What Did We Deep Fry? ft. LaurDIY & Alex Wassabi (GAME)

– Good mythical summer – As you can see we took a quick three-day weekend to Egypt to see the pyramids

There they are, right behind us – Oh yes, there they are Well, we are having a mythically busy summer, so in order to bring you as much GMM as possible, each Friday, we're going to be spicing things up with guest hosts – And so today, to kick off Guest Fridays, we have asked our friends and fellow YouTubers LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi to fill in for us – We'll see y'all on Monday, and thanks for giving a warm welcome to Lauren and Alex

– [Link] Cha-ching – Today we get fried – Deep fried – Let's talk about that (bright music) – Good mythical summer

– What's up, mythical beasts? I'm Alex and you might know me from my YouTube channel, Wassabi – And I'm Lauren and my YouTube channel is LaurDIY – When Rhett and Link asked us to guest host Good Mythical Morning, we were so excited that we said yes, without asking any questions – Which we quickly learned was a mistake Why, you might ask? Because they thought it would be a fun idea for us to deep fry a bunch of weird food, eat it, and then see if we can guess what it is

It's time for – [Both] Might I Inquire What You Put in the Fryer? – Here's how this is gonna work Lauren and I picked out foods that we are going to feed each other We worked with the Mythical crew to deep fry them We did this in secret, so I have no idea what I'll be eating and Lauren has no idea what she'll be eating

– So, we're gonna take turns eating the deep fried food blindfolded We'll take a bite and see if we can guess what it is and whoever gets the most gets a deep fried trophy – Hmmm – Let's do this – [Both] Round one

– So, as you can see, I can't – But I can, Lauren was kind enough to let me go first – Feel how sweaty my palms are I'm so nervous – Okay, Lauren, here is your first deep fried food

– Is this supposed to be moving? – Ah, stop! – Here you go, wait, wait Okay, you want me to feed it to you, or you got it? – I don't think I trust you Let me do it, I wanna do it Oh, oh it's small It's dense, this is heavy

– Oh, yeah, whoa, whoa – Stop! – Turn it around, turn it around, don't eat it from that end Okay, there you go – Is this its head, that the butt was on the other end? – Yeah, oh, okay – It smells like Tempura, it smells like– – That's just what all deep fried, okay, go

You didn't even get any of it, you just got that outside deep fried part Don't do that, that's weird – Is it a fruit? – Possibly, maybe – Wait, wait, wait It's a fruit, it's for sure a fruit

– Okay, good, you got it, it's super easy – What color, what? I know what fruit is this – If you could see it, it would be super easy – Is it red? – No – It's not? – No

Close, though – Okay, I'm gonna go with deep fried strawberry (laughing) – Is that the shape of a strawberry? – I don't know, my senses are broken I'm gonna go take– – Well, we're gonna stick with strawberry? – I'm gonna go deep fried strawberry – Ehh

– It's a kiwi, it's a kiwi, it's a kiwi, isn't it? – It's a kiwi It's okay, we started off easy The next ones, they're gonna be a doozy – [Both] Round two – Payback time

– Oh, no – Not that anything went wrong the first time, but uh, ready, are you ready? – I give you fruit, okay? – I know, me too – What, you gave me fruit? – Yeah – Oh, okay good – Yeah, yeah, open wide, ready? Wooo, oh, wait, no, what's the airplane

No, that's chugga chugga chugga chugga – You sound like a ghost That's a train – I know, I changed it to train, okay? – Okay – Chugga chugga chugga chugga

– Oh, I'm nervous, oh, it's there – Ready? Just do it, just do it, you're making it weird Stop making it weird – Okay, I got it, okay – Ooh

Alex also I just never mentioned that I have a 30 second rule where I need 30 seconds warning before anyone throws up, so just lemme know – Oh, man, I have no idea what it is, it's so salty I don't know if that's the deep fried part or the actual food part (laughing) – Here, you want a little more? – I don't know It's so salty

