Weirdest Foods Eaten By Presidents (GAME)

– Which POTUS ate the grossest? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning! – We come to you this morning with one of the biggest public service announcements of our lifetimes

One word, four letters, vote! – Vote – Yes, the incredibly important US midterm elections are on November 6th, and if you aren't registered to vote yet then we want to encourage you to make it happen – Yes, make it happen

Please go to voteorg right now to handle your business and make a difference Different states have different cut offs for registration so don't get left out It's a great way to be your Mythical best – And speaking of voting, we're about to bring out eight men who were voted in as president of the United States of America to find out what they love to shove down their gullets

It's time to play, I did not have culinary relations with that food But which president did? I couldn't help but notice this holy wall of POTUS – Yes, this wall of POTUS has eight POTI on it, featuring Richard Nixon – [Crew Member] I am not a crook, but I am a foodie! (chuckling) – He speaks! I'm so glad there's a hole so they can speak – Who else do we have up there? – Martin Van Buren

– [Crew Member] Hello, it's me, Martin Van Buren (Rhett chuckles) This is what I talk like – And George Washington – [Crew Member] Hello it's me, George Washington That's right, George Washington

– And then down here we have William H Harrison Here, he's thinking about it – [Crew Member] Hi guys, it's me, William Henry Harrison I died pretty early on in my presidency, whoa! – Yeah, like a month

You were only a month in office – Yep, 30 days! – Herbert Walker Bush – [Crew Member] Oh hi, hi Rhett and Link, it's me (Rhett laughs) – Thought you said, "Not gonna do it "Not gonna do it

" – Oh yeah, oh right – "Not gonna do it" – [Crew Member] I remember what I talk like – Calvin Coolidge, you can bring it out later I have no clue what he sounded like

– [Crew Member] Oh hi guys, it's me, it's Calvin Coolidge Hi guys, hi! – Hi – Yeah – And then down here we have Gerald Ford – [Crew Member] Hi Rhett and Link, it's me, Gerald Ford

– Yes, I can tell, and finally, the big G Dub himself, Bush – [Crew Member] Mission accomplished, Rhett and Link Remember that, mission accomplished – His face is, your mouth is so sideways – Well it's just so low, I think that– – [Crew Member] Mission accomplished

– (chuckling) He's gotta get a 45 degree angle Which is great – All right we're gonna be giving a dish that we have to match to a president that loved it – And we will indicate that by feeding it to that particular president I hope they're all hungry! – And whoever has the most right at the end is named GMM president for a day and will have the privilege of delivering the first ever state of the Mythical union address

Now let's feed some POTI (orchestral music) What is our first dish under the White House cloche? – Ah – Look at that – [Rhett] Pizza but a certain kind of pizza – [Stevie] Guys this is cheeseburger pizza which is a Margherita pizza covered in the ingredients of a cheeseburger

– Hmm – Which president do you think loved this cheesy cheeseburger pizza? – [Link] Hmm, cheeseburgers – I mean this can't be somebody way, way back in the day, right? We're not talking about George Washington – Yeah Well I know that H Dub hated broccoli, which I think means that he loves pizza

So I'm actually voting for that – Yeah so we have a little cheat sheet, some presidential facts that might help inform some things – Herbert Walker – [Crew Member] Yeah, that's me, the H Dub, HW

stands for hog wild (moans) Not gonna chew it (Rhett laughs) Not gonna chew it Read my lips They're covered in food

– All right you liked that, huh? You think I'm right? – [Crew Member] Not supposed to give it away – Okay you know what, I feel like this is a very Richard Nixon, gosh – [Link] Let me help you with that, Rhett – Please do – There you go

– Richard Nixon-ish – Nixon – [Crew Member] Stick it in, big boy, come on (crew laughing) I'm gonna need to wash this down with a little water gate (chuckles) Yeah, (chuckles) okay

– All right so do we find out our answers or do we just have to keep going? – [Stevie] Keep on going – Let's keep going! – Yes! (orchestral music) Here we go – [Link] What is that, ketchup on cottage cheese? – [Stevie] That's literally all it is Which president loved this? – Somebody who's sick – Now, according to my fact sheet here, G Dub Bush down here choked on a pretzel

