What’s In My Suitcase? (GAME)

– Today we've got baggage – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Summer – Today we are joined by YouTuber, activist, and now author, Gigi Gorgeous – Welcome to the show – Welcome to the show – Thank you for having me here

– Yeah – Thank you Sorry in advance for my voice I'm like this is so cringe-worthy I was screaming all weekend

– Oh wow – I couldn't cancel on you guys so I'm here – Thank you for being here – You can scream as much at him as you want Please don't scream at me

– The raspy smokiness, that works here – We can roll with that – Yeah it's like if we're in a timber lodge, I feel like it's very fitting right? – A timber lodge, no one has ever described it that way but I will always– – It's kinda true – I will always describe it that way from now on – All right so let's talk luggage, how much luggage do you normally pack for like a weekend trip? Just like two days

– Well I was just away this weekend and I got two suitcases full – Two suitcases full – Yeah – Okay so a lot – [Gigi] It's a lot yeah, it's a lot

– Well we packed our suitcases, I'm gonna say with a lot of stuff but definitely with some weird stuff and we're about to take a weird trip to just over there It's time for don't put this case in the overhead bin, just close your eyes and stick your hand in Welcome to our in-house TSA security check point and for the sake of security, we have constructed a suitcase that is entirely transparent – Here's how this is gonna work We're each gonna take turns getting blindfolded and then reaching into the suitcase and we can only use our sense of smell, actually touch

– You can't smell anything – That was a trick You might be able to smell it but really your sense to touch to find out what's inside – Right and you get two points if you guess it correctly but if you have issues and you get stumped, you need some help, you can use a lifeline In this first round, that lifeline is gonna be face it which means the item will be taken out and placed against your face and if you guess that correctly, you get one point

– Okay, whoever wins gets Link's TSA pre-check – [Rhett and Link] Round one – Okay Link – As you can see, I can't – There's something in your suitcase

– [Link] All right, I'm gonna go with the left hand – [Gigi] Good luck – [Link] Thank you – You're gonna wanna go down Down

– More, more – [Rhett] Down There you go I will say that the tray– – There's some sort of– – Is not part of it so what is– – [Link] Is there liquid in there, no It's not liquid

– That's what you're guessing – It's lots of pieces – Lots of 'em – [Link] Oh they're waxy I'd say there's– – Yeah you're making a mess

– 34 pieces First thing I thought was like melted crayon – Hm, okay – And then there's one – I think you know what it is

– You think I know what it is? – Yeah – Well thanks for that vote of confidence What do you think I think it is? – I mean it's only one thing it could be, it's pretty easy – Yeah yeah, definitely – [Link] Fake fingers coated in blood

– I guess it could be that too – Do you have any guesses? – Ooh it just mushed Oh you know what, I think I know what it is – [Gigi] What? Yes! – Lipstick? – Okay – I hope it's lipstick at this point

– It is – All right Take off your blindfold, Link, you are correct – Yeah, and I'm also what? – Gorgeous – Ha! – [Rhett and Link] Round two

– Okay, I'm right-handed – [Gigi] Get it – [Link] All right, go in there – Okay the tray again is not part of it – This tray? – Nope not part of it

– How about this tray, that's a plate – Yeah – Plate! Final answer – Nope – Oh, something very slimy but then the pieces, it's got like a film on top of it that has like fermented to a degree

– Gigi's having some– – Issues over here – Some issues – Oh oh oh oh oh – [Link] Uh-oh, what have you done now? – Oh, I can just pick it up It's like an old pancake

– That's good – Like a scoby It's like a frickin' scoby or something – What's a scoby? – It's like the– – Bacteria colony in a kombucha – The mother– – Jesus

– That you put into kombucha – Jesus Christ – But really that's, I mean, the problem is is that the only way to confirm that it's a scoby is to face it – Okay – So I'm gonna need to face this thing which I'm not excited about

– Now so take your hand out so that I can, here's what I'm gonna do, Gigi – Should I get it? – You should get it And I'm just gonna do one of these – [Gigi] I don't even know why I just offered to get that – That's right so now you need to– – Oh he's gonna smell it

