What’s My Finger In? (GAME)

– Today our fingers go where they've never gone before – Let's talk about that

(funky electronic music) (fire crackling) – Good Mythical Morning – Please welcome to the show, one of the stars of Marvel's Runaways on Hulu, Gregg Sulkin! (crew applauds) – Hey – Oh hello there – Give us one of these Boom

– Oh oh okay One of these – I don't know how to respond to a fist bump – All right now, so you're Talkback in Runaways Tell us about your superpower

– Oh I have these things called Fistigons which are basically these gauntlets or such – Okay – That's why you went for the fist bump – Yeah yeah that's why, I didn't wanna– – Maintaining that brand (chuckles) Exactly

– And so yeah, so basically I get to fire people and pretend to be a badass – Okay so your power is in the hands which is good for what we're working on today – Yes we're gonna see if we can add to those hands' superpowers today because we're about to find out if you or any of us have the special power of being able to identify random things by inserting our finger into them It's time for Don't Linger, Put Your Finger In That Thing-er – [Gregg] That'll do

– Okay Gregg you might not have known this, but the three of us are members of an elite blindfolded band of superheroes known as they Pokeys And to demonstrate our collective powers, we're gonna each be poking a finger in something and then working together as a team to figure out what that thing is We got two lifelines, one is smell my finger, where you can't smell your own finger, you have to smell somebody else's finger We'll figure that out, and also fingerlickin' good where you get to lick your own finger – Unless you wanna lick somebody else's finger

– We'll see how the smelling goes – All right if we guess three of these items correctly, we win a group prostate exam Actually I'm sorry, what I meant to say was, Gregg, you win a Groupon for a prostate exam It's at a deep discount – Thank you, thank you

– Oh gosh – Always gotta make sure– – We're gonna watch All right, let's do it (strange music) As you can see, we can't – And apparently, there is a pokable– – I just got that

(crew laughs) – Did you already poke, Gregg? – No I just got your joke, I thought it was very funny – Oh thank you – I'm glad it's funny to somebody (chuckles) We've got pokable things in front of us Let's poke

Take a poking finger and stick with it That's what my dad always says – Can we poke now? – Oh okay That is viscous, woo – [Stevie] Gregg, you're gonna wanna poke to the right

You're poking in your mug right now (Rhett, Link and crew laughs) – I thought it was like water, I was like wait Okay so this is my– – You're feeling water, you're in the wrong thing – I can't believe I hit it on the first try It grabs hold of you, doesn't it? – It really sticks

– So what do you got, what are you guys thinking? – It feels like, I would just say it's slime But it's not like internet slime 'cause then it would hold onto you more than that, right, and you would stretch it – Slime varies, man My son's got all types of slimes cooking up – I think this is like a normal, your normal, I don't even hardly remember the name of it

Play-Dooh, Play-Doh? (Rhett laughs) – Plasticine – Yeah, that's the– – What's it called? – We call it Play-Doh – Oh Play-Doh – [Rhett] But this is too wet for that – I don't think this is food

I've never eaten anything at this consistency – This could easily be a hair product – Oh yeah – Oh oh oh oh oh oh, Gregg You might be right about that

This could be a pomadeishness – But it's more, it's getting stickier – Is it cheese? Is it like Cheez Whiz? – I think this could be thick, thick, no, there's no lumps in it to be queso – [Stevie] All right guys, I'm gonna need a collective guess here Do you feel like you can do it or do you need some kind of hint? – Oh can we get a hint? – [Stevie] I mean I have some hints over here

– Give me a hint – [Stevie] I just think you need to mellow out to get this one – Mellow – Is it like massage cream? – (chuckles) No, you know what, our hints are usually a lot more direct than that It's like– – Maybe it's like CBD stuff

(Rhett and Link laugh) – Is it CBD stuff? – What were you gonna say, Rhett? – Well Mello Yellow's not this consistency (chuckles) That would be liquid – [Stevie] All right I tried but I'm gonna need one final guess – I think it's slime – Why would you need to mellow out for that? – I don't know, it wasn't a helpful hint for me