(object clanging) Oop, you all right back there? – [Crew Member] Yep, oh, just a classic W absent-mindedness – Choking on a pretzel – Kicking over something (Rhett laughs) – He might wanna eat this because it's so soft – But you know what, it says that William Henry Harrison was once described as utterly unpretentious

– [Link] That's not very pretentious It's actually kinda stupid looking – Yeah, this is, "I just like cottage cheese with–" – If that's your answer, go for it – And I'm gonna feed him with the presidential spoon Where is he, there he is

– [Crew Member] It's me, William Henry Harrison Did my voice change? I forget (crew laughs) Ah yeah Mm – That is ketchup

– [Crew Member] Oh ho ho! Yep – You know what, I think after you choke on a pretzel, you never go back, so – [Crew Member] If I eat all my dinner, will my dad be proud of me? – You have to turn that spoon sideways (chuckling) (moaning) – [Crew Member] Mission accomplished Mission accomplished

Yeah, ah yeah – You gotta, just a little right there – [Crew Member] Now that I'm full, I'm gonna do one of those weird paintings I do now (Rhett and Link chuckle) (orchestral music) – Here we have what appears to be pie – It just looks like apple pie

– [Stevie] Why don't you give it a little taste? – Oh, it's not apple pie, is it? Can I have a fork there, Link so I can partake? – There you go, you know what, I just gave you a bite There you go – Oh thank you – [Link] What is this? – Oh no – There's meat in the pie

– This is apple pie with meat in it – [Stevie] In the description, it sounds kinda good It's salted pork apple pie – It's a bit odd Once I let it sit for a second, I could see how somebody, in a different time, in a different time

– Yeah, this is a long time ago – Would be into this – Somebody's getting, now Van Buren has always been a favorite of mine because of his sideburns – [Crew Member] Yep, that's me, Martin Van Buren I look like that guy you see taking a little bath in the sink at the public library

(Rhett and crew laughing) – That's right, and he demanded he be served with gold spoons in the White House, so I'm gonna, do I have a gold spoon, yes – You do, you do – Okay, Martin I'm gonna serve you– – I also ate all my meals in a golden corral (crew laughing) – Oh you look ready for it

– Oh yeah! I'm starving (Link chuckles) (lips smacking) – Just open real wide – Oh okay! Whoa, mm! All right, I love a meaty dessert (Rhett laughs) – All right Rhett, what do you think? – I think that this is, when I think salted pork, I just think that this is a good old, like the first president, going all the way back to, what's more America than apple pie? – You talking about Coolidge? – [Crew Member] Right that's me, George Washington Little known fact, I sounded like someone doing a bad JFK impression

(crew laughing) (coughs) Mm, oh, yeah – Yeah, that's the first time you've had that in a long time – Oh yeah Yeah, Martin Van Buren called me and said it was really gross and he was right (chuckling) (orchestral music) – All right

– Ooh, so we got simple strawberry waffle with some whipped cream on it – [Stevie] There's a little not whipped cream – Okay, all right, I guess I gotta find out – What is it? Is that mayonnaise? – Yogurt – Oh, good

– [Stevie] No, sour cream – Sour cream – Sour cream? – Sour cream as we call it – I always knew there had to be something a little bit wrong with you to make it all the way through the presidency – Well listen to this

Calvin Coolidge reportedly enjoyed having petroleum jelly slathered on his head while he ate breakfast in bed He thought it was good for his heath Calvin, I think this is you, buddy – [Crew Member] That's right guys, I'll give it the old Coolidge try (laughs) (Rhett chuckles) – So you put petroleum jelly on your head when eating breakfast? – [Crew Member] Yeah

Little known secret, that was kind of a sex thing for me (crew laughing) Oh boy Mm! – Okay and there we go – Yeah, all right! – Okay, now (Link chuckles) Not just because I wanna hear more from Calvin Coolidge

– Oh really? – But also I think you're right about that – Coming back for more, huh? – Hey Calvin, tell us a little bit more about that breakfast in bed – [Crew Member] Oh you know, I just made up some junk about it being healthy and then I had to have a series of secret service men slather me with jelly (moans) – Then what did you do with that lathered up head? – You'll have to buy my book– (Rhett laughs) To find out (orchestral music) – What do we got here? – Here we go

