Weirdest Fair Foods Taste Test

– Well dip me in a fryer and call me crazy fair food – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Summer – This is our last week of the Good Mythical Summer episodes so we got an episode right now, Wednesday and Friday – Then we're gonna take a short break and we'll be back with season 16 on August 26th – And as you've probably heard, our new novel, "The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek" comes out on October 29th It's a thriller, it's funny, and since it's so special to us, we've developed a very special live event around its release

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– Yes – It's gonna be a good time and you know what else is a good time? The state fair – Yes – But there's more to the state fair than just showing off your large cabbages and makin' out on the Gravitron which I do not recommend – Yes my favorite thing about the state fair is the incredibly inventive food choices

All across America, fair vendors are comin' up with some straight up weird stuff to empty my wallet and fill my belly It's time for ♪ Where in America Do These State Fair Foods Come From? ♪ – Okay so we're gonna be served a crazy food that originated at a state fair somewhere in America and try to guess what state it was birthed in We are going to indicate our guess by throwing a dart– (Chase mutters) At (chuckles), was that English? – Yeah that was– (Rhett speaks gibberish) (Link speaks gibberish) (Chase laughs) – [Rhett] That's a map of America – Yeah it's– – Look at that That's never happened before, guys

– Look at that Chase is gonna measure the distance between the correct answer and the dart Just like in golf, the lower the score, the better – And you can be using inches because it's America (Rhett chuckles) – Really? – Yeah he is

Okay so Link, you have a unique ability to lose this game so you're gonna get a very special break in case of emergency dart called the squart It's a squirt gun, chill, filled with chilled – Chilled, is it called– – Cherry lemonade I don't know if it's chilled or not but it's filled with cherry lemonade And of course the winner gets some deep fried Pepto-Bismol

That's what the winner gets? In Good Mythical More, let's play (upbeat vocal music) This is a burger with some sort of unspecified– – [Link] What is that? – [Rhett] Is that just, oh it's cold – This is frozen ice cream on a freakin' burger – It's fried ice cream – I meant to say fried ice cream but– – Like from Chi Chi's

– I said frozen – All right so you just– – All ice cream is preferably frozen – Just squish it and dish it, man I'm not gonna be dinking with you today because you're a little under the weather so I'm sorry – That's an understatement

– Keep your dinks to yourself – I don't even know if I can taste with this cold Oh– – What? I like it – It forced me to put my teeth in ice cream – It's really not that big of a deal

– It hurts bad, man You don't have the teeth sensitivities that I do – It's all in the teeth, huh? – There's nothing like the taste of onions and vanilla ice cream together I mean, that's not a good idea, man You actually like it? – I like the sensation of the, first of all, you put cheese on a burger, it's a dairy product

Why can't you put ice cream on a burger? – It's freezing – The real question is where is this from and I'm gonna go first since I won last time – Okay – And I'm just gonna go with the fact that Vermont is a dairy area, otherwise known as a dairea, and it's also where Ben and Jerry are from Now keep in mind, if I miss, you get automatically, well usually it's 50 centimeters so whatever the inch equivalent of 50 centimeters is is what– – 50 inches

– Okay so I'm going for Vermont but I'm gonna go a little bit left just so I don't miss Oh ho ho, yeah, Vermont! – Dang son Now last time in Good Mythical More after we played the dart game, you inadvertently taught me how to throw darts – Yeah I regret it every day – By saying, remember just point at where you want to go after the dart 'cause I was like (moans)

So I feel like I'm a good darter now – Okay we'll find out – I think it's Minnesota – Okay – A lot of dairy up there

– [Rhett] Yeah it's a dairea as well – [Link] Oh, you see, I was close – Yeah you were Okay what do we got here? – [Stevie] Okay boys, that was fried ice cream on a cheeseburger as Link so eloquently stated But it was cornflake and cinnamon coated ice cream to be exact

– Really? – [Stevie] This dish won fourth place in the People's Choice Burger Awards at the state fair in Florida – What? Florida? They'll do anything down there – All right, Rhett, you had 19 and Link, you had 21 and a half – Oh – Oh

