What Did We Destroy With Paint Thinner?

– Mm, looks like a witch's brew – Oh, my gosh

(alarm rings) (upbeat music) – If spending time on the internet has taught us one thing, it's that you can destroy anything if you try hard enough Childhood nostalgia, self-esteem, your parents' bank account, you name it And today, we're gonna see if we can figure out what Mike and Alex have destroyed It's time for What Was This? (crack) – Okay What d'ya got for us this time? – We got this brown jar

– Oh, gosh you've jarred it? – Yes, we had to – Why'd you have to make it grosser? – Well, open it up, Rhett because we need to investigate in order to use our discerning powers of deduction – You guys did pretty well last time – It opens easily – It looks to me like Coca-Cola

– [Rhett] It doesn't smell– – [Link] Oh – Oh, golly It smells horrible But like in a, not in like a rotted sorta way, but like in a chemically way – Oh yeah, that's alcohol

– I don't remember that – Now there's a number on this That's a, there's a big, black part, then there's an orange part with a number – Could you let go of it I can– – This is– (laughs) Oh, oh look at that, it's a hexagon We have an actual

– Is that a piece of a, like a, soccer ball? – Hexagon – Sure is (crew laughs) – You can't say things – Oh, sorry, sorry – That's another part of a hexagon

Can you see it? Do I have it all out? – Nope, there's more I quite like this (grunts) You think it was some kind of toy ball? – And this thing right here, that's– – Burned, burned – Flesh? – [Rhett] That's not part of it – It is part of it

– Oh, okay Just see, it dripped on me – Oh, so you burned something It's fabric – But this is like a toy, it's almost like an insole or something

– I think it's what's left of, it has cushiony parts, and clothy parts I think it's some sort of– – Like a shoe – Some sort of a chair – Okay (laughs) It's either a shoe or a chair

We've really narrowed it down – I mean, this is a lotta cushion stuff for a shoe – That's a small chair – It's a big shoe – Uh, yeah exactly

– I'll tell ya– – Okay, just show us what you did – Rhett's saying it's a shoe, I'm saying it's a chair of some sort Don't know what you did – Or a ball – Shoe chair

– Nike's, ever heard of 'em? – I have – Rhett and Link love to wear 'em, but they don't tie their shoes Have you noticed that? – I did notice that – What's that about? They just leave 'em untied This here is a fire pit

But it's not safe for us to walk through it We're gonna use another foot to walk through it I'm gonna get that right now – You're gonna put this through? Okay, that's actually pretty– – Yeah, it's good I think it's on there

Now we're just gonna take a quick walk Real bad person before, a quick walk, and now everything's better, Mike – [Mike] Awesome – Unfortunately, this did absolutely nothing I'm gonna bury it now

And I think that's good (gags) Now we've done some mean things to shoes before Yep, oh, it's ready It's really goin' (extinguisher blasts) Oh, it caught on fire again! (extinguisher blasts) Good thing it's pretty good, but I can still tell what it is

– Yep – A deli meat slicer Now stick that in there – Which, right here? – Sure I'm just gonna slice that

– Wow, that's actually– – That's pretty good – Well that's a good sound – There you go – Is it a nice slice It's just smaller

Brought your pressure cooker? – Yep, so then let me get the rest of the pieces (lid clanks) I'm gonna use the Meat setting It's been a significant amount of time Gonna pop this open – Mm, looks like a witch's brew

– Oh, my gosh – Once again, this absolutely nothing happened I've been carrying this around with me for a while now – [Alex] So this is paint thinner? – Watch yourself 'cause I am going to spill this Geez

– I'm thinkin' if it can thin paint, it can probably thin my skin, so Now what do we do? We wait, again? – Yeah I say we just leave it here over the weekend (clock ticks) – It's been 80 days, so I think it's ready Oh, wow

– It's like a carrot with chew spit in there – All right – It looks like organs – I don't think there's any chance Rhett and Link guess what this is – Not a chance

– Or is there? – Well, it's not a chair (laughs) Dang, you were right – Yeah, man – All right, so it was a shoe I would've gotten that it was a shoe except– – If you'd listened to me

– No, you pressure cooked it – We did – Yep – So it looks more like a chair to me But the question is, what are you gonna do with it now? Because– – Drink it

– It's yours to have – Oh, you always give this stuff back Sit on it? – Yeah, we could sit on it (laughs) – Like a chair? – Yeah, yeah – Make that into a chair and uh

– I like the smell – What'd ya do with the other shoe? – Don't smell it for too long Thanks, guys (crew member laughs) Keep watching to find out what people are also buying on Amazon – [Link] Are you in Australia? Or know somebody who is? Well, listen up because we're taking our Tour of Mythicality to Australia

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