What’s In My Mouth? w/ Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams

– Good mythical summer – You caught us fulfilling our lifelong dream of competing on The Price is Right

– Drew, I would like to bid $1 – When I get up there, I'm gonna win a new car and kiss Drew Carey on the mouth – Just a reminder that today, June 15, tickets go on sale for our remaining Tour of Mythicality shows of 2018 This is it, guys Connecticut, New Jersey, and Toronto

– Go to tourofmythicalitycom to get your tickets before they sell out – And for today's episode, we have invited YouTubers Safiya Nygaard and Tyler Williams to guest host the show – Give 'em a good mythical welcome, and we'll see you on Monday – Today we cram things into our face holes

– Let's talk about that (GMM theme music) Good mythical summer – I'm Safiya Nygaard, and you may know me from my YouTube channel, Safiya Nygaard And this is my boyfriend Tyler Williams, and you may know him from his YouTube channel, Tyler Williams We like to make things easy

And today we will be playing a game that is the ultimate test of our relationship – Everyone knows the best couples can understand each other when they're not even using words Like (groans) means, "Bring me coffee "before I'll get out of bed" And (hums) means, "I'd like to eat whatever you're eating" And (yelps) means the toilet seat got left up and she's fallen full-butt into the bowl

– That has never happened But what is about to happen is us putting a lot of weird things in our mouths It's time for– – [Safiya and Tyler] Talk Dirty to Me – So this is how the game works There will be six rounds in which we will be taking turns putting various items in our mouths

The person whose mouth is not being stuffed full of mystery will be blindfolded They will try to guess what the item is in the other person's mouth using yes and no questions The longer we're not guessing what's in their mouth, the longer the thing stays in their mouth – We'll have three lifelines we can only use once: smell it, touch it, kiss it Also, if we guess four items correctly, we win

If we don't, we have to wash our mouths out with literal soap Let's play [Safiya and Tyler] Round one – As you can see, I can't see Do you have something in your mouth? – Yeah

– Okay, I can hear it, okay Is it big? – Uh, no? – A little indecisive there – Yeah – Are there multiple things? – Yes – Is it a fruit? – No

– Is it plastic? – No – Is it a toy? – No – I don't really know what direction we're going in here Is it inappropriate? – No – Okay

I don't really know what that did for me (crew laughs) Is it edible? – Oh, not really – Does it go on the body? – At times (crew laughs) – Do you get it when you get off the plane in Hawaii? – No – Is it colorful? – Yes

– Does it need to be watered? – Yes – Is it a flower? – Yes – Is it often given at Valentines Day? – Yes – Is it red? – Yes – Is it roses? – Yeah! – There we go

Is it in your mouth with the thorns and stuff? – No thorns – [Woman] You can take off your blindfold – Oh, nice, wow How'd I get that? – [Safiya and Tyler] Round two – Alright, so now I'm blindfolded, and Tyler has something in his mouth and I'm going to guess

Is it a plant? – Mo – Is that a no? – Mo – Wait, what does a yes sound like? – Mo (crew laughs) – What does a no sound like? – Mo – Okay, so is it a plant? – Yo

– Okay, yes, it is a plant Is it a plant that you would normally eat? – Yes – Yes? – Mm-hm (crew laughs) – Is it slimy? – Yes – Yes? – Yes

– Is it round? (Tyler mumbles) Is it a fruit? – Yeah – Is it a peeled fruit? (Tyler mumbles) Is the outside usually rough? – Yes Do you want to use a lifeline? (laughter) – Did you just say, "Do you want to use a lifeline?" Alright, can I touch it? – Mm-hm – Alright, where are you? (Tyler mumbles) What is that? (Tyler mumbles) It smells so strange – Think about it

– "Think about it," you said? Did you say to think about it? What is that, what the heck? (crew laughs) (Tyler mumbles) Is it avocado? – More? – Maybe? Is it guacamole? – Yeah – Oh It smells like onions kind of – [Woman] You can remove your blindfold – Oh wow, oh wow

– [Safiya and Tyler] Round three – Mm, mm-hm – Okay, okay A lot of clunking over there Some clattering

Is there multiple pieces involved? – Yeah, there is, and yes – Oh wow, I can hear you clearly So they're not that big, are they? – Uh-uh – Are they food? – Yes – Do they melt? – Yes

– Do they melt because of temperature? (crew laughs) – They probably could, yeah – Got it, okay But it is not a state of water? – Ha ha, no – Okay, just making sure, got it Do they fade away because of the saliva? – Yes

– Is it sweet? Is it sugary? – Partly – Is it spicy? – No – Okay, got it Is it at all challenging to consume? – Yes – Is it a camp snack-type thing? (crew laughs) – Yes

– Is its name a reference to a pretty severe weapon? (crew laughs) – Are these on-brand? I don't know Can we talk about the brand name? – Yes – Yes, yes – Okay, does the mascot have an explosion coming out of its head? – Yes – Is it a Warhead? – Yeah

