What’s My Face? Challenge ft. Kandee Johnson

– Today we use our heads – To guess what's on our faces

– Let's talk about that (playful music) (fire breathing) – Good Mythical Morning! – Mythical Beasts, today we're gonna be breaking the law We're gonna be giving you a sneak peak at a brand new Buddy System music video, but first, we have to welcome our guest, Kandee Johnson! – [Rhett] Woo, woo, woo – [Kandee] Hi, guys! – Welcome to the show! – [Link] Hello – Thanks for having me

I feel like I'm in a magical wonderland, like it wasn't real, and now I'm really in your realness – It's mythical, but it is real – And magical, I feel magical – It's very, very real – Yeah

– You feel real as well – Now, we don't know anything about makeup – You don't? – We don't know anything about makeup – We watch our wives apply it – Of course

So you know a little – From a distance – Yeah, you see it in your bathrooms – We don't get too close (Kandee laughs) – But you know a whole lot about it

– I know the magical part of the makeup, yes – Yeah, you are a magical makeup magician – Yeah, I should've changed my channel name to that – Magical Makeup Magician dot com (Kandee and Link laugh) Now, but you specialize specifically in these amazing transformations of people, so we thought we'd have a little fun with that, today

– Yes! – It's time to play – [All] What's My Face?! – Okay, this is how this is gonna work Kandee, you are going to transform my face into something

– Yes – And then, I'm going to ask yes or no questions so as to determine, "What's My Face?" – Right, you won't know who you are – And then, you're gonna do the same thing to Rhett – To my face – And then, we're gonna do the same thing to her

– Your face – Oh (laughs) – And a twist! – I'm like praying – You didn't know this – Am I gonna be okay? Are you gonna be okay? – I'll be alright

– (Rhett laughs) – Let's do it – To the makeup chamber! (upbeat music) – Alright, Link has been transformed by Kandee Let's find out what he looks like Alright, Link, what's your face? (Kandee laughs) – I don't know – It is a vision

– [Link] Thanks for having me – [Rhett] Wow (laughs) – She dabbed my face a lot, and then I know I have on a wig That's it – You look incredible! – [Kandee] Yes, you do

– Thank you Am I a person? – Yes, you are – Am I – a character? – No – No, I don't think – Would I be in a history book? – One day – [Link] One day? – Yeah – Am I alive now? – Yes

– Yeah – I am a living person who will be in a history book – Do they really make history books anymore, I mean really just think about it When's the last time you saw like a set of encyclopedias? – [Link] Is that what this is about? Am I a celebrity? – Yes – Have I met this person, who I am right now? – No

(Link sighs) – Does that narrow it down, have you met a lot of celebrities? – Oh ya, (Kandee laughs) – I meet so many celebrities– – [Kandee] Every day – Kandee (clearing throat sound) – [Rhett] Oh, ya gettin' choked up – Am I a male? – No – Oh, good

– [Rhett] Oh, good – I am a female celebrity – Yes you are – Am I a musi-ci-on? (Kandee laughs) – Yes – I'm a musician, is a musician like my key thing, Kandee? – Yes, yes

– [Link] I am mostly– – Mostly known – I feel like, do I have signature eyebrows? – I love that you ask that question – Am I known for my eyebrows? – You are not known for your eyebrows, no – You did something with the lips, too I can feel that like the lips were like– Something weird was happening with the lips

– Then why don't you ask, "Am I known for my lips?" – Am I known for my lips? – No (all laugh) Do I have signature lips? – No – I'm a musician woman (Rhett and Kandee laugh) – That's the technical term – You are a musician woman

– [Link] Who's still alive Am I very popular? – Yeah – Yeah, you are very popular – I'm like, so popular – You're a very popular woman musician

– Yeah – [Link] Oh, gosh – Or did you say musician woman? I can't remember – I like musician woman – I'm a very popular musician woman

– [Kandee] Yeah (Kandee laughs) – [Rhett] Is that helping? – Have I won a Grammy? – Yes – [Link] Ooh – [Kandee] Ooh – That gave us some feels

– I'm starting to feel I'm startin' to feel like I'm a Grammy winner Feels good Um – It's very unsettling