(gags) – Don't smell it I would not smell it if I were you – Do I just put it gracefully on your cheek? – Yeah gracefully, as gracefully as possible – Just smack it – Just smack it

– Smack it and rub it (crew laughing) – I did not think this is what I was doing today – Yeah, nobody wakes up thinking that they're gonna be doing this type of stuff – You know what, I believe that is lasagna – Oh

– Final answer, remove your blindfold It's am omelet, Denver style – That you destroyed – That's not lasagna? – Lasagna (chuckles) – [Rhett and Link] Round three

– Okay Gigi, how you feelin'? – I'm scared – Good – My sleeves are up, I was not expecting this (Rhett chuckles) Oh my God, and sorry for rubbing that on your face That was awful

– Yeah I rather enjoyed it – Okay – All right going in with the right hand – I'm going in – No matter what happens, we're here for you

– Ew, oh it's like so cold (gags) (Rhett laughs) Okay so there's like a bunch of stuff! It is lovely Okay so there's like a bunch of pieces I feel like it's wet strawberries – Okay

– Okay you're taking a positive spin on it – It's disgusting, isn't it? – It's not super pleasant It's worse than wet strawberries, I'll tell ya that – Is it like wet chicken? I know I don't face it – Well you can continue to verbally process– – You're getting closer

Wet chicken is closer than wet strawberries – I don't know, can I break it? – [Rhett] You might enjoy these, I don't know – Unless you wanna just keep your hand in that bowl forever, we need a final answer – Okay okay, I definitely don't, first of all I'm gonna say final answer uncooked steak

– Take off the blindfold – Oh I'm gonna be so grossed out What is that? (Rhett laughs) – Oysters – Oh okay – (laughs) Oh

– I don't like oysters – Not that bad – You want one? – No – It ain't wet strawberries No points

– All right – Ew – [Rhett and Link] Round four – For this final round, it's worth three points if you can get it without help But we have a new lifeline that if you have to use, you only get two points and that is rhyme it

– Rhyme it? – But we will give you a word or phrase that rhymes with the correct answer – Ah yes, all right, I've gotta withhold my lead – Are you gonna go lefties again? – [Link] I'm going lefty – [Gigi] I can't wait to see how this feels – Okay that's good, no response

Can't wait to see how it feels – Yeah I just can't imagine – [Link] Okay, slimy – Just get in there man, just get in there Don't be bashful

– [Link] Okay, slimy Oh my goodness – [Rhett] I would say turn your hand over on it – It's just, I mean it's basically, it's a very viscous slime I mean, ugh

– Do you wanna rhyme it? – (laughs) Do you think he's– – You're so lost – You think he's gonna need that rhyme? – All I'm getting is one consistent slime and I'm not smelling anything gross – If you got this without the rhyme help, I would worry about you – Yeah, same – If I had to guess right now I would say it's some sort of super watery pate

– Okay all right – But I don't smell anything so I'm gonna ask for the rhyme – You need a lifeline Okay Link, I believe this will help Spicy rot

– What? – I gave it to you, that's it – Dig deep – So it's one word that rhymes with spicy rot? (Rhett laughs) – Yes – Spicy rot Spicy rot

– Oh gosh – Spicy rot It's hicy hot, Icy Hot (Rhett laughs) – Wow – Oh

– It's Icy Hot – Yeah I just thought it was chilled but I don't feel any hotness here – Oh you're not feeling the tingle? – No I only feel icy part I'll probably feel the hotness, I don't know, when– – Rub it on your belly? – When I rub it on my crotch later

(Rhett laughs) – [Rhett and Link] Round five – All right Rhett It's time for you to get all the feels (Rhett sighs) (squeals) – What was that noise? – Oh that was my throat – Maybe use your left hand

Use your left hand – I can't make, I can't– – Use your left hand – I can't decipher with my left hand – Use your left hand – I might as well, I could be touching anything with my left hand

– Use your left hand – Why? – Dude, I'm looking out for you, man – [Gigi] Just better angle – Why's everybody making, oh Oh, oh! Oh, oh, is it a baby? (all laughing) Oh, oh my gosh! What in the world in the crap is that? Oh my gosh! – Hey if you wanna use your right hand, use your right hand, it's fine

