What’s My Superhero Mask? (GAME)

– Today we ask what's that mask? – Let's talk about that! (Rhett chuckles) (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning – And please welcome our new friend, slash cinema's newest superhero, he Shazam in Shazam in theaters right now, it's Zachary Levi! – Hey! – Woo! Welcome to the show, man

– That was a tremendous intro Boom! – Yeah! (chuckling) – Yeah, lightning bolts in post, please – Yes please, all of that – Okay now in Shazam you didn't have to wear a mask No mask

– No, no, maskless Unmasked – Uh-huh – Even yeah, I have the cape and the spandex but the world gets to see the whole mug Which is great 'cause it's all elastic and rubbery and big eyes, a lot of big eye acting, guys

– Well we thought you might want to, just for a change, just experience the masked side of superheroing – Yeah oh absolutely We should do that – Yeah so we've made a game where you are gonna be allowed to wear a mask We're actually all– – Allowed

– Gonna be wearing masks, yeah, we're gonna allow you to – Thank you (chuckles) Years in the making – But the thing about these masks is that they're unlike any the world has ever seen And that's probably for a good reason

It's time for It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Weird Superhero Mask Guessing Game Okay in each round one of us is gonna have an interesting, I have no clue what it's gonna be superhero mask placed on their face and the object is to figure out what mask is on your face by asking only yes or no questions And in the end, the person who has to take the longest or ask the most questions to get their mask correctly loses – Yes and that person will be named Last Place Man and will have to put on the official Last Place Man costume – Okay

– All right Let's do this – Rhett, you go first – Yes – Oh, look at you

– That's actually quite impressive – Okay – It is? – [Link] Now let's not give him any hints – But the time taken to make this, that's actually quite impressive I thought we were gonna be wearing like some cheapy Mardi Gras thing, this is like– – No, man– – I'm really resisting the urge to touch it 'cause you cannot touch it

– No don't touch it – That would be a clue – Don't touch it – Okay I'm gonna start with my question, is it food? – No – No

– Is it a product? – Yes – Oh gosh, we always go down this line of questioning, don't we? – Those are good questions – Is it a tool? – [Zachary and Link] No – Is it a toy? – I think you should adopt more of a superhero voice – No

– Is it a toy? – No – I don't think that's the– – Superhero voice – I don't think that's the right voice for the character – What would be right? (chuckles) – I don't know, try something else – It just hasn't hit you yet

– Yeah we'll know it when we hear it – Yeah yeah yeah – Okay If it's not a toy and it's not a food, but it is a product, is it, what else could it be? – There are a lot of other things produced in the world – Yes, but I'm not thinking of any of them right now

– [Zachary] No you're not, clearly – Is it something you put on your body? – No – Not on your body – Don't, geez Louise – Is it something you put in your body? – Okay yeah

– Yes – Okay so here's what– – Leading the witness – We'll give you, we'll give you – Unbelievable – We'll also, we'll lead you a little bit too

– All right, all right – How's that? – All right – And me – It's not food but it's something you put in your body Is it a suppository? (Link sputters) (all chuckling) – Suppository Man! (laughing) – Just like– – Defending the world

– Do not bend over in front of that guy Okay – No – Is it medicine? – [Zachary and Link] Yes – Wow, I feel like I'm doing good

– I don't know if we should say that's it but we'll give you one more guess 'cause that's basically it – Is it capsules? – We'll give it to you – Yes – It's pills – It's pills

– Oh it's pills – And with medicine I think you got it Look at yourself – Whoa, Medicine Man – That's right

That's right I think Suppository Man rolls off the tongue better but– – Yeah Medicine Man – Agree to disagree – I'm not a witch doctor, I'm Medicine Man (all laughing) – That's awesome, dude

– Woo! – Let's see it Oh wow (Rhett and Link chuckling) – Do I look lovely? – Oh wow! – Oh that's a good voice – Oh is it? – I think it could be – Does this voice match my mask? (laughs) – [Rhett] That is incredible

