What Was The Celebrity Arrested For? (GAME)

– A celebrity got arrested for throwing a protein shake? – Let's talk about that (upbeat playful music) (explosion booms) – Good mythical summer

– I'd like to start today off with a confession When I was 14, I ripped the tag off a mattress while jaywalking to a library, where I planned on checkin' out a book that I had no intention of returning (sighs) Feels good to get that off my chest – Yeah – The point is sometimes crimes happen

And sometimes they happen at the hands of celebrities – But can we match the celebrity to the crime they were arrested for? We're about to find out It's time to play Celebrity Face Off Jailbird Edition Okay, in each round Stevie is going to tell us about a crime that a celebrity got arrested for, and then we will assign that crime to a celebrity, and these are the ones we have to choose from – Busta Rhymes

– Ronda Rousey – Shia LaBeouf – Nikki Minaj – Jamie Tommy

Thomas From One Direction – That guy from One Direction – Louis, Louis – Louis

– Let's call him Lou-is – Who are we kidding? I know who he is, guys (camera crew laughing) – Mariah Carey – Vanilla Ice – Jane Fonda? – And Kid Rock

– And then, as we've made your guesses, we have one last chance to do a switcheroo And then whoever gets the least correct will have their mugshot leaked to the internet – Don't do it – [Both] Round one (police sirens blaring) – What do we have here? – This is a protein shake

– [Link] Alright – Somebody did something with a protein shake? – [Stevie] This celebrity was arrested for second-degree assault after throwing a protein drink at an employee of his or her gym According to news reports, the victim sustained a cut to the head from the airborne shake Which celebrity was it? – Throwing a shake at the gym – I mean, the first thing your mind goes to is Ronda Rousey

She's at the gym You know she's on the protein shake thing – [Link] Right, I also know that– – But she could kill you with her bare hands Why would she throw a shake at you? – Well just because that's meaningless to her It's like this is just a gesture

She didn't realize that it could really lop someone's head off I will also point out that Busta Rhymes really bulked up – 'Roids, man, 'roids – Uh, I'm not jumping on that train I like Busta Rhymes and I like his build

So in this picture he looks like he could throw a protein shake – This is an interesting guess here but I'm going with Jane Fonda I could see her hauling off and throwing a protein shake at somebody Why not? – Why not Jane? – I'm gonna stick with Busta Bus – [Both] Round two

(police sirens blaring) – Teeny tiny bicycle – Alright Somebody got arrested for making teeny tiny bicycles, Stevie? – [Rhett] Yep, the best of us – [Stevie] This celebrity was arrested on charges of grand theft and burglary when stolen items such as furniture, a pool heater, and bicycles were found in his or her home Which celebrity was it? – I know who this is

And so, I can't give you any of my reasons I'm just gonna have to sit around and watch you flounder – You know who this is? – I know that one of these people did that – And a bicycle was one of the things? – [Stevie] Correct – What was another thing? – [Stevie] Furniture, a pool heater, and bicycles

– Who wants a furniture? – I read about this It was one of those I clicked on something, and then I clicked on something, and then I clicked on that It was in a clickhole on the internet – Mariah Carey likes to stretch out on a good couch But she's way too classy to go snatching someone else's couch, or bike

– Mm-hmm – Again, Shia LaBeouf is such a wild card – Yep, he's known for things, isn't he? – He's known for everything – Yeah – Even things he hasn't done

– Right – It's like, yeah, I'm sure he did that Oh my gosh – Ah, this is fun – But we've got, there's a sense of desperation

– Oh (chuckles), in Kid Rock's face? – That's being hidden by these sunglasses There's a sense of desperation in this arrest Why you taking this stuff? So this is more of a, this is in the distant past, like juvenile Kid Rock – Hmm – Or Robert Van Winkle

– [Rhett] Hmm – I don't typically think of Vanilla Ice when I think of desperation but– – Desperation Desperado – I'm gonna go with Robert – Link, you're right (chuckles)

– [Both] Round three! (police sirens blaring) – Look at this – I see that you've raided my play room at home – Yeah (camera crew laughing) – [Link] They found the stripper Barbie set (Rhett and Link chuckling) Yeah, I'm not giving you keys to my house anymore

