What’s Biting Me? (GAME) ft. Coyote Peterson

– Once bitten – Twice cry

– Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning! – Please give a rousing Mythical welcome to Coyote Peterson! – Bam! – What's going on, guys? Thank you for having me – Welcome to the show, man – Yeah, thank you – Yes! – It's been a long time coming

Don't bite me, don't bite me – These arms have been ravaged by all types of– – Mostly this one – Creatures – Mostly this one (Rhett laughs) – I'm glad you clarified

– You keep 'em mostly on the left? – Yeah That's 'cause I'm right handed so you know you gotta line it up properly – Right now if you don't know, on his channel Brave Wilderness, Coyote has extremely intimate encounters with nature I mean he gets bitten a lot That's what I'm saying

(Coyote moans) (screaming and grunting) – [Coyote] This guys, is worse than a sting (yells) One, two (Rhett laughs) – You crazy, man! – I don't know how you don't curse a lot – I don't, that's one thing that I've become known for is that Coyote Peterson does not curse and it's all that pain, no swear words – But he's still very crazy

(growls) – You're a professional and you make these videos in a very controlled and responsible way, but here we're neither controlled nor responsible – Thank goodness – So we're not gonna be bringing out a giant centipede or anything like that, but we are gonna get bit It's time for Please Don't Fight Me, I'm Trying To Figure Out What's Gonna Bite Me – Welcome to the bite box

– Now inside the bite box, there's going to be something that is biting us It might be an object, it might be an animal, it might be an objimal or an onjex, we don't know And we're also told that the definition of biting is going to be pretty loose, so not everything is going to necessarily have teeth – Oh that's good but that means some things will have teeth – Yes

– All right, we're gonna each be blindfolded in turn I'm gonna go first I'm gonna shove my bear hand and arm into this bite box – You sure you wanna do that? – I'm sure I don't wanna do it but– – I'm sure I want him to do it – It's almost too late

And if I guess what's in there correctly, I get two points, but if I get it wrong, then the other two players get to give a hint for a chance at one point – Okay – That makes sense – In the end, the two losers have to sniff coyote urine – But not my urine, right? – Did they ask you to pee in a jar, because– – I'm sure we can work something out

(mysterious music) (Link sighs) – Okay Link – Okay – Roll up that sleeve and put it in the bite box (Link grunts) – Man, I'm telling ya – Oh, the bottom drops out

– The bottom drops out? – No! – I did not sign up for this – I'm a tad bit nervous, guys – Did you sign the waiver? I would not Ugh (Link yells sharply) (Rhett and Coyote chuckle) – What? Hold on

– That was exciting – That had a puppeted quality to it – His hand is shaking, you see that? – He's always shaking – Well I'm scared! – There's some sort of deficiency (grunts) – Okay, all right, I know that's not like a animal 'cause it's like– – The good thing is it just hasn't bitten and held down yet

Trust me I've been in that situation, when it bites and holds down, it's so much worse – All right just give me a little bite It feels like teeth, like, I think my guess is, it's human teeth being puppeted by a hand – Link, that's right, man That's pretty good

– Take off your blindfold – [Link] Yes! – Human teeth puppeted by a hand – Look at that – You could tell a lot by just a quick little bite like that – It just felt like how my kids bite me

(mysterious music) All right Coyote, spin around – There it is – That's the bite box – You going with your right arm, or? – I think I'm gonna go left arm on this one – Mixin' it up! – Here we go, all right, going in

– Well you better be careful, just kinda hold steady – And brace myself Ah! That was sharper than human teeth, come on! (Rhett laughs) (Coyote yells) – Wow – I know I'm supposed to have this high pain tolerance, wow That one might have punctured skin, okay

All right, give me one more, one more (yelling) – [Rhett] Wow that's pretty intense – Wow those are sharp teeth – I think you need like a nice, long one, right? – I'm gonna go hand sideways on this Give me the full clamp, I gotta, I gotta– – Full clamp! (Coyote yells) (laughs) – [Coyote] Okay it's definitely sharp teeth