The more he's embodying it – This uncomfortable to see your long-time friend like this? – Are you attracted to me, Rhett? (Kandee laughs) – I am not attracted to you, but I'm attracted to the person that you represent, yes – Right So, say it (crew and Kandee laugh) – Say what? – That you're attracted to me

You're attracted to who I really am – I'm gonna look askew I am attracted to you I can't look at you and say it (Link laughs) – Oh, gosh

Has she shifted genres? – Yes – Yes – Okay, okay, okay And she's got a new album? Where she's a new her? – Ummm – The old her is dead? (Rhett and Kandee exclaim) – Am I Tay Tay? – Yes – Yes! – Pick up the mirror and check yourself out (crew laughs) – What? (laughs) – [Rhett] I gotta say, I gotta say, that there's only so much you can do with his face He's just got to much face to be a convincing Taylor Swift

Make your face smaller – [Kandee] Yeah But like that's her new hair – That's her new fierce– Well not like that one – [Link] Is that a face she makes? – [Rhett] I don't think so

– [Kandee] I don't think so – [Rhett] Congratulations, Link – What's the song she sings? I'll try it I can't remember any of her– – Look What You Made Me Do – I don't know that one

♪Look what you made me do Is that how it goes? (laughter) – Okay Kandee, are you ready to transform me? – Yes, I am (triumphant music) – Okay, Kandee has done her magic on Rhett's face Rhett, come on out – I did something

(triumphant brass music) (laughter) – [Link] Have a seat – I don't want to give it away, but your walk is real interesting – Really? – [Kandee] Just like your face – [Link] Okay, Rhett, see if you know what's your face – Okay

Am I person? – No – [Kandee] I don't know, no? – No – No – It's not a person? Okay – Oh, really? – [Kandee] I guess not

– Am I an animal? – Yes – Yeah, I guess – I mean I could feel you doing, like– It's very textured, whatever it is – Yes, that's very good – [Rhett] Very textured

– Yes – Like, lots of strokes on my face – Yeah, mmhm – And then there's, I have no idea what this is – A bonnet

– Don't tell him – Oh (Rhett laughs) – Of course, if you want to call it a bonnet, that's good, 'cause that's not gonna help him at all – Am I a character from something? – Yes – A work of fiction? – Yeah

– Yes – I'm a character from a work of fiction that is Not a person but is an animal? – Yes

– But am I like a humanoid animal? – Yes (crew laughs) – Like you have, like human, like– – Traits – I guess you could say that – Am I a female character? – No – No

– Am I a male character? – I think – We're guessing, we're pretty sure, yes – Yeah You can't really tell – Have I– is this in a movie? – Yes

– Is this in a movie that is from the '80s? – Um, hm – [Link] Yes – Some of it – (gasps) Some of it? Is it a character from a series of movies, but he only makes an appearance one time? – Yes – [Rhett] Is he good or bad? Is he good? – Yes

– I almost said an adjective – [Link] The best – The best? – This is so hard – His movies that were in the '80s, were there movies that were made in the '80s, and then made again later? – Yeah – Is it from Star Wars? – Yes

– Oh, shoot! You know? – And he's good? – [Link] He's good – And he has a thing on his head? – Yeah, a bonnet (crew laughs) – But he's good? – So good – Yeah – Is he a Jedi? – No

– Am I an Ewok? (Kandee screams) – Yes – [Kandee] Yes, you are! (bell dings) – [Rhett] Ah, the thing went off! – Look how cute you are – [Link] You're wicked – I had no idea, what is that? I got a little white thing, did they have that? – Well it was highlight, he has highlight – He has that, yeah

– I'm a friggin' Ewok – You look great, man – Yeah, you too Taylor – I feel like I don't belong with you guys – Oh, you're about to

– [Link] Yeah, we're going to change that – You are? – Oh yeah, time to transform you (banjo music) – Okay, we have completed our transformation of Kandee Let's see her Come on out, Kandee

– Hello (laughter) Why are you guys laughing? – Because we're so proud of ourselves – No, you're not – Alright yes or no questions, so you know the drill – I got the drill