– It's even got little, little dolla dolla bills – PA system Alright, what happened here, Stevie? – Make it rain – [Stevie] This celebrity found him or herself arrested after punching a DJ at a strip club The sergeant of the reporting police department said the incident occurred due to the DJ's selection of music

Which celebrity was it? – This is has got Kid Rock, where do I poke this? – In the step, right through that dollar bill – [Link] This has got Kid Rock written all over it – You're not wrong – He's gonna be opinionated about his music I'm not gonna say he's gonna be in strip clubs, but I'm not gonna say he's not

(camera crew laughing) – But don't you think that Busta's a good option? I mean, he bulked up He bulked up for moments like this He bulked up so that when he disagreed with a playlist, he could lay down the law – I also think it could be Nikki Minaj I don't know, just something about her just being feisty

But I've already voted – I think Kid Rock is an excellent guess, Link, but I'm gonna differ and I'm going with Busta – Whoo-ha, I gotcha all in check – Uh oh – [Both] Round four

(police sirens blaring) – Big battery, huh? – I hope this isn't assault and battery joke – [Stevie] This celebrity was arrested on misdemeanor battery charges– – Yeah! – Ha! (both laughing) – Got him! – [Stevie] After getting into a physical altercation with a photographer The celeb was placed under citizen's arrest and the paparazzo's spokesman said he or she grabbed the cameraman by his lower leg and knocked him on the ground Which celebrity was it? – Ooh, lower leg? Ronda Rousey goes low, man You seen it? – The ground game? – Yeah, you get (grunts)

You gotta grapple, it's called grappling You gotta go that You get your little punches in, you gotta get low – Well, I don't know – I watch a lotta Ronda

– This was a who? – This was a who – I just think you wanna stay on Nikki's good side Which, incidentally, is every side (chuckles) (Rhett laughs) (camera crew laughing) – I think there's one side that's gotten more attention, rightfully so – I think Shia got violent with somebody one time

– Ah – One time he had a bag over his head and there was an art installation, and people got violent with him – But that was, I think that was somebody visiting the art installation – I think this might be Nikki Zz-zz-zz-zz

Just kidding – You know, Link, you were right the first time Shia got violent with somebody one time – [Both] Round five (police sirens blaring) – Oh, what is this? – Drug Mule Barbie

(camera crew laughing) – Well, it's a case Drug mules don't carry things in cases, usually They carry it in their person – Well, there's that, too But we couldn't show that

– Oh wow, this even opens and closes? Wow, this is a freaking collector's item But highly illegal What's the deal? – [Stevie] When customs agents at a US airport found this celebrity with a suitcase full of drugs, he or she was quickly arrested Luckily, the police eventually realized the suitcase was full of vitamins, and the celeb was released Which celebrity was it? – Ah! – Oh, these are vitamins? – Vitamins! It just looks like kilos of cocaine, that's all

It's just vitamins – Who's big into the vitamins and flies on planes? – Kid Rock's not a vitamin guy – Jane Fonda, she's maintained How do you think she's done that? – Yeah – So well

– Suitcases full of vitamins – Full of vitamins, yeah – That's a really good guess I can't do that at this point 'cause I already said she threw a protein shake at somebody – You know, as an athlete, professional wrestler now, she needs her vitamins

But I'm sticking with the Fonz-da – I like your thinking there But I can't think the same way 'cause I don't have the option to – Think the diva queen, Mariah Carey? – I don't know, let me look deep into her three-dimensional face when I spin this and see if it says I would take a suitcase full of vitamins on the plane No, she wouldn't

It's that guy from One Direction, Lou-is – [Both] Round six (police sirens blaring) – Last one – A lobster What kinda crime is this? – [Stevie] While employed at a Red Lobster, this pre-fame celebrity was arrested for criminal possession of a weapon

Which celebrity was it? – Oh, man – Why you gotta be packing at a lobster? Is that how they prepare 'em? Packing at a Red Lobster? – Because people get them cheddar biscuits, whatever those things are – Oh, because it gets heated if they run out – Yeah, if they run out, I'd hurt somebody over that – Blat-blat-blat! – Man, I don't know