I actually thought I was closer – Well– – I'm not Think again friend (upbeat vocal music) – All right we've got some sort of fried nugget with some sort of dip on it – [Rhett] What is that? – That's a piece of chicken thigh

– No I believe that's a reptile – What? No it's another type of bird It's bird meat – That's not a bird That bird had an infection if that's a bird

– I can't taste anything with this head cold, man – Well I mean it may be a bird – Tell me how it tastes – Not like a bird (chuckles) It doesn't taste like a bird

It tastes like it might be a testicle Or it might be a reptile I get my testicles and my reptiles mixed up all the time – You know what, we've eaten– – Oh look at that, look at that – [Link] We've eaten Rocky Mountain spotted oysters

– [Rhett] It's a teste, man – I don't think spotted is part of it These are Rocky Mountain oysters – But Colorado is not a choice But do you think that the inclinations of Colorado-runs makes it down to New Mexico and Arizona? I think so, I mean they share a border

You ever stood in all four states? You could do that – So do you agree that these are Rocky Mountain oysters? – Don't point that at my face, man – What do you want me to do, point my finger, that's rude – I think that they're testes, yeah New Mexico or Arizona, that's all I got

I'm just gonna aim in between 'em and see what happens Or hit Wyoming – [Link] Dang it, see Wyoming was my answer – (laughs) I knew that – 'Cause I think the Rocky Mountains are up there

– They are for sure – Right But I mean why would you wanna have something that pokes fun of your mountains? This could be something that has nothing to do, it's like, all the way from the Rocky Mountains, over here in North Kakalaka – Our people wouldn't do this kinda thing – It's like exotic

They eat Rocky Mountain oysters all the time in the Rocky Mountains – These are not bad – I think your luck has sent me directly– – But they're a little too thick – On the right answer So I'm going for Wyoming as well

– A little too much (Link groans) Okay well – I feel like my aim is better than it was but just not as good as your accidental aim – Right, that's true, that's a good way to put it What do we got here? – [Stevie] Okay these are called lamb fries which are seasoned, breaded, deep-fried lamb testicles

– Yeah – Lamb nuts? – [Stevie] I've never said testicles like that Served with a dill sauce, lamb fries are served at the Holy Land Food Stand where its workers wear shirts that say go nuts, try the lamb nuts They're served at the state fair in Minnesota – Oh Link, you got closer

– Yes – You're closer to Minnesota – Lamb nuts – Holy land, what? – All right Link had seven and Rhett had 11 – Oh, Link you pulled ahead

♪ These nuts ♪ (upbeat vocal music) It's like a Lunchable – It's got a lot of, oh there's something in this, look There's something on the bottom – [Link] Is it corn bread? – [Rhett] I think it's more, I think this is chicken soup – Oh my gosh

– Inside of corn bread – [Link] Oh my goodness – Yeah this is chicken, basically– – This is freakin' brilliant – Like chicken and dumplings with a corn bread – Wow, that is amazing

I feel like I could be anywhere in America I feel like this needs to be in a cooler region I don't think we're down there in the southwest I think this is Michigan – [Rhett] Hmm

– [Link] Michigan I'm just a little weak – You split the difference You split the difference between that and North Carolina I wanna say Nebraska because of the corn but I don't know if, corn bread is such a southern thing but corn is such a Nebraskan thing

– [Link] Mm – I'm gonna put that in the shower thoughts thread on Reddit (crew laughs) – It's not gonna get much traction – I'm gonna go for Nebraska, why not? Or there Okay

– [Stevie] Okay, you just enjoyed some twankies which are hollowed out corn bread cakes stuffed with Tex-Mex chicken white bean chili served with corn bread fries – White bean chili – [Stevie] The twanky was a finalist in the 2018 savory category at the Texas State Fair – Ah, I didn't see the beans and I didn't taste the Tex-Mex – I don't see any beans now

– I feel like a loser – All right Link had 18 and Rhett had 11 – You lucky dog – It's a tight race We're so wrong and so right