– I think the massage cream wasn't a bad thing – Let's go with massage cream – [Stevie] All right, take your blindfolds off This is marshmallow fluff so you could massage each other – See, direct, mellow! – Ah! Man, we should have tasted

– You know what, the key is to think less, Gregg – Yeah (strange music) – All right, let's get our pokeys ready and sink 'em Okay Oh, look at that

– Oh – This is– – Oh I can only do poke – This is like plastic pieces What are you gettin', Gregg? – I think they're too small to be coffee beans – I was thinking like beads

– Beads That's it, yes – But beans, well– – The beads – [Rhett] They feel pretty uniform – [Link] You are right

– I think this is like Mardi Gras without the string – Yeah they feel very uniform It doesn't feel organic – Yeah they're plastic – Oh oh oh no, guys

– I think this may be Nerds No, too big – Hold on – Gumlets? – Is it corn? – Is it gumlets? – Guys, it might be corn – Yeah 'cause they're not circular

– [Rhett] They have a different shape and then, they're not uniform – It sounds like plastic, it doesn't sound like corns – How often do you stick your finger into corns? – Not often but I think I know that this isn't it – No man I think that's corn

That's some straight up popcorn – This is not, oh, you're talking about unpopped (crew laughs) You're talking about kernels Popcorn kernels – Yes

What'd you think I was talking about? – I thought you were talking about like canned corn (crew laughs) Yeah, I agree with that Gregg, do you agree? – Yeah – Final answer Corn kernels? – Yeah yeah yeah

– Yeah let's go with corn, we're gonna go with corn – [Stevie] All right remove your blindfolds – Yes! – Hey! – I was right all along – I'll take credit (strange music) – All right, another something to poke

– You going in? – Okay Here it is, it's liquid – Oh– – Am I in my mug? – I don't know, it's all getting a bit weird now isn't it? It has a bit of strange consistency – Yeah a little slickness – Well I can't touch two of my fingers together to tell how slick it is but when I touch the bottom

– But you can touch the bottom I guess I'm doing more than poking I think I was doing a slight rotation – And it's got, I feel like there's either oil, some oil It's not sun cream

Sunscreen – Yeah – It's too thin for that – What could it be? Baby oil – You really want a massage, don't you? – Droppin' a hint

– It is a baby oil consistency – I think it's too thin for even that and it's cold – Can we get a hint? – [Stevie] This is going to blow your mind – Okay so it's gum? Bubble gum – I think that it is bubble water

It's bubble, it's the stuff you put in water to make bubbles – Well you– – Bubble soap – Yes – Bubble water – Bubble water! – [Stevie] Is that your final guess? Take off your blindfolds

It's correct – Yes! – And look, I can make a bubble – Does it work that way? – I thinky so – I thinky so – Well almost but not quite

(strange music) Poker activate – Ugh – Oh, ugh? – That was a bit weird (laughs) I don't even wanna go in it – Oh oh! – That's what I mean

– It is cold, it is gelatinous It has pieces – It's very cold – Oh it stinks – Oh it stinks? – Did you smell your finger? – I didn't smell my finger, no, I could smell it

Oh it stinks – Oh well I think we need to use smell my finger then if he's already smellin' – Well I smelled somebody else's finger so– – So whose do I smell? Or does someone smell mine? – Smell mine, it's right in front of you (crew laughs) – [Rhett] What do I smell? – Rhett, can I smell your finger? Reach your finger over here – Comin' across, finger comin' across

Oh – I'm puttin' mine up just to help with the aroma – Gregg, where's your finger? – Mine's here, mate – Where's your finger, Rhett? (Gregg and crew laughing) Smells like pimento cheese – How close am I? – I'm gonna smell my own daggone finger

– [Rhett] Okay, that was interesting though – It's not bad smelling It smells like– – Oh oh salsa – Relish, is that relish? – It does smell like sweaty feet a little bit so it could be– – Hold on is it not salsa? – It's too thick to be salsa Poke it again

– It's queso, it's queso – This is queso – This is queso – Gregg, what do you think? Final answer? – You guys seem very convinced so I feel like I'm gonna pay you back on the confidence but I don't know This, yeah, go on, queso

– No hold on, what do you think it is? – I feel like it's a weird meat patty – Meat patty – It smells too good – You know what I mean like a weird, one of those weird things – I wanna put my finger in my mouth