– (laughs) What do I look like? Okay Okay Am Am I something you would put in your body? – Yes – Yes – Am I bacon? – No you're not bacon – Damn it! I really wanted to be Bacon Man – Are you smelling bacon right now? – No

– Because I'm wearing it – Oh, does that, eau de toilette de– – Eau de bacon – Bacon? – Bacon – Okay wait so it is something you put in your body – You're still thinking suppositories? – No, no, no

Is it food? – Yes – Yes – Is it animal? – No – No – So therefore it is plant

(Rhett chuckles) Oh, is it a manufactured processed food? – Yes – Okay okay okay okay – (laughs) Definitely – And you look happy and dangerous, I will say that – Am I savory? – Yes

– Yes – No it's a definite yes – Yeah yeah you're right, you're right – It's definitely not sweet – Am I a snack? – [Rhett and Link] Yes

– In every sense of the word, Zach (laughing) – Oh that right? (chuckles) You're too kind (chuckles) Am I chips? Am I crackers? Am I nuts? – Hold on, we'll count that as one question And we'll just say, in terms of chips, you're in the chip zone – You're in the chip zone

– Chip aisle – Am I trying to get a specific brand of something? – Yes, yes (Zach sighs) You're in the chip zone but calling it a chip would be a disservice to– – Sure – Its structure – Am I Chicken in a Biskit? 'Cause if you've never had that, you are missing out, people

– I agree – It's one of the best crackers on the market – Oh I didn't know that was a cracker – Oh that's a cracker – I've been missing

– This is what I'm talking about – Okay – I'm in the chip world – Say that in a superhero way I am in the chip world

– I am in the chip world – Oh, voiceover – Yeah, this summer and this summer only, Suppository Man, Medicine Man, Bacon Face– (laughing) And Chip Dude Take over the world – That's four of us now

– Am I Cheetos? – Oh okay we're getting close – Am I– – Think about, let's talk about shapes – Let's talk about shapes Oblong Hexagon

– You look dangerous, like Link was saying You look like Big Bird's dangerous cousin – I wish that helped me in any way, shape or form – So we don't know what Chicken in a Biskit is I wonder if you don't know what this is

– No I think he probably does – You play band in middle school? – No, no – What about in the military? – No (laughs) What does that even mean? Flute? Chip flute? (laughing) – Oh, you're getting there Not flute though

– It's the best– – Bugles, I'm Bugles – Yeah! – Yeah! – Oh! (laughing) Oh man! – Look at yourself (laughing) – Big Bird's dangerous cousin – Give him a voice – I was like what is danger? – What's a voice you're feeling? – I think I'd go back to what I was doing earlier

Bugle Toot Toot Man, yes Unbelievable (laughing) – Hello – Yeah, yeah keep going with that voice – Hello everyone

– Oh God – This is the voice that I feel like I should be using (chuckling) – I didn't even know I had nightmares like this– – Am I scary? – Yeah and also adorable – Oh I'm scary and adorable? – Yeah – Yeah yeah yeah

– Hello Ladies (Zachary laughs) – Yeah, you're definitely a villain – Or just misunderstood (laughs) – Okay

– Is my mask an inanimate object? – Yes – Yeah – Okay (Zachary chuckles) Is my mask a tool? – No – I mean you could probably do something with it

I mean, but, no it is not a tool – No – The distance between the eyes is the best part (Zachary and Rhett laughing) – That's the best, this is the best part to me right here – Why? – [Rhett] There's a lot of good parts to it

– Yeah true, it's true, it really is – A lot of good parts – We shouldn't be– – Are you looking for one object as opposed to a grouping? – If you were to name either – In the same way that our masks were– – Multiple things – A lot of the one of the same thing

– Okay a lot of the same thing What is that thing? – What is that thing? That's the million dollar question We're trying to find out right here – Yeah that's the name of the game What is that thing? – And the $25– – Name that thing

