What’s On My Head? Challenge (Ft. Mayim Bialik)

– Today we use our heads – To figure out what's on our heads

– Let's talk about that (fun theme music) (fire blazing) – Good Mythical Morning – Very happy to have special guest Mayim Bialik with us today – Hey – Yes

(applause) Not only does she have a YouTube channel, she's also Amy the neuroscientist on Big Bang Theory But not only is she a neuroscientist on TV, she's one in real life! – Really? – Yep (crew laughs) – How would you prove it right now? Do you have a badge? – I don't have a badge, it's all in here – Oh, okay I believe it

You also have a neck As do I and so does Rhett – Don't know where you're going with this – On top of those necks we have heads On top of those heads we have hairs

But then there could be something else on top of those heads Let's find out as we play What's On My Head! – Okay, it's very simple It's called What's On My Head and that's exactly what we're going to do The person sitting in this seat, starting with me, is going to have something on their head We won't know what it is, I won't know what it is

– Well, we'll know what it is 'cause we can see it – But you'll know what it is Right And then it's just like 21 questions except there's no limit I'm going to ask yes or no questions about this thing that is on my head

– Yes – And I'm trying to guess what it is correctly in the least, not having asked the least number of questions – Because he gets a point for every question It's like golf – Yeah

– You're a golfer – No (laughs) Not a golfer – But points are bad in golf – Got it

– So we don't want any of those – Nope – We want to efficiently guess what's on our heads – And there are three lifelines If one is used by anyone, it can't be used again

We've got poke it, stroke it, and evoke it Poke it, no touching, just poking – Single digit poking – Single digit poking Don't let it turn into a caress

– Well that would be stroking if it's a caress – Yes, a stroke is more of a caress action That is all fingers (crew laughs) This is a whoosh, one stroke And then evoke, you guys or whoever is in these two seats will be doing charades to demonstrate what it is

– Can we use words when we're demonstrating? – No – No – Okay – Alright, I'm going first Let's put somethin' on my head! (enthusiastic horn music) – Okay Rhett, we have placed something on your head

– I can feel it (laughs) It's got some heft to it I'm gonna start asking questions about it That's how this works, right? – Go for it – Yes

– That's not a question! That was not a question, don't count that – Or don't not count it – Is it a food? – No – No – Is it a product? (dinging) – Isn't everything? (crew laughs) – So, yes

– Yes – Just like everything it is a product (crew laughs) – Man, I shouldn't have asked that! – It's in the category of everything – Is it fun? (dinging) – Like everything, yes – Man, I suck at this! – It can be made fun

– Would you advise eating it? (laughs) – No – You could eat the product of it – You givin' hints, girl! – Was that bad? – You're hintin' it up Okay – Is it a dispenser of some kind? – No

– No – Is it somethin' you would do somethin' with it and it would be called an activity? (dinging) – Yes (laughs) – What? What goes on in your house? – Well when you do the thing with it – Like let's do this? – The thing you do with it, is a verb – Like everything (laughs) I'm gonna veto his yes and make it a no, it's not an activity – Is it something you do because you have to, or because you want to? – I want to – Want to

– [Stevie] Yes, or no questions – Yes – Yes – (laughs) Got ya Do you just look at it? (dinging) (laughs) – Sometimes but not really

– No – It's not for looking The crap is this? – Summarize what you know at this point – I know it's a product (laughs) – And it does something

– Is it a game? – No – (laughs) No – Okay, I think I have to poke it – You poke it in the right place, you'll get a thrill – Wait, hold on

– You think I should stroke it? – Let him poke it – Okay He's wasting the poke – Does it help you do anything? – Yes – Yes

– You make something else with it? – Yes (dinging) – [Rhett] Do you make a food with it? – (gasps) Yes – Yes – Is it a mixer? – No – No

– Do you plug it in? – Yes! – Yes (laughs) – And it's not an activity? (laughs) – He's going through a list of things that you plug in that aren't an activity right now – Is it a toaster? (dinging) – No – No – Is it a blender? – Yes! – Yes! – Here you go Rhett

Check it out – It's a full freaking blender? – That's amazing – You got a whole blender – Whoa! Well it's a small blender It definitely doesn't feel like a whole blender

I would've guessed that immediately (laughs) (enthusiastic horn music) Alright, Mayim there's something on your head – Is it something that you plug in? (laughs) – No – No – Is it an item of clothing? (dinging) – No

– No – Is it something you would find in a kitchen? – Yes – Yes? Yes – Is it a food product? (dinging) – Yes – Yes

As opposed to any product which is – Well – As you told us, anything – You know – You sure you don't wanna ask us is it fun or is it a product? – It also feels like a crystal bowl With it's dimensional

– Oh, man You're actually feeling dimensionality? – I am – So you know it's a food product

– It's a food product Is it something that you have to add other things to to consume it? (dinging) – Not what's on your head, no (laughs) – What an interesting way to say no – No – Everything you need to add to it is there to be in

– Oh, come on, no The answer is no – Does it grow in the ground? (dinging) – Parts of it

