What’s Going On Under The Blanket? (GAME) ft. The Valleyfolk

– You've made your bed – Now charade in it

– Let's talk about that! (upbeat music) – Good Mythical Morning! – And let's give a good mythical welcome to, Lee Newton, Joe Bereta, Steve Zaragoza and Elliot Morgan! – Hello – Collectively known as The Valleyfolk (clapping and cheering) – Welcome to the show guys! – Thank you for having us! – It is a pleasure to be here guys – It's amazing – Now we go way back, you guys go way back, to the SourceFed days

Tell us about the quality time that you spent in bed together – Well we all woke up this morning together in the same bed – We did, we work live in work in the same place – [Steve] Yeah, it's nice – It's nice, it's real nice

– We figured that, that was the case Which is what inspired today's game – Yup, get ready to bed down again because it's a game that we're calling: Can We Discovers What You're Doing Under the Covers? – As you can see we got one big bed and four valley folks You do the math! – Uh-huh! Alright guys so what's gonna happen is you gonna be given a card here that has a scenario on it You're gonna decide who and how many of you are going to demonstrate whatever it is on the card underneath the covers in this bed

And I'm told that you have props at your disposal in that chest Whoever guesses correctly first between the two of us, wins the round – And whoever wins at the end, gets to take a victory run through a Valleyfolk victory tunnel! (loud cheering) – That is nice, that's nice – Let's do this! – [Both] Round one – Okay guys, pick your first card

– Alright it's card time (giggling) – Ooh! – Okay I think you guys need to put on your headphones – Oh yeah, put on your phones, please We're gonna choose who goes in – We need to confer, alright

– Okay so, let's keep it down cause they can probably hear us right now – You and me, lets go – Yeah you guys go, you guys do this one then this is all you – Yeah, this is good Trunk it up

– [Steve] Let's do a little scoocher – [Lee] Oh wow, that's a whole prop! – [Steve] Don't look in there! – I'm not gonna, why? – I wanna go in unspoiled – Oh actually Oh no, we actually – Look, look Joe, take it! – Okay So, we'll do this and then we'll do this – When this inevitably fails, lets do the thing with our bodies – Okay

– Okay – You said this at the business meeting the other day – [Steve] Take off your shoes boys – Lets disrobe a bit so we feel like we're in our element And we're not monsters

– Don't forget the 'structions – And don't forget the pants – [Joe] Hold this ma lady – We were told there'd be pajamas? – Sorry for putting the shoe directly on the bed I feel like that's rude – [Steve] Just, yeah, don't do that

– Yup, very bad – So we go, we have to get all the way, right? – [Lee] Yeah, No, no, no, no, oh no – [Steve] No, no, no, Joe shirt on – Put some of that Valley Folk shirt back on (laughing) You look great in it

It's form fitting – It's comfortable, very comfortable – Alright, get in the damn bed – Gosh it's like Vidcon in here – Yeah man, this is amazing

– Dude, I feel like we've been distant lately and it's nice just to be– – We're gonna reconnect! – Yeah, have a moment – Boys, turn around, it's time! – Okay – We agreed on them – [Joe] I know we're kinda giving it away already, but – Here they are – Who do you thinks in there? – Joe and E lliot in there, perhaps

– [Link] Here we go, alright – [Rhett] You're really into those covers guys – We're gonna do a little teamwork – What's the noise? – I heard a ding – [Elliot] We're gonna put that tail thing there – [Joe] And put that there

– [Elliot] You know, I think this is a little harder than what I expected it Honestly a part of me thought we were gonna be really good at this – [Joe] I'm a little nervous, I'm petrified – It sounds like it's their first time (giggling) Whatever their doing

– There was a ding noise So it's something that could produce a ding noise (bell chimes) There's another one! (laughing) – Are you guys making tea? – No we're not making tea, I'm sorry – We are in fact making a T – We are, making a T

– [Lee] Ellipses – Space, blank – You're not wrong – Ellipses – [Rhett] T- bird! – [Steve] Whoa, so close – Some might say they were birds

