What Are We Smeeling? Ft. Jimmy O. Yang

– Today we get in touch with our smeelings – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) – Good mythical morning – Okay mythical beasts, we're gonna go ahead and rip off the bandaid This Friday is our season finale, yes, and after that we're taking a small three week break and then we'll be back with Good Mythical Summer starting Monday, May 28 and for the summer we're gonna be airing episodes Monday, Wednesday and Friday and those will be one video plus Good Mythical More – Shh it's gonna be okay, just mark your calendars, or actually just subscribe and click the little bell icon so you don't have to mark your calendars, but let's get into today Today is a good day because today, Rhett and I fiddle with the McGriddle – Uh oh

– And we take a look at some Photoshop fails – But before we get into all that goodness, we're about to encounter a riddle of the senses, a topsy-turvy, mind-bending fantas-ma-gor-ia wherein nothing we know can be trusted And nothing we see can be known Basically, we're gonna be touching and smelling some weird stuff with blindfolds on Its time for what am I smeeling? – Please welcome from Silicon Valley, Jimmy O

Yang Hey man, give us one of these – Is this, what is this, oh, the cross, okay, okay cool – How do you feel about smelling? – Pretty good, I have a pretty good sense of smell I like to think

– Yeah, how do you smell about feeling? – Uh, that is something that we need to explore – Discover together, right? – All right, here's how this is gonna work The three of us are gonna rotate who smells, feels, and moderates, each round two people are gonna join forces to use their senses of touch and smell to discover what objects they are smeeling And then if you correctly guess all your items, you get a little prize in that round as a team – Lots of prizes? – Yeah

– What? – And then in the final round, the three of us play together for a prize – We become one person – But who goes home with the prize? And then we fight after that – Exactly – For the prize

– We definitely fight later, I don't know why, but we will – Let's do it (triumphant music) As you can see, I cannot see, 'cause I have on a blindfold, and my hands aren't Link's because – Right, 'cause they're still attached to me – We're in a quadruple X tee shirt like we like to be But I can smell, Link can feel, let's bring in the first item

– Okay – Wow – All right Jimmy – This is exciting stuff, guys Don't afraid to, you know? – There's a lip, there's a big rim on it

And then it's, ooh it's liquidy It's gelatinous, it's like a hat filled with gel – I'm gonna go down to smell it – Go for it Oh, oh yes! Am I getting too into this? – I can bring it up to you to smell

– I kind of love this – There's discs in it, right? – It smells incredible (laughter) – It's a big hat, it's like a upside down plastic hat (ding) – Like a plastic top hat – Yeah, but it's huge and there's gel with discs in it Smell this disc

– Hold on (Jimmy groans) – Do you smell the disc? – Might that be soup? – No, it's too cold to be soup – Hold on, give me that disc again Where is it? – Right there (laughter) It's a rough disc, it's like a hockey puck but it's made out of dirt – It's made out of dirt, could it be made out of meat? – That's a good way to describe it

– No, I can't break it – I mean, can you take a bite out of it? Is that a thing? (laughter) – This isn't biting, it's feeling – Does it smell good? 'Cause I was thinking it might be a urinal cake (ding) – The liquid is a soupy, like soupy food, like savory, the liquid part – Oh it smells savory? – Yeah, it does – [Link] Okay, so it's gravy

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah the liquid is gravy (ding) – All right so the liquid is gravy (laughter) and the disc, does it smell like a urinal cake? – Whatever you're doing to it is eliciting laughter from lots of people, so what does that tell you? – Kneading the gravy (Jimmy groans) – You're kneading the gravy? – Yeah – You need to want the gravy – I want it so bad – Where is the disc? I can't, the disc has no smell, so you gotta tell me what it is based on feel alone It's a hat with gravy in it, and then there's discs in it

– [Link] It feels like a cement hockey puck – Like how big? – It's two and a half inches in diameter – Okay, it's a hockey puck (buzz) it's hockey pucks in gravy in a hat – That's our guess A fireman hat, oh gravy's right! – Gravy is right