– Even though I think we're right, I do think we should go with our guess with meat patty – Oh no (crew laughs) – Weird meat patty – Final answer – Can we look? – [Stevie] Yeah you can look

You're going with meat patty but you would have been wrong with queso as well 'cause the answer is five layer dip – Five layer dip – See, yes It was so many of the things we were about to guess – You dry this up, becomes a meat patty

(strange music) – [Rhett] Okay – Gregg, how's your finger holding up? – It's a little chilly But I'm ready for more (Link exhales) I'm ready for more, can we go? – [Link] Yeah, poke it Okay

– [Rhett] Oh, oh – I swear, that felt hairy (crew laughs) Genuinely it felt hairy – It's dry – It's dry and it's stalky

– It's dry and it moves away from you as you poke it – I feel, honestly if it's a spider – Oh it could be a spider – I don't wanna curse – I know, I'm a little afraid

That is some hairy legs of a spider though That's a big legged spider – It's like the thing, like a pipe cleaner You know what I'm saying, but it's long – Yes

It's like a fake tree – Hold on, it might be the top of a cattail – [Gregg] Oh I think I just knocked mine off – That you see growing in the swamp – It is organic

– You ever seen the cattails in the swamp, Gregg? – No actually I haven't – Oh you should come to the swamp with us – Yeah no, I'm– (crew laughs) Thank you for the invite – We could just get blindfolded and poke everything down there (Rhett and crew laugh) – That's what we call Friday night

– Yeah I'll pass (laughs) – Can we get a hint? This is tough – [Stevie] Seems like you can make heads or tails out of this one – What? – I was right It's a frickin' cattail in the swamp, guys

– No, what about heads? (crew laughs) – No, it's– – You can make heads out of it too, you can't make heads out of a cattail – You can make tails out of it! It's the tail from the cats– – [Stevie] All right I'm gonna need a final answer – Guys it's cattails – It is, isn't it? – Yes – I think these are hair extensions

– I'm going with cat– – All right fine – Cattails – Fine – [Stevie] Okay remove your blindfolds You're correct

– What in the world? – What is that? – What is a cattail? – It's this! – Look at that (strange music) – Okay, we've technically already won – So get ready for that prostate exam But first, stick your finger in whatever this is Okay, oh, okay

It's hard and sticky – [Rhett] Oh, oh, ew – And it's, it better not be cat poop That's happened on this show before It's, it feels like poop

– I don't know – I don't think they would do that to us because one of our lifelines is lick your own finger – Okay let's do that to determine if it's poop (Rhett and crew laugh) – All right well get some on there – This is so gross, guys

– [Rhett] You really gotta get some on there, Gregg – [Link] It's like some sort of a syrup log – Oh, it's toothpaste – You lickin' it? – Yeah yeah yeah Oh it's nice

– Oh it is It's a big glob of used toothpaste – It's definitely toothpaste – Minty – But– – Did someone chew this up and spit it out? – I think it's old toothpaste

It's toothpaste that's been left out – Well it does seem like that's our final answer Toothpaste – Toothpaste that's been left out – Final answer! – Okay

Remove your blindfolds It is gum – Aw – Well that's what happens to toothpaste when you leave it out – It was chewed up and spit out, but it– – It turns into gum

– Who wished that? – Yeah who chewed that? – [Stevie] The Mythical crew – Oh lovely – Oh gosh – Seriously? Well, you know what's gonna make this better A prostate exam

– Look at that, $5 off prostate exams Oh with groups of three or more, so we do get to go (laughing) The Dr Long Fingers Prostate Exam and Wellness Center Wow

– Dr Long Fingers – Well it helps with the trade – That's where Daddy garlic fingers goes – Thanks Gregg, and make sure you check him out on Hulu in Marvel's Runaways

– And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You say you know what time it is – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Nick – And I'm Jackie

– We're in Hastings, Minnesota – And we just got married! – [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Congratulations, guys – Congratulations There's probably some cattails behind them

Along the waterfront Okay click the top link to watch us censor Gregg's Instagram photos in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] It's sketch book, it's a notebook It's a snotebook

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