(gagging) – Is it? – Wait, I don't (gagging) Stop, stop, stop, what is it? – It's not that bad – Is it a chicken nugget? – You think I would give you a chicken nugget on this show? (laughing) – Well, I gave you a kiwi – No chance – Okay, is it a

I don't know, I really have no idea – Okay, well just guess something – Potato chip – No – Oh, that's not it? – No

– Should I guess again? – Yeah – Okay, lemme lick it (smacking) – Oh, you're making it so gross Why are you making it so gross? I think you're gonna freak out when you see what it is – Okay, I don't know, what is it? – Guess

– I said, okay, I choose– – Salty – Salty, salty, salt, salty salt – Deep fried salt? – Deep fried salt – Is that what you're gonna go with? – Yeah – You're gonna freak out

(buzzing) – What is that, what is that? What is that? Is that ca, ca? – Yeah, Caviar – So caviar? – Ugg, I've never had that in my mouth until now Thank you, Rhett and Link, oh, no, no – [Both] Round three – Here comes the next fried food

(laughing) This is what you get for putting fish eggs in my face – Yeah, its what I get – Okay, here you go – No, I'm nervous, I'm nervous, I'm nervous – You ready? No, okay

– Tiny little corner – Tiny little corner – I know you're gonna ram the whole thing in my mouth – No I'm not – Where's your, give me your wrist

– No, keep your hands down – Give me your wrist – No, keep your hands down Stop, here, open You gotta take a big bite

– I'm too scared Give me your wrist – Okay, here, here Okay, hey, don't touch it You're not allowed to touch it

(laughing) Get a big bite – Okay – Hang on, let me get this – You gotta get, you gotta, what? You gotta get a big– – I gotta get to the inside – You gotta get, like, open your mouth wide

Stop using your tongue that way Stop doing that You're like a clam There, you got a little tiny bit, but you gotta open your mouth and let me put it in there – This tastes like, tastes like fast food

Did you just get me, like, Chick-fil-A or something? – Let me put this in your mouth – I taste, like, a burger, but like a chicken burger – Is that your final guess? – Yeah – It is? – No way! – A Big Mac (buzzing) – It literally tastes like, yeah it tastes like, whoa

– [Both] Round four – You ready? – Yes – You hungry? – No – Wait, did I get a point for that last round, though? Like, half a point? – Okay, you get half a point because you said chicken burger, which doesn't make sense It was a chicken sandwich

– The word burger was in there though – Okay, fine – It wasn't a chicken sandwich, it was a Big Mac – Okay, half a point, you got half a point – Okay, are you ready? – No

– You have eaten this before – Lies – No, you really have I know you have – Okay

– Wow, this is, are you ready? – No – Do you want the blue side or the pink side? – Why are you making up colors? (laughing) That's not real It's all fried, how do you know what color it is? – Oh, this smells good – Are you eating it? – No, I'm just giving it a little sniff – Okay, okay

– Oh, that's a big one – Ah, so much sodium – Is there a lot of sodium in this? – It's kinda salty – Is it salty? – Whoa (burps) – You've definitely eaten this before

(gagging) – Stop, stop, you're just doing that to make me nauseous, now, that's not even– – Is it a crayon? – I mean, you're not far off Do you want another bite? – No, I don't, but I have to – You need to just take another bite Just a little one And bite

Oh, that's a cute one Ew, ew, ew, just chew it Just figure it out and then spit it out You really should know this I feel like you should get it from the smell, even, to be honest

– Let me smell again Is it, oh (screams and laughing) Is it Play-Doh? – Yeah – Oh, it is? – Yeah – Woo! – [Both] Round five

– Here comes the next one This is the final one, right? No, wait, do I have one more? – You have one more It's one to 5 right now – One to

5 Oh, you gotta take a big bite of this one Ooh, it's colder than I thought it would be – Ice cream? – Maybe – Big bite, you gotta open

