Bethany and I'm talking about work ethic here at the office (Rhett laughs) – Oh! – Okay

– That was just a joke – All right no more of those jokes – Just, it's just a joke – They won't be taken well – It's okay, we work well together, it's fine

– I don't even know who was slammed in that joke It's just I'm not even thinking – Either way I think that you're both in better shape than Ellie right now – Ellie – I'm sorry to say– – You've got to go

– Aw – Hey – L'Oreal is being sent home – L'Ore-gone – You still have to stay here for the day though

(chuckles) – I gave it my best shot, you know? (rock music) – When normal whack-a-mole loses its thrill and you want to hunt the most dangerous game of all, human people, you play whack-a-do – Yeah so using a pillow, Link is going to administer a whacking to each hair (chuckles) A normal way to see which hairspray is able to withstand a restless night's sleep – Yeah that's all this is simulating – Right, yeah and I'm going to observe and draw conclusions from the undeniable science of this test

All right ladies Go into your holes And let's whack-a-do! (upbeat music) (Bethany laughs) – Whoa, what, are you okay? (upbeat music) I got you twice already Got you twice, got you once Oh, missed

Just totally took your mic pack off your back – All right come back up, Jenna He's gotta hit you one more time – Destroy you! – Okay, all right, everybody's been hit twice – No, Christine, get up here

– I got twice – Get up here! – No she got hit twice Let me count it – How many times did you get hit, Christine? – Twice! – All right come up here – Twice, okay

– All right – Wow – That was so much harder – What? Oh sorry – Be a man about the mic pack

Took it out on me – It was a heavy pillow, sorry I think you're doing great – Okay, let's start over here with Emily who again, hasn't really experienced much change – [Link] What the crap

– [Rhett] I mean whatever's happening here is working I mean it's working on one level – I think it's working on a lot of levels – Your hair is staying exactly the same for the most part Okay

– Does it feel like you have a globe on? – No I feel light as a feather (Christine laughs) – Okay Christine has still got quite an amount of integrity here – Oh yeah nod, nod again – [Rhett] I mean look at that – It moves just enough

– [Rhett] So you could sleep with this, wake up and basically go on about your day, if this is the particular hairstyle that you wanted to use – Okay – Bethany, we've got– – Well Bethany (crew laughs) Her life has gone sideways – [Rhett] Look at her, it's still– – But it's still up there

– Look at that – [Rhett] I mean really this comes down to– – Jenna and Bethany – Jenna and Bethany, yeah I feel like Bethany experienced more damage in this round– – I don't know, Jenna– – But Jenna's was already kind of flattened and I think you just further flattened it – It just stayed in place from there

– Oh gosh, this is not easy You know Jenna started in a pretty bad place just after the first test I mean not personally, your hair – You don't know that – And– (laughs) (Emily claps) But you know, Bethany's has changed quite a bit

– You know what, we don't know that – We don't, we don't, and I'm not gonna pry And Bethany, you've experienced a lot of change but there's still a lot of hair going up so I feel like– – All of hers is going over Again, you're taking volume into account It's more difficult but very impressive

– I think we gotta get rid of Suave – I mean don't take it personal, Jenna – No it's fine, it's just Suave (Christine cackles) (rock music) – Don't you hate it when you're driving down the beautiful PCH, just you and your two friends, somehow all wedged in the front seat when oh no, an adolescent witch on a far-off Malibu cliff who has yet to master full control of her powers accidentally turns your entire car invisible except for the wheel? – We've all been there This is the wind test

We've got some freakin' leaf blowers here that are gonna blast, I don't know if you're gonna be able to sit still I don't know what's gonna happen I've never seen this work – At least they got their seat belts on All right let's fire it up in three– – Two– – One! (air blowing) Whoa! (Link laughs) Oh no! – Steer! – A garbage truck just pulled in front of you! (girls and Link yelling) – Oh look, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from "The Ghostbusters" movie in the '80s just took a crap in front of the car! (girls yelling) – Oh no! An endangered bald eagle! – Wha! (laughs) Yeah! Woo, you just hit an endangered bald eagle and ran through some– – Wow, you know what, you actually ran into the first ever flock of bald eagles

– Oh – All right let's see what happened, you have a feather in your hair, that's nice You have a feather in your hair – Emily – Emily

– What's up? – Are you even here, girl? – [Rhett] Yeah look at me – Get with the program! – [Rhett] Did you feel any wind? – Yes (Rhett laughs) – It's not evident Okay all right, you're staying Who's going home, let's see

– [Link] Christine has made a move – Mm-hmm – She's got a feather in her cap – How did we get that right in the middle, that's really, really nice – No, it just comes to me

– That is so hipster (Christine chuckles) – But you know what– – Usually there's a hat involved though – I'll take basically everything that Bethany had kinda over here – Here – Is now– – Back here

– So I think she clearly had the most change through this process I think that we've gotta send Salon Grafix home Right off the cliff (rock music) – All right it's the final two and it's time to see how they do in rain Don't look so happy about it

– I'm not, I'm ready to win – Oh you're being serious, like the competition – Uh-huh – Okay Well I don't think Emily's sweating

– You're not competing, it's just the hairspray Just the hairspray, no pressure – I'm just happy to be here – All right in order to simulate rain 'cause it doesn't exist in this state, we have created the umbrella mister 3000 – Yes, it's the umbrella that creates rain

So you guys are going to mist yourselves for, you know, about 30 seconds or so, and then we're going to assess the results about how these hairsprays withstand rain Three, two, one, let it rain (whimsical music) – Okay – Oh it's a lot more soft – All right now, Emily's moving around

Christine– – Come up a little bit – Christine, let's see if we can get– – [Rhett] Bend forward a little bit There we go I'm getting right on the top – [Link] Now just hold your hand out

– This is how I look when I hold an umbrella – [Link] And then we're gonna, I'm kinda putting it right in the middle – Right on the top, Link – Right on the top? – Right on the top Just hittin' the peak

– [Link] Oh – [Rhett] I'm just sprinklin' all over the peak – I'm peakin' it too Sprinklin' on the peak – Sprinklin' on the peak

– I'm sprinklin' on the peak – What I do at the top of every mountain Bend forward a little bit There you go, there you go, there you go – I'm sprinklin' all over

There is no peak anymore (Christine yelps) You can't even phase her peak – [Rhett] This peak is like Mount Everest It is impervious to weather Okay let's stop, let's stop

– I would say call it but this is fun – Come up, come down – Okay – Okay as you can see, I feel like I could climb that (chuckles) I feel like I could climb that– – A lot of guys say that to me

(Rhett chuckles) (crew laughing) It's true – I'm sorry, I was talking about your hair – Hey, over here, over here Listen to me I'll say something now

– Okay – Ugh Christine, your hair has failed but again, you are not a failure – I'm not a failure – Say it again

You are not a failure – I am not a failure, it is not my fault It's Tresemme's – Yes, hit it, hit 'em with it! Tresemme – You did this to me, Tresemme! – Officially– – You're looking everywhere for 'em

– Officially Got2b Glued Blasting Freezespray is definitively the superior hairspray among hairsprays according to us – Got2b Glued! Thank you for commenting and subscribing Looking, liking, watching – Wow, it's always the same but somehow you keep screwing it up – Now you say you know what time it is

– You know what itme it is – I'm Aiden from Stillwater, Minnesota I just donated my hair And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Fantastic! – Click the top link to see if we can guess what's hiding in our team members' big hair in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel lands – [Rhett] Mythical wristbands in assorted colors Now available at Mythicalcom Collect 'em all

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