(laughing) – Some might say they were terrible terrible– – You know, there's a theory that they are now birds – Birds, what? – Of course you heard of the way they all run together, and they're so scary with their little– – Bulls! – [Steve] Balls? – Bulls run together – Bulls, okay – [Link] B-U-L-L-S – [Elliot] A lot of things run together

– A train? – [Elliot] A lot of people have gotten grants to study what we're doing – Oh, it's scientific – He's really nailing it, he's hittin' the nail on the head! – [Joe] Some would say Allen grants – Guys are you listening to what we're (laughing) – They're building a t-rex! – Yes! (cheering) – Na na na na na na na na (laughing) – But what did you build? – In fairness, Joe did kinda make it for a second

It looked so bad, it's best that it's apart now – I mean after all this time what we did build – I get it now, birds – They were birds – They were birds

– [Both] Round two – Alright guys, go for it, second card – Alright, it's card time – I'd like to point out that we made the bed for you – I think that's sweet, thank you so much

– It's always important to do that – [Link] We're gonna go under – Oh yeah, please Please turn around – Stop cheating! Clearly you were cheating in the last round

– I like this, can I please? – Yeah, you have to – Can I do it alone? – [Joe] You wanna go solo? – Can I go solo? – Wow – I'm sorry I feel very confident on this one You gotta go – Alright here I go

– Turn around boys! – [Joe] Please turn your bodies around this direction – Okay, Steve pitchin' a tent by himself again (laughing) – [Rhett] That is spooky It's scary when it's one person – [Lee] Yeah it is, it's a little weird, huh? – [Steve] Alright, here we go! – [Link] Go for it Zaragoza

– Ooh, what a nice day to do what I'm about to do (laughing) Yeah, here I go taking this thing out that I own – That could mean a lot of things – Oh, he's struggling to get it out – [Steve] It's very tough to carry this around

– Speak for yourself – [Steve] Alright, that feels good (laughing) – Whoa, whoa, why are you arching your back so much? – [Steve] Alright, now before I get going, I have a little routine I like to do – A what? – [Steve] Here I go! (laughing) – Oh, oh, he's doing this – Hold on, are you at a urinal? – [Steve] Alright hold on, this is looking good but it's not quite ready – I wish you guys– – You're shinning your ball! – This is a mating dance

– He's like shining a bowling ball (cheering) – I'm shinning a bowling ball! How did you? – No! – What happened? – Because I only seen a man do that one time in my life – [Both] Round three – Well you're fallin' behind – I can catch up man, get a card

(laughing) – You feel like this is the one? Is this the one? – This is the one! – Alright boys turn, get those headsets on and turn around – Sure that Rhett's not cheating – This is a good one – I'd like to be involved, I will be involved – I think we should all do it accept for Steve

– Yeah! – Oh, good choice (laughing) Alright boys take off your headsets, and take a look – Okay – [Both] Hi – Three of them under there

– Oh wow, I really like working together with all this – I'd like to thank you two for comin' over to mix it up with me – [Lee] Ooh – [Joe] It's gonna get wild – [Lee] Honestly any time

– Hey you, grab this – Okay – Squeeze it – Okay – That was informative

– [Joe] You, grab this one – [Elliot] I' ll grab it – [Joe] Squeeze it – [Lee] Gee, do you think you can fit all this in here? – [Joe] We're gonna try! – [Lee] Oh no! – [Joe] Hey, squeeze these, but don't squeeze too hard – [Joe] It might get juicy

– Are you making lemonade? – [Lee] Ooh no! – Orange juice? – Maybe you can massage it first – Oh yeah – You makin' guacamole? – This is like a white elephant party and– – Oh no, it's not – Hey we need to stop, go back a little bit We forgot to get wet first

– Oh, god – [Joe] We gotta rinse it off 'cause it's getting too hot – I saw the Facebook invite and I didn't know if I should bring anybody – Wait hold on, listen to this – Rinse and squeeze two of 'em

– Ooh! – Now I'm super turned on – Oopsie doopsie I hope everyone can have a little bit – That was crunchy, something crunched – Why is she talking like that? (laughing) – [Lee] Oh, wow