– I'm not giving any hints yet, but tell us what you've gathered – Well based on the animals I've been bitten by, believe it or not I've been bitten by an opossum before, just not on camera Possums have lots of teeth and that's close but it feels like it's something bigger Definitely not a wolverine That would have locked down and definitely crushed my hand so I'm thinking something like a wolf? It's a wolf skull, a wolf skull? A cat? – You're so close

– All right that's not right – I only get one guess, right? It's not right – You're so close – So now we're gonna give you some hints – I just gave you your hint

You're so close to wolf – Werewolf (Rhett laughs) – You went the wrong direction – Wrong direction? – I'm gonna give you another little hint You are so close and this one is special just for you

– Just for me Coyote, coyote skull – Take off your blindfold Yes! – It is! – [Rhett] It's a coyote skull – This is not my cousin, is it? (mysterious music) – Okay Rhett, spin around and stick your arm in the box

– Now I've been very impressed with both of your identification skills I don't know how you did that so well – All right here it comes Brace yourself – [Coyote] Oh man I've been here, this is not good

(grunting) – It was so little – It's really not though, if you were to see it without your blindfold – Okay, okay – This is not gonna be good – Try to find a– – Oh oh oh oh! That's not teeth, that's pincers

Is it pinchers? – I think it's pinchers – Pinchers? No, pincers – Tomato, tomahto? – I think a pincer is a thing I don't know if that's one of those things but– – A claw on like a crustacean – I think he needs a clamp

– I think he needs a clamp – [Rhett] Full clamp on the palm – You can't dictate where it– – Harder harder harder! (Rhett grunting) Now you got it – Okay, okay, mm – All right so what do you think? You got a guess? – It's not a crab

It's too big for that unless it's a big crab That is a lobster – Lobster what? – Claw? – Starts with a P – Primavera? (crew laughs) – Take off your blindfold You got it right but I was looking for pincer

– Pincer! – Wow! – Lobster pincer – Not primavera? – No animals were hurt in the making of this video – No that's real – It's so recognizable once you feel it on your palm You wanna feel it? – No

(mysterious music) – Okay, so for this next phase, it gets a little bit different You're going to dip your hand in something before you stick it into the bite box – Dip my hand in something? – Yeah there's a bowl over here Just dip your fingertips Yeah right there, just dip your fingertips into that

– Ugh – Oh that's mushy Saucy Oh man that tells me that something's alive in this box (Rhett laughs) Where's the hole? Oh gosh

– That's gonna be tempting – Can I flinch because I'm scared – Oh wow, for real, okay (chuckles) There you go, kinda put your hand on just a little bit (Link gasps fearfully) (all yelling) – Ow, what the crap! What the living crap! That's a freakin' mouse freakin' trap! What the, I didn't need to put sauce on my hand! – Hold on, are you– – That's not sauce

– Are you sure it was a mouse trap? – That's my guess! Yeah! – Take your blindfold off (Rhett laughs) – It could have been a rat trap, those are way bigger – You trying to put cheese? What? – The mouse has gotta know where to go – You're trying to get me to bait the trap? – You gotta put the cheese on the plastic cheese – Dang it, ah

Mm, it really got the index ringer (Rhett chuckling) Two point, two points (crew laughing) (mysterious music) – All right Coyote, turn around and you're going in with your right hand – I gotta dip, okay Yeah, mouse trap

You guys are gonna put a bear trap in here I'm just gonna go – Oh wow – You're going for it – That is soupy

– Now we don't know what's under here yet, so – That's drippy too Come on! – Get in there – Let me just ease this into that hole Here we go

Should I count down this one, like a mouse trap, this is– – It's not out yet, so you gotta go in first – All right hold on I'll brace myself – We're not gonna give you the luxury of knowing when it's gonna bite you – Okay Oh the anticipation's killing me

Oh it's a fuzzy, something's fuzzy! (Rhett and Link laughing) Something licking me! That better not be a human, that would be really weird It's definitely not human – Well I'll tell ya, it's not a mouse trap – Not a mouse – No it's not

– Oh it's biting me a little bit there I'm gonna go with a puppy Is it a puppy? – Take your blindfold off – It's not a puppy but it's a small dog! – It's a Wushu! – It's a small what? – Wushu – It's Wushu the dog! Oh buddy

