What’s In My Leaf Pile? (GAME)

– What's in that pile of leaves? – Let's talk about that (upbeat music) – Good mythical morning

– The changing of the seasons brings fruitful harvest Corns, standing tall in their stalks The Book of Mythicality ready for picking off a book shelf near you And also ripe for celebration, our favorite Autumn baby turns 40 Happy birthday to Rhett! (applause) Happy birthday, you did it

You're freakin' 40 years old I'm not And to celebrate – Oh you're close, brother – Oh yeah, I'm close To celebrate you leafing your mother's womb, we thought we'd play a little game featuring Autumn leaves

– Yeah, what says Fall more than nicely raked piles of colorful leaves? But you ever thought what could be in those piles of leaves? It could literally be anything That's why we're playing ♫ Whoaaa whoaaa leaf pile 'o' mine – All right, how's this gonna work? We're each gonna present a pile of leaves to the other person and ask yes or no questions to determine what is in the pile of leaves – Yes and there are two life lines You can stick a rake in it, or stick your butt in it And each one of us can only use those one time

If I use one you can't use the other – And the winner gets a special 40 hand massage and more So, I hope that's me, but it's your birthday so it'll be okay if it's you Okay, right, you are on the guessing stump and I'm on the knowing stump cause I know what's in mythos pile of leaves My pile of leaves

– Okay – My pile All right, so you need to get to guessing – Is it a product? – It has been produced (laughter) – Is it man made? – Yes and no

– Did it start as something natural and then man molded it? – Technically yes – This tells me nothing Is it a food? – Yes – Oh! Should have started there Is it a processed food? – No, but there was a process

It was processed but it is not processed – Is it a whole food? Do you know what that means? (laughter) – No, it is not Clarify your question – Oatmeal that has a bunch of crap in it, that's not a whole food But oatmeal that's just oats

– But you can buy oatmeal at Whole Foods – Yeah, you can – So – Is it a whole food or is it a processed food? – I refuse to answer the question The answer is, what's the question? – Is it a whole food? – No

– Is it a burrito? – No But I guess I'm all I got Is it a quesadilla? (laughter) – You're like laughing with the shoulders – Is it a quesadilla? – Oh no, you only get one guess – No that's just a yes or no question

– No, that is a guess – Okay, but it's not a burrito Is it Mexican food? – Yes – What? I'm so naturally good at this – He's getting off the stump y'all

He's hovering above the stump – Does it have beans and cheese in it? – No – Does it have chicken and cheese in it? – No – I think my butts gonna have to do the figuring I'm gonna sit in it

– Oh, he's gonna sit on it – Which way should I face? – Word of caution, never blindly sit on a leaf pile Very dangerous Oh, there he goes Yeah really wiggle around on it

Give it all you got – It's still in its packaging Could be a quesadilla – I'll tell you right now, it ain't in its packaging I think that's called leaves that you're feeling

– Oh really? It felt like a box – Well, I'm not answering any more questions – It feels like it's in the enchilada family You know, it sort of had an enchilada give to it (laughter) – An enchilada? – An enchilada

What do you call it, /a/nchilada? – /æ/nchilada – /æ/nchilada? – /æ/nchilada – Enchilada man But an enchilada and a burrito, a burrito becomes an enchilada when you put sauce on it Some people think

But that's actually not true, I just threw you off – I'm getting a little bored, you're gonna have to make a final guess here Birthday Boy – I'm gonna say it's a chalupa Is it a chalupa? (laughter) – Okay, let's find out with the leaf blower Blow

(leaf blower) – It's fajitas (laughter) – Fajitas man – Oh man, I almost feel like the oil came through – You really mushed those things down – Okay Link, it's time for you to guess what's in my leaf pile

Besides the fajita juice that I can still see sparkling on some of the leaves – This is a taller one Your pile is tall – Good observation – Hmm, does what's in your leaf pile have any relationship to transportation? – I'm sure I could connect it to transportation in some way

But that is definitely no, not how you would ever think of this – Okay, does it have plastic on it or in it? – Yes – Of course, 85% of things have plastic – Yeah, 85%, everybody knows that – Is it 100% plastic? – No

No, I hope not – Less than 50% plastic? – Yes – 30 percent? – Yeah – 10 percent plastic? – I would say between five and seven percent plastic – Good

Is it a toy? – No, anything could be played with though – You got that right (laughter) Is it associated with a certain room of a house? (laughter) – No, not really – Would you find it in a house? – You could, yeah – But you could just as easily find it out doors? – Yeah

– Like, everywhere I go, could I see one? – You could – Do I? – This is such a weird way to get it – Well, I don't know what it is It's easy when you know what it is – That's clear

– Fajita man Does it do something? Is it like a tool? – No – So it's passive? Like you don't do something with it, it just sits – You do something to it – You do something to it