– Question is can I buy it in a Walmart? – Yes – Yeah, yeah – [Link] Okay now I'm going down the aisles of the Walmart – [Zachary] But you can buy anything at a Walmart – Yeah this, actually, Link plays this game, he uses the Walmart strategy

He always gets to Walmart and now he's gonna go through the– – Yeah now he's going down a million lanes – Is there a section of Walmart where I could find this? – Yes – Yes Which would be why we said yes to can I find it in a Walmart? – Yeah that was just, you sorta– – I mean use all the questions you want – Is it a valid line of questioning to ask the different sections of Walmart? (laughs) – That's the third time you asked that, yes

– Yeah, yeah wow – No I was clarifying – You're drilling down into the same thing You're just– – All right Is it in the toy section? – Yes

– Oh Wow, Link, yes – Oh, super villain in the toy section – You're in the right section at Walmart, everybody – Ooh, am I a mask of super villains? – No

– Oh gosh yeah, hold your mouth open like that, that's– (Zachary chuckles) – In aisle nine – [Rhett] Oh gosh – Of super villains – When you open that, the mouth becomes exactly the right size, that's what makes it– – [Zachary] That is just– – It's hard to look at – And yet you can't not look at it

It's like a train wreck, I can't – Okay so we're in the toy section – Oh it's a train wreck, is that a hint? – No – Okay we're in the toy section Is there licensing involved in what's on my mask? Is it a certain brand? – I think– – No but that– – Yes but not as a whole

There are licensed things– – You're trying to guess something that isn't necessarily a licensed name – Oh, a general toy – Sure – Did I play with this as a child? (Zachary and crew laughs) – I really hope so (chuckles) – As someone who's been your friend most of your life, yes, you did

– Ah! – In fact– – You heard it right here, folks – You had one of these and you had one of these that makes up this collection – You're making it sound like it's a collection of tourism brochures, which were my favorite collection as a child (Zachary chuckles) What are you laughing at? (laughing) – Like going in the hotels and they'd have those racks? – [Rhett] Yeah – I would do that all the time

– One of each – That was my version of vacation – My family never went and did any of those things – Yes! – Ooh, there's a Six Flags near here, Mom – Yeah! – Yeah yeah

– You don't have to go if you got the brochure – Is it, does it have wheels? – No – No – Does it have arms? – Yes – Yeah

– Is it action figures? – No – [Rhett] That's remarkably appropriate – Remarkably – What? – Actually here, better yet, that – Oh, is this baby baby toys? – Yeah

– Yes – Oh Am I a baby man? – We'll give it to you – Baby Doll Man – Baby Doll Man! Baby Doll Man

– Let me see myself (screams) Cabbage Patch Man! Oh my God! – Yeah see That's incredible – That's why I was referring to you as a train wreck, you see? – I did have one of these as a kid but my grandma made it 'cause they were too expensive (laughing) – Homemade Cabbage Patch? – And it was anatomically correct too

It was a boy – She put a little penis on him? – Yeah (Rhett laughs) It had a diaper over it – Okay so what's the official, what's the official tally here? – [Stevie] Link lost (laughing) – It's really all that matters

– Okay Link took the longest path to his answer What are we calling him? Last Man, Last Place Man? – Last Place Man – Last Place Man, that's what Last Place Man looks like He gets his very own skivvies – Last Place Man undies

– Yeah yeah – Oh no here we go – Oh yeah – Go see Zach in Shazam which is in theaters right now – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You say you know what time it is – And you know what time it is! – Yeah! – Hi I'm Cuacup from Adelaide, Australia I love Rhett and Link and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – That's a great superhero voice – It's amazing

– Click the top link to watch us play superhero or soup or hero in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Mythical has hit the Prime time Get Prime shipping on our Amazon exclusive tees now at Amazoncom/Mythical

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