– But what is this? What is that? – It's a urinal disc, you were right earlier! – Really? – It's not a hockey puck, that gravy tastes disgusting! (laughter) – So we got two out of three, does that mean we win something? – Does that mean they win? – [Woman] It's at your discretion Jimmy, whatever you wanna do – We got two out of three, do we win? – I don't think so (laughter) – Is that the prize? – 'Cause they say if you don't win, I get to keep the prize – Okay, you're in the market for a fire truck – We can split it, you want the ladder and I'll take the wheels? – No, no, no, no, no you can keep it (triumphant music) – Yep, just relaxing, enjoying my newfound wingspan

(laughter) – Okay the item is in front of you Jimmy and Rhett – Whoa, okay It feels like a bean bag – I smell coffee – Oh, smells coffee

– It feels like, oh you know what it is? It's a beach ball (ding) that has been stuffed with something, yep, must be coffee (ding) I'm gonna bring it up to your nose (laughter) – Get a little closer – You can go a little higher Jimmy (laughs) – I don't know where your head is – You're trying to dump it down his mask

(laughter) That is not where his nose is – Ah, that's my mouth! – There, there Is that coffee? – That's coffee – You got that – Okay so it's a beach ball stuffed with coffee, there's gotta be something, oh

– There's a third element – It smells kind of floral – Gum They tried to seal it – That's what it is, it's Big League Chew (ding) – They sealed it up with gum – Why's there stuff dripping down my leg? (laughter) What's going on? Are these even my legs (laughter) I don't know

– All right take a look guys – Yes! – Sorry about your lap – Oh my God, where's the gum? – It's all around the outside of the – Oh! – It's on the outside, the inside is just coffee – Yeah and you're really digging for nothing Oh and I forgot, you know what? Here's what you win

You win a vial of sand from Dockweiler Beach which is right beside the airport (laughter) You want me to pour it directly in your mouths or what? – Put it in our beach ball – Yeah we'll chew it with the gum (triumphant music) – Okay, the item is in front of you gentlemen – All right

– [Jimmy] Oh! It's cold-ish – [Link] What do you mean ish? – [Jimmy] It's water – Is it warm? – Looks like I just thawed it out There's a hole inside this block of meat like thingy this is disgusting – You said looks twice, just so you know – Are you looking at it? – You can't see Jimmy (laughter) – Oh I can't see anything

– I will also point out that you're yelling (laughter) – I'm sorry – It's just your nose that's plugged, it's not your ears (laughter) – I'm sorry, adjust my volume – My ear is right here (laughter) – Are we making out now? – I'm just getting close All right, I wanna tell you something (Jimmy whispers) I really have an overwhelming smell of vapor rub

– Really, like vape? – Yes Not like a vape (laughter) Vapor, vapor rub – Oh yeah, like Vick's – Vick's, yeah It's like that stuff my mom used to rub on my feet when I was sick

– Rubbing your feet? (laughter) Usually it's rubbing your chest, you know? – I don't know why but she would rub it on my feet – I am willing to bet she didn't rub this on your feet – Oh so it's not vapor rub? – I'm trying to help you out a little bit – Ew, there's like gelatinous (laughter) stuff on the bottom There's a hole, I hit bone and it's definitely a piece of meat

– He hit bone (laughs) – Okay, so it's, is it a turkey leg? – Like look, here is that meat? – Hold it, oh I do smell meat (laughter) – That might be hamburger meat (ding) 'cause I can peel it apart – Oh is it hamburger meat? With a bone in it? – Wait, hang on, there's something, hell nah, what is this? (laughter) What is this, this is like an animal cracker? (laughter) Does it smell like anything? – Vick's VapoRub in meat, I do smell meat – But Vick's VapoRub, it's like giraffe shaped (laughter) I don't know what this shape is

It's animal shaped – Let me help you guys, there's something on everything that you're smelling – This is a cat (ding) – You took a cat out of some ground beef? (laughter) – Yeah, man what a country huh? (laughter) – Really puts things in perspective, doesn't it? (laughter) – [Jimmy] So I think – We do like to think of ourselves as a culture defining show (laughter) Sadly

