What’s The Best Cheese For Your Burger? (TEST)

– Are you putting the right cheese on your burger? – Let's talk about that (upbeat music) Good mythical summer

– I am in full dad grilling mode as of late It reminds my family they should keep me around – Ah, yes – Now when you grill burgers, do you put the cheese on the burger while it's still on the grill, or no? – I am offended that you would even ask that Do I look like a cold cheeser? – No, that is the right answer to an important question, but an even more important question is what is the best type of cheese for a particular type of burger

It's time for Which Cheese is the Most Ideal To Complete Your Burger Meal? – Okay, so there are a lot of cheeses out there to consider and we had to figure out a way to narrow it down So we started with 12 of the most common cheeses you could put on a burger, six sliced, and six unsliced and those were American, cheddar, pepper jack, gruyere, Swiss, gouda, pimento, brie, chevre, feta, blue and buffalo mozzarella – And then the mythical crew performed their own taste test behind the scenes with all 12 cheeses and whittled it down to American, gouda, chevre, and buffalo mozzarella – So you might be thinking what happened to Swiss? What happened to pepper jack? Well you can find out exactly how they got eliminated over on The Mythical Society – Yep, there's a video of their taste test

Now, so we're gonna taste those four, but here's the other factor, different cheeses are better for different types of burgers so we're gonna be tasting each cheese on three different types of burgers The backyard burger off the dad grill, the diner burger cooked on a flat top griddle, and a gourmet burger like from a fancy sit down restaurant and we're gonna rate each cheese on a scale of one to 10 – We're gonna be eating a lot of burger boy – I'm cool with that – In the end we're gonna know the best cheese with each burger type plus the overall big cheese

Let's do it – Our big ole cheese board is in, and we're gonna start by determining which cheese is best on the backyard burger – Now the backyard burger is a grilled burger, usually a little too plump and a little too small Iceberg lettuce, tomato, white onion, ketchup and mustard and we've got one with each type of cheese on it – [Link] Let's start with the American and we're gonna each rank these

– That's a well cooked burger – [Link] On a scale of one to five – [Rhett] Well done Josh and it's not well done Get it? – [Man] What? – [Link] Good burger overall You do get hit with that American cheese at just the right moment

– I like it – [Link] Been there done that – I feel like I gotta move on – That seems like the normal go to – Gouda

– [Link] Oh gosh, gouda – [Rhett] Man, those are both good I'm at a loss I'm gonna have to come back, but first I'm gonna go to chevre town How are you supposed to say it? – Chevre? – Chevre

– Chevre, chevre – [Link] The smokiness in that gouda does give you a little bit of interest and as a remove my tomato and rake off the edge of it, you'll see how this chevre stuff is like, – It's like a cream cheese – It's like a cream cheese – I'm not familiar with this – I never would have thought to put this on a backyard burger

– [Rhett] I'm a Ford man myself, you know – It's odd – It's like a sheep's cheese almost, like – [Man] It's goat cheese – Goat cheese

I like this, but I think I'm gonna like it more on a gourmet style, not so much on the backyard – There you go – Burger That's an interesting, very different though – I do not like it – Gotta hand it to him

– [Link] On that particular burger Mozzarella – [Rhett] Okay, I'm gonna start throwing some scores out there okay? Backyard Chevre, I'm gonna give a two – I'm gonna give that a one – I feel like I gotta just go get some straight cheeseburger here

– [Link] The mozzarella, I don't know It's just so mild, it doesn't really speak much to me – Me too, I'm gonna give that a three – I'm also gonna give it a three I love the American, I think– – You're biased

'Cause you're American – Well no, because I always eat it on the backyard burger and it's an expected comfortable taste I'm actually torn, I wanna give that a four, but the smoked gouda is the surprise for me here – This mixes really well – Yeah, I'm tempted to give it a four

I'm actually gonna give it a three I think this is now a viable thing to take into your backyard if you want to – Man, I like both of these, I'm going to, but it's only a scale of one to five for me I'm gonna give– – Are you gonna go hard? Are you gonna go five? You like it? – No, I'm gonna give both of them, let me just confirm Both of them will get four

– [Link] So that brings us to American just winning – And now to the diner burger – Two griddle cooked smash burgers with lettuce, tomato, pickles, thousand island dressing on a plain white bun – He did doubles and he put cheese on top and in between No you didn't Josh, yes you did

– You dog Oh yeah – Did you see what just happened? – [Link] Something just spattered out of it – [Rhett] That was a little bit of burger love juice Man, let me just say something

– The best Big Mac you can think of – I'll think about it and I'll eat it There's this thing where dad's feel like they gotta be outside on the grill, but really the better burger is from the griddle Go inside or take your griddle outside – I try to smash real thin and like grill it and it's like it only takes a couple of seconds and really hard to do and I can't disagree with what you're saying

Smoked gouda though – Man, that is good – [Link] The smoked on the griddle, it makes you feel like it's got a grill type thing happening – Like you were inside, but maybe daddy went outside – [Link] Right maybe daddy, maybe daddy brought in the smoke

– [Rhett] Where's daddy been? Has daddy been at the club again? No – That's off topic Okay, if you want extra tomato I've got a pile of them over here – [Rhett] Now this is really interesting to me On this burger especially

This is just a better burger in general – The mythical grill guy apparently excited about the chevre, but – The goat, is it the goat cheese is a very specific acquired taste, I actually I like goat cheese on a cheese platter mixed with other things There's something, I don't like it as much on a burger – All right, so there's some heft to some mozzarella though – Look at that