Just like the Big Mac More No, it's not a straw No, stop, that's weird No, you're like a fishy, stop

Okay, here we go, big bite – Whoa, it's so cold Hang on – There you go – Lemme get to the real part

– Okay, here you go, big bite – Ew, I'm so glad it's not me – Tastes like Chipotle mayo – Okay Um, no it isn't

– Is it Chipotle mayo? – Can we be more specific? Wait, hey – What? – How about less specific – Mayo – Yes – No way, really? – Gosh, darnit

Wait, so you're at one and 1/2 and I'm at one? – Oh my god, I can't believe I got that I feel like I'm , like, sense dead – I can't believe you got that either – [Both] Round six – Alex

– What, what, what, wait, what – You don't even know right now – What is it, what is it? What is it? This is the last one so it's gonna be the craziest one, I am aware of this What is it? – I mean, it's, it's, no, it's the chillest one – It's chill? – Yeah, it's super chill

– Aw, man – It's fine – I hope it's at least food – You have not had this in your mouth before – I have not? – No

– Aw, you would – At least, I hope not – You'd be surprised (laughing) You'd be surprised – Wow

– Oh, my gosh – Wow, I, like, don't even wanna touch it, to be honest – Oh my gosh – I gotta roll up my sleeves – Stop

(laughing) Oh, it's like my nose itchy Okay, I'm ready, no, I'm not – Okay – What? – Do you want the curly end or the straight end? – What does that mean? – I don't know, pick an end, though – Wait, what end would you want? Which one would you want? Just put what you would want in your mouth

What are you doing? – Oh, it doesn't even break You gotta bite down hard – Whoa – Yeah, it really doesn't Oh my actual God

Okay, it's chill, everything's fine (laughing) Everything's really fine, I promise Okay I'm gonna give you, there's, like, a little nub – I don't like that word, can we change that word? – There's a little point at the end – Okay, it's better than nub

– You want the nub? – No – Okay, here – Ooh, you sound excited, I can hear the excited (screaming) – Is it that gross that you can't even touch it? – No it's totally fine, you just scared me Everything is fine

Everything is fine – I'm so scared, please don't kill me – Okay, let's just do it so we can get this thing out of here – Why do you say this? (laughing) I can't – It's fine

– I can't – Everything's fine – I can't, okay (screaming) Ooh, hey! – I'm gonna stuff it in there – Please don't do that, okay, here we go

– Okay Okay Okay Oh my god, you almost just bit my finger off – It's so hard

– I told you, you're just gotta break it in half – I don't think I could break, I don't think I can bite through that – You got pointy teeth, you can do it Yeah, yeah, use the back ones Yeah, just really get in there

Oh, you got it, I'm gonna pull? Ready, go, do it Wow, really? – I can't break through it That was the hardest I've ever bitten anything in my life – You really didn't even dent it – I have no idea what it is

– You wanna hold it? – Yeah – Okay – Here, let this, yeah, okay, here we go – Ready? – Yep – Whoa, there's some girth to it

(laughing) – More than you know More than you know – Whoa, wait, what's the rating on this show? – It's getting older as we progress through this segment – Am I holding it correctly? Is this how you hold it? Could, I would say it's not wrong – I have a guess, but I don't know if you're, if that's their, if, hmm

– How many letters is it? – Five? – I mean – Wait, is this a bull's penis? (screaming) Is it? – It is – Did you put a bull's penis in my mouth? What? You put that whole thing in my mouth? That's definitely not been in my mouth before – I told you it hasn't – No, yeah, it definitely hasn't

– Did you just Oh, look, you won – Oh, I did win! Oh, thank you Definitely not worth it but thank you Wow

It's so long, I feel so insecure (laughing) Okay, if you wanna see more of us, make sure to check out our YouTube channels, Wassabi, youtubecom/wassabi – And laurDIY at youtubecom/laurDIY

Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Sam – And I'm Caitlyn – We're from Oregon

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