– It is passive I've never though of this as passive – It receives – No, no, no, no You receive

– But you do something to it And then you receive Is it a product? (laughter) – Yes, it is – Is there a certain type of store that I would purchase this at? – Yes – Okay, lawn and garden store? – No

– Grocery store? – Some grocery stores, yes – Like Target? – Some Targets have this, some grocery stores have this, but usually it's by itself – A deli? Is it a deli? – No – Oh, a coffee shop? Is it a coffee shop? – Yes – So it's a drink

– Yes – It's a drink with plastic in it That's what's weird to me It's in seven percent plastic, but yet you drink it – Well Link, it's not just a puddle of the drink

It's in something – Does it have cream stuff on top? Whip cream? – Yep – Oh, it does? But it's more specific than that? – Yeah – Is it a pumpkin spice latte? (sigh) With a little bit of plastic in it (leaf blower) – Pick it up and drink it, man

(leaf blower) – I was right! Pumpkin spice latte! – A point for the Linkster – All right, got a new pile for you Rhett – Okay – Dig in with your questions – Is it a tool? – Nope

– Is it a toy? – Nope – Is it a food? – Not to most people – Is it an animal? – Yes and no – Is it part animal and part something else? – That's what makes this difficult for you, Rhett – But it has animal parts on it? – Definitely

You're already thrown off a little bit – Is it something that you would give to someone? – Yeah – Would it be a weird gift? – Yeah – Is it available at Wal-mart? – No – What is not available at Wal-mart? – Maybe in some Wal-marts in the deep sections that I never go to

– Is it a packaged product? – No – Is it like an animal oil scented? – Yes – Like fats and stuff that go into it? – I don't think so, but I don't know I'm gonna say yeah – I don't know if my questions are bad, or your answers are bad, or both

– Go back to the animal thing – Is it an animal? – Yes – Is it a small animal? – Yes – Is it an insect? – No – Is it a mammal? – No

– Is it a reptile? – No – It is a fish? – No – What other kinds of animals are there? – It might be close to a reptile In like an evolutionary sense – A bird? – Yes

– Oh there's birds I forgot about birds – You forgot about birds, man – Is it a chicken? – No – Is it a turkey? – No

It's a little turkey – Is it a pigeon? – No – A crow? – Yes With a twist And I need your final answer

– Is it a twisted crow? – Is that your final answer? – No, you said it's a crow that you can't eat I'm gonna say that it is a crow decoy Which how did you get a hold of a crow decoy if that's what it is? – Let's find out (leaf blower) You're right Rhett! – It's not exactly a crow decoy – It's a crow model

– It is a fake crow I get the point right – Well I thought it was a crow until I looked closely, hence crow decoy – Ha, get it All right Link, we're tied

But you've got this final round, if you get this right, you win – This is a big pile – Mmhmm – Of you know what, but I don't – Well it's a big pile of leaves

– And I'm gonna try really hard this time, man I'm gonna get aggressive with my questions – All right – Is it natural? – Yes – Is it one thing? Is it whole? – Those are two questions

– Is it a grouping of things? – No – So it's one whole thing – Yes – Is it plant based? – Yes – Is it a specific plant? – Yeah

– Is it a domesticated plant? – No – So this grows in the wild – Yes – Can you eat it? – I don't think that you would chose to, but yes, you can eat it – So in desperate apocalyptic times would I definitely eat it? – You'd probably find other things before you found this

– So it's only a source of fiber? Is that what you are saying? – Yes – I'd like to rake it I've got the option, I should use it Now I'm gonna try to rake it so as to not reveal it – Okay, just poke rake

– Oh, mushy I don't see anything This is not typically how I use a rake I'm gonna go out back and rake my leaves – This is like an alien who doesn't understand how it works

– How does one rake? – Be gentle man – It feels like a pillow It's soft – Yes – Is it ironic? – Isn't it? – I'd like to place my guess

Beneath this pile of leaves, is a pile of leaves – It's kind of fragile so (leaf blower) It's my favorite leaf – One leaf! So, but technically I got that – I'm gonna give it to you because you said leaves

– Happy birthday to you, man – Two points for Link – I win Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– I'm Amanda – And I'm Ryan – And this is Cian – We're from Indiana, but we're in Iceland and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – You know what, Summer's over but I bet it's gonna come again

Go ahead and get ahead of next Summer Last week of the deep discounts on the Good Mythical Summer merch We've got tanks, we've got towels The sale ends at the end of this week, get it while the gettin's good – And click through to Good Mythical More because I'm gonna get a 40 hand massage for winning

– Check your voicemail We have a voicemail, let's check it – [Caller] Hey y'all, I'm just wondering what y'all want me to bring to the pot luck later I'll see you there, big kisses – Big kisses, girl

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– [Rhett] Thanks for being your mythical best

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