What Are We Swimming In? (GAME)

– Today, we're swimming in mystery – Let's talk about that

(upbeat theme music) Good mythical summer – Mythical beasts, nothing says summer like taking a dip in the pool, but as I believe Maya Angelou once said, why swim in just water when you can swim in something super weird? And do we look like the type of people who would ignore the advice of Maya Angelou? – No – No, it's time for, I Got Pools, They're Filled with Weird Stuff, and I'm Guessing What's in Yours – As you can see, we each have a baby pool in front of us, and a curtain in between us Our view of each other is totally obstructed

When we swim in our pools of strange stuff, we then ask yes-or-no questions to determine what the other person is swimming in The person to guess the other person's swimmy stuff first wins that round – Yes, and after three rounds the winner wins their very own pool float that the loser has to blow up – Yay! – [Together] Round one – I'm swimming in something

– Oh yeah, I also am swimming in something Oh my goodness – Link, since you're taller to the people you're shorter than, I'll go first by asking the first question – Okay, well first, top me off Oh yeah

– Oh, okay, I got some clues there – Alright, gave you a little clue-ish, ask me a question – Is what you're swimming in a food? – Nope – Okay, come top me off Ah, ah, ahhhh, learn anything? – Well it was pretty silent, and it seemed like it brought you a little bit of pleasure

Of course, I can't smell anything, 'cause I got these nose plugs I'm also swimming in a sound-dampening material Well, I shouldn't have said that – Yep, thanks for the clue – Are you swimming in food? – Yes

– Oh yeah – Would it be a bad idea to eat it? – Yes But I'm not gonna say I haven't Ha, ha, ha, right – Weird

(Link blows) Ah, that's interesting – Is the food that you're swimming in, a lot of one item? – Yes – Okay – Is what you're swimming in an organic thing? – Yes I think

Is the food that you're swimming in wet? – No – It's dry and silent – Is the organic material that you're swimming in dry? – Yes Is the dry food that you're swimming in, is it for humans? – Yes – Okay, human food You want me to swim around a little bit? – Yeah

(swishing sounds) – Okay – Is what you're swimming in have a dirt-like consistency? – No Is the food you're swimming in, do I like it? – No – Oh, I don't like it That actually doesn't narrow it down that much

– I keep hearing you having to, like, spit this out of your mouth – 'Cause I'm swimming in it hard, man – Is it from an animal? – Could be, honestly can't tell It's a lot of whoever it's from Is it savory? – No

Is what you're swimming in from a human? – Yes Is what you're swimming in sweet? – Yes – Sweet – It's from a human, yeah, but you spit it out, but you don't seem grossed out – That's right

– Are you swimming in hair? – Open the curtain, take a look Be quick about it Hair, cotton candy (bell dings) – Yeah – Oh dang, I don't like that sweet nasty

– I would've sworn that you would've been a little more grossed out You want some more of what I got, taste it – Well, it's got hair all over it – Happy Cotton Candy Day, daddies – I should've known

– Oh boy, you look sticky, Daddy – Yeah, I'm so happy, thank you for donating – Yeah, my pleasure, do you want some of my homemade baby wipes? – Yes – They're in my van Do you want to hear a sweet nothing? – Yes

– I've been slowly poisoning both of you, and I'm only giving you the antidote You know what, last night I killed the devil in his sleep, and now I'm the new devil Okay, bye daddies, bye – Bye – Bye Cotton Candy Randy

– I want to know what part of Randy that came froml – [Together] Round two – Alright, I'm swimming in something – Oh, I'm swimming in something, too – You sound unhappy Alright, so I get to ask the first question, but first, they should top you off

– Yeah, top me off, lifeguard Chase Oh gosh – Oooh – [Rhett] Here, let me help you – Something sounds moist

– Oh, there's more Oh gosh – [Link] There's more? – Oh gosh, oh, woo Good mythical summer – Okay Rhett, obviously it, well it seems obvious to me that it's gross and slimy

Is it living, or? – Don't say or and ask another question I don't think so, no – Meaning it was never living? – That's not what you asked – Alright, ask me a question First, top me off

Well, actually, I don't know if, yeah, okay, alright, yeah, right there is good, alright – That was an odd sound What's happening over there? – Ask me a question – Was it living? – Yeah – Oh

– Was yours once alive? – Definitely, parts of it, yes – Parts of it – I'd say most of it – Okay, most of it – Is yours a food? – No, there might be a rare exception, but generally no

