What Are My Pants? (CHALLENGE)

– Can we guess what weird things each other's pants are made of? – Let's talk about that (playful theme music) Good mythical morning

– I've had a great relationship with pants They've covered my legs and crotch and held my valuables that I've carried with me at all times But lately, I've been a little dissatisfied with where pants can take me So today, we are going to plumb the depths of what's possible with pants It's time for, Everything is Pants Now

– Okay, as Link continues the C&C Music Factory riff, I'm going to explain how this is going to work We're gonna come out one at a time – Everything is pants now – With pants on, covered by workout pants that we will then rip off to reveal what they are, after a series of yes-or-no questions from the other person There will also be four lifelines, – Everything is pants now

– Poke it, stroke, it, smell it, and slap it You can use each one of those one time The loser, who gets less right – Everything is pants now – Good timing

Has to wear worm pants in Good Mythical More Let's do this (electronic music) – Okay I'm told Rhett has on his pants, come on out Oh, he's got a waddle to his bobble It appears that you have on pants over something else which I presume to be other pants

– You think? – The bulges are already weird to me – [Rhett] Yeah, right in here – Yeah, it draws the attention to the lower self – All the right things – Alright, I will commence with my yes-or-no questions

– Please do – Are your pants made of things that are packaged? – Yes Great first question Link – Well I was hearing like some sort of plasticky sound And I don't know, I just immediately thought, which I know is wrong, but I can't guess yet, I only have one guess

Are these pants something that I could purchase at a store? – It is a product, yes – Could I get this at a hardware store? – I don't think so – Every time I ask a question, I'm surprised by what I'm asking Could I get it at a grocery store? – Yes – Is it a food stufF? – Yes

– But that's not an easy guess And this food is packaged? – Yes – Is it frozen? – No – I would like to exercise my inalienable right to poke it With your consent

– Choose your location wisely (crew laughs) – Learn anything? You can poke it again Oh I think you learned a lot that time – It's got a lot of give to it And it's definitely, like, a package

– Yeah – So it's mostly about the packaging – I'll help you a little bit You asked if it was a food, yes it is in the food family, but you typically don't call this part of the food family food You usually say, food and, – Is it a drink? – Yes

– Is this drink consumed with a straw? – Yes – Is Capri Suns your pants? – Wouldn't you like to know? – I think I would (dance music) (bell dings) – It is Capri Suns – Capri Sun capris – Oh they're capris

– Have one – If I please – I think it's fruit juice – Capri Sun capris, I was right (electronic music) – Okay Link is now pantsed, come on out Link

– Here I come – Oh wow, hmmm, a lot of girth in there – Look at me in my pants – I notice that you didn't make any noises, your pants didn't make any noises as you came out – Silent bud deadly

– No clues in that I'll get started with my questions Is it a food? – Yes – Is it an animal? – No – Is it a plant? – Yes

– Is it a vegetable? – Yes Unless I don't know what a vegetable is, which is possible – It doesn't have seeds? – Oh, it's got seeds, so it's a fruit Do vegetables have fruits? I mean seeds Do vegetables have seeds, or? – I think some vegetables can have seeds, but it's controversial

– There's definitely seeds in this thing – Okay, is it green? – Oh yeah You're surprised by that – Is it one seed per thing, or is it multi– is it one seed in a thing? – No – It it multiple seeds? – Yeah

Harping on the seeds – I'm using seed logic Okay, so it's a seeded vegeta-fruit, seeded, something you think is a vegetable – Oh yeah – With seeds that's green

That has little seeds in it I think I'm gonna smell it – I think I would love for you to smell it I think that's a good choice, probably the best lifeline you could've used No touching! (crew laughs) I wouldn't recommend smelling the pocket, put my hand in there

You might just be smelling hand remnants Daddy garlic fingers You think you got it, I think you should have it – Yes, one of my favorites Link, are pickles your pants? – Let's find out

(dance music) – Oh, oh gosh, oh (bell dings) – I almost threw my freaking shoulder out Pulling the, pulling my britches off – Can I have one? – Yeah pickle pants baby You didn't have to grab one from there

Man, it took forever to get these things on – They look great man Pickle pants – Nice (electronic music) Okay, who's ready for some more pants, me