Thank you and look at that What is this, peanut butter? Very warm, soupy peanut butter – (chuckles) It's his favorite – That was a lot better than I was expecting – Wushu's happy, you're happy

I can't say the same for me (mysterious music) Okay Rhett, turn around I got a little dippy dip for your left hand here – I'm going left hand because if something gets ruined, I'll still be able to write Why is that so– – Viscous? – Milky slimy

– I would not say it's milk – Yeah – I don't know what it is but I have a few guesses But it doesn't matter, just put it in the hole All the way in there

– [Rhett] Oh gosh, oh gosh – [Coyote] Oh no, no (Rhett yelping) – Stay in there! – Is it a monkey? – Stay in there! – Stick with it, this is the bite box! You got this! (Link laughing excitedly) (Rhett yelling) – I wanna let go, what is it? I wanna hit it! I wanna hit it! – Don't hit it! Don't hit it, don't hurt it! – Don't do it! – Don't hurt it! Don't hurt it – Is it a gorilla? Did y'all get a gorilla? It's breathing so much – What do you think it is? – Oh gosh! – Should we give him a hint? – It's a person

(grunts) – It's not exactly a person – Not exactly a person – Yes it is! – Well, nah, I mean maybe it used to be? – [Rhett] It's a person with fake teeth in – Have a little more faith than that – It's a zombie! – Is that your guess? – No

– What's your guess, it's not a zombie – Vampire? – Take off your blindfold It's Chase the vampire! (Rhett yelling) – And now you're gonna turn into a vampire 'til somebody gets staked– (Rhett yelling) – He said it was a person – I think he's drawing blood – But it's not

– But it's not, so, we're gonna give you one point going into the lightning round! – Lightning round! (mysterious music) – All right in the lightning round we're not going to be getting bit, we're going to be doing the biting – Ooh we're gonna be yelling out our guesses First person to get each one gets a point so it's anybody's game, are you ready? – I'm ready! – In three, two, one, bring it! (upbeat music) – A shirt! – A stuffed animal! (muffled yelling) A pillow! – A scarecrow – [Stevie] Rhett – I got some link in my mouth

What is it? I can't find it – It's smooth – I got nothing – A sword? – I can't reach it! – It's a hockey puck A skateboard! – It's a paddle of some kind

– It's a Nintendo paddle – It's really hard (Coyote groans) – [Rhett] It's so plasticy – It's really hard – We need a hint

– [Coyote] I think I bit a piece off – [Stevie] In normal life, you wouldn't wanna be licking this because your butt goes here – [All] It's a toilet seat! – [Stevie] Coyote – Dang it – Yeah! (Rhett chuckles) Gross! I hope that was clean

– Flowers Bu-trash bag! – Rhett – Bu-trash bag is not a trash bag – Bu-trash bag? – It's a bu-trash bag Oh it's inflatable pool toy! – Inflatable dolphin

– Pool, inflatable pool! – [Coyote] Oh I popped it! – Alligator – Oh, Link – Yes! – Oh I said inflatable pool toy – I bit a hole in it! – [Stevie] Last one – 'Cause I have sharp teeth

– A pie! – I can't reach it – It's pizza, pizza! – [Stevie] It's pizza, can I get a flavor? – It's pepperoni pizza! – Pepperoni, pepperoni! – [Stevie] Coyote said it first – Yeah! I think I– – And I said pizza – I think I also ate the edge of it, not the pizza – Is that it? – Guys, we have a three-way tie which means we all get to sniff coyote urine in Good Mythical More

– And I ate five pounds of asparagus before I came – Oh gosh Thanks to Coyote for joining us His new book King of Sting is available everywhere on November 27th – Thank you for liking commenting and subscribing

– You say you know what time it is – You know what time it is – I'm Maggie – And I'm Sarah And we're having a picnic in New Canaan, Connecticut

– [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality (spurts) (chuckling) – Whoa – That's like a pepper? A hanging pepper? – Oh I thought it was a trail of blood Click the top link to find out the worst thing Coyote's ever been bit by in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

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