Is yours a food? – Oh yeah, buddy, yep – Okay, then why are you so grossed out? – You'll see Oh, there's, look at this – [Link] There's parts to discover? – Parts to discover – That's the name of our next show

– That's the name of the sex ed class that I teach at all the local schools – Ask away, creepo – It's not food, but it was living, so is it a plant material? – Yes Is yours guts? – No – Sounded like guts

– A plant material that there's an exception to it being a food, you seem to be doing fine, though, over there, you're doing fine That's not a question, you're doing fine is not a strategic question in this game You doing fine over there? – It actually, if you ask it correctly, that could be a very informative question – Is this plant substance comforting you? – Not at all So yours is food that's slimy and there's parts to discover

Is it from an animal? – I don't think that any of this is? – You don't even know what it is? – No, I can identify parts of it, and I don't believe, 'cause I know what that is, and that is not an animal – I don't know what's going on over there, man – Oh you know what, part of it probably is – [Link] Part of it is from an animal? – But I would not classify this as from an animal, that would be misleading to say that, but there could be animal products in this Can't rule it out

I don't have that good of a relationship with you know who (crew laughs) – Do I know who? – Maybe, I don't know So this plant substance is not comforting you right now Is it got prickly parts to it? – Yes Alright, so I got one last guess before, I think you're gonna go for the gusto

I mean, you can't figure what it is, how am I supposed to figure out what it is, but it's a lot of different slimy parts from you know who – Ha, ha, ha, you know who, Link – Who? – You just wait 'til this curtain opens – I don't know, man, is it jello? – I'm gonna say there's a very jello-like substance that is part of it I'm touching it right now, you like it

– I got nothing – Link, you swimming in cactus? – Open the curtain up – Ha ha! – Dang it (bell dings) What is that, man? – It's Jim Bakker's buckets – Seriously

– Yeah – There's no way I was gonna get that, that's crazy – You know who – [Together] Round three – Okay, Link, why don't you swim around a little bit in whatever that is over there

– I'm swimming Why don't you swim around a little bit? – Okay, there it was – I didn't get a lot of information – There it was – Oh goodness

– So I'm gonna be asking the questions first, so you get topped off first – Oh goodness, come on (Link screams) (Link screams) Okay, okay – Okay Okay, so I know it's a liquid, I don't have to ask that question

Is it a liquid that you would consume? – Yes – Okay, alright, time for me to get topped off – [Link] Top it off – Okay, alright I'm topped off

– You sound like you're under some sort of duress, but you also sound happy – I'm not under duress (Link coughs) – Excuse me, I'm doing fine, thanks for being concerned Are you swimming in something alive? – Yes – Okay

– It's a liquid that you would consume – And I would prefer that you hurry – Oh, it's a liquid that makes you uncomfortable – Yes, alright, now it's my turn – Okay, that's my question

– Is it more than one live thing that you're swimming in? – Yeah – It's gotta be an animal Alright, ask me a question – An uncomfortable liquid, is it a drink? – No Is yours an animal? – Yes

– Okay, a living animal Ask me a question, hurry! – Is it a sauce? – Yes Are you swimming in a pet? – Some might consider that the case, it depends on who you ask But it is not the traditional understanding of the word pet, no Barbecue sauce? – Nope

Are you swimming in Chase? (crew laughs) – Why don't you open the curtain? – I got it right? (bell dings) – Well, kinda I'm swimming in men, Link – Swimming in men, with Chase being one of them Wow, I don't even– – What is that? – They don't even know all of 'em They're like, these are strange men

This one, I know this one I'm in freaking hot sauce! And I need to get out of it! – Okay, that was worth two points, so what does that mean, that means– – You know what, I would say you're also in hot sauce, you know what I'm saying? You guys look pretty good – So we tied? – Yeah, we tied – Okay, then we'll have to share this pool float and blow it up together

– Alright, let's get those men to blow it up for us – [Stevie] We forgot to tell you that you have to blow it up while it's on Chase – Okay – I'll do that after I take a shower! – Yeah, let's do that later Alright, thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing

– You know what time it is, where's the shower? – Hi, I'm Jackie – And I'm Lily, and we're at Weko Beach in Bridgman, Michigan – And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – That's water, they're swimming in water – That's a much better choice

I have recovered, I'll tell you more about that in Good Mythical More – Click through to watch us play Sunscreen Pictionary – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality lands in Good Mythical More Put that on a t-shirt is no longer just a fun saying, it's our new fan art merch program Go to amazon

com/mythical to find out how you can submit your design for a mythical T

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