Am I a person? – No – No – What? Am I an animal? – No – No – [Rhett] I'm just noticing now, how you covered up the left eyebrow, and I left the right eyebrow uncovered

– Yeah we really screwed– – That was a mistake, on your part – Okay, am I a piece of artwork? – [Rhett] Well, of course – In my opinion, yes – [Rhett] Of course, but that is not– – I'm not a famous piece of artwork? – No – Am I a fictional character? – No

– No – I'm not a character, I'm not an animal, and I'm not a person, and I'm not a piece of art – I know that seems to cover all the bases, but there are other ones – There's more things than this – [Rhett] Exactly

– Am I an element? (Rhett laughs) (Link laughs) – You went a little too far – Okay, and now I went too out there? – You're passing a major category – What? – What category am I missing? – You're starting to freak me out – I'm not a person, I'm not–am I a place? – No – No

– A thing, am I thing? – Yes, you're a thing (Link laughs) – You're a thing! Yes! – She's a thing! – [Rhett] Wow, that narrows it down – That's it, I'm a thing? Am I a thing that people know? – Yeah – [Link] Oh yeah – Is it, a thing that you see every day? – [Link] No, I mean– – Some parts of the country

– If you're in the Midwest – What? – [Rhett] Yeah, yeah, yeah – Am I a block of cheese? – (laughs) No, but you're getting close – I'm getting closer? – Yeah – [Kandee] But in the Midwest you would know me, more? You'd see me more

– Yeah – [Link] Oh, yeah – They're going to love you in the Midwest (Link laughs) – Do you see me in LA

? – I've gotten it, from like, a cart – What? – [Rhett] At the park – You've gotten from a cart, at the park? – Yeah, a cart park – Am I a food? – Yes – Yes

– I'm a food! (Rhett Laughs) – Yeah – I'm a food, am I a dessert, treat? – No – No – Okay (mumbles) am I a hot food? – [Link] Preferably, yes – Typically, yeah

– Am I spicy? – No – No – Hot food you can get at a park in a cart – I wouldn't dwell on that – They could be other places in the parks? – You are ubiquitous

– I'm a food? People in the Midwest like this food more? – Yes – Than people in LA would like this food? – [Rhett] Yes – Is it fried? – Uh, no

– No – Did you do the color of the wrapper that this food comes in? – Yes It's a natural wrapper – Yeah, it's not wrapper It's not a man-made wrapper

– [Link] It has a natural wrapper – Oh my god, I'm a food that has a natural wrapper? – Yeah (Rhett Laughs) – Like in nature, it comes with the wrapper, how it grows– It's a fruit? – No – No – [Kandee] Vegetable

– Yes – Yes – It's a vegetable Am I corn?! – Yes! – Yes! – You're corn! – Look at yourself – I'm corn? – [Rhett] You're amazing corn

– Ah! Oh my gosh (laughter) You guys did really good – She's crying a little You guys did really– I'm really impressed I've never looked like a corn before

(Rhett and Link laugh) – You guys got me so good, on corn, corn husk – Threw you off a little bit there – Yeah, you did the cart and the park – But you've seen the corn cart, right? – Yes, of course You can get these on the streets of L

A? – Yeah – [Kandee] Street corn? – Street corn – Well, Kandee, I think it's clear who's the winner today – You guys are

– Yeah, because you painted our face and then we had to paint yours We want to thank Kandee so much for being here, and facing off with us today If you want to see more of Kandee, make sure you check out the next video for a special behind-the-scenes look at how she did our makeup – Also be sure to check out Kandee's limited edition shampoo and conditioner line with OGX, available at Target and Walgreens And make sure you stick around for Good Mythical More, where Link and I will be transforming crew members, Lizzie and Ellie, with Kandee's new 'I Want Kandee' line from Too Faced cosmetics

– Your two faces are fabulous – Corn face – I'm like corn hole, corn face, this could be me – [Link] Let me see your corn hole – I'm not showing you my corn hole! – It's right there, just, there it is

– [Link] Dink it and drink it with an Ear Biscuits Jar, available at MythicalStore, and if you're lucky, you might get one that we autographed

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