– [Joe] Slam that down now – [Lee] It's a lot bigger than I thought – [Elliot] I guess I'll make this something – Well I put a lot of heart into it (laughing) – [Lee] I do love being with my friends and being healthy

– [Elliot] I wonder if there's gonna be a main course after this – So this is a juice, a fruit smoothie – Ooh, pour it on baby, oh, it's so Italian! – It's poured! (shouting) – You guys are making a salad! – [Elliot] Yeah! – You're making a cesar salad – An Italian – You're wrong

(laughing) – So he got it right again? – Yeah I did – Yeah he did – [Elliot] This is for you though – Wow – [Elliot] You're gonna wanna share

– Good gosh these are some big carrots – I love it I love it when you keep the carrots big – [Both] Round four – Okay Link, we can make this last round worth four points

– Ooh – If you want to – You know what, just make it worth two and a half points – Okay, that's fine with me Alright, go for it guys

(laughing) – Alright put on your sets please, and turn – Turn – Turn – [Elliot] The stakes are high – Alright what do we got, lets take a look

– What? Wait, hold on – Yeah – Yeah (laughing) – Oh no, okay, alright – I like this

– Okay great, were ready – What's that on there? – Whoa, that's bold – Turn around! – Turn around guys! – [Lee] We can't do it – The gangs all in – [Elliot] Alright, here we go, ready? – Is there room for two more? (laughing) – Do you guys remember playing this in college? – Oh yes! – University of New Orleans? – This is actually my first time

– [Joe] Well let me lay some ground rules for ya Or at least give you some hints Put the whole thing in your throat Real fast, real quick And then, finger it, gently but with authority

– Wow I don't know if I could fit the whole thing in my mouth! – I'm gonna be honest, it's getting a little fishy in here – [Elliot] I'm gonna go for it, you guys ready? – Lets counts it down, brah Three, two, one, go! – I did it! (cheering) – [Everyone] Put it in your mouth, put it in your mouth! (yelling) – I wish I could guess so this could stop – Okay, hold on, hold on– – Are you eating oysters? – [Steve] Everyone quiet for this sound Ready, here we go

– That wasn't the right sound – [Lee] Try a better sound – You know, it smells pretty foul – Yeah, it's a little bit but hey, were having a good time – I'm not gonna lie, spicy, got a bit of a kick

– Are you eating sardines? – [Joe] I wanna let you know I got checked for all the STDs – It's juicy, it's juicy! – Including herpes! And also crabs – Oh neat – Oh, are you eating crab legs? – Hold on – Ooh

– Are you guys shucking in there? – But hold on we're also – That sounds like beer pong – You gotta slurp it all out – I do – You're playing a flippy drinking game

– I haven't had one of these since New Orleans – Guys, watch me do it down south – One finger flip – [Woman] You guys are all over this, I'm gonna okay the flippy cup, but it's actually called flip cup, but you're missing one element – That's pretty crusty, ay Sean? – Flip cup with crabs

– Flip cup with– – [Women] So close – Flip cup with– – Jello – Lee you be over there and then I'm gonna slowly craw over to you – Okay – Craw fish! – Gumbo

– Craw fish flip cup (cheering) – You did it! – [Link] You play flip cup with crawfish? – Yeah – Oh yeah, University of New Orleans, just like you said Where you all went – Hold on, did I get two and a half points? So I only lost by half a point? (cheering) – [Rhett] That means I'm the winner, I wanna go through my valley folk victory tunnel

Make it count guys – Wait just wait, get up there, hold your (chaotic singing) – Check out The Valley Folk on YouTube and Patreon – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You guys say you know what time it is

– You know what time it is? – I'm Maggie – And I'm Abigail – And we're from Bulverde, Texas – And our mom's asleep – But were watching good mythical morning season one anyway – And it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality

– You rebels (laughing) Click the top link to watch us guess The Valley Folks dirtiest secrets and Good Mythical Morning – And to find out, ow, crap – [Rhett] Sample our scent, by purchasing a sample of our Mythical No9 Fragrance that is

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