– It's all about what are you smelling? I'm just gonna say, it's not vapor rub I really want you to win this prize – So is the smell coming out of the cat? – No – Okay so it's just seasoned with the meat You've seasoned it with vapor rub or whatever the hell that is

You want, here, let me get you a piece of meat right here Oh sorry (laughter) – That is meat smelling but I can't place the specific meat – So it smells like vapor? – Okay, all right, one more guess for something that it could all be doused in – Oh what else is like vapor rub? Like Tiger Balm, no that would be in the same category – Icy Hot

– Icy Hot – Cleaner of some sort, like Lysol – This is not something I can feel right? I've already felt – No, you're not gonna feel it Okay, remove your blindfolds – I'm gonna need your help with that

– Hang on I got a meat hand – Ew! – Sorry, sorry, sorry did I poke you in the ear, I'm so sorry – No I'm good, I can see (laughter) – [Jimmy] You removed it already – It is a cat! – It is a cat in meatloaf

– Meatloaf covered in what? I can't see anything – Yeah what is that? – Mouth wash (buzzer and groaning) – Mouth wash, duh! – So close – Yeah I was like, yeah, 'cause it smells like – Scope! – You remember when ma used to rub mouthwash on our feet? (laughter) – Yeah, you too? All right I feel better about it now – Here's the thing is that this is your prize that you could've won

– Oh no I wanted that! – Now that cat will disappear on you – Yeah (laughter) What happened? (triumphant music) Who even needs a neck when you have two hands supporting you? – Yes – And two extra heads – Yeah – We're like that guy from Sesame Street, the three headed guy with the horns

– Yeah, the three conjoined twins, one turned out to be Asian (laughter) – Yeah you never know what's gonna happen – All right so we're combining our forces in this final round – There are four different items that we must select in this round – All right bring it in All right Jimmy, are you ready to get your smell on? – Oh I feel heavy, oh it is heavy

– Ew! – Ew what? – It smells like fish! – Oh this is a pumpkin, this is a big, big pumpkin, got some kind of shirt on it – It might be a melon Oh and the top – That's like sardine, dude – There's something around it

– Oh it's a watermelon (ding) – [Woman] Correct – Okay it's a watermelon that's got a pair of underwear around it (ding) – [Woman] Correct (yelling) – We're killing this! We're killing it – Hold on guys, I found something in the front area of the underwear – [Jimmy] That's sardine

– It feels like, ooh, feathers (ding) – [Woman] Correct – Wait but sardine's not correct yet? – If you're smelling fish, it may be, like tuna fish? – Or it could be shrimp! – I gotta go in, I gotta go in the underwear (laughter and groaning) Okay and now I'm bringing it to you – I can feel the odor – Now smell

– Jimmy I'm bringing it to your nose – Oh, is that imitation crab? – [Woman] I'm gonna give it to you – Do you feel this? – I think we got it guys – [Woman] Yeah, you did – It was fish

– [Woman] No it's crab salad (ding) – Imitation crab, yes! – Imitation crab in the crotch of some underpants! – Crab Louie baby! – Over a freaking watermelon! Wow this is the centerpiece of my dining room table right now at home (audience groaning) – That's going into all of our bodies (laughter) – How's it coming out? – [Woman] All right you guys are gonna have to decide who gets the prize – What's the prize? – The underwear? – Oh, edible undies – Oh, better underwears (laughter) – Sensuous – Those are easy to split

– Yeah, should we just eat 'em? – They're cherry – I think one of us has to put 'em on and the other two have to eat 'em (laughter) I'll put 'em on! – Wow – Here you go, take that out Rhett All right here we go

– Oh I got a little crab on it – That's edible? – Oh gosh – That's how it works – How is that underwear? That looks like a bib (laughter) – Open wide, open wide, yeah there you go

All right Jimmy thank you so much for coming in Be sure to check out Silicon Valley Sunday nights on HBO and pick up a copy of his book, How to American, is this it? (laughter) Here it is, How to American, available everywhere books are sold – And click on through to watch us try the fancy McGriddle – Let's read your book – You got crab on his freaking book

– This is not edible, by the way (laughter) – [Rhett] We're taking the tour of mythicality to Australia Get tickets and details on the VIP package at tourofmythicalitycom

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