– [Link] I mean it adds a weight to the burger – I like the bounciness of this cheese as well There's a texture to it that let's you know that you're eating cheese I like the cheese to let me know that I'm eating it – [Link] I really like this, but again mozzarella, it's more about texture than it is about taste because it's so mild

My question is what we're saying about the smokiness here being injected into the griddle cook, is that actually a good thing? – Like deceptive injected smoke? – I still freaking love the American cheese on this diner burger, it's amazing – It is very pure and simple and typically I'm like a cheese guy you know what I'm saying? I'm not like give me American cheese, but there's something about the way it's mixing with the burger – [Link] Okay, so for the mozzarella, because it allows the other ingredients to take the foreground, but provides some heft and texture, I'll give it a three – As I will also, three – The chevre is gonna get a one here

It's just not working – I feel like you're hating on the chevre a little bit I don't think it's bad so I'm gonna give it a two which is kinda okay – This smoked gouda, that was surprising and it brings something that I didn't anticipate, it brings the grill into the griddle I'm gonna give it a big ole four

– You know what? The reasoning that you just gave, I agree with The score I don't I don't think you're giving gouda the credit it deserves I'm going all the way to five – I respect that

– That's a perfect burger And for the American, still incredible, incredible, but not as good, I'm gonna say four – I believe that it ties the gouda, so I'm gonna agree with you I'm giving this a four from me as well – [Rhett] Okay

– And that means gouda has won – [Rhett] Gouda takes the diner round You been to the diner and asked for gouda? How do they look at you? – Daddy must have gone back behind the place and smoked The burger – Finally the gourmet burger

This is a kobe patty with a candied bacon, balamic onion jam, arugula, black garlic, aioli, all on a brioche bun, this is some fancy burgers – [Link] Oh yeah – [Rhett] You wanna put American cheese on a fancy burger? – Yeah, you start to feel like a like a simpleton when you order this, but does it taste great? I actually don't taste the cheese that much because – It tastes good, but there's a lot going on that's getting in the way of this – The other flavors are so robust, you know? The onion bursts forth – Bursts fourth

Man look at that cross section – [Link] Look at that – [Rhett] That is nice – With the smoked gouda I think it's the onion that hits strong first because it's sweet and everything, but then the cheese does hit later

– And the way that the smoked gouda compliments the bacon, the candied bacon, it's not just regular bacon, Link, it's fun bacon – That is good – [Rhett] That is memorable That's better than this Now I'm hoping the chevre could shine here, makes a good showing here

– [Link] Let's dink it And sync it to give it it's best shot – [Rhett] That is what the chevre-let needed – It comes on so strong that it matches these other ingredients But it doesn't, it doesn't say oh oui, oui, look at me alone and I'm not a team player

– Right – Now all of a sudden I am a team player I like to play the football That didn't work – By the end you went a little Italian

– Yep it did, it did I knew I couldn't keep it going, but yeah Smoked gouda is pretty great – That is incredible That is so good

– And the consistency of it really starts to work too when it's that like spreadable mess It works in that, it's environment – This might be my favorite of all the burgers, by the way I like a gourmet burger, but this is extra special – I really like this on there too

– Getting lost too much for me – Yeah, I can't argue with that I mean it's gotten lost at every turn It's just– – Mozzarella is just a lost cheese – It's a peacemaker, you know mozzarella, it just likes to say you know what? I'm just here to make everybody else happy

– I think it's a bed for other things That's why you put it on a pizza – It's just got the right springiness and it's just like come lay yourself on me And then put me in your mouth – Where are you gonna start, Rhett? – Let's start over here

This is actually in my mind the worst showing for mozzarella, I'm gonna give it a two – I liked it okay, I mean, but still just a three – Okay, chevre – We were loving it – Perfect burger

It's finally shining, I'm so proud of it – Five – Five? – I'm going all the way to five The way that that came together in my mouth and in my brain, and in my loins even I'm gonna give it a five

– I'm gonna give it a four I don't know what that's gonna do to anything, but I wouldn't call it perfect – Okay – But it was perfect for that burger I guess Maybe that should have been a five, but I said four

– Smoked gouda, almost perfect Almost perfect I kinda wanna give it a five as well, but you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna give it a four – I'm gonna give it a three because I'm a tough cookie – Okay

– But then American down here That's just, that's just sad – It's almost a sin to put on this burger – If you're on a date with somebody and they put that on their fancy burger, you just like– – No second date – Just take the napkin, and just throw it on the table and just walk off

– You can say you're paying You're paying for that mistake – You can Venmo 'em later – Having said all that, I'm still gonna give it a three because I still enjoyed it – One

– Okay – [Link] So for the gourmet burger, the chevre is the clear winner But what is the overall best cheese on a burger? – Let's see our final totals – [Link] Oh look at that smoked gouda – [Rhett] Smoked gouda

– [Link] It's the dark horse – [Rhett] Turns out to be according to us and the collective crew here at Mythical Entertainment to be the best cheese that you can put on a burger The best all around cheese – Yeah – Man, okay, well

– Get a little nibble at that, while I thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Shelby and I'm trying Rachel cheese and the St James Cheese Company in New Orleans, Louisiana and it's time for the Wheel of Mythicality – Cheese time, click the top link to watch us take turns putting our hands in a mystery box in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land – [Rhett] Steer your ears toward some biscuits you can hear Listen to new episodes of Ear Biscuits now on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts

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