(sighs) – Is it a fruit? – What is it? – [Mayim] Oh, for Pete's sake – We need to consult Part of it could be – Can we go to the judges? Can we go to the judges on this? – Part of it could be? – It is, it is – It is, yes

– [Stevie] A consensus says part of it is, yes – It's a fruit? – Are we defining fruit as something with seeds? – Yes – Is it something you'd put in a smoothie? – Part of it could be – Yes – But I wouldn't get hung up on that

– I kinda feel like if I stroked it that might help – I would definitely help – Is that okay to say? – When in doubt, stroke it out – Yeah, do it – Reach far and then come back

– Yes? – [Link] Yeah – [Rhett] Yeah, yeah, yeah – Don't be ginger – What's happening? Where is it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Oh, stop it! (laughing) – Keep going, oh! – Okay, am I allowed to look at my hand? – No

– No Gotta keep your hand up there now – Keep the hand up now (laughing) – Can I put it back here? – Tell us what you felt – Mushy

Squishy – And what? – Oh, is it one of those hipster acai bowls? (laughs) – You're gettin' caught up on the fruit – Oh – You need to let go of the fruit – You said yes

– It's technically a fruit – Okay Is it a party food? – Yes! – Yes – Yes! – It's not chips and salsa? Is it salsa? (dinging) – No – Ooo! No

– Is it guacamole? – Yes! – And what? – Can I look at my hand? – Chips and guacamole?! (laughs) – Yeah, there's a whole thing of chips You missed the chips entirely You were strokin' guac but you weren't strokin' chip – Yeah (enthusiastic horn music) Okay Link, there's something on your head

– Is there? – Yeah – Doesn't feel too heavy – Careful now – Careful? (laughs) – No Okay, it's anything

– Alright, is it natural? (dinging) (laughing) – I'm gonna say no – No – Is this one singular thing as opposed to a group of things? (dinging) – I think the answer we're looking for is one thing, yes – Yeah, yes – Is it made by man? (laughing) – It's man made? – Yes

– The problem is we said it's one thing but it's made of other things – It's been assembled? (dinging) – Yes – Have I ever encountered this? – Yes – Yes – Not this one but yes

– Is a valid line of questioning for me to figure out where I encountered it? (dinging) – (laughs) Yes – Sure? – Meaning, would that help me get to my goal? – How long do you have is the question – Have I encountered this multiple times in my life? – Yes – Yes – Multiple times in a day? (dinging) – No

– I hope not – In a lifetime I've encountered it more than three times? – Oh, yeah – Yeah – But less than 40 times? – How old are you? – 38 (crew laughs) – Ooo, this has to do with me gettin' old? (laughing) – Is this something I could purchase? – Yes

– Yes – Would I buy it in like a Walmart? – Yeah – Yeah – So I'm walking through a Walmart Is this in the personal hygiene section of Walmart? – No

– No – Is it in the toy section? – No – No You're doing the Walmart section strategy (laughing) This could last a long time

– He's doing isle three-B (laughs) Is it on three-B? – I'm not getting anywhere with this? – No, you will You'll get there eventually if you go through the whole Walmart – Electronics (dinging) – No

– Nope – Food (dinging) – Yes – Yes – It is food? – Yes

– Took him so long to ask if it's food – Is it a food that I like? – Actually, no – Oh – Oh I don't like it? – Not really – So I've seen this in my life repeatedly

It's a food Have I seen it in my house? – Yeah – Have I seen it here at work? – Yeah – I see it everywhere then (laughing) Everywhere I look I see it? Corn

Is it corn? (laughing) – It is not corn – It's not corn, man – Is it seasonal? (dinging) – You'll see this fairly often just being around other people But for you, for the one that's for you you'll see it once a year But you won't see it at all because you say I want something else

– Is it at the dentist's office? (laughing) – [Rhett] I'm leaving – Okay, you and me, we're gonna do this – Well listen, you guys forget, I can't see this! You guys can see this, I can't! – It's not at the dentist's office It would be very unlikely for it to be at the dentist's office – Within a couple of questions he's asked is it corn and is it at the dentist's office

– The dentist would not want to have this at the dentist's office – Yeah, the dentist doesn't want you to have this – It's sweet? – Yes! – Yes! – It's sweet and I see it, for me it's once a year but I don't see it 'cause I don't want it (crew laughs) What's somethin' sweet once a year that I don't want? (grunts) – Besides corn! – Once a year, man What happens once a year? – A holiday? (dinging) (laughing) – A very personal holiday

– My birthday (laughs) – Yes – Okay Is it a birthday cake? – Yes! (bell ringing) – Let me see it! – It's your 83rd birthday cake – Oh, it's just birthday cake

– Wow (enthusiastic horn music) – Okay, so Rhett there's somethin' on your head – By the way everyone is looking at me it must be funny – This is gonna be super easy – Is it a food? (dinging) – No

– Is it something that you would consider an everyday item? – No (laughing) – I sure hope not – Would you encounter this at Walmart? – Probably – There's a good chance – On sale at Walmart? – This is the kind of item that wherever you saw it it would probably be on sale