(upbeat vocal music) Link, this is a freaking donut – Glazed donut – Sloppy Joe – [Link] And there's some cheese on there – [Rhett] There's cheese on it

– Sloppy Joe doesn't have to have cheese but if your mama really loves ya, (chuckles) you're gonna get that cheese – I was gonna think that it was too sweet but it's not It's incredible – Wow it really blends beautifully – What is the smartest state? – Oh gosh

– What state has the wherewithal to come up with something so ingenious, so satisfying I feel like this is a state where there's factories, makin' stuff, they're still manufacturing things – You thinking Michigan? – I feel like this is a state that I can five a high five because it's shaped like a hand so I can say congratulations, Michican for having the best idea America's ever had – [Link] Oh he hit the bumper car And this is a fun-lovin', hold nothing back dish

And as we all know ♪ California knows how to party ♪ (Rhett, Link and crew chuckling) – You almost didn't get that out It almost just stopped in the middle – No, what's going on with my head these days, it's like I can talk like ♪ California knows how to party ♪ – (chuckles) Oh God Wow, if you're right, you are gonna pull way ahead – This is for Tupac

Right there, Catalina – [Rhett] You hit one of the channel islands (crew laughing) – [Stevie] Okay this isn't just a donut Sloppy Joe, it's a Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe The director of corporate communications at Krispy Kreme said the sandwich is in no way, quote, created, endorsed or marketed by the company but it was created at the Chicken Charlie booth at the San Diego County Fair (Rhett yells) ♪ And the city of San Diego ♪ – Oh

(Link chuckles) – (groans) Wow Link, you just pulled way ahead – Yeah buddy – Yeah Link, you had three and Rhett you had 30 – Oh (chuckles) Oh gosh

– Quite a delta and I'm not talkin' about the airlines (Rhett groans) (upbeat vocal music) – Okay – The profile of this is strangely familiar to me – [Rhett] I feel like you've enjoyed one of these before but it wasn't covered in chocolate – This is a scorpion

– I'm just gonna bite a claw off and chew Oh – Whoa, the pop (crew laughing) – As we've discovered before though, chocolate does a world to help anything that you need to get in your gullet (Link coughs) I think it's okay

– If you focus on the chocolate part – I did – I'm in the lead I've taken quite a large lead And I still have my squirt blaster here

You know what, I'm feeling the California love I'm gonna relinquish the blaster – I don't know if I want it – And you know what (Rhett laughs) – Yeah you don't have to use it

I'm saying that I'm not gonna use it This is obviously a southwest situation – Right so I mean at this point it's like, it's gotta be Arizona or New Mexico – I'm gonna split the difference between zone of Arizona I'm gonna split the difference with Mexico

New All righty Okay Rhett – Okay I'll make a deal with you If I hit in the very center of the bull's eye of the state that it is with my squirt gun

(chuckles) Or my dart, will you give me the win? – Yes – Dart though not squirt gun – Dart – Okay – If you dart it right in the middle of the correct state

– Okay – You win – All right I'm gonna go for Arizona Ah (laughs), Nevada – [Link] A little north

– Okay what do we got? – Okay you were correct That was a chocolate covered scorpion on a stick The chef du jour booth that first sold this creation recommends you eat the scorpion by starting with the head first – Yeah – And they're sold at the state fair in Arizona

– Oh man – Arizona knows how to party– – Dang – As well – All right Link well you know what We don't even really need to measure but just so you can see how badly you beat me this time, Chase, what are the final measurements? – Link had four and a half and Rhett had six and a half

– See, all we had to do this whole time was keep it in my home vicinity – That's right – This country – Congratulations for winning the American version of our international game, Link (chuckles) You get to enjoy some deep-fried Pepto-Bismol in Good Mythical More, you lucky dog

– The one time I win – (chuckles) Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Kailyn, I'm here to see Rhett and Link at the North Carolina State Fair It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Woo! – Let's do it – Click the top link to watch us try the funnel cake bacon cheeseburger from the Texas State Fair in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] We're commemorating our creative promise to each other with a blood oath tee and long sleeve at Mythicalcom

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