– Okay, sweet Warhead? – Yeah, you want one? – No – [Safiya and Tyler] Round four – Alright, so Ty's got something in his mouth, and now I have to guess again Is it an animal? – Kind of

– Ooh, is it a rubber animal? – Yes – Yes? Is it a dog toy? – No – No? Is it a human toy? – Kind of – Kind of Is it used in pranks? – I don't think so

– You don't think so, okay Is the animal it represents a mammal? – No – Is the animal it represents extinct? – No – It's not a rubber chicken, is it? – No – So as we've established, it's a rubber animal, right? – Uh

(crew laughs) – Wait, no? – Not really – Not really! Why did you say yes earlier? (Tyler mumbles) What? But it's rubber – Ish – Ish Is it something you wear? – Yeah

– Yes Is it something you wear on your face? – Uh-uh – No Is it something you wear on your feet? – Yes – Yes

Is it a sock? – Uh-uh – No Are they like bedroom slippers? – Sometimes – Are they flip flops? – No – No

Would you wear them in the shower? – Yes – Yes Are they shower shoes? (Tyler mumbles) Is it a rubber ducky? (Tyler mumbles) – No? Is it sandals shaped like a rubber ducky? – Kind of – Kind of? Wait, hold on No, no, sorry

It's rubber, you wear it on your feet, you wear it into the shower Is it not like one of those little Adidas slides? – Uh-uh – [Woman] Okay, remove your blindfold (buzzer) – They're Crocs (crew laughs) [Safiya and Tyler] – Round five

– Alright, so let me start guessing here Is it food? – Mm-hm Is it somewhat unconventional food? Is it not something we eat all the time? – No – So it's not something we eat all the time – Wait

– It is something we eat all the time (Safiya mumbles) It's something we eat some of the times I'm gonna keep going Is it a staple of a foreign cuisine? (crew laughs) – Yes – Is it often prepared cooked? – It has to be

– Oh it has to be Oh, is it cooked now? – No – Okay, got it Sorry, let me try to go quick here Does it walk on the land? (crew laughs) – No

– Okay, so it's from the sea – No – Does it come from the ocean? – No – Does it fly? – No – Does it flow in rivers and streams? (crew laughs) – No

– Does it go in water and out of water? – I think I have to say yes – Can it breathe through its skin? (crew laughs) – I think you missed a question early on No – Okay, got it Let me take a step back here

It's an animal – No (crew laughs) – Is it living in any way? – It once was – Is it a plant? – Yes – I think I need to use one of these lifelines

– Mm-hm – What do I got left here? Can I smell it? – Okay Does he have to smell it in my mouth? – You wanna guide my nose? – Mm-hm – Okay, here, do it (crew laughs) What the hell is that? Oh, is that your coffee breath? – Yes! – Alright, is it coffee beans? – Yes

(crew laughs) – Oh, it's coffee grounds – Oh, is that not the same thing? – [Woman] We'll give it to you – [Safiya and Tyler] Round six – Okay, so we've already won, so we're gonna do a bonus one, and it sure looks fun So let's put this in my mouth, yeah

Does that count as in my mouth? – Alright, is it big? – Yeah – Yeah it is? Is it an animal? – Mm-hm – Oh, it is? Is it alive? – Uh-uh – No, it's a dead animal – Thank god

– Is it a furry animal? – A little bit – A little bit? Is it a feathery animal? – Uh-uh – No A furry animal Is it a mammal? – Uh-uh

– No, not a mammal – No – But it's a furry animal – Yeah – Oh my god

Is it a tarantula? Is it a spider? – Yeah – Yes? Are you serious? Are you kidding? – [Woman] Take off your blindfold – Holy! (beep) Get that thing out of here! Are you joking? Wow, Tyler, that is a feat of bravery Holy, put that thing down – Smells kinda interesting

– What does it smell like? – It kinda smells like a Dorito – Really? – We have a lifeline left Do you wanna kiss it? – I suppose Hold on, can you not like zoom it towards me? Can it be stationary please? – You wanna come towards it? – Yeah Oh, I don't like, can I kiss its butt, please? – Yeah, sure

– Yeah, I don't like, the mouth is the worst part No, maybe the side or something – Do you wanna handle this thing? – Yeah, that's not so bad – It's actually, it's kinda like a little, oh my god! – I think it's edible – Well, thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing

You can also like and comment and subscribe to our channels, Safiya Nygaard and Tyler Williams – You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Molly from Australia, but at the moment I'm in Langkawi, and I'm about to eat a fish eye But first, it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Ew

Click the top link to watch me do Tyler's makeup while blindfolded on Good Mythical More – And find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land – [Rhett] Make sure your endless summer is not an endless bummer Grab our classic summer merch at mythicalstore

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