– Hold on it's a little baby Is this, it's a baby 'cause it's skin I felt skin and it licked me – It likes you – Put your hand in there

Put your right hand in, there you go, slowly – [Rhett] Oh what the crap, why is it so aggressive? – Don't take it out, it's not aggressive – It's literally not doing anything Just keep it in, keep it in, keep it in – [Link] Keep it in

– [Rhett] Why is it doing the thing? What's it doing? Why is it doing– – Open your fingers – What is that, it's a pig Why's it so fleshy? (crew laughing) Give me the rhyme! Give me the rhyme! Why's it– – Careless bat (sputters) – It's a freakin' hairless cat? Get my hand out there! – Yes, yes (Rhett panting) – Isn't it cute? – It's a pig in the shape of a cat

– It's so soft I don't wanna touch you again though – Hello beauty – [Rhett and Link] Round six – Don't make any drastic movements

– Is it a snake? – This isn't a guessing game, this is a final answer game – You gotta ask the questions with your hands – Okay – All right so sink your fingers into– – I just don't want it to bite me – That's definitely not gonna happen

I can assure you that – Okay which side? – Whichever hand you value least – Oh my god (beep) I can't even get it in like the inch – You're blowing our censorship budget

– Oh my god, I can't even do it – Yeah you can, it's totally fine You're not gonna get hurt – Oh so we're doing more – All right see so now it's the point where I do what I did to Rhett and that's jam your hand in there

– [Gigi] Oh my god, I can't touch it (Rhett laughs) – It's not gonna bite ya – I'm gonna lose it Just make me do it (Rhett laughs) Oh my god

– You're gonna hurt yourself – All right – I just hit my boob – All right, all right You okay? – I'm like really scared

(laughs) – Hey, don't be scared – Yeah yeah– – Okay – It's weird but it's not scary – [Rhett] It's nothing to be scared of – [Gigi] Okay okay okay, sorry

– Don't yank your hand out again You're gonna break our suitcase – Okay okay okay okay okay, oh my god, please please please – Just just just just– – Now don't do any– – Just settle – Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god

– Just settle Just settle very, very– – Breathe I'm not letting you come out now – Just kinda, yep yep yep, just, yeah – I don't know what it is

– Just caress that – Ew, ew You guys freaked me out with that cat (Rhett laughs) – All right go in there – Oh my god, ew, it's sick

(crew laughs) What is it? Stop, no it's warm – [Link] You're gonna have to squeeze it in order to– – Ew it's so warm No I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't – I'm not letting your arm out You have to squeeze it! – [Gigi] I'm gonna kill it

Oh my god – [Link] You can squeeze hard, it won't hurt you – No no no please don't make me – It won't hurt it – I don't know what it is guys

– You want a rhyme? – Sure – Yelcrow (sputters) – Velcro? – How 'bout this, swelldo – I think I might be too scared to use my brain (Rhett laughs) I'm in survival mode

– Give it a nice massage – Oh my god no guys, this is so weird Oh my god it's coming alive – It is living – Telbow? – I don't know

– It rhymes with telbow – Elbow? – Take off your blindfold – (laughs) Look, it's just a dude's elbow (Rhett laughs) (crew applauds) I freaked you out at first, I'm sorry – I really thought it– – Oh that was so great

(laughs) – I was so scared – Is it scary now? – I almost cried – You're never coming back are ya? – No, who the (beep) is that? (Rhett laughs) – Davin – That is one hairless elbow – [Link] Davin? – [Gigi] I thought that was like– – That's Davin

– Come on up, show your face That's Davin – (beep) Is this – Okay congratulations, Link You get to keep your TSA pre-check status

And oh there you go I don't know if that's gonna work – It's official – Don't take that to TSA Thanks to Gigi for joining us

You can buy her new book He Said, She Said: Lessons, Stories and Mistakes from My Transgender Journey out now – Thank you for liking, commenting– – Thanks guys – And subscribing – Now you say you know what time it is – You know what time it is

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