What Did We Steamroll? | WHAT WAS THIS?

– Three, two, one (upbeat music) – Some people like to spend their time relaxing on the beach or hiking in nature, painting a serene watercolor landscape

And then there's Mike and Alex – Yep It's time for – [Narrator] What was this? – Welcome fellas – Wow

– Hey – Once again I understand that you have destroyed something using a strange combination of things and factors and who knows what – You understand correct – And we're gonna guess what it is – Would you like to see it? – Or how you did it? – Yeah, I would to see it

– We got it under here – Okay it's– – Where you been hiding that? – It doesn't matter – It's small It's plated Now are we allowed to touch it because you know Rhett

– This time touch it all you want – Oh, you think it's so difficult – This one's specifically on a plate so you can taste it – Well I see like, I see I see like motherboardish thing

You know what I'm saying – [Link] Yeah, there's circuitry here – [Rhett] Oh gosh I think you just dropped a really important piece – Yeah, that's the one

– Because there was a wheel – It's burned It's burnt – Look at that It looks like a rubber pad

– This smells like burned electronics, which it is – No – Tell me something I don't know – No – It's also a waffle (mumbles)

– Burned electronics, final answer – It's like a pancake Do you think this is all that's left of something that? Like is that as simple as motherboard – It's melted in smoosh Look this is two pieces

It's glued – [Rhett] I think it may have been a remote control car or something You know what I'm saying – It could have been – [Rhett] And then like

– I think a TV remote No, there's no buttons – It could be a TV – It could be a TV, small size – It's a remote because that's the pad, the directional pad

You're totally right – Are you sure it's not a gamer, game console – It could be a game remote – Not a console, a remote A controller

– No, that could be (mumbles) (mumbles) – We think this is a melted (mumbles) Smooshed game controller – Well let's take a look Today I'm gonna do bad stuff to this Nintendo controller

– Is this seltzer? – No, it's not seltzer It's (mumbles) jus – It's gonna freeze it It could freeze us – Lets find out

It's bubbling Is it supposed to do that? – [Man] I don't know – I'm gonna actually head over this way – Oh Alright, I'm gonna give you this heavy ball now

Don't smash my face – I'll try not to smash your face – You got it Oh, it's leaking a little bit Is that fine? Here it comes

– [Man] Here we go – [Man] Give you the money shot here – Money shot – Oh, that sits in there quite nicely – Three, two, one

(smashing) – And there it goes – Whoa (crashing) – Oh God – It still looks a lot like a video game controller Mike I'd like to destroy this a lot more

– Yeah, I figured you'd say that Oh it appears while we were over there someone put a Bunsen burner here And check this out – Just cook this up huh This is a long drop

– Maybe do one of those time speeds That's fast – It's probably good enough right Here we go – [Man] Unfortunately what does this look like to you? – Exactly like a game station control

– It looks like a controller still – Here I come – Oh God You're good You're good

A little up A little up There you go (mumbles) Can you back up over it? Yeah, here you go You're perfect

(beeping) Wait and stop right there You got him pretty good I'd say Yeah, that doesn't look too good I don't think they're gonna guess at all – No, we were pretty close

– Pretty close – Game controller – Just the freezing – Yeah, it was that – Smooshed

– We did smoosh it – Melted – Melted We just didn't get the freezing part, which is pretty hard to anticipate Is that why you've been driving the steamroller to work for the past couple of days

– Yeah (laughing) – It looked like you built the set of double dare (laughing) Like twisted torture version – Yeah, you didn't get me dropping the bowling ball – No, no, no

– No, we didn't – Nice stuff – Pretty good right C plus right – That's a good B minus

– B minus – Yeah – Can we keep it? – That's for you – Well we didn't (mumbles) – Okay

– Does it still work? – No Yeah – I'll take that – Play your video games Mike – Thanks guys and stick around to see some of the most incredible and incredibly awkward prom proposals

– [Link] Sip on your soda in style with this ear biscuits mason jar or water or juice or whatever you like to sip on It's all good

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