Come on out Rhett, we're all tied up, so let's see if I can take the lead You got some other bulgy bulgies You're top heavy You're very bulgy in the booty, but the bulge doesn't continue down there – Learning lots of things about my body

– Bulgy up top, slim on the bottom – Ask me any questions about my pants – Don't touch yourself Stop rubbing your pants, man, it's weird – The feel of this is so good, though

– Don't, don't cover Was this ever alive? – No – Is it a manmade object – Yes – Is it made of wood? – No

– Is it made of beans – No That would've been alive at some point, and so would've wood – Oh yeah – Wood would've been alive

– You don't have to expose my stupid questions, let me play the game – Was this ever living, was it wood? – Is this something that children would interact with? – Yes – So it's a toy? – Hmmmm Can't anything be a toy? I mean, – if you're desperate enough – You can play with anything

– But children interact with it – Technically, yes, it's a toy, but if you go with that answer, you will be thrown off – So it's technically a toy, but I shouldn't think about that – I don't wanna mislead you – Do I have it in my house? – You have what this represents in your house

– Why is this so hard? I just need to go ahead and smack it – Okay, come on and smack it bro – Pickle pants coming over to smack So you want me to– – You can smack anywhere you want – [Link] I mean there's a lot of it here

– I feel like you might learn by smacking me here – Oooh, it's very mushy – Give it one more smack Don't turn that smack into a feel You trying to turn the smack into a stroke

– So it feels like, I learned a lot Let me tell you what I learned It's soft, it's round, it's bulbous Soft, and round, and bulbous, but not a toy, but I have it in my house? – Everybody does – Everybody has a form of this in their house

– Everyone has what this represents on their persson at all times – Ooooh, but it's not biological If I were naked, would it still be on my person? – Yes – And it was never alive? – Not what's in my pants My pants are not alive, but they represent something that is very alive

– If I'm naked, it's still on me – Oh yeah – Is it on me right now, too? – Yeah – Is it like a whole bunch of 'em on me right now? – I hope not There's one on you right now

– So this is a representation of something that is biological on my body, but it's not it – Right – Should I be afraid? – No – Is it black on me? – Well I haven't seen it lately – Well I am afraid

I think I'm talking about hair, but since it's not alive, I'm gonna guess, are wigs your pants? – There's only one way to find out (country music) – Ride 'em cowboy (buzzer) – It's booty booty shorts – So it's butts? I could never have guessed that – It's biological

– It's foam – It's on everybody – I was close, like, – It's in your house – Wigs represent hair, but I never could have guessed so many booties (electronic music) – Okay now that Link guessed incorrectly, if I guess correctly, I take home the victory

Link, come on out (metallic clanging) We got a little jingle, a rattle Would you call that a rattle or a jingle? – Yes – Is this a musical instrument – No

Ha, ha, ha, nice shorts Rhett – I'm very comfortable right now, you wanna touch it again? You don't have to – I'm noticing how shiny your knees are Why are your knees so shiny? – I don't want to be ashy – Is it wood? – [Link] Yes and no

– Does it have wood on it? – Yes, and no, depending on the part – Is the other part metal? – Yes – I know nothing Does this device help me accomplish a task? – Oh, depends – Is it a tool? – Yes – I think it might be time for a stroke

And what I mean by that is, I'm gonna, (crew laughs) – You feel okay, can you stroke it with your shiny knee? Seriously, stroke it with – No, no, no – No seriously, stroke it with your knee man, this is the internet There we go Alright, that's enough, that's enough Booty britches, get away

Get away – I learned nothing, 'cause it was my knee Is it a kitchen tool? – No – This is a wood shop tool? – Yes – Would you cut things with it? – Nope, not that stupid

– Would you, (metallic jingling) – Ha, ha, ha, ha, hammer things with it? – Occasionally – Link, are hammers your pants? – Let's find out (dance music) Hammer pants! (bell dings) Get it? – Wow, you know what, there might be a market for those? – Stop Get it Rhett you win, shiny knees and booty britches

Congratulations man – Good game, good game – Good game, the great thing is I get to keep these pants, and you get to keep those – I just realized that they smell like peaches – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing

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