I feel like I would know if somebody works at the Red Lobster – Who would work at a Red Lobster? And carry a gun? – I could see Nikki Minaj doing both of those things Working at a Red Lobster and, at some point, carrying a weapon – I know, that's what I was thinking, too 'cause, I don't know

I'm just gonna put Shia – I think Kid Rock is a good option, too – I'm gonna put Shia 'cause I don't have anyone else that could come even close So those are our answers – Alright

– And we're gonna put this up here – And now, Stevie, you gotta tell us how many we got right so we can switcheroo – So Rhett– – Yeah? – -you have two correct – Oh gosh – Okay

– [Stevie] And Link, you have four correct – Oh-ho-ho-ho! – Oh, dang! – Ugh, Link's got four! – I ain't touching nothing! – Now, I mean, I don't know I don't think I'm gonna change anything – So I gotta figure out which one's you've got correct here You're on to something here

– Okay, so you think I'm right about Busta throwing a protein shake? – And I think you're right about Kid Rock in a stripper bar – Okay, so now in order to take the lead, you gotta change one more You gotta be assertive You only tied me at this point Potentially

– I think you're right about Miss Fonda – But I will point out you're only agreeing with me So there's no way you can win – That's not true We're differing in two different places

– Okay, that's fine with me – We'll stop there – [Stevie] Okay, guys The celebrity who was arrested for throwing a protein shake was Busta Rhymes – Busta Rhymes! – Okay

– [Stevie] The celebrity who was arrested by burglary and grand theft of many items, including a bicycle, was Vanilla Ice – Yeah! – Yes – [Stevie] And here's his mugshot – [Rhett] Yeah – [Link] The happiest he's ever looked, ironically

– Yeah, he was like, I know I'm getting out of this, man – [Stevie] The celebrity who was arrested for punching a DJ at a strip club was Kid Rock – Yep! – Whoa, okay – [Stevie] And here's his mugshot – We're doing good

– Yeah, brother – [Link] He's happy, too – You gotta smile in your mugshot That's the only way to do it – Incidentally, our hair really looks Vanilla Ice-ish

– [Rhett] Yeah Don't point that out – Mine even more than yours, with the stripe and everything – [Stevie] The celebrity who was arrested for attacking a cameraman was Louis Tomlinson – Oh, whoa! – Oh, seriously? – [Stevie] No one can say his name correctly but you know who I'm talking about

– Tomlinson – [Stevie] The celebrity who was mistakenly arrested for drug smuggling was Jane Fonda – You agreed on that – Oh, gosh! – It comes down to this – [Stevie] And here's her mugshot

– [Link] Oh, that was a long time ago – [Stevie] It's awesome looking – Yes, that's a famous one I've seen that one in the back of music stores You can get that on a poster

(Link chuckles) – [Stevie] And the celebrity who worked at Red Lobster and got arrested for possession of a weapon was Nikki Minaj – Yes! – No! – No! – Whoo! – You came from behind! – Yeah I did! – And you stabbed me in the guts! Dang it! Which means– – You're just gonna get wood poisoning – Alright, let me see my freaking mugshot – Here we are, we're releasing it to the internet (camera crew laughing) – [Link] Had a rough night one night

– Okay You didn't smile in your mugshot That was your mistake Now what is this for? I don't remember this – Neither do I

– Ah! – That explains a lot But you know, we won't post yours (camera crew laughing) You got the raw end of the deal 'cause we were together that night, remember? – I do remember Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hi, I'm Robin and this is Brody, and we're from McKinney, Texas – She made me do this – [Both] And it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality – Oh, he is not into it – No, she did not, Brody

You're acting – Alright, click through to watch us play match the crew member with their purge crime in Good Mythical More – What they would do on the one day that you can do something illegal? And to see where the wheel of mythicality's gonna land in Good Mythical More! – [Rhett] Get out GMM beverage cooler and your drinks will stay chill just like you Available at mythicalstore

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