Some sort of goulash What is this? – Can I have a spoon there? It's like a corn soup And it looks like we also have– – It's vegetable soup with huge friggin' croutons in it Look at that crouton – [Stevie] No, I think you need to take a deeper bite

– It's a little chewy but what is it? – [Rhett] Deeper, oh yeah, there's some meat What's that meat? – I got the meat – [Stevie] Playing a little mini game of what's that meat – Chicken? I don't know, skunk – Alligator, alligator

– [Stevie] This is squirrel stew – Oh, you hungry, presidents? – Squirrel stew and then– – Squirrel? – No! – [Crew Member] No! – [Crew Member] No! (crew laughing) – Squirrel stew Okay so this is a old timer – [Stevie] That's hard cider – A hard cider and some squirrel stew

Davy Crockett was not a president, right? – I will say that squirrel– – Is good – Is delightful – Yeah I'm definitely not complaining about it – Yeah

– But who would eat it? – Now Gerald Ford, he was a model for Look Magazine – But he doesn't look like a squirrel stew man I don't mean that as an insult, Mr Ford – [Link] No, I think he does

– Who would eat squirrel– – Open wide, Ford – [Crew Member] Ah! – [Link] Get yourself some squirrel stew – [Crew Member] Ma, there's lust in my heart for that stew Did I say that? Anyway – All right, I got a good bite for you that's full of squirrel

– Is that your guess? Are you guessing the Ford man? – Sh'yeah – Sh'yeah! – There it is, that's my guess – Can I guess somebody I've already guessed? – No, you can switch later – Okay, well, I actually feel pretty good about Martin Van Buren just given, that looks like a man who would eat some squirrel stew, does it not? – [Crew Member] That's true, but I prefer to eat them raw I catch them in the park with my bare hands! I love to feel skulls crack, oh yeah

Yeah – [Link] Take a little – [Rhett] Wash it down – [Link] That's squirrel pee (burps) – Oh God

(laughing) – [Crew Member] All right! I'm pre-gaming for later (both laughing) – Okay Stevie, let us know how many we have right and give us an opportunity to switcheroo – [Stevie] Okay, Link, you have zero right – Okay, all right – [Stevie] But Rhett, you have also zero correct

– Oh gosh! – This is a tough game – Oh man! – All right, so, this ketchup and cottage cheese I actually feel like that's his dad I feel like I was in the right place, so, I'm saying that that's his dad and then the cheeseburger– – [Rhett] I think this is George Washington – Cheeseburger pizza I think is Nixon

And then, let's see For the pancake, sour cream– – Salt pork pie is this guy – I think that's Ford, and then I think that the squirrel is Coolidge – I think Coolidge did the weird cottage cheese and I think that – Herbert Walker? – No – Oh yeah – [Rhett] I had it up there so you're gonna be wrong– – I'm gonna be wrong so I gotta go – Did you say that Bush was, no, Bush is cheeseburger pizza

– [Link] Switch is complete – [Stevie] All right here are what the presidents actually liked – Okay – [Stevie] President Richard Nixon's favorite food was cottage cheese with ketchup (Link groans) – Okay

– [Stevie] President Martin Van Buren's favorite food was not here today President George Washington's favorite food was also not here today (Rhett groans) President William Henry Harrison's favorite food was squirrel stew and hard cider – Didn't get that one – Nope

– [Stevie] President HW Bush's favorite food is not here today President Calvin Coolidge's favorite food was pork apple pie (Rhett moans) – We suck, man

– [Stevie] President Gerald Ford's favorite food was waffles with strawberries and sour cream – Oh! – Yes! – [Stevie] And President W Bush's favorite food is cheeseburger pizza – Oh, and we tied – There it is! – We get to be dual presidents giving a Mythical address

– Yes, make sure you go over to our Instagram @rhettandlink to see us deliver the first ever good Mythical state of the union address – And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – Now you guys say– – [Crew Member] You know what time it is – This is Rachel Davis at the capital of Washington DC

and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Are they rebuilding it? – Yeah, they're always rebuilding it Click the top link to watch us play a game about the strangest photos of presidents ever– – And– – In Good Mythical More – Oh, in More? – In More – Oh yeah? – [Rhett] Inspired by my love for wood

– [Link] And my love for miniature horses – [Rhett] Comes the forest and farm collection Choose your favorite piece or choose them all at mythicalstore

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