(crew laughs) – Is it a novelty item? – Yes – Yes – Is it something you'd put up for decoration in your house? – Yes – Wow Someone

– [Rhett] Is that the primary purpose of it, to just buy it and put it up in your house? – Yep – Yeah – Put it on the wall? – No – No – You put it in a corner? – I would

(crew laughs) In a far corner – Nobody puts this thing in the corner (laughs) – Is it based on a character? – No – No But it is a character

– [Mayim] Yeah – So it has no personal qualities? – Who says, no? – No It has all types of personal I don't know What do you mean personal? – Yeah, what's a personal quality? – Is it a being? – Yes – Yes – Is it a famous person? – No – No

– Is it a person with exaggerated features? – Yes – Kinda, yes – Is it like one of those, chefs? (dinging) – What do you mean chefs? – What do you mean? – A chef? – Yes! (laughing) Do you understand how close he just got? From that? – It's like one of those chefs like the kinda fat chefs – Yes! (crew laughs) – You're right, it is a chef (yells) (laughs) – What, I'm a genius! – "Is it one of those chefs?" – I'm a genius! – It is exactly one of those chefs

– I started thinking the little characters that you put around the house and the first one that came to mind was that little fat chef (laughing) (enthusiastic horn music) – Okay, Mayim, there's something on your head – Is it one of those chefs? (laughing) – I'll take that as a no – You nailed it so much I refused to believe that you had gotten it – I mean, there's only so many of those things that can be in the house

I mean, you know – How does it feel? – This feels really light – I don't even have to confirm that – Is it a tool? (dinging) – No – No

– Is it decorative? (dinging) – Decorated – Is it an item of clothing? – Yes – Is it something you wear on your head? – Yes – Yes – Is it a hat? (dinging) – Yes

– Yes – Is it a vintage hat? From a particular historical era? (laughing) – Yes – Yeah, yeah – Yes – Is it from the 20th century? (dinging) – Yes

– Yes – Is it from after 1950? – Yes – Is it something you'd wear to a sporting event? – Maybe the Kentucky Derby? – Is this a woman's hat? – Yes – Is it decorated? – A woman's hat – Is it decorated with flowers? – Flower

– Is it a Blossom hat? (crew laughs) (laughs) (bell rings) That's pretty good (laughing) – That was pretty good – You we're all over it – Man, the third question or the 4th question – Vintage of an era

– "Is it a hat?" – I did it – And still look great in it – Still in the lead – Well, thanks (enthusiastic horn music) – Alright Link, there's something on your head

– Yes (laughing) It feels great to do nothing and be hilarious – I can't wait to hear what your first question is – Does it stink? (dinging) – It could – Yeah

– I pretty much need to guess it right now in order to have a chance of winning – Let's just enjoy the game as it unfolds right now – It's light – [Crew Member] Ooo no – Oh it teeters

– Stop Stop – Could it fall off? – Yeah – Okay, okay Oh, my word

Is it alive? – Yes – Oh, snap Is it Craig? – No – No, it's not I don't know what it's name is

– I could be Craig – It's not our Craig – Guys, come on I hear it now Is it gonna hurt me? – No

– I'd be very surprised – Yeah, no – Would some people have this as a pet? – Yes – Yes – Are the people crazy? – No

– Not particularly, no – Do I need to freak out? – Don't freak out – Okay If I don't move is it still gonna get out? – No – No

– [Link] It's movin' a lot (laughing) – Would you like us to evoke that movement? – Evoke it – Which part do you wanna be? – Which part? – I can be the outside – Okay (crew chuckles) (crew laughs) – Okay, okay, okay

Alright So, it's a hamster – In a? – In a ball – Yes (bell ringing) – Let me see it

– He's so cute – Man, you scared the crap Oh, my goodness! – [Rhett] (laughs) Look at him

– A look at him up there – Oh he pooped He pooped – Yeah – [Link] He pooped in his ball

– There's a turd in there now Okay, well I think it's, even though you did very well on that one, I think Mayim you still took home the victory (triumphant music) – Oh – Thank you – Congratulations

(applause) – Yeah! And congratulations to you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You say, "You know what time it is" – You know what time it is – Hi, this is Tate from Woodbridge, Virginia And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Make sure you check out Mayim on her YouTube channel, the link is in the description – And click through to Good Mythical More where we're gonna give her her headdress prize, it's very special! – I'm excited Alright! Take and make This is when you take an image from this episode, which there should be some good ones, and do something with it We want you to take a still from this episode and make us unicorns facing off for the hand of the unicorn queen

– Wow! – Maybe you can be the unicorn queen, or maybe I could be – That's what I was thinking Hashtag take and make – Hashtag take and make – Take and make

Hashtag – Take and make – [Link] Click on the left to watch out show after the show Good Mythical More – [Rhett] Click on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning – [Link] And click the circular channel icon to subscribe

– [Rhett] Thanks for being your mythical best

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